Don’t Buy Goodyear Tires

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It is generally a good idea to not feed cockroaches as doing so emboldens them as well as sustains them.

Ergo, do not buy tires made by Goodyear.

Which considers itself the arbiter of which opinions its employees may have, Goooguhl-style – only worse because Goooguhl can’re fire you (yet) for posting a Tweet it doesn’t like (unless you actually work for Gooooguhl).

Here are some of the opinions you may not hold if you work for Goodyear:

All Lives Matter (because only black ones do at Goodyear).

Make America Great Again (because that is code for “white supremacy” … apparently because Trump is white and supporting him is the same as supporting . . . white supremacy . . .)

These are Unacceptable – Goodyear’s term.

On the other hand, it is Acceptable to voice opinions in support of:

Black Lives Matter (despite the racist prima facie and the Marxist fact).

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride (LGBT).

It’s not listed on the Unacceptable side of the ledger but the non-mention of heterosexuals lets it be known that one had better not express “pride” (an odd thing to boast of) regarding one’s private sexual interests in the opposite sex.

The Acceptable and Unacceptable were presented to Goodyear employees as part of a “Diversity” harangue – the latter in air quotes to mock the absurdity of using that word to describe its suppression.

Which the company says is anything but:

“Goodyear is committed to fostering an inclusive and respectful workplace where all of our associates can do their best in a spirit of teamwork. As part of this commitment, we do allow our associates to express their support on racial injustice and other equity issues but ask that they refrain from workplace expressions, verbal or otherwise, in support of political campaigning for any candidate or political party as well as other similar forms of advocacy that fall outside the scope of equity issues.”

Inclusive? Provided you agree.

Provided your views do not “fall outside the scope of equity issues.

Whatever happened to making tires – as opposed to enforcing orthodoxies?

Goodyear is no longer a tire maker – just as GM is no longer a car maker. They – and a growing roster of corporations are ideologists now, with their product being obedience to orthodoxies and the cars and tires being incidental.

But, they can only purvey their ideologies if people buy their cars and tires. So, don’t – if you are tired of being tire companies trying to sell you something other than tires and car companies trying to sell you something other than cars – or using the money you spent with them to further the selling of ideologies you regard as despicable.

Our money is a potent weapon.

To corrupt an old slogan in a better direction:

Kauft nicht bei Goodyear 

And let them know why.




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  1. Yeah, that’s not “fostering,” that’s “forcing.” But you know what they say: “Inside every leftist is a totalitarian screaming to get out.” Well, they’re out now.

  2. This is where stupid-ass muh-property-rights absolutism leads. Everywhere, always.
    I’ve been railing against suspicionless workplace drug testing and, more recently, workplace nicotine testing for a long time, saying it should be illegal. Because if employers are allowed to fire of not hire people based on what they do on their own time, this is where it inevitably leads. Give them an inch and they take a mile.

    • Ha!

      I love it when the bastards get caught. This is very much of a piece with what Project Veritas does – and more such needs doing. Guerrilla warfare, friends. Let them think you don’t object – and then let them know you do.

  3. An interesting point I’d like to bring up is the fact that Goodyear lost 696 million dollars this QUARTER. Then this stupid crap!… That should tell you just how stupid corporate America is.

  4. I’ve been buying tires since 1973. I’ve never owned Goodyear tires. I was always easily able to acquire an equal to or better tire for less money. I’ve discovered that tires from smaller companies are quite often excellent. Currently driving on Goodrich G-FORCE COMP-2 A/S, ultra high performance all season, which perform as well as many summer tires I’ve used. They are a little noisy, but MX5’s aren’t an especially quiet car anyway.
    I can’t for the life of me understand why a company would alienate a significant part of their market by insulting them. The only reason I can come up with is that the free market has been destroyed, and they realize most of their profit from the bank cartel and the pretend money they pass around. They make “money” by moving “money” around. In other words, real profit is of no importance to them. They think. It’s not sustainable, which means neither are their profits.

    • I think I bought a single Goodyear tire to replace a National/Gates tire that I blew out from overloading.

      The surviving tire had about four or five thousands miles on it when I bought the new one, and a couple years later when I traded in the pickup the GY tire was about bald while the N/G tire still looked pretty new.

      Too bad Gates went away; they made pretty good tires. I got them pretty cheap ordering through some friends that had a store and gas station.

  5. So you have to believe in THEIR beliefs, or else you’re outcast/fired. Even though their beliefs are a death sentence for the country/civilization. So they’re basically a destruction cult now, with crazy psychotic insane ideas. When HUAC gets going again, they’re going to be put on the next rocket ship off of this planet — good luck in space hurtling toward the sun.

