F-150 Camper Mods

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EPautos’ advertiser AmericanMuscle (and American Truck) has an interesting new video up detailing camping upgrades you can make to your Ford F-150.

I thought I’d call it to your attention in part because the mods are pretty cool and also because supporting EPautos’ advertisers helps support EPautos. So if you have an F-truck, have a look!

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  1. Seriously, is this stuff only for an F 150 or could other brands benefit from the same things?

    As a kid I had a full-size mattress that fit the bed of my 55 Chevy perfectly. With the livestock rack on, you could throw a sheet of plastic over it and have a great camper. Lie in bed and watch the stars and the animals that moved at night. The places I went would have you feeling like the only(or one of two)people in the world. Nobody hassled you since nobody was even in that part of the county. Birds, Wile E. and the scream of a cougar were the only sounds. We didn’t even take a transistor radio but took plenty “bait” iced down in a big aluminum cooler. I might not be able to see the sparkle in her eyes but could feel the tremor when Wile E. sounded like he was right under you. Thanks Wile E., you didn’t scare me a lick but some just wanted to get closer every time you howled.