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Our original Clover – the eponymous Clover – has been outstripped and outdone by our newest Clover – “Alex” – also known as “LH” and “Winnie” among other self-applied sobriquets.

I marvel at his doggedness. This Clover – banned for his miasma of incoherence, personal attacks and general impenetrability – continues to submit posts (126 and counting) despite all of them going automatically into the trash. Paraphrasing Bob Dooooooooole: He knows it; I know it – the readers of EPautos know it!

But he keeps on lying about my record – as Bob used to say – and for that reason I occasionally let one slide by, for the sake of intellectual dissection. Have a look at this loaf:

In reply to eric.

Morning Pete Nocchio @ Eric’s Peter Used Autos,

It’s almost over. This imbroglio that you have created is going to take this ship down. Slowly at first, and then real fast. Your minions seem to be jumping ship one at a time now Eagle Eric. They now see that you’re really not a Libertarian. Especially if you are willing to sell out your Libertarian principles for a just few extra shekels in your pocket. Yep, your voting choice seems to ‘clearly’ go against your nonaggression principle by associating with a person who seems to have never heard of this principle. Along with the principle of due process and numerous other principles. Oh well.
So the ex got away with a 20yr old truck huh. I guess you forgot to put that in the pre-nup. lol At least she didn’t have to take any of the cats I hope. I’m sure that like a sociopath ex-friend of mine (eight cats), you were tired of telling her to clean the litter boxes anyway. I mean how many times so you have to tell them the same thing over and over again before they get it? Can’t they smell the ammonia.
Don’t worry Eric, ozy may be hurt by you calling him out, but he will be back to explain it all to you again for sure. he-he-he Yeah, everyone now feels like they could be on the chopping block now too. Like I said and tried to warn everyone about before, there are certain faux pas that will not be tolerated by Herr General. Now they are finally getting it. But I don’t think that they care so much about how Herr General ‘feels’ anymore, because he doesn’t feel much. If you would have only bought a few boxes of Girl Scout cookies with the money that you saved by not buying health insurance. And yeah, everyone understands that if you do have an unexpected event, that someone is going to have to pay for that. Like by not taking the responsibility to buy your own health insurance, that you put everyone else at risk too. Not much different than an illegal going to the hospital with a serious injury, or just dropping his wife or daughter off to have the baby.
I see that “Burnouts and Beatdowns” is still getting a number of hits. I guess you can thank me for part of that, but I believe that it was your input that keeps bringing them to it. Or maybe it’s a school of psychiatry that has been telling it’s students to try and figure out which mental deficiency you have, or how many. lol
There’s more that I can add to this for sure. But like you should have done early this morning, I’m going to take a break now. Yep, continuing to stroke your…. cat by the pond would have been a much wiser decision for today.

Alex reporting from Siberia. It’s -71 today and I hope to get a few things done outside. There’s an unexploded practice missile stuck in the ice out front that I have been meaning to remove since 2018. We have been waiting for a thaw that hasn’t come yet. Maybe next year huh.

And they ask my why I drink!

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  1. Good Lord, what’s wrong with these people? That is institution-level crazy. Why can’t he just disagree and go his way like a (what used to be) normal person?
    I hope you’re “packing” at all times because his obsession with you is dangerous.

  2. Good Lord! This guy just doesn’t give up, does he? You better be careful, Eric ’cause this fool might try to hunt you down! Okay, maybe he wouldn’t go that far. But from my experience, mentally unstable people are very unpredictable. Trust me, I know ’cause my brother also suffers from autism (Asperger’s syndrome, to be more specific).

    • H Blue,

      He doesn’t! The freak left another dozen last night; almost another 40 stocked up in the trash (after I deleted the previous 100-plus). If he does hunt me down, he’ll have established my point about him – that he’s a thug. Ironically, he continues to accuse me of being the one in need of psychiatric care – for advocating that we each mind our own affairs and refrain from threatening others who’ve not harmed us with violence.