  6. An even older slogan corrupted- Goodyear delenda est! Damn I wish I’d planted more popcorn- the shit show just keeps getting weirder.

  7. Well Eric. Kudos, Maybe your article along with others (President Trump) worked. It seems now Goodyear has mad a u-turn! Seem many of us folks just misunderstood where they were coming from.
    So should we hope the commies burn down and loot their stores for wimping out? Looting might be out as tires would be a bit much to carry home,,, maybe with a handcart…. or better yet, use the stores equipment to mount and balance the stolen tires. I’m sure Goodyear wouldn’t object.

    • Ken; Respectfully that was no U-turn. I wish it was a U-turn, but that press release was Millennial gobbltyshit- it said nothing, took no responsibility, and half-ass ducks the blame by saying “not from Goodyear Corporate” which is not the same as Goodyear Inc. Then it flat out lies and says “nor was it part of a diversity training class”. What a total horseshit answer. It’s a company-wide POLICY. Nice try retard- a 9 year old knows the difference between a class and a policy. Assholes.
      Then there’s the genius Millennial grammar in the last sentence: “…the upmost appreciation…” Upmost? English much you mouthy, self-righteous, uneducated twat?

      What ever happened to “I was wrong, It’s my fault, I’ll fix it” ? Apparently that takes more integrity than the woke simian wannabeez at Goodyear can muster.

      • Hi Auric
        You are correct. That is why I was being sarcastic about the looting. I am personally tiring of these lunatic corporations.

      • Morning, Auric!

        Indeed. Everyone who works for or even with Goodyear knows the score. They know that evidence of “incorrect” views will mean problems. It is not necessary to formally state it and the tepid sort-of withdrawal doesn’t change what is understood to be the attitude of the company toward employees.

      • Words are hard and they don’t read. They’re the same retards who write, “for all intensive purposes” and “I should of” done X.

        Grammar: It’s the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you’re shit.

        • HI D,

          “It’s the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you’re shit”.

          Hah!. Those who don’t know the former, don’t know the latter either.


    • Morning, Ken!

      It’s a start. I personally think companies like Goodyear are roach motels and that the only solution is their bankrupting via large-scale refusal to buy from them. They are rotten to the core.

  8. We’ve undergone a marxist coup in the country and Trtump aka President Kushner was too dumb to notice. Now with mail lin votes the fix is in. We get president kamala in three short months. Trump has completely wasted four years of the greatest opportunity in the world. We’re all screwed

  9. This “wokeness” crap is coming to a lot of corporations. I say that because I work for one that is playing this game (e.g. “we support oppressed people and protesters, etc.”).

    Right now, we’re all working from home, but I have some definite concerns about when we go back to the office. Will we be forced to apologize for being white?

    • This is the standard ideology, word for word, being used by companies all over the world, especially the large mono polies. It is sickening and is leading to the loss of the freedom of speech. Also note that we now know who runs the companies, and even in Russia’s communism the pros did not have to put up with this garbage. This ideology crap is certainly turning me into a racist, a proud racist, who is white and very f**king proud of it. At least we are not populating the prisons with garbage.

      • Hi Joe,

        I’ll take a slightly different tack. I am not ashamed to be white and refuse to apologize or “atone” for harms I have not caused. I bear no ill will toward any man unless he gives me reason to. I will respect every other man’s rights, so long as he respects mine.

        Civility requires “agree to disagree” – the real tolerance which leftists do not understand or respect. It requires respect for each person’s right to his person; to not be molested or controlled or mulcted by anyone else. His property – inhimself and otherwise – must be sacrosanct.

        Without these, civilization is impossible.

        • Reminds me of a conversation between a reporter and Gandhi. Reporter: “What do you think of civilization?” Gandhi: “I think it would be a good idea”.

  10. I was gonna get Nitto’s for my Truck anyway, now it’s cemented.

    As Spitfire77 said, I get sketched driving in the rain with them, so I was gonna replace them anyway.

    Remember reading an old comparo between a 911 and a Corvette anyway, and how the Goodyears were so sketchy in the rain, reminds me of Pirelli’s (Why did my Audi fishtail at 35 down a rainy exit ramp when I took the same ramp doing 50 in a Cayman while it was raining).

    Just shocked a tire manufacture when Autistic and Woke

  11. We have a boycott list so we do not forget who to boycott and why. The list is so long that if we were to follow it we would starve, no clothes, no appliances, no tires, etc. If we flew we’d be grounded. If we used busing we’d be stuck at home. Goodyear was already on our list.

