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A friend – who is a superlative artist – created this masterpiece, which I felt obliged to share with everyone here. Behold – Trumpshine!

His orange glow succors and salves.

May it burn off the Corona Fever afflicting much of the population. May its healing warmth gently disintegrate the Fear Masking, cause the people to not regard one another with Sickness Psychosis.

May the Orangeness protect and provide.

In Orange We Stand, in Orange We Believe!

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  1. I’m pretty sure Trump convinced a lot of people because he really did think he was gonna drain the swamp and create a new America but not long after he was elected he was sat down in room with the shadow government and shown a film of the JFK assassination from a different angle and asked “any questions” to which he replied “just one, what’s my agenda?”

    • I doubt that, Biker.

      a)Even us nobodies know that the Swamp is too massive and ingrained and powerful to be taken down by a single character, or small group of them- especiually while operating within the constraints of the very system which is controlled by the Swamp Creatures (And even less so when one is hand picking their associates from that Swamp).


      b)Trump has always played ball with the Swamp. For a player like him to say that he’s gonna clean-up the Swamp is like Joe Bonanno saying he’s gonna clean-up the Mafia.

      It was just a slogan, used to garner needed support from the disenfranchised. That fact became obvious the day he picked Pense for his running mate. No one has to be sat down in a little room- if they even get to the point where they have any sort of shot at the office…they already know. WE know; they know much more than we do.

      • Nunz yes Pence was a bone to throw at the republican establishment which overall hated Trump. His administration really lost all hope when he threw General Michael Flynn overboard for no reason almost right away. Once that happened all he’s done is hire the grossest people possible, He has zero guts. He had an amazing opportunity.
        He’s old and apparently rich and could have done whatever he wanted. Instead he chose and chooses to to run like a scared bitch instead.

        • Flynn is/was on Israel’s payroll.

          It’s a struggle trying to come up with an honest name from Trump’s administration.

          • Given that this is Israeli occupied DC we are speaking of, who of major consequence isn’t on their payroll? We have the finest government that money can buy, and has…

      • Nunzio,

        I remember Jesse Ventura saying that, soon after he was elected governor of MN, that shadowy figures from the CIA sat him down in a room to tell him what’s what…

        • Yep, Mark. When a “clueless” outsider doers manage to make some inroads, that is what happens…but Trump is no outsider nor mere showman.

          Same was the case with Reragan. They even gave him a warning shot. I believe Reagan was sincere- If you read his words, even lomng before he got into politics, he at least meant well. But his latter actions certainly belied his earlier words….especially after the warning shot from Hinkley- the son of good friends of the evil Bushes, who were NEVER sincere.

          • I remember when Reagan was doing his radio show, “Viewpoint”, when I was a kid; I was always a fan of his. I was THRILLED when he was elected! That was the first election in which I voted.

            I believe his “come to Jesus” moment happened when John Hinkley shot him. BTW, IIRC, his family was friends with the Bushes. Anyway, I don’t think that shooting was an accident; I believe it was intended to kill Pres. Reagan, or at least send him a not-so-subtle message.

          • Nunzio,

            You, as a New Yorker, know better than most that one can’t be a mover and shaker in NYC real estate without getting his hands dirty; one cannot play that game without rubbing elbows with some shady characters; IOW, DJT may not be of the swamp, but you know as well as I do that he knows how the game is played. Hell, he used to SAY that at his rallies! He used that as a selling point to select him to clean the swamp…

            • My “pernt” exactly, MM. Even small non-famous players in NY (and not just NYC) in bidness or RE have to be connected and play ball to even exist- let alone prosper. Daddy Trump played ball; he was in opn the ground-floor (literally) of some of NYC’s biggest RE deals….and junior picked up where daddy left off and ran with it.

              And…uh…in NY and NJ (where they also play) you don’t even get your foot in the door unless you make deals with certain Sicilians too (Well, I’m being redundent, ’cause the pols have their backs too)

    • I think he likely woke up with a gun in his mouth one night in the white house in early 2017 personally. Sure talked a good game though. Some of his campaign stuff was classic.

      • Nah, thats not how these things go. It was more than likely a meeting, with senior spooks, and four star generals. I suspect all presidents get that meeting.

