The Coonman Cometh

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Something wicked this way comes.

Only wicked can explain the announcement today by the Coonman – Virginia Governor Ralph Northam – that all Virginians over 10 will wear the Fear Mask pretty much everywhere after this Friday.

Or else.

Gesundheitsfuhrers – health police – will do the enforcing, handing out misdemeanor fines and presumably Hut! Hut! Huts! to the noncompliant.

Wicked because on the same day as the Coonman announced his decree, the CDC – the “science” we’re all supposed to “listen” to – told us that it had revised the mortality rate for WuFlu down to less than half of one percent.

Consider the juxtaposition.

Two months ago, when it was asserted – and there was perhaps reason to fear (because the “science” said so) that millions of people were soon to die from WuFlu (because we had no facts to the contrary) it might have been reasonable to put on a surgical mask as a just-in-case and play Michael Jackson – leaving aside the fact (the science) that surgical masks are not fine enough to thwart a virus from being inhaled and (logic) if you haven’t got a virus, then wearing a surgical mask is to be Michael Jackson – i.e., a neurotic freak in need of therapy.

Well, it’s now two months later and we have the facts.

WuFlu has a mortality rate comparable to that of a bad seasonal flu – not the Black Death.

It isn’t even a threat of sickness to most  – in terms of symptoms, which (per CDC, the “science”) more than 80- percent of the “cases” (i.e., tested positive for WuFlu) never develop and death to a less-than-whole-numbers percent of the populace.

The very old and the very already sick. Usually some combination of the two.

At what point does this blank check claim on the health – the peace of mind – of the 99-plus percent of the rest of us bounce?

It is apparent this is no longer about health but about maintaining and even increasing the aura of sickness – by mandating that everyone walk around like the walking dead, out of manufactured dread of becoming actually dead.

This in order to keep people terrified, isolated – and compliant –  for reasons that have to do with the health of the state. With the political health of creatures such as this odious Northam person, whose posturing about caring for life is beyond sickening given his active support for post-birth abortion, among other horrors.

But it is practical.

Northam and the others of his species know that WuFlu fever – the fear of the virus – is waning. That people are wearying of being treated like suppurating lepers on account of assertions that have proved to be as false as those made about “weapons of mass destruction” almost 20 years ago.

Forced Fear Masking is theater – the exact word used by the “science,” Dr. Fauci – whose every word isn’t listened to by the likes of Northam when “science” conflicts with desires.

And the last thing the Coonman desires is for Virginians to take off the Fear Masks and resume normal life. For them to notice that the mortality rate out in the rest of the world isn’t the same thing as the mortality rate in a nursing home – and living as if they were in a nursing home 20, 30 or 40 years before they’re eligible for residence is as silly as wearing Depends 20, 30 or 40 years before they might become incontinent.

Being forced to wear Depends would be purposely degrading – the sort of thing a bully does to humiliate his victim. And that is precisely what the Coonman – who at one time seems to have taken delight in humiliating black people – intends by this. His way of saying I am in Charge of Your Life, boy. Do as I say.

Or else.

It is also political bullying.

The Coonman knows that his opponents – lots of them – aren’t wearing Fear Masks and thus are annoying his supporters, who are. The non-masked have visibly separated themselves from his cringing Karen (and Kevin) political supporters .

They must be brought o heel – or at least, made indistinguishable. If everyone is masked, it appears that everyone agrees – and this manufactured crisis can be maintained. It can also be upped.

It follows, like water leaking into the basement, that Fear Masking will lead to vaccination at gunpoint (or you-can’t-go-anywhere point) and to “tracking” – and it won’t be Just Corona.

That is why this is war – and why this must be resisted.

By refusal.

Do not wear the mask. Ignore the Coonman’s order. Enter stores unless physically prevented. Shop at other stores. Buy things Samizdat style – on the down low, from people you know who grow or raise and will not Stasi you out to the Gesundheitsfuhrers. Raise your own food.

Decouple. Dodge. Decentralize.


The hands of our oppressors must be slapped away from our throats – by refusing to wear the Fear Mask.

For the same reason that we’d refuse to wear diapers.

The time has come for us to gather together and assert our rights. To make it clear to the Coonman and others of his kind that respecting them isn’t discretionary.

That the blank check has bounced. That our patience is at an end.

There may be consequences for this. But the consequences for not doing it are far more a threat. The time is at hand to recognize this fact – they simply won’t leave us be – and act upon it.

Accommodating them has only emboldened them.

The only way we’ll stop them isn’t by obeying them.

. . .

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  1. The Interstate Battery truck stopped by my shop today to restock me. He was wearing a mask, I told him he didn’t have to if he didn’t want to, he ripped it off immediately! He’s all like, Thank You! We started talking and I asked him about all the other shops on his route. I asked, has anybody else said take your mask off, he said no, you’re the first. I suggested to him to ask all the other shops, would it be ok to take my mask off? He said he would.

    • It’s like my FedEX driver. He has to and I’m sure he’d be paranoid to not wear it near a customer, ever. Next time I see him, I hope he’s not wearing it since Texas has be declared “free”. Free at last, thank god, free at last……although we never had it foisted on us in the sticks. It would be the end of the few businesses out here if they did.

