Reader Question: Dealing With AGWs in Corona Land?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Mark asks: Though we have gov’t ordered house arrest (aka “shelter in place”), we can still go out for necessary trips, e.g. to the grocery, doctor, or work at an “essential” job. The roads are almost empty; I’m talking 3 AM Sunday morning empty. I’d like to take advantage of the open roads while I can, so I can enjoy my Focus for one of the reasons I got it: it’s fun to drive! That brings me to an obvious question: if caught by the cops for having fun, what do you say to them? How do you deal with them? Where I’d be driving (both sides of the Delaware River, i.e. NJ & PA) both have gov’t edicts in place against unnecessary trips. If I’m on 22, I can always lie and say I’m going to the grocery store, pet store, etc.; the problem is 22 isn’t a fun road to drive, though I can open up the car a lot more than normal. OTOH, if I’m on 519 other local, twisty road, that’s a harder sell; I can’t say I’m on the way to PetSmart when there’s none nearby. What would you recommend when it comes to dealing with the Brownshirts, er AGWs, if they catch you out having fun? How should you deal with them if they pull you over when you’re not making a “necessary” trip? We’ve got some NICE driving roads in my area, and I’ve been pining for the opportunity to drive them sans traffic or idiots, but we have those gov’t edicts in place.

My reply: I am not a lawyer, so what follows is not legal advice. It is, however, manly advice. Go about your business – and if an AGW “pulls you over” then do as legally required and provide your license, registration and insurance – and do not answer any questions. Ask the AGW a question: Am I free to go? And: Are you detaining me? Repeat as necessary.

Legally, that is all you are required to do – and Corona Fever hasn’t changed that, I don’t think. And even if it has, we have got to take a stand at some point. I think this is the point. If we don’t what’s next? Our homes subject to random searches Because Corona? This is already happening in areas adjacent to New York City.

I’m going out today, in defiance of the Coonman. If I get Hut! Hut! Hutted! then so be it. Freedom is not free and those unwilling to risk their freedom will never have any.

Mind: I am no hero and far from brave. But I am also not a godamn coward and will defend what’s right.

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  1. The best excuse is the best lie you can think of. I’m going to a friend’s house (maybe keep some groceries in the car)who broke his leg and can’t get to the store. Where does he live? Oh, up in the hills although I have no idea what his physical address might be since he has a post office box. Lie, lie, lie.

    • 8S,

      I came up with a plausible one: going to the farmer’s market. I like raw (i.e. natural) honey; it does wonderful things for you that the processed grocery store shit never will. Anyway, there are farmers’ markets near where I like to have fun, so I’ll just say I was going to the farmer’s market to buy some honey. WTF is he going to say? I also knew a gal or two in that neck of the woods too… 😉


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