Special Treatment for AGWs

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Here’s a compilation video of AGWs receiving the kind of treatment you and I don’t get.

One AGW gets uncuffed after registering twice the legal limit on a breath test and being barely able to stand up; then his fellow AGWs arrange for a ride home rather than to jail. Another AGW blows right through a red light – and is told to have a good day, sir.

A third AGW recklessly drives his truck in front on another AGW who flips him off and tell shim to pound sand, basically – and is allowed to proceed on his way.

Here’s more – starting with a couple of AGWs who think it’s hilarious to drive 100-plus MPH in a 45 zone… provided you’re an AGW:

This sort of thing is the rule rather than the exception. AGWs violate the law – or make up laws – every day and do it full view of other AGWs, who do nothing about it. From speeding to not buckling up for saaaaaaaaaaaaaafety to bullying (assaulting) people who’ve broken no laws, it’s routine procedure.

But we don’t get “professional courtesy.”

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