        • Jesse Ventura said that, soon after he was elected MN governor, that he had that meeting. If a governor rates that meeting, you know damn well POTUS does!

          • Jesse only got it because he didn’t already know the deal- he was truly an outsider, and thought the political theater was real. A rarity, but it happens- and more so at lower levels. Trump is neither an outsider nor that naive. H’es been playing ball with the state and Federal level pols for ages. He probably knew the deal since he was a little kid, ’cause his daddy sure did.

    • Merely whisper the forbidden phrase “Boycott, Divest, Sanction” under your breath … and your new F150’s lane keep assist jerks the wheel hard right, smacking your anti-israeli ass into a recalcitrant oak tree.

      Old blood libels and brand new Fords
      Oak tree you’re in my way

      — Lynyrd Skynyrd

  2. Brightest object in the sky has been numero uno deity since day 2nd half…amongst the dimmer objects whose objective has been blueball dominion since day first 1/2.

    Libido – “the need” (compulsion) — dominandi.

  3. Eric,
    Your site is one of the very, very few that have survived my great bookmark purge. My rules are simple – post a bunch a bogus crap about COVID and the bookmark for the offending site is deleted. They can be statist minions without wasting any of my precious time. Not a single news aggregate site has survived. I used to scan headline/teasers on Zero Hedge but the I seem to have developed a severe allergy to gross stupidity.

  4. Hi Anon,

    Trump did not beseech the Governors to reopen their States. He asserted that the decision was his, and only his. So, if he wanted the States to end the lock-down, he, according to himself, has the power to do so. Yet, he has not. Please, enough of the Trump is fighting for “us” nonsense.

    “For the purpose of creating conflict and confusion, some in the Fake News Media are saying that it is the Governors decision to open up the states, not that of the President of the United States & the Federal Government. Let it be fully understood that this is incorrect….”

    “….It is the decision of the President, and for many good reasons. With that being said, the Administration and I are working closely with the Governors, and this will continue. A decision by me, in conjunction with the Governors and input from others, will be made shortly!”

    “I have great authority… if I want to use it,…I would rather have the states use it. I have absolute authority to use it.”

    So, Trump claims, falsely, that he has “absolute authority” in this, but doesn’t use it. He claims to be “working closely” with Governors, but he’s obviously not “beseeching them to open”. Republican pols are every bit as awful and hysterical on this as Democratic pols. But, the average conservative, who’s not a politician, does have a saner view of this than the average liberal. Too bad most of them still believe that Republican pols share their concerns, they do not.


    • Trump’s assertion is because well, he’s not very knowledgeable.

      Remember when Texas wasn’t going to comply with naked body scanners or some other TSA thing? The federal government then had the air force set up in Oklahoma to enforce a no-fly zone over Texas and Texas backed down. That’s the sort of thing that Trump would need to do as president to states that did not comply. Basically treat them as foreign countries and impose blockades and economic sanctions backed up with military force.

      Of course this wouldn’t play well in trying to get state governments to allow economic function. So of course when he probably realized the form that exercising that power would take quietly forgot about it.

      • That’s because we had Dick Perry as governor. What Texas could have done was declare independence and then embargoed all oil, gasoline and natural gas exports to the other 49 United States. Unfortunately, Dick Perry was too busy shuttling to California and New York to import more liberals to the great state.

    • Well, actually, he does. Since governors and mayors are violating Constitutionally protected rights, he can file suit to make them cut it out. Of course he won’t. He’s just as much a puppet of the bank cartel as any other professional liar.

    • Site your sources please. Otherwise your “quotes” are yours and do not conform to reality.

      Splody head trigger: “Truth is that which conforms to reality”

      • Auric,

        The first two are from his Twitter feed, April 13th, 2020, the third is from an April 12th press briefing.

        BTW, the quotes either “conform to reality” or they don’t. Citing them does not magically transform them from imaginary to “real”. Likewise, the quotes were never mine, despite the lack of citation. Still, you are correct, providing a source is good practice, but doing so does not change reality.


