Granny Might Die . . . These People Did

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Air bags have killed again – but the country hasn’t been put on lockdown.

Hundreds of thousands of “cases” – air bags with known defects that cause them to randomly spray shrapnel in people’s faces – continue to circulate freely. No government “guidelines” requiring Face Diapers to protect against that. Not even a circular from NHTSA granting car dealers and repair shops permission to temporarily disable the known-to-be-lethal “safety” devices that NHTSA forced people to buy.

At least 17 people have been killed by these defective air bags so far – the latest being a driver in Mesa, AZ whose air bag took rather than saved her life on Aug. 20, NHTSA – the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – just disclosed.

Juxtapose the indifference of the governmental response to this threat with its response to the asserted threat of the WuFlu – especially as regards school-age kids. About the same number of them have allegedly died from (as distinct from with) the Corona virus; we have no way of knowing for sure because of the shystery way Corona deaths are clocked up. We do know that people who were killed in motorcycle wrecks – and people pushing 100 with COPD – have been claimed as Corona deaths, as opposed to accidental and natural deaths.

So it’s hard to know with precision how many school-age kids have been felled by rather than with the WuFlu. The distinction has been deliberately conflated for the purposes of confusing people as to the actuality of the threat of the WuFlu itself.

But we know for sure that at least 17 people have been killed by defective air bags. We also know that hundreds of thousands of people face – literally – a mortal threat every time they take their defective air bag-equipped car for a drive.

And we know for a fact that the government will not allow these at risk people to take any palliative measures whatsoever. It is still illegal for them to disable their car’s air bag – and a crime for a dealership or other repair shop to do it for them. Any shop that defeats a defective air bag can be keelhauled out of business by the “safety” enforcement apparat.

Thus, the drivers of cars so equipped are told to keep on driving – until time can be found to replace the lethally defective bag with one that (it is hoped) isn’t. In the meanwhile, the risk is all yours, sweetheart.

This tells us something about the  government’s true motives, one vs. the other “case.”

In the case of air bags, a very specific, objectively verifiable threat is treated with what you might call reckless abandon. There is no “might” be defective – vis-a-vis “might” be sick. It is known, for an absolute fact, that every car equipped with an airbag made by the Japanese firm Takata is dangerous.

Not possibly but certainly. The government says so. But it says nothing about “stopping the spread” of death by flying projectiles – notwithstanding that temporarily allowing shops (or the owners of affected vehicles) to turn the things off would completely eliminate the risk.

Contrariwise, there is the asserted and diffuse threat of Corona to school-age kids.

There is no certainty.

Or rather, there is its opposite. It is certain that an otherwise-healthy school-age kid’s chances of being killed by Corona are practically nil – more about the numbers here – and much lower than the risk that a driver who owns a car with a Takata air bag will be killed by it. There are many more school age kids in this country – on the order of 56.6 million – than there are cars equipped with Takata air bags wandering around the United States (a few hundred thousand).

The math is straightforward. But the results are extremely skewed.

On the basis of as close to a nonexistent threat of death as it gets without actually being literally nonexistent, 56.6 million kids have been fully or partially locked down and all of them terrorized by hysterical measures such as forced Face Diapering and social alienation and being forced to sit in far-apart cubicles surrounded by plexiglass, as if vaporized AIDS were being emitted from their every pore.

The psychological damage being done to these kids is incalculable. They are being taught to live – if it can be called that – in perpetual terror of getting sick, from a sickness that almost none of them have and even fewer will ever even have to stay in bed a few days to get over.

But it’s a-ok to put these kids in a car with an air bag the government knows is lethally dangerous to everyone on board, including the kids. They may not be facing it, since they’re not behind the wheel. But when the thing explodes in mom’s face and sends shrapnel tearing into her flesh and she loses control of the car, the kids go along for the ride.

Maybe their Face Diapers will protect them.

. . .

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  1. I can’t believe people are doing this to their children. Their immune systems need to develop or else when they are older they will get every sickness – but I guess its ok since these masks seem to be here to stay….what happened to people? They just do anything the government tells them to do. And there is no escape from this insanity – its everywhere…

    • Hi Jen,

      I’m a Gen X’er and almost all of my friends’ kids – who’ve lived in the saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety bubble and got their multiple vaccines – are weaker physically than we Gen X’ers were at their age; many of them have at least one severe allergy. Some have several. I’ve got none. Most of my same-age friends have none also. Several of these kids are on ADD meds and other meds; none of us took meds growing up.

      I understand this is anecdotal – but it’s not irrelevant, either.

