AGWs Administer Lead Shampoo

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Video has emerged of Los Angeles, CA armed government workers blowing away a man for the crime of attempting to avoid them.

The AGWs claim that the now-very-dead man, who was shot at least 34 times, used the vehicle as a weapon when he tried to flee and that their “safety” was in jeopardy.

As the video  below shows, it was merely their Authoritah that was affronted. The shooting – the fusillade – starts at about the 5:30 mark.

The LAPD kept the video under wraps for several weeks – understandably. It’s a miracle it wasn’t “lost” – permanently.

The thoroughly ventilated dead man – 24-year-old Ryan Twyman – was apparently “wanted”  for gun possession, one of those statutory “crimes” that amount to an affront to the Authoritah of the government (notice a pattern?) but which aren’t moral affronts because they involve no harm to anyone.

Twyman reportedly drove a white Kia Forte and frequented the apartment complex where the shooting occurred. Months earlier, “gang investigators” – that is to say, investigators of gangs not wearing the colors of the government – supposedly found guns at his home, but Twyman was not present.

After the guns were found at his home, a warrant was issued for his arrest because the guns were a violation of his probation. When police caught up with Twyman, he was pulling into a parking spot at his home. When AGWs attempted to stop him, Twyman put the car in reverse in an attempt to flee.

Here is the Official Account delivered by the AGWs:

“As the Kia reversed, the passenger-side deputy was struck with the open rear passenger door and pushed into the center of the parking lot as he attempted to maintain his balance to avoid being knocked down and run over . . . At that time, both deputies fired their service pistols at Mr. Twyman, to avoid seriously injuring the passenger deputy.”

The AGW Apologist claims the AGW was “struck” by the open door, but the video shows that he actually side stepped along with the vehicle as it backed up. All the AGW had to do was take a single step back and he would’ve been out of danger. However, he chose to take a dozen steps to his left in order to hurl lead at Twyman.

The AGW who was near the rear door of the vehicle shot multiple times into the car as his partner — who was in no apparent danger at all — began shooting through the front windshield.

Even after Twyman looped around and crashed – having already been shot multiple times – the AGWs continued shooting. The second AGW even retrieved his AR-15 from the trunk and dumped several more rounds into Twyman.

AGWs subsequently found no weapons in the bullet-riddled car. Or on the bullet-riddled corpse of Twyman.

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    • Hey Eight,

      As I’ve stated before, the court is populated entirely by government lawyers who have spent their entire careers defending the exercise of State power. It amazes me when people are surprised that such a group routinely rules in favor of that exercise.


  1. “Months earlier, “gang investigators” – that is to say, investigators of gangs not wearing the colors of the government ”

    I cannot decipher what you mean by “not wearing the colors of government”? What gangs were they?

      • Hi Ken,

        Eric is not referring to plain clothes detectives. The “gangs not wearing the colors of the government” describes a private criminal gang. “Colors of government”, is meant to convey the idea that AGW’s are also a criminal gang, they just wear different colors.


      • It was a wonderful turn of phrase that made me chuckle. I was about to praise you for it, but notice that someone else started a whole different kind of thread about it. I love these brilliant choices of wording.


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