        • Jeremy,

          [Not saying this about Auric, but in general] I’ve observed from quite early-on, that when one mentions a fact or quotes someone, and it is perfectly in-line with the reality and past performance of of the situation or person being referenced; if one’s audience does not want to accept the reality, citing evidence from the horse’s mouth usually does not sway them in any way.

          I used to be meticulous about saving references for proof….but I long ago abandoned that practice, because I don’t think I EVER changed anyone’s mind by offering such evidence.

          I tend to think that such people [Again, not saying that Auric is this way] are merely hoping that we can not provide any such proof, so that they can dismiss our arguments. When we do provide the proof….they will often dismiss our argument anyway, if it is not in-line with what they already believe or want to belive. All that the citations seem to accomplish is to save us from losing face publicly, when called out- but I stopped caring about that long ago.

          • If the forest don’t matter (which might merely mean the size of the tract makes it incomprehensible), then no detail-trees making up that forest will – can – matter, either. And merely preferred detail-trees become then merely the bars of the cell of the prisoner’s preferences dilemma which is most easily done away with by taking the delemming leap o’ faith not werks…there…that’s a good little german paratrooper.

            Easier to see & say it’s so in the vast tracts of tractlessness that are the seas. Lost at sea & flowing-ensuing insanity oh say can you see more easily? Well, forests are oceans with the perfect nameless wooden Trojan horse disguise surrounding-enveloping. By design that condom’s gonna bus wide open you betcha & belch all manner o’ bad manners ever’where.

            Black Forest cake, otoh, well the devils food details make it or break it.

            Still caveat emptor strangers bearin’ free black devils food forest cake & bidding let you eat it…is good advice, or would be, if there were such a thing as good advice…but there ain’t: all advices have already been consented to @ conception – or not, & so shall never be consented to.

            Conception’s the vise that cranks out, then cranks down tight the jaws, on the consents it’s manufactured.

            All the fast Eddie Bernays & their sauces that come after that first emulsion matter not a’tall.

            & the secret sauce ain’t no secret a’tall…its just that thousand islands raised to an exponent of a thousand islands that littlebigbanged ya’ into being but that you had nada to do with, no control over the recipe what flashed froze stuck to the wall, does not lend itself to the preferred trees of the cell o’ phane o’ free will (which I gotta bet even Orcas know…”Free Willie? Get the fook outta here!”).

            • Ozy, thats not a forest a’tol! Its simply knot weedy enough!
              The real site for five eyes (the spare got lost in translation) is full range gazing. Is that fair? Only comparatively, but the reference frame tilts east. He who rules the seas, rules the coasts. But coasting on 95, takes the road, and then seeks safe harbor further In Land. Macro and Micro, both have scope issues, that Demand and string can’t solve. Ignoring that is a recipe for Dis aster. Perhaps more honey, would sweeten the deal?

              • Not weedy cuz trimming & waxing precedes bikini’ing (neither of which is necessary post-apocalyptic asking for whom the bell atolls…).

                But always good advice, says them already viced, to be wary of invasive implants – Japanese, or *any* otherwise.

                Yes, but also yes that if you’ve abyss-gazed full range once, you’ve gazed “them all” – & that a really good set of binoculars could very efficiently shorten the roadrunning (beep!beep!) trip by looking no further eastward than Bysshe Shelley’s poem & Mary Shelley’s novel.

                (All pups are young but some pups are better binoc’d than others: he was 26, she was 20, at publication…or, how many old dogs have seen even half as far? Or ever will? As I’ve said, repeatedly, it’s not an educational problem, Prussian or *any* otherwise…as GGalileo said, impossible to teach anyone anything, only possible to help them find what’s already there, *if* it’s already there…as Gertie Stein said of Mokeland, there’s no there, there…But for outliers, most of whom are fooked, too, the species is fooked…stick a fork in it, cuz at species scale, it’s done.)

                Nah: s/he who roils the seas, despoils the coasts.

                Presbyopia’s a bitch, scope variable power compensates, & that Israeli outfit’s been slowed down like the rest, but still working it (& maybe DOD’ll even let it be commercialized…


                Disaster isn’t a recipe. It’s the recipe. So how good you are in the kitchen is what it comes down to.

                But “good” very much includes (how) luck(y are ya’, punk?)…whole thing begins with, rests upon, the jumped bones come out roll o’ conception, from which bone rollin’ continues until last craps.

