Hut! Hut! Hutted! For Getting Married

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A wedding celebration in NJ was Hut! Hut! Hutted! by armed government workers  – because being human is now a criminal offense. NJ Jersey’s Fuhrer, Phil Murphy, has outlawed social gatherings, even on private property, establishing the principle that the people of New Jersey are the property of New Jersey.

“The Lakewood Police is asking that its citizens be responsible and obey the directives set forth by the State of New Jersey for the safety and health of all. Those that choose not to will be subject to criminal prosecution,.”

No, they’re not “asking” anything. They are ordering, at gunpoint.

They will kill you, ultimately – to keep you safe.

Where did they acquire the right to tell other human beings they may not get together for a wedding or any other reason? To threaten them with murderous violence for such a reason?

The argument, of course, is that people getting together may be a “threat” to the “safety” of others. This criteria having no firm definition and thus neatly serving as the excuse to leave us with less freedom of action than a stray dog in the county animal shelter.

This Corona Cringing has got to stop. Even if tens of thousands of people do die, is it worth killing everything that makes it worth staying alive?

Do you want to live under house arrest, subject to a Hut! Hut! Hutting! if you dare to leave your house? Have your job and business and everything that is your life except for your biological existence  ripped away from you – because you might get sick?

Even if half the country gets sick?

Will it be worth surviving if all you have at the end of it is a forced vaccination and a slice of government cheese?

Count me out.



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  1. All guv personnel, especially high ranking ones, should get maximum vaccines, afterall they’re the most important leaders of our society. They should get 10X the maximum dose, just to make sure they’re protected, because their health and well-being is of utmost importance to we the people.

    • Agreed. They are so very important. Also important are the Chosen Ones, and the banksters that own it all…but they are one and the same. They should get every vaccine known to man. They push for it on little babies fresh out of the womb…well a little goose is good for the gander….triple doses just to make sure they are full immunized and protected. After all…they are the best of us. And cops…they should get 6x the vaccine doses, since they are on the front lines…maybe 10x the amount actually…they need it…first responders…they are the best of all humans…so they say.

      • Anon and Nunzio, you are both TRUE HEROS. Sacrificing your own saaaaafety, for the benefit of our first responders and wise leaders. All fake news stations should have you on their show, and I do mean show, to congratulate you and give you a medal of honor.

  2. Here in KY. der fuhrer has ordered all “non-essential” businesses closed. Dentists are considered non-essential- mine was preparing to close last week. Liquor stores, of course, are officially considered “essential”, and thus allowed to remain open.

    The brainwashed plebes still can not ascertain that absurdity is afoot……

    You rightly tell them from DAY one that Saddam did not have WMDs;
    You tell them that Syria did not “gas the children”…
    You tell them that reports of people dressing as clowns and appearing in random places at random times is nothing but a propaganda stunt (and already long forgotten)
    You tell them that our politicians in the highest places are pedophiles and perverts, long before Jeffrey Epstein was a household name….
    etc. etc.
    But of course, when the very next round of Kool-aid is dispensed… get the “Oh, you’re crazy! I seen it on the TV, and because “they’re” shutting everything down, it MUST be real!”.

    There’s no hope. Our people are as deluded as any North Korean.

    • At least NK doesn’t shut down over a handful of flu related deaths. In fact, their “fuhrer” Kim Jong Un probably couldn’t care less.

    • “Our (people)” is the delusion of the hour.

      & Our•oborus — that’s the reptile that eats its own ass that infiltrates its own head — is the hourglass that flips the sand-chamber back to the top every hour on the hour.

      But hut’in from hut’in leaves nuttin’ – & it’s pretty funny that the hut that is state sanctioned & malincentivized mare’age of stallions (& verse visuh too) is presently bein’ Hutus & Tutsi’d…now is that the ass infiltrating the head, or the head eatin’ the ass?

      Dunno. But what’s the diff, anyway? Plate tectonics transmissions gotta’ destroy the car to save it.

      It *would* be even funnier if the 50:50 proposition of marriage proposin’ was also the proposition of hut-hutters making it home for dinner. Or any other meal. Ever again.

      That unintended probability may yet come to pass.

      • T’is just about that way now, Swampy. Those of who care, can still be a little freer than the poor Gooks, because we care, and have a little knowledge of how to exploit the remaining “Loopholes”- but for the average peron? They are pretty much just as enslaved as any North Korean, and just as much brainwashed.