  2. Solution: Diplomatic Immunity! You are a 45 year old male in a mini skirt in the womens’ bathroom- Diplomatic Immunity! An illegal immigrant in California getting a drivers’ licence-Diplomatic Immunity!-old white guy without mask?
    Yesterday I strolled into my bank in San Francisco Bay Area; Bank teller:”Sir-Sir-Sir, you need a mask to be in the bank” Me:”my Doctor told me not to wear one” crickets. I returned today and went to the same teller, cheerfully “how can I help you Sir” Me “just checking my account here is the number, do you need my ID” Teller “No sir, I remember you” Diplomatic Immunity!

    • Woody!
      That’s fucking amazing! I live in the south bay, I’m trying that. I love this group, you guys come up with the best shit!!!

    • “I would prefer not to.” ~ Bartelby, The Scrivener, Herman Melville,_the_Scrivener

      T-shirts available. And for really hardcore exhibitionists, tattooing.

      (Re the allusion: why would a colt use a hatchet, let alone an adams a cravat? Over a measly-masky $1.35? Improvisational counterpunching & sideways ye’ go.)

      Ambassador(mats) is an honest wo/man sent to lie abroad for the good of his country. ~ Henry Wotton

      Liars for the good of other liars lies, iow.

      Diplomats in their pouches is of the stricturing structure.

      I ain’t diplomatic, nor structured.

      But if a camo pattern works, use it…assuming not getting lost in it & so using it against yourself, others. That’s what useful idgits do, after all, in their nearly numberless digits. ♫ ♪ I’m proud to be an Americamo pattern ♪♫……

      Trespass slides the scale but it ain’t owed no truth, truce, nor quarter – & that’s the truth.

  3. Eric, I just clipped this from Lew Rockwell (Coonman’s Order):

    Nothing in this Order shall require the use of a face covering by any person for whom doing so would be contrary to his or her health or safety because of a medical condition. Any person who declines to wear a face covering because of a medical condition shall not be required to produce or carry medical documentation verifying the stated condition nor shall the person be required to identify the precise underlying medical condition.

    • Philo!

      You just made my day… this is capital. The Coonman’s decree is essentially unenforceable. Expect an article shortly. Again, hat tip, sir!

      • My medical condition: Wearing a mask can contribute to Vitamin D deficiency.

        I bet if Trump started giving away Trump 2020 masks Coonman and all the Democraps would change their tune really quick.

        • True. But with the way the Progs go berserk over MAGA hats, it might be wise to be prepared to get mobbed. Their sheer rabid hatred is can be dangerous, especially since they roam around in packs.

          • Hi BJ,

            Always carry – if you can. I do. The whole point of which is to have an insurance policy against such violence. Men should always accompany women and older people who are brave enough to go maskless in such crowds. The ideal thing would be several large men.

            My experience – so far – is that as hysteric as the Fear Maskers are, they’re afraid. They’re poltroons, in other words. They might hector – even attack – a woman or someone who looks like they can’t handle themselves physically. But I’ve noticed that few manly-looking guys wear masks (during the “voluntary compliance” period up to now). It’s almost all women and soy boy-looking men… and boys.

            I stood close to two such yesterday in the checkout line at the coffee shop – purposely flouting “anti-social distancing.” Early 20s and very fey – pretty Fear Masks on and all. I was wearing my Boo/Moo shirt and ear tag. They wouldn’t meet my eyes but I could feel their fear and loathing.

            Who is that asshole? – They probably thought. But the pussies didn’t say a word.

                • Thanks eric. I don’t really need one except for the rare occasion I have to go to the city of 100K+. It’s rare to see a mask around here.

                  I don’t see how a virus or bacteria could survive in the heat we have. Of course, I’m outside quite a bit and use the a/c sparingly.

                  • Eight, I think that’s why the flu and other funky diseases spread so prolifically in places like NYC- not just the population density; not just the crappy weather (Rarely ever really gets hot, but always feels hot for a few months because of the terrible humidity)….but because SO DAMN MANY people spend their lives in offices, schools and apartments with no fresh air and the HVAC constantly on.

                    Can you imagine what must live in the ducts of a 30-story building- and where the air that flows through those ducts is at a temperature that is perfect for sustenance of bacteria, mold and viruses, virtually 365 days a year, because there are no windows that can ever be opened?!

                    • Welcome to the “new Normal” that the Progs and their masters, want for everyone, Nunzio. They want to herd whats left of humanity into gigantic structures called Arcologies.


                      This is just part of their insane “sustainable” future plans. Then they plan to let the rest of the world return to their beloved Nature.

                      Mad doesn’t even BEGIN to describe these peoples warped Vision™ that they seek to impose on whats left of humanity.

                    • Nunz, I’ve worked HVAC for years off and on. I don’t know how people live with the crap in those big buildings and it doesn’t even need to be a big building.

                      One of the biggest problems is stopped up condensate drains, vermin and varmints and birds.