      I may be – I am – a kook. But I’m a harmless kook. I don’t point guns or fists at people – unless they point them at me first. I am happy – eager – to leave LH/Alex/Winnie and the millions like him – alone and free to make their own choices, for good or bad – as they like – without any interference, so long as what they do causes no one else any harm as a result.

      What an awful idea!

      His position – repeated repeatedly, incoherently – is that I “owe” what I have to the existence of the “services” he deems of value for that reason but which I (because of my “autism”) refuse to acknowledge as positive factors; he regards me as “selfish” for – essentially – not paying my fair share.

      Because – per Obama – you didn’t build that.

      Of course, I’d have been able to build a great deal more had I been able to keep and leverage the other half of all the money I’ve earned that Clovers such as this one have stolen from me! Clover forgets that before people were forced by Clovers to pay for all these “services,” America was a free country – and people who worked hard could – and did – achieve financial independence by 40 or even earlier (Franklin is a good example) and be free to spend the remainder of their lives pursuing happiness rather than the other half of the money stolen by Clovers, as we must.

  3. Clovers (or any other form of authoritarian sociopath) seem to think, “I am superior. The fact that you don’t recognize that proves your inferiority.”

    You cannot “win” with them because unless you bow down to their greatness they will find a way to hate you. And, if you do bow down they will walk all over you…much like the National League did to the Cubs for so many decades.

    • Narcissistic Personality Disorder

      Everyone else is irrelevant so their words meaningless to the point the NPD does not even hear them. They sense a break in conversion and continue stream of though regardless of what you have said.

      This one takes it one step further and does not even require a second party for his “conversation”.

      NPDs live in their own world and it is not the same as ours.

  4. People ranting about “Muh non-aggression principle” in whatever context drive me nuts anyway. Yeah, it’s a good idea…in THEORY. In reality, the “non-aggression” principle is about as real as cow farts making climate change. It simply doesn’t exist in the real world and never has.

    Anyway, this Clover I suspect also is suffering from genuine mental illness above and beyond the mental illness of simply trusting government and being a clover.

  5. Typical, no moral or intellectual foundation whatsoever for anything espoused. “I disapprove, and I’m always right, because”.

    • Hi JWK,

      Yup; I posted it so that others could see for themselves what I have to deal with. Of course, all of us are dealing with this. Clovers abound; reason – and the willingness to live and let live – is scarce.

      • So…apparently just because you voted for Trump your libertarian credentials are fake? Wow – what a bizarre rant!

        Have you considered debating this bloody loon on your Libertarian Car Talk show?

        I’m preaching to the choir here, but do NOT get the cops involved!

        • Hi AB,

          Our newest Clover is an interesting critter. I’ve explained that voting for – or against – a given politician within the context of not having the choice to be left alone – is merely an act of self-defense, in the manner of a prisoner who does what he must to make his life better within the prison. Ideally, he’d like to be out of the prison. But he is not cretinous for desiring a less brutal warden than the warden who currently runs the prison.

          PS: Here is Clover’s latest, in all its fulsome frothy glory!