  3. “The Lakewood Police is asking that its citizens be responsible and obey the directives set forth by the State of New Jersey for the safety and health of all. Those that choose not to will be subject to criminal prosecution,.”

    Translation: “We’ll kill you before the virus does!”

    Why don’t our “dear leaders” just nuke us already? At least they’ll be safe from the “unwashed”. lol

  4. “and obey the directives set forth by the State ”

    Remember “They Live”? People made fun of that movie back in the day but here it is. Americans, Judges, Police, Pols, Military, etc taking an oath to the Constitution then shitting on it immediately afterwords.

  5. And the DOJ has petitioned congress to suspend Habeas Corpus. So if you get out of line they can simply scoop you up and disappear you. Congress might simply authorize such, and forget to tell anybody. Surprise! The Constitution was a dead letter as the ink dried. It does not provide for external enforcement, leaving the fox in charge of the hen house. It does well serve as a test for tyranny, a test which the US Sociopaths In Charge have failed miserably. The only one of the first ten amendments not currently being blatantly violated is the third. At least if troops are being quartered in private homes, I’m not aware of it. I will not comply. I far prefer dying on my feet to living on my knees.

    • “External enforcement” is actually the Second Amendment to the Constitution. From the “National Firearms Act of 1934” to the “1968 Gun Control Act” to the “Firearms Owners Protection Act” (which gutted the Second Amendment on its prohibition on the civilian ownership of newly-manufactured machine guns, ALL are patently unconstitutional. In fact, the “National Firearms Act” is a TAX ACT–the only “run-around” to infringe on a constitutional “right”.
      “External enforcement” is still there. It’s up to US to use it…
      There are plenty of lamp posts, trees, and rope that could be utilized to “set things right”…

      • anarchyst,

        “External enforcement” is still there. It’s up to US to use it…
        There are plenty of lamp posts, trees, and rope that could be utilized to “set things right”…

        Go ahead! That you’re still posting here means that your not dead or in prison, pretty compelling evidence that you’re not “setting things right”.


          • Hi Anarchyst,

            My solution is to leave people free to weigh and assume risks for themselves. I do not impose my solution on others. I leave them to decide for themselves whether to “shelter in place” or shutter their business. Isn’t that the way it ought to be in a free society?

            • “Isn’t that the way it ought to be in a free society?”

              Just a small point, yes, but,

              I think that should be expanded a bit, “Isn’t that the way it ought to be in a *mostly rational, sane, logical, responsible and educated*, free society”. That was already dying in the 1970s.

              What we have now is, toilet licking and coughing on produce for Youtube hits, techno-narcissistic, Tide pod eating, participation trophy, morons.

              We all know a large percentage of government is also drawn from this shallow end of the gene pool, guided and controlled by a much smaller group of much higher intelligence sociopaths.

              I think you are probably capable of assessing risk and acting accordingly but I also think that there are probably 500 who can’t for every 1 like you. There are very few adults left in the room.

              I think you are right and that no good can come from more government control and it is dangerous to ME personally. I also think that there is a very large percentage of the population that needs it, for MY personal safety. The cognitive dissonance and conflicted needs are giving me headaches.

              Bring on the ELE comet. It will end all the problems.

          • anarchyst,

            I was making an observation, not offering a solution. There is an element in the libertarian/patriot/conservative nexus that promotes, whether consciously or not, the “we are the government” myth that Statists, left and right, use to transfer blame from those in power to “us”. It is a despicable and dangerous piece of propaganda that both eliminates accountability for those in power and perpetuates the false legitimacy of political authority. Unfortunately, it is common here: “we” have let them, “we” must hold them accountable, it’s up to “us”, etc… When asked how, “use your second amendment rights”, ‘string em up”, etc… Often accompanied by insulting the character and courage of others, which is hilarious, as the fact that they’re posting here means that they’re neither dead, nor in prison. Which means that they are not practicing what they preach (you didn’t do that in your post).

            But, it’s more than the just the hypocrisy, the mentality perpetuates the myth that political authority is, or can be, legitimate; if we just get the words right, create external enforcement, remain vigilant, etc… This is all dangerous nonsense. It doesn’t matter what the words say if the government supposedly limited by them gets to decide what they mean. There can be no legal external enforcement mechanism because the government, by definition, doesn’t recognize any authority above itself. “But, the second amendment guarantees our right to armed resistance against tyrannical government”. What a load of crap. First, words on paper can’t guarantee rights. Second, even if this were the actual intention of the founders, a highly dubious idea, nobody in power has ever, or will ever, recognize that right in practice.