                      I try to clean our A coil every year. It would have a quick connect cover on it so you can clean it every day if you want.

                      But being a real bitch to get to insures more work for the companies that service them.

                      With all the blowing dirt, cats in the house and generally toxic spring air, we’re not doing too bad compared to the stuff in big cities they call air.

                      I’d rather live in a tent than a big city.

                      We had some friends who did live in a tent off the grid for years.

                      Nearly everyone would cringe to consider it. When we first moved to the farm we had to drill a well.

                      It made so much sand we couldn’t run it into the house till we found a sand separator which was hard to do back before the internet.

                      We’d run our water into a 55 gallon drum that spilled into another and a drain that could disperse properly, as in over the ground.

                      The second drum was really clean and we’d dip what we needed out for every water purpose.

                      It was strange it was SO much harder for the women than men.

                      First thing I built was a big back porch where I’d shower over a French drain.
                      The women had to bring it into the house(same sun shower)and shower in the tub/shower or shower. I’d often come in after midnight and the water would just be getting cool enough to shower. At the end of the day you had to mix it with cool water if you didn’t want to scald yourself.

                      Every year goes by and I can’t tell you why I don’t build a permanent sun-powered water heater and just use the water heater when it’s cold and overcast.

                      I still step outside and shower in the rain when it’s warm. It’s hard to beat rainwater running off the breezeway.

                    • I meant the A coil SHOULD have an easily removed cover. It would be easy to do bringing the lines in from the side instead of the front.

                    • Eight, that’s one of the secondary reasons I dropped out of school and never wanted anything to do with the 9-5 office culture- The thought of having to spend my days in some petri dishdisgusting sealed-up building with no fresh air was a no-go. (Not to mention the douches ya’d have to work for and with!). They don’t have enough money to have tempted me!

                      No way top clean my coil, except to blow it out with air, as anything else would go down onto particle board…and that wouldn’t be good. [Note to self: Blow out coil and clean squirrel cage fan!]

                      Hey, at least in our own domeciles, it’s just our own germs and funk that are blowing around- so it ain’t nothing to worry about- as opposed to the collected funk and farts of thousands of people in an office building.

                      A few years ago, my mother calls me and says her heat is making a funny noise. I go over and listen….sounded like the bearings in the fan motor had taken a dump. I pull out the fan to confirm….what was it? A dead mouse in the impeller! (I guess they really do like to run in those hamster-wheel type things! Little guy must’ve been the Jim Fixx of mousedom- probably had a heart attack while taking his exercise!)

              • Please add me to the growing list of folks that would like that t-shirt Eric.

                I’ve thought about buying one of those “Free Hugs” t-shirts. I think that would play well right now. Or maybe make my own custom version, “Free Hugs…unless you’re wearing a mask.”

                Or “Social Distancing? How about some Social Distortion instead!”

                • Hi c_dub!

                  I am working on it!

                  PS: How about wearing a clothespin on one’s nose… you know… to staunch the stench of stupidity? Or asking the mask wearing fool at the grocery store where the sheep feed is?

                  • Oooo-Oooo! I got one!

                    Ask the gatekeeper: “Where are the lemmings?”.

                    If he/she/it is halfway intelligent, they will motion at everyone around them and say: “Right here!”.

                    If they are what one would normally expect to encounter these days, they’ll say: “Right over there, next to the limes”.

    • Hi Philo,

      I think every State that issues a mask fatwa has to have a provision like this, though I’m not sure. NM certainly does and I’ve been relying on it should I be challenged. So far, I haven’t been.


      • Jeremy,

        I’m pretty sure that if you’re carrying a sidearm there will be statutes prohibiting concealing your identity.

  4. Just heard that Trump ordered flags at half mast to honor people who died from covid19. Sounds like more political manipulation.

    • They were heroes! What wonderful feats of bravery and selflessness they performed by getting the flu, in conjunction with their COPD/emphysema/HIV/Chemo-sabi-therapy….. Yes! Let us all honor the sick! They are the true patriots, making it possible for Uncle Sam to keep the spirit of the fear of the flu alive! They gave their lives to help the government better take ours! They deserve a national holiday, to be celebrated by the waving of flags and crapping on the Constitution. Oh, look, our “leaders” are already doing that!

      • Nunzio, you aren’t supposed to see the Man behind the curtain curtain!… Are you the same person, who long ago, got in trouble for exclaiming that the God Emperor had no clothes?… ^^

      • Them flusiler’s flusillades is all ricochets.

        That’s how they shoot themselves “without” shooting themselves.

        Plaus denial – the real santa – gifts the naughty & rifts the nice.

        So do the Dalton (Road House), be nice until it’s time to not be nice…or the modified Dalton, as case warrants.

  5. When I see someone wearing a mask now, I’ll feign fear, shy away, and ask, “do you have the virus?”

    To which their response is ALWAYS “no.”

    Then I ask, “Then why are you wearing a mask? You are aware that masks do nothing for you, in fact they are worse than not wearing one, right?”

    If they go into the “I could be asymptomatic” route, which most are entirely ignorant about, then I’ll say, “yes, and so is almost everyone that gets this or any virus, they’re asymptomatic.”