      • Hi Eric, there’s definitely something to be said for having a strong immune system. Being a Boomer I had every childhood disease out there – measles, mumps, chickenpox, whatever; only vaccines I had were smallpox and polio. Still fairly healthy at 73; today’s kids get so many shots it’s no wonder a good portion of them end up with a not up to snuff immune system. Add to that the over sterilization do everything you might come in contact with and it will be amazing if millions of kids don’t end up with totally inadequate immunity to anything because their innate immune system never had a chance to practice on anything.

      • Oh I get it – one of my nephews has Asperger syndrome – I sure think he got it from a vaccine but I don’t think his Mom would believe me. When I went to public school in the 60’s-80’s there was maybe 1 fat kid and certainly no one was called to the nurse to take pills. I have no kids myself but this is a tragedy and I’m not sure why parents are not questioning more – then again that’s why everyone wears the face diaper. Our society is so uneducated and sick. More obesity, more reliance on big Pharma, etc , etc – so sad. I’ve never felt happy before to know I won’t be around for whatever crazy is coming in the next 50 years +

        • Hi Jen,

          I had the same experience in school during the ’70s and ’80s. In my entire high school class there was one fat kid and by today’s standards, he was only chubby. I look at pictures of myself and friends back in junior high and high school; all of us were thin and gangly. No one I knew in my childhood had a severe allergy to anything. No special meals (except one kid who needed Kosher) or pills. Either sickness has been redefined to encompass so many things as to label every third kid “sick” or kids today are actually that sick. In which case, the question arises… why? What could cause rampant chronic illness among the cohort – kids – who are generally the most resilient and healthy?

          It’s sad.

    • My 2 cents: I don’t think that kids’ immune systems are being isolated from germs, I think they’re still being exposed, which is fine/normal. If they’re weak/unhealthy, I think it’s directly due to the toxins/poisons ingested, including the quackcines. THAT’S what’s making them damaged/sick, not the germs, and not being isolated/protected from germs. Plus, the mother’s milk apparently gives more immune info to the kids, so if they didn’t get that when they were babies then they may be more vulnerable to getting sick… but their body will figure it out and they’ll be fine anyways.

  2. What else should one expect? After all, governments have never proven themselves proficient in anything other than killing people, which they are quite good at. It’s a simple observable fact that the longer a government is around, the worse it gets. I suspect the reason being that they are the perfect environment for psychopaths and sociopaths, and so are eventually saturated with them. It’s obvious ours currently is. There are only a tiny minority of government officeholders who have any concern whatsoever for the welfare of the people of this nation, unless it happens to coincide with theirs.

  3. We need to bring back the “sacrifice” burn pits, like they used to have all over the world centuries ago. Now I understand what those were for. They’re not for normal people, they’re for the ripoff-resent-atives.

    Planet psycho-terrorism.

  4. Hi Eric,

    I drove by our elementary school the other day during recess. It was very disheartening to see all these 6 or 7 year old’s all lined up with their diapers on. None of them fidgeting with the thing one bit. Imagine the brainwashing a 7 year old must have been put through to submit so fully. Our kids have been traumatized for life. I can’t see this ever going away.

    On a happier note, we’re in Florida this week. Was relieved to find that almost no one in the condo wears a diaper and only a rare crazy on the beach does. We went to Publix and for the first time were not the only ones in the store without a mask even though there was a sign at the door. Still at least 90 percent masked, but was nice to see at least one other. It’s been months since I’ve seen a face in a store in Alabama. We are still the only ones to walk into restaurants without a diaper, even in FL where the state mandate was lifted.

    • Hi Tennis,

      I agree re the kids – which is why I think its especially important for adults to fight this with every means at our disposal. When I see a kid in a store – and the kid sees me, Undiapered – I go out of my way to smile and try to send the vibe that things aren’t as bad these kids are being made to feel it is.

  5. “In the case of air bags, a very specific, objectively verifiable threat is treated with what you might call reckless abandon.”

    Hi Eric,

    While I agree with you basic point, your claim above is sometimes very wrong.

    When my Diesel Sprinter became the subject of a Takata airbag recall, Benz got right on it. I got numerous mail notices, that were increasingly strident, almost demanding I bring it in for free repair IMMEDIATELY!
    What was especially frustrating was the parts for the driver airbag became available way before the passenger side. So I had to go through this whole fire drill twice. And the nearest Mercedes dealer is about an hour and twenty minute drive each way from my house.

    So, at least with Benz, there was a frenzied drive to repair this ASAP. The exact opposite of “reckless abandon.”

    • I think Eric’s main argument here is the difference in government responses to actual safety threats versus imagined threats. Government will often casually overlook threats which cannot be exploited for power gains.

      • Phill, they’ll also overlook real threats when addressing them cuts into their power and revenue bases.

        Cases in point: tobacco, Agent Orange, and open air atomic testing.


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