                Four broadtail hummers on the feeder simultaneously, last dusk; my nectar’s so good they lay down their arms & feast like friends…but the rufous are on their way, & they’d rather fight than switch.

                But with the birds, it’s mock, unlike the winged “Achilles” of lickspittle politicspeople.

    • Trump is a full blown retard without one single conviction he wont compromise ignore or ditch if convenient. He actually critcized the Georgia governor for opening up. I wish hilary had won. She would have been hated so much maybe a real conservative would be running this year.

      • It’s so true, Mark! The ones who play the conservatives always get away with a lot more than the ones who overtly spew the libtard mantras. The vast majority of gun control, expansion of government, and most prolific spending in our lifetime have ironically come from the actors who play the conservatives- and their duped supporters, instead of screaming that they’ve been betrayed, just keep on supporting these turds, because they say the right words, and apparently, their supporters are not dissuaded by their constant lies…but just keep believing and hoping “because they’re better than the alternative”. It’s pure idiocy.

      • Hi Mark,

        No, man. He’s playing the long game; secretly planning to dismantle the Deep State, end the Fed, reinstate the gold standard, purge all the corrupt pols and celebrities from power, and put them in prison. He only appears to be supporting tyranny, empowering the police state, shoveling money to Corporate America and conducting immoral wars that enrich some but harm regular folk. It’s all a ruse, you’ll see. The real Trump, the righteous crusader for freedom and all that is good in the world, will unleash his wrath on the wicked sometime during his second term. That’s why it’s imperative that every freedom lover VOTE FOR TRUMP. He’s our only hope!


        • Hey Jeremy!

          THANKS for that! Hey… careful- some uninitiated onlookers may actually think you’re serious!

          • Hi Mike,

            I really want to like the Orange Man – if only because of the reaction he conjures among those I especially dislike (e.g., the Mittens Romneys of the GOP; the leftish media, etc.) But he is beginning to wear thin. Maybe I’m just not smart enough to understand 4D chess, though.

            • I wanted to like Trump too. That didn’t last long though 🙁 I now feel foolish for actually somewhat hoping/thinking that he might have actually made difference. I think that little bit of hope was just borne of the fact that he was a relatively unknown- a seeming wildcard, or a canvas upon which we could paint our own hopes- as opposed to the Clinton bitch, or Mittens and the rest, whom we know exactly what they are.

            • I don’t like Trump one bit. I kind of liked his inaugural address and his trade negotiators. They are the only people in the administration standing up for the country. On the other hand, I agree that his schtick is wearing real thin. On the other hand, I disagree with the idea that our rights are being taken more quickly under Trump than they would have been under a Democrat administration. All you have to do is look at how red versus blue states are handling their self imposed shutdowns and reopenings. I’ll be voting for the Orange Stupid this fall.

              • Sigh… and me, too.

                If the OM would call BS on the WuFlu “crisis” and summarily decree that state governments have no right to prevent people from conducting their legal business, going about their business, etc. I would get an orange tan and dye my hair blond… I really, truly would.

              • Sloweevil still ruins the flour, substitutes bugs, bug carcasses, bug shit, for bread.

                Cutting oneself – with the paper knives you were born with, given, & sharpen-inculcated — 1000x to death is nothing so much as masochism…& the sadists appreciate it just as much as the self-cutters appreciate their sadists.

                If ya jine the gyrenes, or were a conjined gyrene @ conception, yer just another rhyme in the dirge, just another duplicit in the couplet.

              • Swamp, it’s not that our rights are being taken more quickly than would have been the case under a Dumbocrap; it’s that they’re being taken as quickly- because they are all working for the same people (not us!) and to further the same agenda.

                The reason you see more BS in the blue states, is because those states contain more communist residents who tolerate and even demand that BS., which is why those states are blue and have elected blue politicians.

                Here in KY they recently elected a blue bozo as governor….but he can not get away with nearly as much as say Comrade Cuomo, etc. because this is a mostly red state and well armed….and the only reason the bozo got in was because of the teacher’s pension “crisis” and it’s propaganda. (As usual- the average schmoe believes that there isn’t enough leftyism, so craves more to fix the problems which leftyism created in the first place!).