    I’m not sure whether most of these Karen’s brains are capable of housing thoughts down such a line, but hopefully it gets them and everyone within earshot to think.

    • Hi Eight,

      Thanks for the tip. Willner is a charismatic speaker and did a decent job of distilling some of the important ideas of Peter Duesberg. If you are interested in reading or watching Duesberg himself he has a website, Without out understanding all of Duesberg’s arguments I have asked myself the same question as Willner: Why would one of the preeminent virologist in the world who was the darling of NIH, and at the peak of his powers risk all that if he wasn’t on to something? A beacon of integrity and courage, I think.

      • I counter offered Duesberg’s book in lieu of blood test results to various gals back in the 90’s; it mostly was a rejected.

        No blood test, no love fest.

        Today’s festivus for the rest of us is even more inclusive of the new & improved exclusive extra extra gone viral read&heed all about it. Boys & girls believed then, & they believe now.

  6. Here’s the real irony is what Coonman and others are doing. They want a compliant, obedient, unquestioning populace. What they are demanding, social isolation, masks, hyper sanitizing, will, as the 2 docs from Bakersfield said, suppress their immune systems. These folks that submit and obey will be the first to line up for an untested mRNA vaccine. The result of which, if prior attempts at such vaccines is any guide, will be for those folks to be more susceptible to contracting wild viruses that will actually be far worse as a result. This means the death toll for them will be much higher, thus culling the very people that Northam, Gates, et al want in their Brave New World Order.

    What will be left? A bunch of rebellious, cantankerous, nay-saying malcontents…that have guns. As usual, these visionaries will be surprised at the outcome. As I’ve said for years, socialist do-gooder visionaries can be identified by their white canes.

    • I strolled into the bathroom of a MD gas station to much repetitive screaming from the bemasked Karens behind the counter ” Sir, you can’t be in here without a mask!” They were baffled by my comment : “Yet here I am.”

      Utterly fucking crazed with fear.

      Over the weekend I drove from Colorado to Md with a Sunday night stop in Cleveland for dinner with friends at the Burntwood Tavern. Staff with masks, sane people without; try their excellent burger. The wife recommends the Moscow Mules.

      Driving from one State to the next and the various degrees of observance of the new death cult was hoot.

  7. Does Coonman’s diktat specify “how” the fear mask is to be worn? From what I can see even the cattle that do wear them a significant percentage just haphazardly place them somewhere on their head. Maybe the fear mask becomes a necklace and then when the AGW comes to correct the situation plead ignorance.

  8. Hey Eric, not sure if you’re following, but noticed something interesting…. The government approved drug for this virus (which hardly works according to their own research) made by a company named Gilliad…. well guess who the Chairman of that company is!! A good old Mr. D Rumsfeld !! (Yes the same one who said Saddam had WMDs and would threaten us all in the west unless we ruined millions of lives, our own and others in a far away land to stop him!!)

    On the other hand, there are very easy and cheap drugs to treat this like hydro-whatever its called, with zinc and something else (look up chris martensons videos). Even back home in Pakistan they are doing this and it seems to be working quite well for those who get on it…. But in the west (particularly in Europe) they seem to be completely talking it down, as far as in the France where they have BANNED it!! can you imagine!! It looks like the same machine which destroyed many countries in the middle east has now turned on the west itself….

  9. Tyrants don’t create tyranny, submission does. I will resist at whatever the cost. Life on a leash is not your life, its your master’s. So you really have nothing to lose.

    • Ready, thats all true. We peasants are going to be lucky, if the US and China do not get into a shooting war. The purpose of which, would be to distract their populations, from the dire economic consequences of locking down. After all, we can’t have all that hatred and disgust, directed at the War Lords on both sides, can we?

      The Monsters who Rule, have used that ploy many times through out history.

  10. I thought New York State was bad (and it is). But Virginia beats all. It’s new moniker ought to be the Koonman Krankhaus.

  11. Well, fellow niggas, and I say this without a color, race, religious or cultural bias, because slavery transcends all of these boundaries, at least we have the “satisfaction” of being able to vote for our slave master.

    Though in one important sense black slaves had a distinct psychological advantage over us democratic slaves: they didn’t labor under the illusion they were free, and neither did their masters and overseers.

    • Art, all blacks were not slaves. The thing about this law is the only group, and not racial group that won’t be required to wear them is the thick blue line.

      • I was aware of that, Eight. But those who were…

        …the thick blue line an Coonman, as long as he says he’s sorry.

        • Jason, white men didn’t go to Africa and the middle east and capture slaves, they bought them and let their factions fight each other and sell each other.

          The worst thing about slavery is the current condition. There are more slaves in the world now than have ever existed. Those who see slavery as something that used to happen are greatly deceived. BTW, I come closer to being the slave than the owner and I know that’s right.

  12. A fear mask in the shape of a KKK hood will instill fear into plenty of people. har

    I lived on the east coast for a year or so. It ain’t freedom, it is Koyaanisqatsi.

    It just plain sucks. Get out while you can. I left 46 years ago and never looked back.

