The Pretexts and Anti-Social Distancing

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Here’s a little rant about the let ’em go pretexts going on in several American cities – as juxtaposed with the shut ’em down “social distancing” and Fear Masking regimes being imposed in the rest of America.

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  1. It’s going to fold up. Most likely more by design than coincidence. The trick is, don’t let a “new and improved” version of the same gang of psychopaths replace it. Perhaps some of the States, or groups of States, can pull their heads out of their ass and realize their membership in what the US Federal Government has degenerated into no longer serves them, and in fact is a net liability. I don’t hold out much hope for such, in the face of the Mockingbird Media’s constant barrage of propaganda, or the poor gullible fools who subscribe to the notion that “America can be great again”. or the vast number of useful idiots who’s welfare depends on Washington DC, or the bank cartel and corporate oligarchs who own the Us Psychopaths In Charge. But I can dream can’t I?

    • JWK, it’s actually a part of the globalist plan- to break-up the US into 10 “superstates”- i.e. 10 regions comprised of several states each, with their own regional government, instead of one monolithic federal government.

      It will be portrayed as a good thing; as a movement toward “freedom”[isn’t everything?], but the goal is to get rid of the US as a superpower [O-K…so one good thing!] while being able to exact greater control over diverse groups of people without the clashes we are seeing now, or the causing of people to “leave the reservation”.

      This narrative was ther common theme among “conspiracy theorists” in the 80’s….but it seems to have disappeared long ago….because it is one of the true ones. If you want to see what the new country will look like, just look up a map of the 10 EPA regions which have already existed for many years…it’s largely what the “new” country will look like shortly.

      THIS is what the “election fraud” issues/impeachment BS/COVID-19/Riots (and much more to come) are all about. The proposed catalysts were to start right around the turn of the century- and they did, with none other than one of the staunchest globalist puppets, GWB, at center stage….and POOF!- 9/11 starts the ball rolling!

      So, it’s interesting now, that many can see the way that the country is obviously going- with talk of “civil war” and “secessions” and “fly-over land vs. librul cities”, etc. but few realize that it has been scripted- so while most will think that such is a move away from globalist/NWO control, the fact is, it is a part of their plan, and the people who support it (By pimping for “state and regional autonomy”- instead of personal freedom/liberty) will actually be fulfilling the very goals of the ones they think they are/claim to be resisting.

      Watch it happen before our eyes!

      • Nunzio,

        I know you’re familiar with UN Agenda21/2030. David Knight says that AOC and company couldnt move things along using the green scare, so they changed the play to the covid scare. After all, 2030 is only 10 years away, and they had to speed things up so we’d get to where they want us to be.

        David also talks about Strauss & Howe’s book, The Fourth Turning. The book says that, through history (and they went back 500 years or so), major changes happen every 80 years, or every four generations. Usually, you have economic upheaval followed by war. We had the Civil war in the 1860s; we had the Great Depression and WWII about 80 years later. Now, we’re about 80 years past WWII. TPTB no doubt know about The Fourth Turning, so they’re trying to exploit it to get us to the sustainable “utopia” envisioned in UN Agenda 2030…

        • Nunz, the Masters Report has a good video on what is happening. This is nothing more or less than the real elites trying to destroy freedom all over the world.

          What you see happening in the US is no more or less than money being spent by billionaires to do away with the Constitution, specifically, the 2nd Amendment. The US is THE only place to stop the takeover of the entire world. I posted the Masters Report of what is happening. It’s something like an hour and 23 minuts, too long for most people to watch since the average attention span has now become about 60 seconds.

          And that in itself has been fabricated for the last 60 years or more, just from the time everyone had a TV. It really is the greatest attack on this country beginning before you were born.

          Sorry, I’m in a rush, gotta go get some new clothes for my Barbie collection…..and that’s why you can’t find a woman these days with half a brain. Oh, I’m sorry “princess”, I’ll get you everything you want and you’ll be a princess your whole life…..and that has been the message since Barbie hit the stores. Thank god, I have a woman who could never stand the Barbie lie. She grew up as a city girl who loved horses and animals and the farm. Once she met me, the old country life and a cowboy truck driver was all she ever wanted. You couldn’t gather enough explosives to blast her outta the sticks. I’m looking for another AR for her, one that’s highly adjustable. She might not be able to hit shit but she can lay down a lot of fire.