                No matter how you slice it, this country and this society are a hopeless mess- and nothing good is going to come of it, because we once had something pretty good, but are now moving further and further away from what that was.

                • Nunzio,

                  Mille Weaver did a report on your governor’s election, and she said that there was a lot of FRAUD that took place! Thankfully, that’s about the only thing the Ds won; they lost everything else.

                  • I wouldn’t doubt it, MM. Shame, too, ’cause as tyrants go, the former goobernor, Matt Bevin, was definitely a lesser evil.

                    I’ll bet a lot of the fraud came from the teacher’s unions and NEA crowd, ’cause the “big issue” had been all about their unsustainable pensions. When I started hearing that, I knew a Dumbocrap would end up getting in, one way or another. Teacher-leeches are some of the worst enemies of liberty.

                    KY has been one of the more financially responsible states- but between the pension thing, and ever-expanding Obozocare/Medicaid, it won’t be long before we go the way of IL.

                    It’s like I always say, the few remaining places where the disease of liberalism hasn’t fully sprouted yet….are catching up real quick.

                    Wish somebody would nuke this country, rather than letting die a slower ignominious death. People would suffer less.

            • Another thing, further down the comment thread, I disagree with the notion that having liberal progressives as our rulers will incite some kind of rebellion. It hasn’t. We had a Clinton. We had an Obama. We now have a whole bunch of newly elected Democrat governors like Ferret Northman coon from
              Virginia. How has that march on Richmond worked out? Last time I checked it didn’t stop any gun laws from being passed. Gretchen Whitmire from Michigan is still in her perch and I bet the bitch gets reelected. So, no, what we are learning is that the battle is still at the ballot box and it’s clear difference between the way Repukes and Demoncats handle lockdowns. I hate both of them, but one is clearly better and more responsive than the other in this day and age.

              • Hi Swamp,

                I’m sitting in my truck working up another article and thinking – again, as I often do lately – about a cabin deep in the woods and to Hell with everything. A man can’t even sit inside and have a cup of coffee anymore; Mask Wearing psychotics walking around everywhere.

                I can’t take it much longer.

                • I’m with you, Eric. That’s all I ever wanted. Trouble is, there are no places that are that are that deep in the woods anymore in this country…..and if there were, we’d be “suspicious” for living there all by ourselves- and today, suspicion is all that is necessary for them to come get ya.

                  But damn….that’s all I’ve ever wanted. Thoreau’s cabin and quietness, and to be left the hell alone.

                  • Morning, Nunz!

                    Yup. I agree. There’s not anywhere left to flee to that’s much of an improvement over where I am now – so why bother? Instead, why not defend what we have, to the extent we can. I realize it may be a futile effort – but don’t give up before we lose! These things always look bleak and hopeless at the beginning – and things are, after all, just starting!

                    • Mornin’ Eric,
                      Yep- you and I and some others here are in about as a good a place as it gets these days. And the less we have to go “out there”, the better.

                      I’m thankful that I not only made it to here, but have had plenty of time to get established and all. Imagine how different it would be if I were still [God forbid] in NY?!

                  • Me too Nunz, that’s my vision of heaven – a cabin in the woods, cats on my lap, classical music on the stereo, and shelves of books to read.
                    Could finish out my days in peace.

                    • Amen, Mike!
                      Screw the internet too! It’s getting to be like TV- just brings in the crappy outside world and gives a disproportionate voice to the tiny minority of weirdos whom we’d never even encounter, much less have anything to do with, in real life.

                      It’s funny- I think it would be easier these days to have what we desire if we instead wanted a mansion and flashy cars and fame, etc.

                      To just drop-out and find a little peace and privacy….that is almost unattainable these days.

                      I’m a lot closer to it though, than I was that glorious day when I took the first step by dropping out of school the day I turned 16, living in NYC…..

                      Hang in there, Mike! We need more good guys like you!

              • M3,

                Fauci is on his SIXTH administration! He’s been in the gov’t since 1969, and in charge of NAIAD since 1985. I think that the OM wasn’t expecting the medical professionals to put politics over the welfare of the nation…

                • Dayum! Maybe we could throw Fauci and ol’ hiney Kissinger in a vault with cigarettes, an unbuckled seat-belt, and some lead paint, and see which one croaks first!