    Not just a hellhole, a ****hole.

    • Hi Drump,

      If I may, where did you go? I have been wrestling with this question for some time… as have others here. Where is it worth moving to?

      • Since the first week of April I have driven over 20,000 miles, ranging from the northwesternmost point in the lower 48 to Cabo San Lucas and all states west of the Continental divide. This lockdown is entirely voluntarily. Compliance with lockdown is strongly correlated with affluence and age. Old rich people towns are virtually 100% compliant. Blue collar towns are no more than 25% compliant. And out in the sticks it is under 10%. Sadly, in Mexico compliance is very high everywhere. In the middle of Baja, 50 miles from pavement, many people wore masks. No risk of encountering ANY human, much less a cop or someone sick, and yet they comply. But no mask shaming from Mexicans. Apparently Karen can’t speak Spanish yet. PS trying to understand people speaking a foreign language without being able to see mouth and facial expressions is nearly impossible.

        You can’t get away from this hysteria except by living in reality instead of TV reality.

      • Any non-blue state would be an improvement. While I don’t pretend that red state Psychopaths In Charge are a significant improvement over those of the blue, the folks who do suffer such delusion are typically more resistant, which forces their Psychopaths In Charge to restrain themselves to some degree.

          • I have avoided Abilene till yesterday but it’s not that bad with maskers and there is no mask law. Bidnesses are not masking but they have some stupid ‘rules’ for them to follow. Nobody in the liquor store yesterday masked. I guess we all felt like we had a virus killing breath.

      • Eric,
        Your may want to check out the libertarian Free State Project in New Hampshire –
        for a move-out-of-Virginia option.
        “1) I hereby state my solemn intent to move to New Hampshire with the Free State Project.”
        2) Once there, I will exert the fullest practical effort toward the creation of a society in which the maximum role of government is the protection of individuals’ rights to life, liberty, and property.”

        • Forget about the Free State Project. Its “manned” by a cadre of left-libertarians, i.e., anti-racists and libertines.

          • Hi Mike,

            This is my dilemma. Wherever you go, there’s no real improvement. You swap one permutation of tyranny for another – but there’s no meaningful overall diminishment.

            PS: In re “racism.” I believe in free association, which means I believe that people have the right to not do business with me or deal with me at all, for whatever reason. That I have no right to force anyone to interact with me. If they choose not to interact with me because they dislike straight white men – as a class, not me personally – then it’s a silly reason – but it’s absolutely their right.

            • eric, I had to go to the city yesterday to see the oncologist. There and the local clinic are the only places I know of with mandatory mask wearing.

              I was disgusted enough I formulated a plan for my next doctor appt. I have a bio-chemical, nuclear fall-out, supposedly blocks every sort of chemical or disease type mask. It’s a really big, ugly fucker with a filter stuck off to one side so as not to get in your vision. I plan to wear it. Nobody will be able to complain since nobody else will have one even remotely closely as effective. It has those goggles that are enough to keep you away at night. The first time I wore it(true story), our dogs shit themselves, the only time I ever saw those two pitties scared of anything. Yep, it’s that scary. I think I’ll come it hot and heavy without the wife and see if the receptionist messes her chair.

                • Maxwell, If I had a Go Pro I’d do it myself. I might have enough camo to really scare them and the new sheriff had all the “gun free zone” signs removed. I could go in with a 140 rd stripper clip bandolier over each shoulder and a waist belt 6 30 rd mag holder. Put on my headset and speak to someone like I was on a mission. Since Texas legalized the carry of any length knife last year, I could have my Japanese Tanto sword on too with my army surplus belt with lots of holders they wouldn’t know what they held. I can already see I haven’t thought this out well enough. I regret I don’t have a bullet-proof vest but I might could make something that resembled one.

                  I just realized I have a 30 lb oxygen bottle I could slide into a camo folding chair holder and carry on my back.

                  Doubt I’d ever get to see the doc but might see the inside of the jail waiting for the armored car from the looney bin.

            • no shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service….

              freeing slaves, enslaving free men – good book title.

              wherever you go, there you are. but if ya’ need other youse to be there, too, yer pooch is especially screwed.

              • Aint no such thing as a free man (or lunch either) Dat Good Book done cook’em all.

                Buck knew those Johns had small berries, and big booties.

                As for the pooch, no amount of soothing cream is going to help. But there is always Plan B.

                • Cook/d books do get scapegoated in the meining kampfs o’ mediocrity, but that just carts the horse, orders what might be convinced to pull a load to instead push it, & makes horses asses outta’ all involved, Clydesdales to Shetlands.

                  Even them wild mustangs way off out there that seem pretty free got’s orders to peck each other.

                  & born-in big bootie fright makes right the small berries might amongst wo/manimal.

                  Pooch plan is poach, or be poached.

                  What’s b? bbq? Braised? Butchered, steada’ et whole?

                  Turn on, tune in, drop out.
                  Class action fails the class.
                  Tragedy of the commons is the commons/tragedy…& ya’ll know what a stragedy is, right?
                  Is what gins up most o’ the comedy.