        • Preaching to the choir, Eight & MM!

          I think the substituting of COVID for the greenie-weenie-ism is quite simple: It is becoming indisputably apparent to too many that “Global Warming” is BS in the light of…if nothing else, recent weather. They played it for all it’s worth- just like “terrorism”. You can only perpetrate a fraud for so long…then it’s time for a new one, ’cause the masses will fall for something new, no matter how many times they’ve been led astray in the past.

          Been seeing vids on YT now of people even coming to sanity about electric cars- recounting how they are no more green than any other vehicle; how they’re not economical, are restrictive, etc.

          When the old crises stop working…time to invent some new ones….

          • Well, certainly Nunz. A new crises needs to be of something never spoken of before. Not just that thing they’re screaming about but anything they can think of.

            Easily debunk the bs they’re talking about this instant and they’ll change it around to something they’ll “try” to tie into it.

            Nearly 20 years later and anyone with any deductive reasoning has already smelt the stink of the lies already promulgated.

            But the liars can’t admit defeat. They HAVE to keep on even if they have to change it from every angle and every day.

            In actuality, the people have begun to smell the stink of the MSM.

            I think Tucker would like to be right about a good many things he’s ireverently tied to he CAN”T say “no” to or get canned.

            My cousin said he didn’t watch any news channel……except Fox. He’s 4 years older than me. He’s pretty closed-mouhted right now. He doesn’t want to get into it with me about the lies that Fox tells for the Republicans.

            It’s nearly impossible for me to find anyone in a libertarian mode. They claim to be so but can’t give up the Rep party for love nor money. I have one, one friend who claims to have become a libertarian, and two more who sorta, kinda say the same thing. Just give them the slightest change to back up the R’s and they’ll all be in lockstep except for the one guy and he’ll point out my denigratinon of a POS like GWB is “lowering ourselve to his level”. Horse shit. We all know the difference between horse shit, cow shit, coon shit, deer shit, rabbit shit and on and on. If everyone would admit they see some type of shit when it’s put in front of them. I’m sick of it all. No, I mean I’m sick of it all, as in going in to have blood drained(probably trying to chill me out without forcing drugs on me they know I wont accept). I only have to give up 5,000 ml more in the next year.

            Reckon they can squelch me then? I’d say you are right if you say “I doubt it”.

  2. Eric,
    On this posting of yours two Ad Council propaganda posters popped up. The one that appeared near the end had the person wearing a mask with a Mercator Projection map on it, in front of a globe admonishing me that “Staying Home Saves Lives”. The other one was at the top, right under the pic of the burning building. It was the one with the winged chick wearing what appears to be a communist worker suit with cap, holding aloft, like the statue of Liberty, a red flaming torch, with the words, Stay Safe, Stay Strong, Stay Home.

    Really, Googuhl Ads, you can’t make this crap up.

  3. Welcome to the new normal.

    “A California man was arrested Monday afternoon after police said he murdered a relative and was caught by authorities eating her body, according to a report.

    Police said they responded to a Richmond residence after a report of a disturbance. When officers arrived, they said they caught the man in the act of cannibalizing the victim”

    Would you like a breast or a thigh?

    I wonder what the president of law and order will have to say when the food riots start.

  4. Efforts to “tamp down” the protests have been missing because this is probably part of what the already planned second wave will be, at least partially, blamed on.

    • You raise a good point: What if there ISN’T a significant uptick in COVID cases in the next few weeks? I wonder what will happen then?

      • Who knows. In the end it doesn’t really matter. If they want a second wave, they will most certainly have one. When fear is the motivation, facts don’t matter.

        • Exactly. All they have to do is report, without concrete real evidence, that cases of Corona are up. Just like they report election results that they want to report. This government, state, federal and local has no trust, no accountability. For or from anyone, anywhere. It is a corporate automaton divorced of lawful action.