            Sure, you may have the moral high ground and some have even successfully overthrown a “tyrannical” government. Which, they quickly replaced with another. But, most of the time, you’ll be killed or end up in prison. Most people, quite understandably, value their lives, families, friends, communities, etc… more than dying in a “noble” cause. This includes me and everyone still posting about the cowardice of others. If limited government can be maintained only by eternal vigilance and the “blood of patriots and tyrants”, then it’s obviously an insane pipe dream.

            So, what’s my solution? I don’t really have one. But, it begins with “putting away childish things” (a reference to Joe Sobran’s beautiful essay, “The Reluctant Anarchist”). Belief in “limited government”, “political authority”, the Constitution, legally recognized “external enforcement” mechanisms, etc… are the “childish things” of which Sobran speaks. Unless people’s attitude toward the State changes, there are no solutions to the problems of “political authority”. So, it may be a futile endeavor, but I find value in Nock’s idea of the “Remnant”, and thus hope to contribute, in some small way, to the necessary “debamboozlement”.


            • You make good points.
              However, all it takes is a “spark” at the right time to set off a revolution. All revolutions have started off as such.
              You are correct about creature comforts and wanting to preserve your family as well as yourself, BUT there are those with “nothing to lose” that have been so abused by the system that they see revolution as being the only “solution”. Yes, this tactic rarely works, but has been successful throughout history, sometimes for the better or worse.
              Your “rights” are inherent in you merely being born. Your “rights” do not come from a “piece of paper”. Of course, the American education (brainwashing) system is so inept, teaching people WHAT to think rather than HOW to think, that there is little hope. The founding fathers were brilliant for divorcing “rights” from a “privilege granted by governments” and declaring that “rights” are a part of being human and cannot be abridged.
              The only “solution” presently available is to “fly below the radar”, don’t publicize what you do. If you want to divert a stream on your own property (without government permission) or do other (illegal) but harmless activities, just do it and keep your mouth shut! The “rights” you have are the rights you TAKE.
              As long as the beer in the refrigerator is cold and “the big game” is on television, the lulling factor of “bread and circuses” will continue to make its mark.
              Hardship motivates people,

              • Anarchyst,
                We are living in unprecedented times. The majority couldn’t care less about liberty. A conversation I recently overheard: A trucker discussing with someone the pros and cons of the other person becoming a trucker. ELDs (The state’s constant monitoring and control of truckers) was never even mentioned- The only concern was money and treatment by companies. People are used to tyranny and nonchalantly accept it.

                People no longer regard what is before their own eyes and senses; they no longer think and assess things for themselves based on what they personally see and experience; they instead rely upon what ever narrative is preached by the media/propaganda- be it the MSM, or popular opinion as depicted on the internet via the help of censorship and propaganda agents. This is why the same people who fooled no matter how many times in the past (9/11; WMDs; Peak oil; faulty diet “science”, yesterday’s weather forecast; etc.) continue to be fooled by every subsequent lie- never considering that the eggspurts were wrong in the past, and that it might at least be prudent to exercise skepticism in the present.

                Between the inability to personally think for one’s self, and the lack of a fire of liberty burning in their hearts, the only revolutions of any size that will occur, will be purely reactionary, based upon a lack of immediate gratification and or sentiments conjured by propaganda.

                So we see soccer riots…..but no resistance to outrageous taxes or regulation of one’s property, children, finances or any other restrictions of autonomous life.

                Even a few hundred years ago, the Founders had to leave England- because they realized it was impossible to reform what had become the status quo which most willingly cooperated with. It is much worse today, because media, standardized edumacation(indoctrination) and a high standard of living (as far as material conveniences go- with even the poorest plebes having things like central heat, A/C and sumptuous fare which royalty would not have had 150 years ago). To the average person today, these things are more importasnt than liberty- and in many cases, the only concern.

                Witness the overwhelming call for socialized medicine. They would gladly give up all choice, and gleefully enslave themselves, their neighbors and children, just for the prospect of getting things “for free”- being too stupid to realize that nothing is free, and that what they advocate is nothing but slavery; and not caring, even if they do reralize it, because they would gladly trade their own liberty ass well as everyone else’s if they feel that they will derive material benefit from it.

                Rather than seeing the psychopathic tyrants as their enemies, they instead view us as the enemy, because we represent a hindrance to the perceived “benefits” of slavery, by advocating the dethroning of their masters whom they perceive as benevolent; and they believe that the concept of everyone living within their own means at their own expense to be abhorrent.