                  Keep doin’ the same specs’in to see different results than yer specs is showin’ ya now & all previous whens.

                  Rowrowrow yer d’oh’t!

                  Liberty heard o’ hearing over the herd’s rumblin’?

                  Well, there’s lip readin’, but words, spoken or written, is the least part of comms…& the most part of poorly attempted commoflage.

                  • Snort, no good deed goes unwarranted. Commo is as Commo does, but reverse is the first casuality of the sub tle.

                    Plan B is; Oh NO! My beautiful base!

                    If you act now, operators are standing bye!

                    Ignorance of the Punz is no excuse.

                    Mea culpa mea maxima culpa.

          • Liberty Mike,
            “Its “manned” by a cadre of left-libertarians,..”
            I’m happy to support liberty movements regardless of supposed,
            unidentified, biases.

        • Don’t move to NH unless you really like winter and road salt. You get 5 good months a year at best. The people aren’t friendly and only keep to their cliques. Property taxes and utilities are mental. A large population of alcoholics and heroin addicts. Everybody seems content to compete at how miserable they can be and actively roadblock and despise those who choose to enjoy life. I would never move back there. Only things good about it is the lack of insurance and seatbelt mandate as well as excellent gun laws. And It’s better than assachusetts, but more of those creeps move in there every year pushing up prices and demanding more services.

          • Yeah, Anon- it’s the Northeast…with most of the same asshoiles, including many NYers from just a few hours away; the bad weather; the high RE prices and taxes….but just with a few perks which make it seem like freedom to the rest of the communist cesspools around it.

      • I have been mostly impressed with the way Oklahoma has handled the situation. Businesses are open (if they want to be). Masks are recommended but I’d say about 50% compliance on that. I have not worn a mask yet and no one has said a word to me. Everyone seems to recognize that these are recommendations and not laws.

        Just recommend to stay away from the freakshows that are Tulsa and OKC. Some of the burbs are ok. I’m outside of Tulsa about 20 miles. Not a mask in sight until I go into town.

        • There are some houses for sale in my neighborhood. You’d be a welcome addition. Very nice, quiet neighborhood. You get a lot of house for the money here too.

      • Just like Hank Snow, I’ve been everywhere, man.

        Where am I now? At the edge of nowhere, the place worth moving too, to answer the question, but close enough to the maelstrom of the malaise, just far enough away from the madness. In other words, you’ll never escape the confines of civilization. This super machine tells me exactly that.

        Call it post-modern existence, I don’t care about time, politics, the world’s problems, plenty of my own.

        Where would I go if I were 50 years younger? Alaska along the Soldotna River.

        Alaska is a super cool place as is The Yukon Territory. Northern British Columbia is pure frontier, ain’t nobody out there. Ice fields that are permanent, glaciers that wax and wane. Mining here and there. Plenty of lumber too.

        If you see a forest fire, it will burn, too much trouble and cost to fight the thing, it’ll go out, the wildlife will flee from the first smell of smoke.

        The Canadian Rockies are another world. Caribou right there on the road. It is not a moose nor a deer.

        The Peace River Valley area is a return to modern civilized structure. You’re back, much north of there is unsettled wilderness with outposts for recreation and services.

        Then you get to Whitehorse. People from Greece, Uruguay, Switzerland. You’d be surprised.

        Marine life in the Gulf of Alaska will provide some sustenance. Tons of it.

        Back in 2004 there was heavy road building equipment and machinery improving the Alaska Highway. Flip flop, it just doesn’t stop. You better have a four wheel drive outfit to make the trip. It’s a long hard road up to and after the Canadian border checkpoint which is 30 miles from the Alaskan border.

        Right here right now I live in one of those American gulags, lol.

        My home state is North Dakota, tough place eek out a meager living, but I will until the day I die. Might be Outer Mongolia to most, but is the place to be for me.

        Thanks for asking.

  13. Now we’ll get to see if all of those constitution loving cops that we’ve seen making videos lately are gonna put up or shut up. No doubt they’ll gleefully do what they are told all the while looking to put a hurt on a resister or two.

    • Hi PappaS-

      I think so, too – sadly. They – in the main – long ago became law enforcers… not rights defenders. As awful and harrowing as the realization is, it’s time to understand the moment is at hand. We either stand up and behave like men or we become something low and despicable, unworthy of the liberty we once had.

  14. Just last week, while shopping at my local Wally Mart, no mask, ignoring the aisle markers, a female, land-based manatee, belligerently asked me if I had not seen the arrows.

    Ii responded, “no, and I didn’t see the Indians.”

  15. With the current illegitimate, fraudulent, two-party system we will continue to be subject to the whims of mostly psychopaths. Just about all politicians are, at present, bought-and-paid-for, and they stay bought.

    To confirm the corrupt deal, vote counting is subject to manipulation − Stalin would approve.

    There are mainly three categories in the existing political system, those in it for personal gain (living off the taxpayer), useful idiots, and nonparticipants.

    • Hi liberty,

      We have the power – because we outnumber them. This is my call to all who are sick . . . of this. Join the freedom herd and resist – by refusal!