          “Hi Weasel,

          Can’t you see your character flaws yet. Yeah, you IMPLY that I want to “hunt you down”. lol Some people I would guess believe this bs . But that’s how sociopaths do their work. They set the stage first with all their lies. They want to control people’s perceptions, so therefore they have to create false realities to be exploited later, just as you are doing. So of course you are not going to let anyone know your true intentions, while at the same time falsifying mine. This is gaslighting and a form of gang stalking. I know all about this. This is nothing new to me. And I don’t know if you are getting help with this, or if it just comes natural. At this point I think that it just comes as a natural manifestation of your mental state.
          Then you IMPLY again, as you have since I disagreed with you more than a month ago, that I personally am pointing a gun at you. You can deny this and say that you meant that I’m doing this through a third party, but if you read what you spewed, you will find that that the line between what is real and what is imagined is blurred intentionally by you.
          I never said that you owe anyone who is actually extorting money from you. But I did say that when a person is living in society, not out in the middle of nowhere avoiding everything that frightens them, that there is the need to work together with that community so it can create a foundation for the benefit of all in it . One person alone can’t do these all these things, nor should be expected to pay for all of these things, so people find ways to work “together’. Sure there will be outliers like you who are basically loners, but most people are not like you. And if fact people did call those people like you kooky. (I guess you’ve been called that before, but never by me) And it’s not that people want to force you to pay for things that only they want with a real gun to your head, it’s that there are things out there previously agreed on by the people in the community that benefit everyone there that need to be paid for. And they are necessary even if you don’t think so. Yeah, the common good again. And if you want to go on a rant about that instead of just moving to where you don’t imagine a gun to your head all the time, then I wish that you would realize that you are free to go there. Adios Senior Eric.
          And yeah, “you didn’t build that”. That’s most likely true, just not with the twisted reasoning of why Obama said that. There are many ways to build a vibrant community and isn’t all with hammers and nails. Obama wanted to take that away from the people who built that too. Seriously, you should have a picture of him on your wall instead of Elvis. lol The logic that you endorse is pretty close to his. There is no ownership of anything out there that’s not for your taking right. Just the ownership of everything inside of the walls that you have built around you for ‘yourself’ again.
          Yep, everyone has stolen from you. And you would have been able to build more stuff for ‘yourself’ if you could only have your cake and eat it too. lol The safety provided by the community that you live in allows you to only think about getting more stuff for yourself. If they weren’t there you wouldn’t have that stuff for long. Yeah, you put on your Voluntary get up and think you are a superhero, but you’re not. Though you continue to act like a child. (It’s developmental disorder) But you don’t see that. You don’t want to see that. You don’t and never really wanted to belong to that community anyway. But there you are like a flea on a dogs back. Or a child in it’s room, provided by it’s parents, with all ‘thier’ stuff, with a ‘Keep Out’ sign on the door of course too.
          I want you to stop telling your soft headed sycophants that I am threatening you and implying that I am, or would like to, put a real gun to your head so I can extract money from you, or just end you I guess. (Thanks in advance) Yep, and there’s a dragon in the closet that I put there so you would lose sleep too. LOL
          Have you no shame? No, you don’t. It’s a character flaw that comes directly out of your mental deficiency. And that’s a FACT.

          Alex reporting from Eric’s House of Mirrors. It’s a weird place to say the least. And I wish they would turn up the heat in here. No, not the kind of heat that you like to apply. The regular heat like you rich guys take for granted.”

    • Exactly! Psychopaths can never be wrong, even when they are wrong.

      Come to think of it, kinda reminds me of a certain group of people that we’re all too familiar with.

  6. That steaming pile ‘o incoherency reminds me of the “a thousand monkeys on a thousand typewriters in a thousand years may write Hamlet” quote. Excedrin Headache Number 254, that Clover is! Keep up the good work filtering that rubbish out Eric.

    • I rather liked “Eric’s Peter used cars” (Ken may be onto something re: bots)- Unless of course, Eric’s member has opened a car lot… 😀 )

    • My pleasure, Crusty!

      It fascinates me – in the manner of an epidemiologist studying plague – to look through my proverbial microscope and attempt to discern the etiology of the disease. These people – Clovers – are convinced their feelings give them moral sanction to apply force to others and then accuse those others of being in the wrong (or defective) for objecting to their emotional imperialism.

      • Their moral authority is a product of their dogged belief that they are god and there is none higher than themselves. My 10% nuts friend Ann Barnhardt calls these types “Diabolical Narcissists” and has devoted exhaustive research and modern application to these nut jobs. If you can get past the Catholic rah rah stuff her blog posts are really good.

        PS: Eric- those clover leaves look like butts.

        • Hi Auric!

