Reader Question: The Revolutionary Act

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Greg Writes: You are one of the few that always seems to be at the forefront of truthful writing. Even Dr Fauci, the Clintonite who has been leading the charge of we are all going to die, now admits that Covid 19 is probably no worse a bad case of the flu. Strange his admission come almost immediately after Congress approves a $2 trillion bailout for banks and multinationals. I have been telling my wife and kids this is all about covering up another bailout. Thank you for carrying the banner of Truth in a world of lies.

My reply: Thank you for the kind words; I wish I could apply my two index fingers (I am an excellent to-fingered typist) to just cars, but that is no longer possible. Right now, the important thing is to not let the Fear addle us. To go out, look around and notice that people aren’t dropping dead all around us.

Which brings up and interesting thing. If WuFu were as bad as they claim, it would not be necessary to force people to “shelter in place.” People – even Clovers – aren’t generally suicidal. It wasn’t necessary to force people to  be careful with regard to having sketchy sex with sketchy people. They didn’t want to get AIDS – and took reasonable precautions on their own.

Why wouldn’t people do the same with regard to the WuFlu? If it really is deadly – as opposed to not.

Enter the force.

The dark side of the force.

The force that becomes necessary when persuasion isn’t persuasive. When the facts don’t support the narrative. Whether it’s the “climate crisis”- or Corona.

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  1. Yep- to cover-up the bail-outs of the dysfunctional economy they’ve created; That, and grab more power by imposing this defacto martial law….which is about as likely to be rolled-back as is fear-mongering over “terrorists”, or the “War On [some] Drugs……

      • Hey Tuy,

        I’ve noticed that the venerable 8-Man sometimes is AWOL for a few days….not long enough to trip any alarms yet. Hopefully he’s just busy. Maybe he’s fixing up “Blackie”. I was starting to worry about Brent P. until he showed up (albeit briefly) last night.

        When it comes to 8, I always think of the time my friend/client was on his way from NY to deliver a vehicle to OH and became unreachable for about 3 days…never having arrived at the destination with the vehicle. I called his wife on the 3rd day…she hadn’t heard from him either, but her response has always stuck with me: “Meh…I don’t worry about [friend/client], he can take care of himself.”. (Which is abundantly true).


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