A Brave Man Speaks

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My new friend – and yours, too, if you oppose Sickness Psychosis and are willing to take a stand against it – has written in the wake of my publishing a story (here) about his decision to do just that:

I am humbled by your acceptance of my letter, and its incorporation into one of your articles. I hope that it’ll strengthen the resolve of others who’re anxious about taking a similar stand. We’re the ones who’re truly “in this together,” and I pray that what I do for the children in my care will have a ripple effect across space and time in the same way the echoes of past freedom fighters resonate with my soul.

And not just your soul, my friend. The souls of any whose humanity is still intact. Who recoil from the sickness of the soul which has been spreading across the country; it is the same disease that turned Germans against Jewish people; the same bacillus that turned Russian and against Russian; the same pathology that resulted in people who wore glasses being executed by the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia (not that most remember – it not being taught). If this bacillus is not promptly treated now, this country will experience the disease process that ran its course in Soviet Russia, 1930s Germany and 1970s Cambodia. It is a sickness that mankind suffers from sporadically but inexorably, with hot spots sometimes erupting – and genocide resulting.

This is what happens when Fear is empowered – and good people give in to it. Which empowers very bad people. Who use the good person’s desire to just live – even if it’s only table scraps – to suborn his compliance with the obscene. Anything to be allowed to go to work, to shop. Until they have nothing left.

At which point, resistance is futile. Or rather, resistance is far more risky.

The teacher who left his job rather than wear a Diaper has only lost his job. He is free to seek another and appears to already have found it – teaching the children of people who also oppose Diapering, especially of their children.

By doing so, he has landed a mighty blow without it coming to blows.

Violence is the tool of the Diaperers. They rely on it to force people to accede to vile, degrading and despicable things. The way to parry this violence is to walk away from it, as this magnificent American and other magnificent Americans have been doing.

They have shown the way. It is our choice whether to follow their example.

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  1. It’s quite remarkable how so many openly display the fact that they can’t read, or do simple math. The very sources of the current tyranny, WHO and CDC, are openly publishing that this entire project is a scam. That corona flu is LESS dangerous than ordinary influenza to those reasonably healthy. The CDC recently published that in truth, only about 6% of deaths attributed to corona flu were actually caused by corona flu. The constant attempt to inflict panic over THE CASES THE CASES THE CASES, while if THE CASES mattered in the least, we would be ass deep in dead bodies by now, which of course we aren’t. The attempt to terrify us with “huge” body counts, which aren’t huge at all, when taken in the scope of the world population, and the number who die from ordinary causes. For God’s sake, the total deaths from corona flu, even by the stupid protocol used for assignment of cause of death, is just slightly higher than the number of children who disappear every year, about 800,000. So corona flu is more of a concern than child sex slave trafficking? So, kudos once again to public education for its success in creating generations of “people” incapable of thinking at all, much less critically. I thank God every day that I’m not one of them.

    • Hi JWK,

      The more I rattle this around in my head, the more I am persuaded that there is an element of sickness at work… of masochism. That some people – all too many people – actually like “crisis” and marinate in bad news, even if they have to make it up or exaggerate it. Consider the “drama queen” archetype. The woman (or man) who is constantly alarmed about something or other. Never at peace, never calm and reasonable in her (or his) response.

      Does it sound familiar?

      • Oh yeah, they are common, all too common.

        It’s the reason why so many workplaces are so toxic for people now a days. You only need one of them to stir the pot. They have to enjoy doing it too. It isn’t fun unless there is a lot of unnecessary and unneeded drama. Never mind that most people would rather not have that (because most jobs aren’t worth the stress you get) but those people never get their way.

        Just look at “reality” tv too. Most of them go off the rails as the drama seems to bring in the ratings for some reason. Remember that show about the father son motorcycle shop? As time went on the motorcycles were barely in the show anymore because the two guys are hot heads, fighting all the time.

        • Oh, yeah. Workplaces are pretty toxic, although I think workplace toxicity peaked in the early 2000’s. It has gotten slightly better since then. It started in the aftermath of the 1981-82 recession and accelerated during the 1990-1992 recession. It was pretty bad.

      • Hey, I, for one, like to complain for entertainment, but I have enough material in the follies of humans and the other apes to never need to whip up new worries wholecloth. Just read some history- it gives me plenty to contemplate and fear in the nature of man, no need for hysterics, and it grants some perspective besides.

        Even the relatively contemporary is elucidating. I speculated with coworkers and family back in February before it got too authoritarian that this reminded me of 2001’s Summer of the Shark. Multiple news cycles and political gambits had *just* fallen through, no new wars within easy access of camera crews were spinning up fast enough, and both media and politicians became absolutely desperate for something- *anything*- to breathlessly detail and project and warn and wag over. Wouldn’t you know it, right on cue- even though the Chinese supposedly had their lab containment breach in November or December of *last* year- Here comes now…!