      • I’ve been in the trenches for many years – still am.

        “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
        -Edmund Burke

        • Hi Liberty,

          I’ve been a reporter/editor/columnist all my life; I know how to put together a polemic. I have no clue how to get people organized. If you do and have some ideas, please let fly. And – to all – my info is public. My email and home address are published here. I welcome anyone reading this who wants to form a freedom herd to get in touch. I don’t have the first clue how to proceed – beyond knowing I will not comply.

  16. I’m compelled to ask, when was the last time any sitting governor got “The Huey Long Treatment?” I think at least half of them are begging for it right now.

    • Hi Mark,

      My motivation to leave this state increases as I shed friends over this. I’ve lost several – by my choice – people I no longer respect and so cannot be around. The problem with moving is the hassle’s probably not worth it anymore. There is nowhere left to run. The time has come to take a stand.

      • Eric –

        If you don’t mind my asking, are the friends shed people who you heretofore did not consider to be clover oriented? Do any of these erstwhile friends consider themselves to be libertarian or paleo-conservative?

        • Hi Mike,

          These shed friends weren’t Libertarians or even conservatives; but they seemed to be basically good people with a sense of humor and some common sense. They are now riddled with Fear – and spittling with demands that their Fear be assuaged by endless terrorization of people such as us.

          • eric, The shit’s about to hit the fan, legally, for those governors over-stepping their powers. It’s about to hit SCOTUS and it looks bad for all the tyrants. Hang onto your drawers for a few more weeks. It’s complicated but the actual situation isn’t up to snuff for them to do what they’ve done. Even that fool in Ca. is trying to back down.

            Texas has been lifted out of this bs although restaurants and other places are urged to not use full capacity. They don’t need to in my part of Texas. They’d be covered up every meal. People are desperate for good food and bbq.

      • Eric, it might be wise to look at the red states that didn’t lock down, and choose one of those. You would likely be happier, and safer (don’t let your ego get in the way) in one of those.

        Given your profession, you can work from any where, and there are likely more local gear heads in some of those red states. But if you are going to do it, I’d suggest doing it soon. The major economic impacts, from the past few months of insanity are in bound. Given the nature of the current system, things could get UGLY fast.

        MAJOR push back is starting, and the Prog War Lords aren’t taking it well. If push comes to shove, this could escalate wildly, given the depths of hatred on both sides.

        It would be wise to be in place, and settled in, before that happens.

    • I’ve been holed up in Arizona. Once you adapt to the very different climate its pretty nice. Fairly opened up here. After i told the supercuts to screw thenselves I found an old fashioned barber – no issues. I wil have to get back on a plane at some point. Dreading that.

  17. Law that does not address theft and remedy it, or even encourages it, is an assertion. These laws, orders, executive decisions or statute, should be remedying where someone intentionally or accidently exercises a positive right where another practicing negative rights incurs a cost for that behavior. All crime is theft of some form. A life, an item. a clear conscience(innocence), If the will of gods are kings then laws are the will of gods.

    Can arguement defeat a fact? At first sight most answer “No”.

    Under the US constitution, the Bill of Rights, the First Amendment states: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. You must belive this. This is now a religion. They made a law respecting religion,
    Why do you belive an admitteded liar? Besides if Adam and Eve are the bloodline of all royalty, either we all are or none of us are.

  18. This is terrorism now. They’re fear mongering, lying nonstop about everything, war psyop-ing the public with nonstop brainwashing everywhere, fraudulently throwing money all over the place, etc.

    Nevermind this current BS, these global cabals are really out of control now. They’re running some seriously awful agendas. They just installed skynet. Seem to me that you don’t need hundreds of satellites per state to run the enhanced cell phone system… that doesn’t even make sense… the new antennas don’t even have a satellite dish so how would they be communicating with satellites? This is skynet. We’re all going to need metal siding & roofs on our homes and wear clothing with metal fibers in them. UGH, I hate this world. This is hell. And the damn people just never do anything… all they do is think they’re going to vote for a better dictator yet they can’t even verify their vote was counted.

      • Hi Max,

        If enough of us defy this Coonman Order in numbers then the order becomes unenforceable. Imagine a crowd of 200 showing up at Kroger, Fear Mask-less. At other Krogers. Refusing to shop at any Kroger if they are required to pretend they’re Michael Jackson.

        All it would take is some refusal. Such a small thing. So easily done. If only…

    • Hi Harry,

      See my reply to BJ above. I would like to figure out a way to organize resistance – by refusal. Nothing violent. Just refusal to obey tyrannical decrees.. in numbers. Anyone reading this, feel free to chime in/contact me.

  19. My Hallowe’en type Guy Fawkes mask will accompany me to the store in case I am denied entry for not wearing a fear mask. Anyone who has seen V for Vendetta will understand and hopefully be encouraged to register their own protest. Even better, people who haven’t seen it could ask what it means, giving me a chance to educate them.

    • My Fawkes mask just came today Mike! I’ve got a sheep one on the way as well. But as Eric alluded to, it’s best to not patronize these stores for the time being. My fear is if/when they all start trying to require masks. Then we’ll have no choice but to don the Fawkes (or other) masks. But I’m going to do everything in my power in the meantime to just avoid certain stores.