    • When blacks RIOT, they do nothing- and if they did, everyone would scream “racism!”.
      When whites protest…you get Kent State. Swift and brutal action.

      Thank goodness I don’t watch TV or listen to radio. I’m 100% certain that of course they make this into a “race issue” rather than a pig brutality issue. Never mind that whites are more often the victims of police brutality- they only report about it when the victim is black- and almost always some cretinous felon.

      These are definitely “directed” riots, too. They are mainly being perpetrated upon business districts/downtowns, and are being conducted in such a way (from what I can see) to make them seem worse than they are- like the starting of garbage fires in the streets, as opposed to setting buildings on fire (Although there are cases of that- and likely done by those who are just copy-catting the directed rioters)- as opposed to a “real” riot, such as the ones that ensued in NYC in ’77 during the big blackout- where the savages destroyed their own neighborhoods and caused MASSIVE destruction to buildings, and looted everything in site.

      The character of these riots seems far different. They’re not spontaneous. The rioters first had to go to a different location- how did they get there so fast and easily, especially now with mass transit in these cities being gimped by the Corona response? Where are they getting all of the bricks and gasoline and stuff???

      As usual: Much is theater; and what is real is grossly misrepresented.

      • Black people are told when a cop or somebody does something bad to them or treats them poorly it is because they are black. I have similar experiences and it is either because ‘that’s life’ or because I did something socially incorrect.

        It’s a constant message of telling people their lives would be wonderful and they would be treated better if it wasn’t for the color of the skin. It creates anger and resentment. There was a Chapel skit where he pretends to be white and then everything changes for him in ridiculous ways. It’s pretty good at sending a message about how silly it is to believe the nonsense.

        • ***” I have similar experiences and it is either because ‘that’s life’ or because I did something socially incorrect. “****

          You forgot the ubiquitous: “It was just one bad apple”! (There are millions of ’em, ya know!)

          Funny thing too, IRL, I always hear people literally gasping and saying “Oh that poor cop!” when one gets injured or blown away (Ya know, when karma comes back to get him) by any mundane….but I’ve never once heard those same people gasp and make such an exclamation when they hear of or even see footage of some civilian being or abused by a pig- be the victim white, black or any other variety….NEVER ONCE!

          But if you gasp or show any signs of disgust and make a comment….out comes the “Oh, it’s just one bad apple!”.

          Everyone loves the oppressors. They’ll be no revolution, except for ther carefully controlled one portrayed in the media, which will ultimately accomplish exactly what the globalists want.

      • Nunzio,

        These riots are NOT spontaneous. How do I know? One, most of the arrestees aren’t from the cities in question. Two, in every city where the riots are happening, whole pallets of bricks are being left there for rioters to put through windows. Alex Jones’ people found out that Acme Brick, the company shipping and leaving the bricks at the riots, just happen to be owned by Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffet’s company) and Bill Gates! As Gomer Pyle used to say, surprise, surprise, surprise…

        • T’is what I’m sayin’, Mark-O.

          And that’s just from what little I’ve heard of the riots in the by-and-by. Watts in the 60’s, NYC blackout in ’77- those were real spontaneous riots. When you have a bunch of ’em across the entire country, as opposed to just one or two places; and they all fit the same pattern- and that pattern is different than all of the prvious spontaneous riots (i.e. they’re doing a lot to make a show, and in places where it will be felt by “whitey”, as opposed to fouling their own dens) you KNOW there is an outside hand.

        • Acme Brick? I thought that was owned by Elmer Fudd? ^^

          Of course, these riots are being staged. They are using all of those Prog useful idiots, mixing in some of the BLM types (themselves tools) and the morons from Antifa. Add in some trolls, from various other groups, and you have the perfect excuse, for the Orange Man to be really Bad. If he falls for it.

          Violence is the States stock in trade. It is what it is best at. It knows how to handle it. Not to mention, it is what the Progs corporate mass media desperately wants, and needs.

          It has been well said that; War is the health of the State. What we are seeing now, is the result of a war in the shadows, for the power of the State.