                So, they are not our brothers-in-arms, but just as much as foes as is Uncle. Even the so-called Conservatives, who may verbally oppose the left; But threaten their farm subsidies or V.A. programs or Socialist Security, and they become just as much our enemy as Alexandria or Greta or that Hogg hermaphrodite.

                • I was watching the news the other day at work and noticed how all the “inmates” were smiling and enjoying the “CON-venience” of (anti-)social media, takeout/delivered meals, and online shopping at home. I spoke to one of my coworkers about this and he told me that they were just “making the best of the situation”. Then today, I was talking to another coworker about the government taking this virus thing too far (to say the least, of course). He then asked me “So, we just let everyone die, then?”.

                  Needless to say, there is very little hope for the few of us sane folks left in this country.

                  • Blue,
                    I think it’s getting to the point where the average person is a zombie, controlled by the gov’t and it’s mouthpiece, the media.

                    My cousin in the city just informed me that she’s been staying in her apartment and having meals delivered….

                    They just buy everything that comes down the pike, hook, line, and sinker. Not so much as an ounce of actual thought or reason.

                    They’re essentially just an extension of the gov’t. THAT is the real thing to fear….and why the only hope is to find a little far-away remote place that is disconnected from all of this nonsense.

                    We are fish in the middle of a desert here. It’s most definitely not gonna get better.

                    I think that this will be used as the mechanism to divide the US into the 10 zones (Conveniently, already described by the EPA’s zone maps)- Some will think that such a break-up is a good thing- a grassroots “secession”- but in reality, it has been long-planned as a part of the New World Order, and is just a part of the globalist’s plans.

                    It’s getting to the point now where it may be questionable if we’ll even be able to leave this assylum……

                    • Nunz, I’ve cut out most of my family over their sheep-like behavior. And trying to reason with them is impossible as they automatically think you’re nuts.

                      My grandmother always questioned the sacred cows of our evil society (moon landing, feminism, etc.) and one of my uncles attempted to put her into an insane asylum over it. Interestingly, I found out a couple of years ago that same uncle was/is heavy into devil-worshiping!

                      The elites have clearly won. The only thing we can do is try our best to work around it all. 🙁

                    • Ya know, Handler, when I was 16 and used to point out all of the contradictions, absurdities and lies that are all around us, and people would just say “Ahaha, he’s just a kid; he’ll see how ‘the real world’ is one day and get in line”, I’d think “O-K, for some reason, even though they can’t refute what I say, fair enough- I’m too young to have credibility, but when I get older, maybe I’ll be able to convince them when at least they remember the things I’ve said and realize that I made a lot of sense”.

                      When I was 30, and doing the same thing….they still couldn’t see, and conveniently didn’t remember that what I had warned them of in the past was now the reality.

                      And so it continued- even now in my late 50’s….. It’s never “Maybe there’s something to what he says”- It’s always “No, it’s different this time; it’s for a good reason. The ones who lied to us about SS#s never being used as an identifier, and prosperity and colonies on the Moon always around the corner…and WMDs, and the wonders of a “service economy” and “no new taxes” yada yada, are telling the truth this time and just trying to keep us safe!”.

                      It just astounds me! They can be lied to over and over again, and see their country, their lifestyle, and the world literally falling apart before their eyes…..but they believe the same scumbag liars time after time, and completely disregard anyone who told them rightly the way it actually was 100 times before.

                      I could see if it were strangers- that would be expected. But with family and people whom you’ve known for decades- 100% credibility means NOTHING- the same routine plays out every single time, because they are literally brainwashed.

                      Larken Rose has also observed and described this; like he says, it’s because people are manipulated into believing what they believe by propaganda which works mainly on their emotions- and you can’t counter “feelings” with logic and fact.

                      If people are led to feel that some course of action is beneficial even though is not (“It’s for the chiiiiiildren!”), no matter how much reason you use to prove that what they think is beneficial is in fact detrimental, you will be the enemy because their emotion is always going to see you as opposing what is good, and therefore ipso-fatso, being for what is bad.

                      There is no outside remedy for that, until and if a person may come to the point where they can see the chinks in the propaganda themselves- which rarely happens, especially these days, when everyone is “plugged in” and glued to a screen, practically 24/7.