          Yup. I tried to reach this Clover with reason but it only reacts – to emotions. It feels that what it wants takes primacy over your right to be left out of it.

          They are the most loathsome of creatures. Thieves and bullies afraid to do the thieving and bullying themselves – or even to admit that they are thieves and bullies!

      • ***”These people – Clovers – are convinced their feelings give them moral sanction to apply force to others and then accuse those others of being in the wrong (or defective) for objecting to their emotional imperialism.”****

        Sad thing is: After generations of conditioning that has vaunted that mentality as the commonly-accepted societal norm, WE are now looked upon as the bad guys and defectives for rejecting such.

        When dysfunction and criminality become the norm, those who refuse to practice or advocate such things are seen as the criminals, while the real criminals become the “heroes”. And here we are….

        • Hiya Nunz!

          Have a looks at Clover’s latest:

          “Morning Eric’s Peter,

          This guy is a moran. he-he-he His circular thinking is right on par with yours. Anything that needs group effort or group coordination is now a government whom is robbing you. And this is really bad if the ‘government’ thinks that you guys should help in any way. Screw that right. We use, you guys produce.
          This type of circular thinking reminds me of a dog chasing it’s tail. And it likes chasing it’s tail. It’s something that it can do by itself. While the real prize is right there under it’s tail. Yep, the dog will get tired and eventually lie down and realize it can get what it wants so much easier now. Yep, the Libertardian dog can now lay around all day with all his stuff within easy reach. See, isn’t nice to be left alone. Though those other dogs watching will think yuck, and then together will go run around in the field instead. lol
          But then again, maybe you guys could work together, as like on a dog sled team. I know you guys would love the view from back there. It would be chasing tails again.
          Yeah, you Libertaritards are above all the ’emotional imperialism’, that’s why you don’t get upset when someone disagrees with you guys. lol And then the shit that comes out of your mouths under stress…….oh never mind. You Libertaritards put the word hypocrisy on a spectrum now too. But you won’t admit that either. Or maybe on a tachometer instead. You just sit there and rev and rev your bs without doing much else.


          • Gosh darn, Eric’s Peter! That rant had me literally LOLing! (Why did he seem rather literate to me last night? I don’t drink or do drugs- and I wasn’t tired!).

            I’ll have him know though, see myself more as a Rhode Island Red than a Maran, thank you very much!

            I could see if the idjit were airing his twisted opinion somewhere where it might find acceptance and sympathy- like on a forum for communists or morons- but just who does he think he is appealing to here?!

            It’s like a KKK member going to a grape kool-aid and crack festival to dis jigs! -a perfect illustration of the dope’s utter lack of logic.

  7. Reads like someone testing a bot. A computer can do many things but it cannot ‘think’, it cannot rationalize, it has no imagination, no skills, no independent thought, no intelligence, and is not self aware. They can mimic some of this but it has to be tested. rewrote and tested,,, ad nauseam. That is why they force us to ‘talk’ to computers on the phone when just pressing a digit would actually work better. They are testing their software.

  8. That post was a Panzer chocolate nightmare. Trying to follow that post was like trying to follow one of the resident stream-of-consciousness ramblers, only without any humor or coherent thought process behind it.

    • Chuck,

      Hey, it was pretty good compared to my typo-strewn incoherent rambling babbling! (Freaking like Chaucer compared to Ozzy! 😉 )

      • Nunzio,

        You’re nowhere close to LH/LW/whoever’s posts. There are things I disagree with you on (bicycles and racism, for example), but your posts are always display coherent thought and attempt to make coherent points. Most of the people on this blog, even if they do make many typos, are in the same category.

        Then you’ve got people like ozymandias who just ramble stream-of-consciousness and are obviously strung out on some kind of intoxicant when they post, but even with those people, you can at least tell that there’s some thought process going on there, or some attempt to make a joke or a point, even if you can’t quite tell what it is.