          • Hi BJ, I have never seen any cartoon that tied ACME with Elmer Fudd, but perhaps there was one. The cartoons I saw that contained ACME products were the ones with Wile E. Coyote on the Road Runner show. I looked up ACME on wiki and found this: . Modern cartoons really suck!I flip the channel whenever I encounter a modern one.

          • I don’t know who owned ACME but I can walk out the door to about 80 feet away and pick up a plethora of ACME bricks. Ever heard of Palmer or Texas or Abilene or most any other name you can imagine including Snyder? I have them all behind the barn.

      • Some of the rioters are demanding the Somalian AGW (the one that murdered Justine Diamond) to be released.

        These SJWs (white ones, too) are perfectly fine with police brutality as long as the perpetrators are black and the victims are white.

  5. Hi Bluegrey,

    The thing is, Eric’s been writing articles about abuses by AGW’s for *years*, regardless of race of the AGW or victim, which the mass media virtually ignored. Such as this one here:

    Why were there no nationwide protests and calls to action over Tremaine Jackson and calls for “justice” for his victims? Well, my guess would be Jackson is black and that doesn’t fit the “unarmed black man killed/attacked by white officer” narrative. It’s just like the “driving gas-powered vehicles causes climate change” or “we need lockdowns and social distancing to save everyone from Corona” narratives. Any facts that go against these are buried and ignored. It’s almost as predictable as movie tropes — just keep using the same stories over and over again, just changing the characters and locations.

    Notice how the media are now against police brutality, but were just fine with police-state tactics to enforce “social distancing” and “stopping the spread”? When it was upholding *their* cause?

    It’s like the MSM has become a fear-porn reality show, rather than a legitimate information source.

  6. I read a comment someplace in regards to anarchy, which I found profound. To the effect: Nations and their governments grow to a point where they make the rules, for their people and with enough scale other nations. These constucts exist in a state of anarchy themselves, yet somehow hold it in contempt.

  7. You know society’s fucked when the sheep choose to practically burn entire cities to the ground over the death of some random “black” person by a “white” person; yet shrug their shoulders when virtually all of their freedoms are lost over a not-so-deadly flu bug! ‘Cause apparently, “black” lives are the only lives that matter now. And once again, I’m saying this as an African-American myself.

    • You got that right except for the idea that these slimy business criminal asshole politicians don’t care about black lives either. It’s just plain awful. I’ve had it with all of the governors, county and city officials. We have ongoing open ended emergency declarations in at least 45 states and none of them, with all the taxes we pay, could help shop keepers defend their property in the midst of the worst riots we’ve seen since the 1960s.

    • bg, if you think society’s fucked now, just hang on a little while. The idiots rioting are leading the entire country in the direction powerful people can use to really fuck us all, good and hard. Right about now I wish I had jumped on the boat with Brian and we were cruising Seychelles or somewhere else there’s so much military you don’t have to worry about anyone but them. Right now I think I’d take a boat coming to check me out and being aware I might be “in” danger and not “a” danger. Circumstances can cause some strange bedfellows.

      I’m hoping that rural Texas is going to fly under the radar for as long as possible. It’s not nirvana but it soon might seem that way.

      $9.25 for a pound of ground beef isn’t good but having some in the pasture is a good thing along with hogs and deer. We did stock the tank so next year we might get some good meals from that.

      I wish I could send this video from when we were stocking the tank. We were at the deep end and a deer walked out of the trees on the spillway and walked into the water right at us and swam down to our end, got out under some big cottonwoods and laid down in the tall grass. The deer had to see and hear us. It’s a great video but I wouldn’t know how to post it.

    • bluegrey, one of the reasons, is that all too many have bought into the illusion/delusion that government is US. If most people understood, that government is simply the natural evolution, of a gang of thieves and murderers, much of this insanity would be impossible.

      Sure, we have a Government of, by and for the people. They just don’t tell you which people… We have a government OF those who win popularity contests (elections). BY the Oligarchs, and FOR the Oligarchs.

      As for the BLM’s crowd, what else can you expect from years of government schools? It was supposed to be Black Guns Matter… ^^


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