        It took something as visually dramatic as airliners filmed disappearing into fireballs and skyscrapers to get them to move on from sharks swimming where sharks live to another cycle of breathless coverage and speeches and legalistic sophism last time. Can’t wait to see what spectacle might be so grand as to supplant this latest one. Riots and 2-3 months of arson haven’t managed, yet, so I can’t imagine.

        I don’t credit these fools with enough foresight to have planned this from the beginning- their self-contradiction over the course seems to suggest as much- but they’ve sure as hell tried to make plans with it since then. Honestly, I expect it of the political class, but I’m disappointed as hell that so many people I otherwise regarded as decent and moderately intelligent made no note of it as it happened.

        Sorry, I’m rambling, or very nearly.

  2. https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-08-30-hawaii-mandatory-covid-19-testing-checkpoints-highway.html

    Is this fake news??? Roadblocks in Hawaii for mandatory testing? What do they do to you if you test positive? If you refuse the test — it’s off to the death camp for you. Is this even real? I can’t even believe this. This has to be fake news. They’re literally setting up road blocks and sending ppl to death camps now? I mean seriously. WTF. How do they decide who they want to send to the death camps — I mean IOW obviously the test is a joke, so is it just flipping a coin which way the test comes out, or do they DECIDE who they want to test ‘positive’??? IDK about you others, but I’m not going to get “tested” or sent to a death camp. I guess we’re all just gonna die in a hail of gunfire pretty soon… because 3 or 4 state criminals decided to have their thug gangs do this to us. Wow, what a great civilization we all have here on Earth — just great — we’re all just cannonfodder now — off to the DEATH CAMPS! March 2020 all was well in America, the land of the free & home of the brave, with the Bill of Rights and so forth… 6 months of lies & terrorism later, it’s OFF TO THE DEATH CAMPS! WOW. Just like that. Hitler & Stalin & etc must be in shock right now, wherever they are (probly burning), they just can’t believe this crap is even happening either.

    Somebody tell me this is all fake, I can’t even believe what’s already happening so far, nevermind this.

    • Holy shit, have you seen this!!?? https://www.yahoo.com/news/california-moves-consider-reparations-slavery-002757276.html
      This is where I draw my line in the sand. If our “government“ thinks I’m gonna pay one fuckin dime in reparations, that’s where I drop off the reservation. I will stop paying property tax, I will stop filing a 1040 every year, I’ll stop paying my yearly car fees, they can kiss my ass. My ancestors didn’t get here until the 1920’s. I have NOTHING to do with slavery and I’ll be goddamned if I’ll pay anybody anything for shit that happened 150 years ago that I had nothing to do with. Diapers are one thing, I’ve bucked the system on those, so far successfully for the most part, but reparations? I’ll gladly die over that one, as long as I get to take a few of the progressive bastards with me before I go.

      • LOL OMG, what a joke. This whole racist thing is a 100% PHONY, BOGUS hoax, it’s just an excuse for all the crimes the crooks want to do against the people.

      • I would hope so! I can’t believe we have openly criminal state govts — just total absolute madness coming from them — the sheriffs should arrest them all yesterday. Yet noone’s doing anything. This country didn’t implement a plan for the possibility of all govt becoming corrupt… no nevermind corrupt… they’re full blown satanic death cults now. I’m still waiting for people to get together and arrest all these devils.

        I HAVE to take 1 full week off of all news/etc, because I physically/mentally/spiritually can’t take the negativity every day, all day. It’s just too depressing. So I’m going to take a week to focus on my own life which is REAL, whereas all these stupid govt sponsored crimes are all based on lies & fakeness.

  3. Never thought I’d see such brainwashing, maybe 9/11 but I think 2020 is worse. Scamdemic and Black Lies Matter have stressed me out terribly, seeing the sheeple comply so easily. Going to the store, the only one undiapered has caused me to dread going out, both because I have to see the mentally ill and slavish like behavior by nearly everyone and also because I just want to get along and go along. But I will not diaper.

    • People who wear masks anywhere any time are complete brainwashed stupid fools, no ifs ands or buts about it. They should be ostracized, shamed for being so ignorant and foolish, pariahs in The Pale.

      Auschwitz is too good a place for them, America is a better place for brainwashed mask wearing slaves, no place better. Concentration Camp nonpareil!

      Isn’t this more Straussian than Sorosian?

      9 plus 11 equals how much?

      Coincidence? I think not.

      “24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case. Coincidence?” – Steven Wright

  4. Fear and division are the primary tools of all tyrants. We are getting a lethal dose of both, if we swallow it. We are endowed with ability to detect poisons to quite an extensive degree. If it tastes bad, spit it out. It’s just that simple.


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