                  Nah…on second thought, I don’t even think Satan would want the bastards!

          • More like real life Game of Thrones. The God Emperor Trump, is playing a VERY dangerous game. He is surrounded by enemies, seen and unseen. If he wasn’t the face of one of the ruling Oligarch factions, he would have long since been removed (one way or another). Make no mistake, while Trump is a nationalist, he is much more focused on himself, and his personal power. His main attraction is that, he is not She who would be Queen. Not to mention, his role as Troll in Chief, and his keeping the Progs, and their corporate mass media, in a state of hysterical rage. I just hope we don’t have a pop corn shortage… ^^

            • I almost forgot to get popcorn seeds for the coming garden (it’s in the 20’s again this week in Communisota… so only the taters are in the ground) Thanks!

              • Don’t feel bad about the temps, Ernie- It was down to near freezing a couple of nights ago HERE in KY!!! I haven’t even been in the pool yet! (It’s not unusual to be swimming in April here). “Global Warming” ya know…..

      • Mark, I seriously doubt we would have survived, having She who would be Queen as president. You do know that she wanted to start a war with Russia? They have almost as many nukes as the Empire does. Not to mention hyper sonic missiles to deliver them with. That woman is a full blown psychotic. While I’m no real fan of the Orange Man, he is FAR less of a threat than She who would be Queen. Not to mention we’d have missed all of the fun to be had, as the Troll in Chief plays the corporate mass media like a fiddle. ^^
        Not to mention that no “real conservative” is going to be *allowed* to be “elected”

        • well he bombed syria for nothing – twice. Attacking the guy who even frigging Obama said saved all the Christians there. Nearly got us in yet another dumb war with iran – twice. the list is endless. Now this corona crap with smirking hitler Fauci, if he’s the best we got we’re screwed.

          • We are in fact screwed. With the presidents lawn gnome running things, its almost as bad as having Gates running it. Fauci has ties with both the Gates, and Clinton foundations. So does WHO.

            While bombing countries that don’t have nukes is bad. Starting a war with Russia would be much, MUCH worse.

            Lacking the hysteria provoked by the corporate mass media, this virus wouldn’t have even made a blip on most peoples radar. Given that 90% of the mass media in America, is owned by just six companies, and those are owned by only three, one needs to ask, who benefits from all of this nonsense?

          • Yep- He bombed Syria…which is EXACTLY what Hitlery had intentions of doing.

            What BJ has to understand, is that we are presented with two candidates every election. One advocates leftist/libtard ideals; one advocates conservative/Neocon ideals. But no matter which gets elected, they end up somewhere in the middle, because elections are just a show to pacify the sheeple and to make them docile, and to feel as though they have a say.

            The only ones the candidates serve are the real rulers of the world, who are unseen- which is why we see the elected ones from either side doing many things which are contrary to the ideals of the party lines and people who elected them- such as Slick Willy cutting welfare spending, even though he belongs to the Welfare Party- or GWB enacting onerous gun control, which is contrary to supposed party ideals which he claimed to represent.

            If anyone thinks that these turds are in any way “representing the people” who elected them; representing the ideals of the parties they belong to; or even pursuing their own beliefs and agendas….they are sadly deluded.

            The wars and the welfare and the militarization of our country; the unbridled immigration; the expansion of government; exponential increases in spending; tyranny, etc. continue unhindered NO MATTER WHICH ACTOR inhabits the office- and this should be obvious to all by now, as it has been that way since before any of us who post herer were born. No one rolls back the tyranny; no one even just lets it remain at the level it was at before they ascended the throne….they all not only perpetuate it, but increase it.

            No need for AOC when DLT has signed legislation that makes her corporate grab-bag and impoverishment of the country look like child’s play. Only difference is, that those who would have been up in arms if such things were done under an AOC or HRC, cheer and are complacent when “their guy” does them.

            Elections and this political theater are as much about mind control as is the TV news.

