Reader Question: Global Warming and Stacking Proles?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Peter asks: I’m not sure whether you’ve seen this. Basically the global warming crowd want us all to live in high rise government-owned buildings which is something that you predicted a long time ago!! So not only do they want to remove our cars they also want to remove our properties!

My reply: They want to remove us from our properties! Yes, indeed. The object is to herd – just the right word – the masses into stack-a-prole apartments in urban cores, which I suppose is at least preferable to outright extermination. But it is essentially the same thing that Stalin did to the rural farmers – so-called “kulaks” – back in the 1920s and ’30s. And the “New Urbanists,” as they call themselves, are not shy about their plans – which are hidden in plain sight. You may have even heard about our read their “white papers,” which go by names such as Agenda 2030.

It’s really quite ingenious – I have to concede that much. A multi-generational slow-motion process of economic evisceration, demoralization and dumbing down has resulted in a population that is ready to hot bunk in urban stack-a-prole “housing.” And those who cling to their single family homes and farms in the country will have more and more pressure exerted upon them, until it becomes almost impossible for them to continue clinging.

The EV – driven by “climate crisis” jabber – is a big part of this agenda. I am convinced that within five years, there will be legislative “action” to make it essentially impossible to not own an EV – and since most people can’t afford an EV, they will no longer be able to afford to live very far from an urban core… and… well, you see.

I’m not sure how it will all will play out but for my part, I’m not taking this ride. I’m too old and cranky and – frankly – have no wife or kids to think about. So let them come, if it comes to that.

It appalls me that I’m actually typing that last – not as a line in a story or novel but to describe the reality of thing, and what may be coming.

God help us.

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