        This post, on the other hand, is something I wouldn’t even bother to dignify with a response. I can’t figure out the point because there is no point. It’s just a random mishmash of ad hominems and dopey generalizations with no coherent thought or purpose behind it.

        • “Are always display coherent thought”

          Unlike mine, apparently. In my defense, I changed the wording of that section multiple times while in a hurry.

        • Thanks Chuck, and right back at ya!

          I wondered too at first, why Eric would even be bothered wasting his time with this stunod(as us Dagos say)- but now I do see why, as Eric noted elsewhere- ’cause it’s become apparent that the guy is an unstable loon….so it’s good to have witnesses!

          I also agree with ya, that in almost every case, the quality of the comments on this site are always top-notch, well thought-out and thought-provoking. (Maybe that’s a bad thing, ’cause if it weren’t for this site, my computer time would decrease by 90%!, ’cause there’s little else out there these days! -But it sure is nice to find some like-minded people after all of these years- even if we may not always agree on every little detail- we almost all always do agree on the big things).

          Now to go work on my racist bicycle! 😉 (Heyyyy! It’s not even an Eye-talian bike- but I don’t hold that against it- I’m such a tolerant guy!)

          • True… anymore, you have to take what you can get.

            (Real talk though, I’m having to fight myself tooth and nail not to go off on another 10 page rant about those things. Especially the bicycles.)

            • Chuck, ya made me think of this jesterday- I was refraining from posting it here, but, O-K!

              My black friend used to live in an apartment complex. Id never been there, but I would imagine it wasn’t exactly the projects, since my friend is a registered Republican who was earning 6 figures at the time…..

              So one day she tells me that she’s been seeing these young black men dressed like rappers hanging out near the entrance, and around the complex, and that their presence was making her feel uneasy and unsafe. She promptly moved out.

              Is she a racist?
              Would she be one if she were white?

              • To me the answer is no and no. Sometimes someone just trips your “sketchy sense” and there’s nothing wrong with that.

                  • Correct me if I’m wrong but haven’t I seen you before saying that black people, as a group, are inherently dumber and more violent that other groups?

                    That and/or the “Jews are taking over the world!” line.

                    • Ummm….no….

                      culturally many blacks, especially in America, the UK and the Caribbean do seem to exhibit those traits in large numbers- but I never said that it was endemic to the race.

                      And I think that you’re read enough of my posts to be aware that when I speak of “the Jews” dominating world affairs, that you should be aware that I have made it clear that by “the Jews” I am referring to a subgroup of people who self-identify by ethnicity, but who are not the entirety of that ethnicity (That “ethnicity” is in fact comprised of several different ethnicities…).

                      I also criticize “the Catholics” due to that organization’s lust for political power, domination, and infiltration of many institutions……does that mean I hate all Catholics, or is that somehow different, because Catholicism isn’t a race? And if so, what then is the difference?

                      Or can we not merely criticize groups who perpetrate much evil, and refer to them collectively, even if the terms we use (as well as the tyerms they use) blur the lines of who exactly may be included in that group?)

                      Now I’m gonna go torture a Jew by putting hom in a round room and telling him there’s a penny in the corner! 😀

                    • People that refuse to acknowledge the genetic differences between the races have their head in the sand. We’re allowed to acknowledge the different genetic traits among purebred dogs, though. Why not humans?

                      Look at all the crime-ridden shitholes in America. What do they all have in common?

                    • Exactly, Handler!
                      You see some garbage-strewn dump, with burnt-out buildings, stripped cars, people walking in the middle of the road and grown men standing around on corners…..

                      Are you in a:
                      Chinese neighborhood?
                      Jewish Neighborhood?
                      White neighborhood?
                      Black neighborhood?

                      Anyone in their right mind fail this quiz?

                      And why is it: If I say I don’t like Greeks, no one cares; not even the most libtarded SJW librul?

                      If I make a critical observation of Italian culture, no one cares, except perhaps some guidos….

                      But just make a perfectly obvious and ubiquitous observation about niggers or Jews……and everyone goes nuts?