            • Nunzio… I could have sworn, that I’ve said several times already, that “elections” are simply popularity contests to see who gets to wear the Funny Hat™ 🙂 I’ve also spoken about the globalists and the Progs, being the tools/useful idiots of the Monsters who Rule us. I’ve also spoken about how the Orange Man, is just the face of one of the Oligarch factions, who are the people who actually Rule the country.

              I’ve also spoken about how the current system evolved. From successful gangs of thugs, to kings/emperors and later presidents/prime minsters. At what point did you arrive at the mistaken opinion, that any of this was news to me??

              • Awww, BJ, I was just reacting to:

                **”Mark, I seriously doubt we would have survived, having She who would be Queen as president”**

                Just makes me think that you believe there’d be a difference (In more than just the rhetoric).

                But you seem to be coming around!

                • H Nunz,

                  Do you think OM is a calculating, deliberately evil person – as I believe her to be? Or – as I believe him to be – a blowhard and an egomaniac but, on the whole, not a bad man?

                  Just curious…

                  • Orange•utan man is indeed calculating. Billionaires can calc, must calc, can’t not calc.

                    Hillobeans’ll never mound up a pile so high (assuming a “new currency” heads off hyperflation of the ‘father of the country’ dollar).

                    As for evil, I think it a waste of letters word. Weevil, is more like it.

                    Keep flour in the freezer to avoid waste o’ weevils.

                    Cryogenics for egomaniacs with billionbuck billfolds’d prolly net-net way positive, too.

                    • BEFORE he became a politician….” (Not “because he became a politician”)

                      And would you believe, I proof-read these things before posting?!

                  • Hey Ya Eric!

                    No- I do not think that OM is deliberately calculatingly evil- but neither do I think that he strives to uphold morality- I just think that he does what is expedient for Donald Trump.

                    I think a perfect example of this can be illustrated by his use of eminent domain in many instances, because he became a politician- in which he used his own resources to harm common people, whom he treated as disposable because they happened to own property that he wanted to acquire to further his business interests. He is not exactly philanthropical.

                    With his vast resources, he had many other options….but he chose to do what was expedient for Donald Trump; Ditto when he donated several hundred thousand dollars to the Clinton bitch’s campaign in ’05(yr?).

                    Not deliberately evil- but he certainly doesn;’t resist evil- and at best, is amoral.

                    Much like a mercenary who enlists in “the suhvice”….many may not be deliberately evil; they may even have good intentions….but they all end up serving evil because they do not possess the commitment to morality which would prevent them from engaging in immoral acts. (Act in haste, repent in leisure).

                    The difference between the guy who says “I’m joining the military because I wanna shove a bayonet up someone’s ass” [Someone actually said that to me when I was a teen, before they enlisted!] and the guy who makes no so such profession, but merely follows orders to break down doors and shoot people, is minimal. They both do the same evil, because a vacuum exists where morality is absent, and thus there is no resistance to evil.

                    The line between deliberately evil, and just accommodating evil for expedience is very very small and far removed from the great chasm which separates evil from good.

                    Ultimately, I think that unless one possesses a strong commitment to morality…..they will end up serving evil/doing evil, because that is the way the world has come to be- where evil seems to be the default mode; the path of least resistance- and if not strenuously resisted and opposed, one easily gets swept along in it, be it their intention or not.

                    (I don’t even want to get into the mind of the Clinton bitch- that is genuinely scary! Maybe that is what the mainstreamers need though, to make them stand up and rebel- instead of now sitting on their hands and cheering their captivity.)

                • Perhaps, because She who would be Queen, would very likely have got us into a war with Russia? Given that they have almost as many nukes as the Empire does, and hyper sonic missiles to deliver them with… It would have made things over here, MUCH more unpleasant than our current situation…^^

                  • Now you’re just playing with me, BJ!

                    Do you really think that the actor who inhabits the office makes these decisions?

                    Again, the same wars and all of the other BS continue unhindered no matter which actor from what acting school is playing the part.

                    Remember Uranium One?

                    The best thing about the current sitchy-ation, is that at least Trump isn’t a murderer(At least as far as we know), whereas the husband-and-wife crime family are up to what, 40 now?

