E-Rant: Auto-Immolating Teslas

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Here’s a little rant about cars that light up even when they’re standing still!

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  1. Bitchute is a UK enterprise. The UK these days is similar to Nazi Germany in the 30s. I wonder how long BC will stay free before the UK government starts interfering in its freedom of speech.

  2. This in from Germany, An (unidentified) EV burned down a house. BTW, since I don’t speak German I can’t tell much past what Google translate says. I also did not see the story repeated anywhere, so maybe bogus?

    Göllheim: Batterie eines Elektro-Fahrzeugs verursacht Wohnhausbrand

    How much damage is caused by parked IC cars? There is a definate and recurring Carbon Monoxide hazard. I have heard of idling ICs starting grass fires.

    An EV is parked in a garage with sprinkles, catches fire, and sets of a torrent of water. I guess since it is not ‘220V mains voltage’ it isn’t a problem?

    Electrocution lawyer is patiently waiting:

    A potential undoing of EVs would not be auto regulation but property insurance. Future homeowners insurance question: Do you own an EV. If you answered yes is it parked withing 50ft of any buildings, if you answer yes add 5% to your homeowners insurance. 5% charge waved if you park under a Halon fire extinguisher or have sprinklers.

    I park my EV next to your house and burn it down. I discharge my personal responsibility by purchasing sufficient auto and homeowners insurance. Which insurance policy responds to the ‘insured event’?

    Worth noting is that battery packs probably need to be replaced after 10yrs as the capacity drops to less than useful. Probably the whole Tesla will be obsolete once the software is no longer supported by the ‘mother ship’, like Windows < 10. In addition to a new battery pack, you will need a new mainboard, new controller boards, new sensor package, and new just screw it and get a new one. BTW, how long will GM's uber car, the Caddilac CT6 supercruise enabled, be supported? So the dream of producing cars that must be leased due to built in obsolecence may have come to be.

    • There have been parked ICE cars that have burned. Most ICE car fires are fuel leaks and the like in old cars where something fails. In college a chevy parked in the same small lot as my car burned. It was probably 15 years old at the time. There have been some always live circuit blunders that caused fires. But compared to the millions upon a millions of cars built it is extremely small and usually not much more than the car burns. The EV fires are much larger, harder to put out and given the small numbers out there way too frequent.

  3. Another question – are you (or have you considered) releasing just at the audio bits as a podcast ? Reason being I listen mostly to podcasts using something called Overcast. It downloads stuff whenever I have signal, and i can listen when im on a train or say driving. Advantages are I don’t need a signal to listen, and I don’t need to stare at the screen (both of which google will charge me for)…..

  4. Hey Eric – best of luck with the new venture into podcasts / videos or as you call them “e rants”….. personally I was just going to suggest it to you…. the world needs a car guy who can talk about the practical bits…… kinda like a doug demuro who focuses a bit more on cars we can end up driving…… and talks about the things we like to do in cars (rather than the kit and features and little on the actual driving experience)……

  5. I like the short audio rants Eric. Thanks also for diversifying to Bitchute. Most of the political people I follow have moved there. With the daily censorship occurring it’s only a matter of time before anything remotely political in nature, that is, of the wrong type of politics, is eliminated. I think YouTube will always be around, but for an alternate opinion, you’ll have to go elsewhere. It was nice having one central place to go for pretty much everything online, but I don’t think it’ll remain that way.

    • Thanks, Brandon!

      People seem to like them, so I will continue doing them for as long as there are things interesting to discuss/rant about. I know there are lots of people who just haven’t got time to read but can listen – and this is a good way to (as the virtue signalers style it) expand the discussion!

    • Eric,

      How does one find you on bit chute ? (sorry im a bit new to it) – but want to diversify away from google and its tentacles….. screw them…. tiered of their crap….. want to use other platforms whenever possible….

      That said is there any benefit for you as a content producer if one watches on youtube or bit chute?


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