Reader Question: Military EVs?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply! 

Frank asks: What do you expect the military to do, switch to only electric?  I don’t think that will happen when they stop running in the middle of a war. How about all shipping around the world?

My reply: Of course not. EVs aren’t practical – but that only matters insofar as the imposition (and) costs applied to us. This is important to think about. If the “climate” is in “crisis” then it stands to reason that one of the greatest sources of man-made carbon dioxide is . . . the military. What is the “carbon footprint” of a single F/18 in the air for 1 hour?

It is probably more than hundreds – possibly thousands – of cars over the course of a year.

But just as CAFE mileage standards don’t apply to armored presidential/political vehicles, the carbon dioxide “emissions” rigmarole will not be applied to military vehicles – because they are all government vehicles.

People need to get hip. Electrics are being forced on us – to limit us.  The government (and elites who can obtain special dispensation from the government) will not be imposed upon.

It’s of a piece with “gun control.” They want to “control” us – not guns.

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  1. Uncle is gonna have to pry the keys to my gas powered cars from my cold dead hands, ain’t gonna let a bunch of power driven losers try and force their basswackard views down my throat


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