                    • Got to make sure you are awake Nunzio… ^^ Keep in mind that the various Oligarch factions are not monolithic. Miscalculation’s behind the scenes, is how we ended up with two world wars. Not to mention various other “kinetic” actions. Look no further than the difference between poker and chess, for a historic demonstration of that. Mix in psychopaths on all sides… Lets not go there.

                    • Yes, you’re correct about that, BJ. But also keep in mind, that the real purpose of many of the wars was/is to consolidate power.

                      What was the ultimate result of WWII? -The implementation of Communism over Eastern Europe, and the defacto socialization of the rest of Europe.

                  • Perhaspitballin’s fine, but counterfactualin’ the political puppet frontwo\men that are string-danced by ventriloquislings ain’t short nor long gazed but purely minds eyes’d.

                    Even if somehow you got inside dope on competing oligarchies, & are vacationing, or slumming, here on this itty-bitty atoll, the mind’s wildeye that one or more of those puppeteer outfits wants to literally blow up the world ain’t got enough radium in it to glow up a wristwatch.

                    The bitch ain’t back cuz s/he never left, nor left off taking orders, doing what s/he’s told to do.

                    This is also why it’s brain damage – a patched, printed screen, mind’s eye at the least – to vacation, or slum, the apoll booth.

        • Iran wid da Contra(factual)s; aka, BJ’s havin’ a late stage Ronnie raygun contrafeit moment; duck – you suckers – confit; confeitions of a political frontwo/man hit me wid de blackjack, man; dem known repub debils be bettern’ dem never was dem debils – I jes’ knows it!

          *that beechwood stumper’d have nothing more to do with going to war – another war — than Orange-utan man would. Lap-dancin’ ventriloquisling dummies don’t actually do their own talking…from their god(father)’s hands to their mouths is how the thrown voice that’s throwin’ ya’s articulation’s done.

    • Jeremy-

      The president contrary to the entire idiocy that now exists, has only executive power upon federal property, there is no federal state. Every “State of X” or “Commonwealth of X” in this regard is a subset or franchise of the larger federal government. It can’t be easily explained. Are you a citizen of a state or of a federal state, Do you even live in a city in order to be a citizen?

      Most states have vestiges of the old way present contemporaniously(is this even a word?);

      Under Massachusetts’ general laws “Administration of the Government” the first law seems to be;

      Citizens of the commonwealth defined, All persons who are citizens of the United States and who are domiciled in this commonwealth are citizens thereof.

      The question arises; Citizens of the United States or of the commonwealth? That terrible hanging “and”.

      What of those people who are not United States Citizens and were present, never lived in a navy dockyard, national park or air force airfield?

  5. Well, from a Vitamin D perspective, yes.

    But where is Mr. Orange Sunshine in threatening to or actually using the full power of the federal government to crush these redoubts of continuing sickness psychosis, such as NJ, NY, CT, MD, PA, CA, MA, MI, IL, WA, etc.? Whether you like the residents of these states or don’t like them, fact is many of these states are economic engines that give much power the overall US economy. Yet, their (democrat) governors see fit to keep the jackboots stomping, ostensibly to affect the outcome of the election to Uncle Joe. Is Orange Sunshine oblivious to this? Indifferent? Send in the friggin Marines to liberate these states if that’s what it would take. Been done before, if I recall.

    • The jackboot thugs in charge of the aforementioned cried foul when Mr. Orange beseeched them to open…only to hear the liberal harpies yell….STATES RIGHTS its in the constitution!!! Heard that for a week! Like the leftists ever cared about peoples’ rights!

    • Good. Let the communist states nail their own coffins completely shut. They have been hemorrhaging productive folk for years with the stranglehold of excessive laws and taxes. May the perfect storm of grand solar minimum crop failures and gross mismanagement wipe those sad places off the map. Good riddance!

      • Except…those lines on paper maps are worth even less than the paper dead Presbyterians images is printed on.

      • Sad thing is though, Mr. T. will stick to his guns about not bailing-out the stupid-states as well as he’s stuck to his guns on all of the other broken promises. He’ll just “make a deal”. What the hell can we expect from the guy who signed the “new deal” stimulus- the biggest expenditure ever made in the history of the world?

        When tyrants squabble amongst themselves, it is only to decide which one has the greater power…not to rescind any power.


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