PA AGW Follows Man Home for Failure to Diaper

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A Pennsylvania man was followed home by an armed government worker – a PA state AGW – for the “crime” of not wearing a Holy Rag. The AGW exclaims that the “governor has mandated masks.” To which the man points out that a “mandate” isn’t a law . . . not that “law enforcement” is especially concerned about the law.

They simply enforce whatever they like – because they regard themselves as the law.

Read the story – and watch the video – here.

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  1. You would think that should bother the conscience of any law enforcement person to pursue such inane and insane nonsense. Have to look at themselves in the mirror, can’t avoid that. How can they sleep at night?

    It is mask madness out there!

    Homeowners fight back

    Killing them with kindness doesn’t always work.

    Beam me up.

  2. I’m beginning to think that COVID is indeed a real virus and a real threat to our existence. Not because of any respiratory effect, but because of the apparent contagion of brain damage and mental illness. So many people are believing their delusions are reality. That professional liars are telling the truth, and can’t be bought. That the Medical Industrial Complex actually cares about their health and wellbeing instead of profits. That money is the same thing as wealth and so wealth can be printed at will. That the Psychopaths In Charge are actually sane and moral, and are concerned about our welfare. Which does by the way justify closing public schools, since it appears they are the actual source of the infection.

    • If he’d been at my “GATE”, I’d have turned around with my AR sticking up and asked if he had something dangerous I should know about. what? What do you have to say? Don’t get in my gate. My pickup will move you backward quickly. He wouldn’t argue. I have a west Texas pickup. Probably all he’d see is that40 rd mag . If he wants to go to town, get a search warrant and then try to find enough people to service it, he’s welcome. The problem is getting the cutting torch enough help and then locate where I might be. I have all those places a person can’t be seen.

  3. Wearing a mask is not “law” unless the legislature specifically voted for it. It’s an edict by the governor, based on the “medical advice” of this sickening, mentally-ill freak:

    One of the great oddities of law enforcement today is that the cops are nearly all blue-collar, working-class “conservatives” who support Trump, yet they will unquestioningly slap the cuffs on you if some M-to-F tranny wearing lipstick and dressed in drag tells them to.

    • Friend, would it be OK for the legislature to mandate it? Would that make it “enforceable law”?

      The action by a legislature would at least follow legal form. It would be a necessary but not a sufficient condition.

      Mandating the use of a medical device, or wearing of a religious garment, or even wearing of a clothing accessory runs strongly afoul of the USC first amendment and the “freedom of religion/freedom of conscience” portion of your state constitution.

      Simply put, the legislature isn’t granted that privilege either- they don’t have it. The same argument applies to seat belt and helmet laws, as well as calling the right to drive a “privilege”. It applies to the vast majority of what they do- they believe they are chosen rulers, masters rather than servants.

    • What you have to remember is that many states implemented this thing called the Medical States Emergency Health Powers Act. The MSEHPA was drawn up by the feds just prior to 9/11, and sent it to the states. Many states (like 35 or 40) have passed it. Depending on the state statutes in question, they may confer emergency health powers on the governor.


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