                      We are no match for the tee-vee, the smartphone; the priests of the cult of government with ‘the official seal’ on their podium (Who deserve all ‘respect and honor’ of course!), the hallowed halls of academia, the scientists (a vaccine is just around the corner, ya know! And it will banish all disease and cause no harm, just like all the ones which came before it….those crazy anti-vaxxers notwithstanding ya know! :D)

                      Gee, we got into this economic mess because of insane levels of debt, the destruction of productivity/industry, and inflating the currency by continually just printing up ever-increasing huge sums….so what does the average person think? “Lets do more of that! That should fix it! You’re mean and crazy because you’re against the stimulus! How are all of those poor people supposed to pay their bills?!”.


                      And ask them “What happens when that money runs out? What about those of us who lived in/below our means and didn’t take on debt but rather saved? Won’t we be poor when our money is greatly devalued so all of the debt slaves and welfare moochers can get a free ride and have it all made better?

                      “Are you stupid? It’s free money! Who could be against that?! ObamaTrump gonna pay muh bills!!!”.

                      This country really deserves every bit of what it is about to get!

                    • Speaking the truth will become a federal crime soon. I guarantee it.

                      This corona hoax is the perfect pretext for censorship. The citizen tyrants (notice how many have come out of the woodwork) will embrace it with open arms.

                    • I believe it, Hand.

                      It’s practically getting like that now- I’ve never heard as much hostility among the plebes towards us “anti-vaxxers” as I’ve been hearing the last few months (Coincidentally, just before the Corona-hysteria got going)- Sounds like they’ve been thoroughly indoctrinated on that issue. It’s even becoming common to hear them advocate forced vaccination….and that was before Corona….so imagine now?!

                      Same with the Holocaust. While I don’t deny the Holocaust, I do think the numbers were greatly exaggerated- but when it becomes a “CRIME” to even question it, or to deny it, or to criticize Is-ra-hell…….

                      And so with many other things- from 9-11, to anything NASA does/supposedly did, or to question any of the so-called “sciences” or official governemt narratives….

                      Trump has already outlawed criticism of Israel on college campuses; he has also stated that he wants to curtail “persecution” of/criticism of Catholics…….

                      Just like with “gun control”- They chip away…little by little, until before long, another basic right is gone.

                      And of course, the sheeple are too stupefied to consider that any side which has to silence criticism, denial or even inquiry, is obviously doing so to hide the fact that it can not withstand scrutiny, nor tolerate any competing ideas be they right or wrong.

                    • Yup. The vaccine pushers are extremely militant. I read a vaccine thread last week that took my breath away to say the least.

                      I’ve never seen so many of our fellow citizens act like tyrants before. That’s the most depressing takeaway from this event. All the AGWs need to do is stay at their station and wait for the snitches to call.

                      I’m fully prepared for that knock on the door.

                    • Handler, you say “I’ve never seen so many of our fellow citizens act like tyrants before.”

                      Believe me, it’s happened before. You shoulda been around during the Vietnam war. Opposition to that could lead to anything including death.

                    • 8, I never thought of it like that. With Vietnam, we had a very large anti-war subculture- and instead of being censored and silenced, one could even hear their message in the media.

                      Maybe it was different in TX back then? I’d imagine it would be….but many other places, the anti-war movement got a lot of press, and it was encouraging that they could have large demonstrations and spit on returning mercenaries, etc.

                      I think a lot what flack they did take, often was more due to many of ’em being hippies, than it was to them being against the war.

                      Wish we had had something like that movement vs. Ieaq or Afghanistan or any of the other countless wars we keep perpetrating.

                    • Nunz, Many years went by with no thought by the govt of stopping the carnage. Only after there were countless and sometimes very large demonstrations, day after day and month after month, year after year, only then did Nixon promise to remove troops and cease the war but he didn’t for another 5 years. Even after the fall of Saigon did the removal begin. Hardly anyone involved in it besides officers, want it to continue. But Saigon the the ensuing press filming of it did we finally get out and not that quickly either by going into Cambodia beyond the cameras.

                    • Nunz’
                      “…it was encouraging that they could have large demonstrations and spit on returning mercenaries, etc.”
                      I wouldn’t call them mercenaries, many had pretty much no choice in the matter.
                      Reminds me of a Pink Floyd song, even though it’s not what the lyrics mean, when I first heard
                      “Did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage?”, I thought it meant go to war or go to jail.

                    • Hey William!

                      Ah, therein lies our problem: If good or merely neutral people can be made to do evil via threats of punishment for not doing the evil, then the evil wins, every time. “Just follying orders”.