                      And then they will strenuously deny that they have absorbed the rampant truly racist propaganda spewed by the JEWISH media and government ministries of truth and doublespeak.

                    • In that case I understand what you’re saying a little better. It’s actually fairly close to the point I was going to make, which is that culture is a major determinant of worldly success or failure at life – and that attempts to blame genetics for the damage done by bad culture are dangerous because they underestimate the fundamentality of leftist/communist attempts to change a nation’s culture. In fact I would go so far as to say that real racism – i.e. the belief that certain groups of people are born inherently evil or dumb (moreso than the “avearge” human is) – strikes at the very heart of what has elevated “white” culture above the rest.

                      So to connect this back to mentions of “the Jews”, racism would be if all you knew about someone was that they were of Jewish descent, and you automatically assumed they were greedy or involved in some evil conspiracy despite knowing nothing about who they were or what they did. Or if you blame all Jews for the actions of a few powerful people. I mean, most people don’t blame “the Italians” in general for the actions of the Mafia, right?

  9. I just don’t get it; what exactly do “people” [I use the term loosely] like him get from making their idiotic thoughts known to you or anyone else- as if anyone cares?

    Sure, they can think and believe whatever they want- who cares- but that they’d spend such time and effort to actually type it out and submit it TO OF ALL PLACES the very place where it will find absolutely no empathy….. Definite mental illness there. (I’d say “stupidity”, but at least the quality of the writing- both grammar and syntax, as well as expression of intended thought- is rather good- so it isn’t that! -and definitely a native English-speaker)

    LOL….to quote Bugs Bunny: what a maroon.

  10. These losers just can’t stand that someone is smarter and better than they are. So they troll. Laugh, block, and move on. He’s not worth getting your feathers ruffled over. I know what you are, and I approve. (Not that you need my approval.)

    • ^^^This. Watch out for this person- such derangement is dangerous.
      A healthy individual will hear out an adversary- and make a decision. I will not soil my mind or soul by listening to Raging Madcow- or the late and unlamented Ed Schultz. I’ve endured listening to them a couple times and found myself feeling soiled and degraded by the raw sewage they spew.
      If someone is so lacking in redeeming qualities as these- tune them out and ignore them. But to obsessively pound out personal attacks on an individual on a private blog and email is a sign of something dangerous and disturbed.

      • Hi Ernie,

        Yup. That’s part of the reason I posted all of this – well, portions of this – publicly. Just in case. If something odd should befall your Libertarian Car Guy, you’ll know where to direct attention. I suspect I might discover “LH” going through my trash, looking for old socks or underwear to huff…

    • Hi Zane,

      Yup; and there are 126 others just like it in the queue! The best slice – in terms of intellectual incoherence – is the part about “Liberaltarians.” After more than 25 years as a columnist, I am perpetually astounded by people who accuse me of being a “liberal”!

      • ***”” After more than 25 years as a columnist, I am perpetually astounded by people who accuse me of being a “liberal”!”***

        HAhaha! I get this all of the time, too- If you are speaking to a Conservative, and go outside of the lines of what the herd accepts as doctrine, you are labelled a ‘liberal’; and ditto if you do the same when in the presence of a Libtasrd. Criticize Trump? You’re “One’a them Libruls!”; Express disgust towards Hitlery or Bernie? Then you’re one’a them Trump-lovers!

        In the last 15 years, I think I’ve had exactly ONE person exclaim (in response to my advocating that people should be free to make their own decisions, and use their own wealth as they see fit) “That’s because you’re a Libertarian” [My response: “Yes. Why aren’t you?” -for which they had no answer- despite constantly avowing the upholding of “rights” for “everyone” (except for those who practice what rights they can avail themselves of without trampling those of others)]

      • 126!?! over what time period? This sounds like some high school kid’s AI experiment. I’m serious. You can get an Nvidia Jetson nano developer kit for $99 and all the training materials included.


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