    Does anyone really think a corporation like Delta Airlines or the any of the rest could stay in business after dragging people off their planes, or throwing them off for not diapering in a REAL capitalist economy? All major corporations, like Goodyear, are receiving billions and billions of freshly conjured up counterfeit Federal Reserve Notes. Just like the government is not worried about reduced taxes (yet) the corporations are not worried about reduced profits. (yet)
    Like 90% today agree with the diapers to our disgust,,, 90% also agree with Goodyear and the other corporations are doing the same. They could care less about any boycott from less than 10% of the population,,, which is why they did not scream when it was all shut down. And stand by,,, it will likely be shutdown again this next flu season, especially through the scam election.

    • Same exact situation Ken. My list is so long I cannot buy anything without supporting them. All 4 credit card networks/processors and paypal all support actual terrorism too. Can’t buy anything online without supporting the beast.

    • Continental is a solid 2nd in my book, though definitely Michelin’s.

      Best case scenario was with my old Mustang and my folks driveway, it’s up a hill so at the time, anything that wasn’t high clearance or A/4WD was getting stuck.

      Believe I had AS3’s, drove up and down that snow covered hill with ease, while the work van needed to be pushed out… good times, good times

      • I had Contis on my old Nissan, and they were quite good; that said, I preferred the Michelins I got after that. My Focus has Contis, and I like ’em; I may very well get ’em again when it comes time to replace my tires. Finally, I used Contis on my ZRX, and they were GREAT! The ride and handling were excellent, as was the feedback when you were at the tires’ limits. The rear would break loose ever so gently, which let you know you needed to back things down just a bit… 🙂

  12. The virtue signaling by “woke” companies just keeps getting more and more stomach-turning. I remember when companies used to just stick to their primary business whether it was selling tires, selling coffee, or selling shoes instead of jumping on and promoting the latest propaganda bandwagon.

    • Greg, this bizarre shit was never present in the days of our youth. It’s come along with the communist takeover of the western world.

  13. Bizarre that Goodyear bans “Political [sic] Affiliated Slogans” but is fine with BLM and LGBT pride, which are nothing if not political.

    Last weekend, a young couple I know skipped town to beat a pending eviction. Meanwhile, they spent their unemployment benefits on an F150 for her and a motorcycle for him, leaving several thousand in unpaid rent.

    Stories like this help explain why Manheim reports that used car prices exploded by 15.5% in 12 months, even as large parts of the economy are crippled and the fedgov goes on a epic deficit-spending binge.

    Head-spinning bizarrities like Elon Musk becoming the fourth richest lifeform on the planet, even as the entire aviation, hotel and travel industry lie in ruins, confront us. Something’s gonna break.

  14. Eric, thanks for pointing this out and keeping pointing out firms that capitulate to the new Marxist view.
    Another reason not to buy Goodyear is they make crappy tires. 10 years ago I bought a mid-quality set for my Ford Ranger and got under 20K before the bands broke. They barely credited me anything to replace the tires again.
    Best tires I have ever owned are Michelins on my Tundra. Got 85K before they needed to be replaced with new same type of Michelins.
    For what’s it’s worth…

    • Worth a lot, Hans. I had similar experience with my 91 Toyota 3L p/u. After the original Bridgestones, Michelins were all that donned those wheels for 420,000 miles. And considerably more mileage per set than Michelin advertised.

      • Art,
        I was so impressed by the mileage that I got from those tires, it told me Michelin is doing something right as a company. Their pricing was higher but not that much higher than the others which tells me they have good control over their supply chain and labor costs. Due to the quality they have control over their manufacturing process. I told my broker to buy Michelin stock which did well up to Covid 19. Yea, their French but I vote with my feet and if USA tire companies can’t get it together too bad.

  15. I used to use Goodyear tires; I used ’em for a long time, actually. For the last 8 years or so, I’ve been using Continental and Michelin tires. My old Nissan and my Focus both came with Contis. I used a set of Michelins on my Nissan, and they were good too. Now that Goodyear “got woke”, I won’t even CONSIDER them in the future…

  16. It seems Goodyear is joined at the hip with NASCAR and “drinking the same koolaid”. I had recently had Cooper tires installed on my car and truck several weeks ago and now I’m glad I did. Hopefully Goodyear will be boycotted by every common sense thinking people.

  17. That little slide out on the right side of the screen had this gem from 2016:

    Hard to conceive of what would be happening right now if She were in charge. There’s already been talk of what role She will play in the Biden administration, since Her arm of the party can swing elections and brings in tons of money. Fairly certain “woke” culture astroturf wouldn’t be as prevalent as it appears to be.