                      Heard this story from a friend of the guy it happened to: The guy gets drafted to go to ‘Nam. He goes to the induction place which he was summoned to…. He’s standing in a row with all of the other schlepps, being told what to do. At some point, they were read some rigamarole about their “civic doody’ and all, and then told to raise their right hand and step forward. Everyone did as instructed, but he neither raised his hand nor stepped forward. When yelled at/questioned, he said something to the effect that he obeyed the summons to appear, that he was not joining anything or doing anything against his will, regardless of whatever consequences.

                      After being yelled at and threatened with jail; and ‘shamed’, etc. he remained firm….and was eventually handed a bus ticket back to where he came from…and that was the end of that.

                      I was only a child during ‘Nam, but just knowing what was going on really made me think, and really helped my already Libertarian thoughts- I mean, if “they” could just enslave me, and force me to shoot people who I never had any quarrel with…how could it be that we are “free”, or much less be “fighting for freedom”?

                      My thought then, was that if “this nonsense is still going on when I am of age, I am NOT going to comply- and it doesn’t matter if I end up in jail or shot or whatever, because either way- whether I comply or take their punishment, I am not free, so what difference does it make?”. Not much difference between a jail cell or a barracks, if you are there against your will- but the barracks are far worse, because it makes YOU then a part of the problem; a tool of evil.

                      I heard a comedian once say: “I’m writing a book about my experiences during the Vietnam War; It’s called A Guide To The Bars And Taverns Of Montreal” [cymbal crash] 🙂

                      Regards to the Self fambly. Stay well and free out there!

            • We’s the gov don’t even rise to level of absurd myth.

              But “us” is indeed & act the ouroborus nexus.

              You know how legless coldbloods do in winter.

              They shelter in place together in a ball of rubberbands lookin’ intertwined knot.

              Can’t herd cats its said but all’s ya’ gotta do with serpents en-balled is roll ‘em. Like that Rawhide song sang about (get them doggies rollin’).

              Once upon a time in Savannah GA I saw a ball o’ serpents that had just rolled out the shelter to catch some spring rays on the side of a canal.

              As herpetology was the hobby then I snuck up on ‘em, jumped right into & amongst ‘em with my forked stick stabbin’ at forked tongue heads at a furious frenetic pace.

              Didn’t catch a one.

              If you think rats abandon ships fast you’ll be amazed at how slippery-quick serpents centrifugal outta’ the ball in front of you to the “new” ball over yonder somewhere.

              It’s almost like that spooky non-local action fizzisists bubble on about.

  6. Well, they’ve been drone-striking and bombing weddings in the Middle East for almost 20 years now, so there’s plenty of precedent.

  7. In the Bergen County courthouse in Hackensack, NJ, I witnessed a weapons seizure hearing initiated by a divorcing wife. A man and his attorney were seeking dismissal of the order.

    Testimony made clear that no domestic violence had occurred, and no threats or physical intimidation. It was just an ordinary civil case, until his embittered ex just decided to get in a final lick by having the state seize his weapons collection, on the grounds that she feared him.

    Near the end of his statement, the man’s attorney cited infringement of his Second Amendment rights.

    The judge was aghast. “You’re citing the Second Amendment? What do you think this is … DODGE CITY?”

    At that, the entire courtroom audience burst into titters. All except me, that is.

    Suddenly I understood that legendary sign marking one of the Delaware River crossings into Pennsylvania: “America starts here.”

    NY and NJ have long been constitution-free zones. But other states such as PA and VA seem intent on joining the Bill of Rights nullification club. It’s just a g.d. piece of paper, as the Shrub memorably reminded us.

    • Ah…Bergen County. The land of “you can buy this, but you can’t buy that on Sundays”. Just curious, but did y’all choose to keep the Blue Law, or did your “representatives” decide for y’all?

      • bg, just like in Texas, our “betters” won’t let us buy booze on Sunday and beer only after 12, once you’ve put your time in at church.

        What’s really onerous, is the lack of people attending church. Just read an article yesterday about the atheist, agnostics and such in this country being more religious than those who claim to believe in “god”.

        My wife and her sisters turned their back on Catholicism as soon as they left their mother’s home. I know many families that have done same.

        I always thought it was the height of hypocrisy to tell those who would go to the liquor store or grocery store they couldn’t……till the rest of us can too. Gee, what deep core religion.

        • Last time I was in bluehairladylawlined SC I was lodging in the wrong county to buy a bottle of wine. Drove a few miles to the next county where the cabernet was free (to buy).

          It’s more Baptist ouroborus handlers in that neck of the woods. But even free cabernet counties got loads o’ crazed authoritarianism goin’ on.

          Them hairnets is *tight.*


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