      • Hi c_dub. I’ve avoided Costco, as it was the only store in my area that insisted on a fear mask. But now that Comrade Northam has issued his order applying to all stores, I have to do something to maintain my existence. My choice is mockery with a message. The Guy Fawkes mask fits the bill.

        • Hi Mike. That’s a good point. In my neck of the woods it’s Costco (which pains me, might have to non-renew that when the time comes) and Menards (which also pains me). But I fear what’s happening in VA will spread.

        • Hi Mike,

          I’m going to continue to try to shop at Kroger – maskless – unless physically prevented. In that event, I will try buying essentials from local places near me whose owners I know personally. I am hoping they will not demand the Fear Mask. If they do, the last redoubt is buying stuff from people I know – and shunning the rest.

          • Eric, you could try buying from Amazon. It has a wide selection of foods and other such items. We have Prime, and have things delivered directly to our door. Their pantry section is rather well stocked as well.

            • Hi BJ,

              Yes, but that will only afford temporary safety. These bastards will then cut off digital commerce for the “noncompliant.” They will first reduce us to being under effective house arrest – and then even that won’t be enough for them.

              We must be more active. Now.

              • Very true on both counts. But this is to deal with any short term problems, while we work on the mid term.

                I learned long ago (but not nearly soon enough…) to avoid situations, in which my natural instincts, might over rule my training and wisdom… ^^ Its saved me (and others) quite a bit of wear and tear over the decades.

                Yes, the Monsters and their pet War Lords, are going to push this as far as they can. But the inevitable reaction has started, so thats going to hold off the worst for at least a few months. Perhaps even until after the “election”.

                I’m looking for some MAJOR economic dislocations in the August/September time frame. I’m hoping I’m wrong (I REALLY hope I’m wrong). But thats months away. We need to keep you out of harms way until then ^^

              • ohn K, that may well come. But its not likely in the short term. In many parts of the country, they have pushed this as far as they better.

                This has the potential to explode in everyone’s faces. While many of the War Lords would love this (and the rest), only a few of them are stupid enough to try it right now.

            • BJ, just gave them Prime back. Amazon is working with Faciabook, Y/T, Google and their owners to get every bit of info they can from you. There are many other places to get whatever you need delivered to you, small, places.

              I began to not get things from Amazon months ago. I researched it and found out they demanded the companies you ordered from(Amazon owns nothing)were obliged to ship for free when you have Prime. They can’t afford to ship for free in many cases. I’d order this and that and there would be this thing ‘We can’t deliver to your area code’ with no explanation, then I found out what was going on. A cheap thing that is large or heavy delivered with no shipping isn’t an option for many companies.

              I cut off prime and don’t even order from Amazon now. Whatever they have, I can get somewhere else, most commonly on ebay or just order things I need from Sam’s or people in other places, from Costco or even small places can ship you a part that fits in an envelope for free and have no problem doing so.

              Every day I get further away from the tech giants, often because of their policies involving free shipping and they then get too much information from you.

              I’d rather pay more from a local place and pick it up than pay less, put an onus on a company not making much money and not wanting to dominate everything that identifies me.

              As far as pushing, they’re going to push till we stop them. It’s better to go for the low hanging fruit first and work your way up the tree and into the roots. I will NOT be dominated by govt. anymore than I have been and am sitting here thinking of ways to knock them on their ass. As Johnny B says “From my cold, dead hands”. I’m with you all the way Johnny B.

              For the main part, I’m trying to get the 10th Amendment Center to get back into getting Texas out of the union and we’ll all be better off.

      • A sharpie can write any message you want on those ineffective paper masks that are all the rage(read the box, “This thing won’t stop a dog gone thing.”)

        My first read “Fire Fauci” “Stop Gates”.

        Be creative, try to avoid vulgarity…if possible.

        I was told I wasn’t “practicing social distancing”. I told them, “I’m practicing…I’m just not any good at it.”

  20. It will be enforced by enlisting private businesses to require their patrons and customers to don a face diaper under threat of the loss of their business license. Faced with that prospect or accommodating the ever-shrinking minority of maskless holdouts, well, their choice is pretty much a given. They will choose to treat you as a vassal, rather than a customer.

    Stores will either deny you entry outright, or will post an empowered minimum wage flunky at the door, who will demand a mask or ask you to leave, and call officer oinky on you if you remain. And/or you may face the wrath of the masked mob for failure to abide their douchebaggery; they are emboldened at present.

    Pariah you will become. Good luck out there.

    • Already seen that hysteria. An entire group of maskies, started screaming and pointing, at a elderly couple not wearing masks. I’ve seldom seen such naked hatred and fear.

      The damn corporate mass media has done their assigned job all too well. Some of these people are totally unhinged. Fear has pushed them right off the edge.

      • I just can’t believe the hysteria continues… no… increases with all we now know. It sure is easy to spot the people who are glued to the teevee.

        Every time I see a mask wearer, I just want to say “Really? You’re still doing that?”


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