    This isn’t going to sound good, and will probably get me hauled before the tribunal someday, but I’m just going to say that this is the sort of thing that happens when the gals are put in charge. Rules are always right, no matter how asinine. Last week I picked up a piece of FOD in the rear passenger side tire. I overfilled the tire and headed to the tire shop. The last time this happened the guy at the counter took it in right away, patched it and sent me on my way. No paperwork needed because “you guys are always in here.” Friday morning, and two women were at the desk and it went a little like this:

    She: what’s the phone number?
    Me: I don’t know it’s under (business name).
    She: Wow, there are a lot of numbers for (business name).
    Me: Yea, we bring a lot of vehicles here.
    She: What’s the license plate?
    Me: I don’t know, it’s a work truck
    Other she: I’ll go check
    A few minutes (and a lot of data entry) later…
    She: you’ll have to wait outside because of the rules.
    Glenwood Springs is “experiencing” heavy smoke from the Grizzly Creek fire, so air quality is horrible. Air conditioned, filtered air, even with Wuhan Flu germs, would have been much healthier.

    A few minutes later the service tech pulled my truck in to the bay, I showed him the chunk of a boxcutter in the tire. He patched it, handed me the keys and I drove off. While I don’t totally agree with the philosophy of “rules were meant to be broken,” when rules contradict common sense allowances for the stupid ones are needed to keep things efficient. Men seem to understand this. Women, not so much.

    • With age I’ve become less and less libertarian as regards women. The 19th Amendment was a tragic mistake IMO.

      Even highly intelligent woman are innately incapable of a rational decision. On the bell-shaped curve, there are outliers, of course, but I’m talking the firsr two standard deviations from the mean. At the day’s end, consciously or not, everything is about their feelings. My sisters, for example, use their their otherwise positronic brains to conjure rationales after they’ve arrived at their emotion-driven decisions. Women act from the heart, not the head. Genetically, men are better equipped to act from a synthesis of both.

      In the combat arms of the military, women are worse than dead weight. In upper body strength, running speed, and stamina, the upper 10 % of female soldiers barely merge with the bottom 10% of male soldiers. The mere presence of women in a military unit introduces sexual dynamics that degrade unit cohesion. A straight healthy man cannot avoid being distracted to a greater or lesser extent and will be naturally inclined toward white knighting a struggling woman or pursuing her attentions if she is sexually attractive. In any case, the discipline to resist such temptations requires a certain expenditure of energy and attention, which detracts significantly from combat effectivenss.

      Woman do not belong on the field of battle, including the field of civic or corporate strife, and have no business occupying positions of military or politcal authority over men.

      Furthermore, a strong family unit and high parental investment in the upbringing of children are the cornerstones of a civilized and prosperous society. When making difficult decisions, a father will undertake to involve both his rational and his emotional faculties and will consider the consequences on his whole family, as well as his fellow tribesmen and his country as a whole. Women, not so much. A mother’s first and primary instinct is to protect the children – keeping them safe.

      Women will always vote for welfare and socialist causes, with little or no heed for rights and freedom, if their nurturing and compassionate proclvities are animated by propaganda and imagery. It does bode well for a country if a wife is able to nullify the father’s vote.

      My 2 bits.

      • this is a good summary. Women are built for one thing: having and raising kids. Thats it. And theyre really really good at it usually because mentally theyre not far away from one. In a trribal society – the most healthy in my view – they would help their daughters with the kids later. Women have more patience with a kid than anyone. Thats why a father around to occasionally notice the kid and give – sometimes firm- guidance is necessary. Its the natural order of things we’ve gotten so far away from.

      • I was doing research for a novel in which a character uses a CrimeScope and I wanted to depict it accurately.

        Me, to the guy at SPEX, the company that makes CrimeScopes: “Does the CrimeScope make a noise when it runs?”
        The guy at SPEX: “What kind of noise?”

        I hate to throw ants on your sausage fest, but stupid doesn’t stop at the tip of a dick.

  18. I’m a bit shocked that they would do that and put it on a slide showing it that way. Seems a bit weird. Shocking certainly, but strange at the same time.

    • Hi PappaS,

      My 50: Embolden narcissistic psychopaths and you get more of the same. These people are not like us, just trying to live – and let live.

      The first step is coming to terms with this horrid fact.

      • Indeed, that’s why they are so successful in pursuit of their insanity. A sane person cannot comprehend how evil such psychopaths are. Government is the ideal environment for the psychopath, along with other undeserved high positions, since it provides all the tools needed to satisfy their insanity. Which is why such positions are saturated with them. “Conspiracy theories” are abundant, but what one must realize is that whether true or not is not so relevant as the fact that if they found such horrible acts to be in their interest, and they decided they could get away with it, there is no act so evil that they would not entertain it.

  19. Goodyear Wrangler’s were the worst tires I ever had on my pickup truck. The rear would slide out while going around a turn in the rain. You just added one more reason to not buy them.


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