Dating and Diapers . . .

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A reader asks a question about the effect of weaponized hypochondria on dating and relationships; I thought it would be of interest to explore this at some length. 

Zane writes:   

How has this Kung Flu affected your relationship? I get my girlfriend’s argument to a point; her parents are 62 and 74, and they’re afraid of this. That said, I refuse to Diaper and her attempts to persuade me fall on deaf ears like my logic and pointing out HCQ and Zinc could help. We’ve been dating for 13 months and now she brings this up, when we’ve done millions of things together and she’s known this whole time I’m not gonna conform. More of a rant, but also curious how other readers relationships have been.

. . .

Not my girlfriend . . .


I was smiled upon the Motor Gods in that I met my girlfriend shortly before the weaponization of hypochondria, in late 2019. She is as militant as I am about not being pressured into joining a strange religious cult – and will not wear the Holy Vestment, nor receive the Holy Anointing . . . no matter what.

We are both absolutely committed to this, come what may – because much worse will come if we bend to this. I emphasize this to everyone I talk with about the Cult and its strange rituals. About the importance of not just going along with it for the sake of being able to shop, hoping it’s a temporary hassle and that life will resume normalcy eventually.

It will not.

I consider it so important to not give an inch on this that I have reconciled myself to never seeing my mother again, because she is imprisoned in an institution that will probably never let me see her again  . . . unless I put on that god-damned rag.

I won’t do it.

Because doing it will mean they have succeeded in leveraging my family against me. Just as they are leveraging people’s work – and their ability to feed their families – against them. As they are using people’s children against them.

It is the most vicious campaign of systematic terror ever visited on the American people – far worse than what was visited upon them in 1861-1865, which was not a psychological war against them. Then, people were destroyed physically. Today, people are being destroyed emotionally – which is ultimately worse because in death there is peace whereas what is being done now amounts to a torture session in perpetuity, contrived by sadists who make Lavrenti Beria seem like a disturbed kid torturing frogs for kicks.

I have friends – including some here – who have told me that their marriages are falling apart because their spouse has been driven into a state of hysteria such that they believe as militantly in the powers of the Holy Rag as furtive eastern European peasants during the Dark Ages believed in the power of gypsy tears worn in a vial around their necks. With the difference being the Holy Rag wearers get hysterical if their spouse does not believe – or wear.

I feel for people who are married – or have kids – and thus face a choice like Sophie’s. I am grateful that I am not married – and don’t have kids – because it means they haven’t got the power over me that they have over married people and people with kids.

I will never allow myself to be gas-lit into performing strange rituals or pressured to pretend I agree with doctrines I do not agree with. So, to get back to your original question, I would not diaper for my mom, or my girlfriend – for anyone.

If – per your question – my girlfriend’s parents expressed fear I might have a sickness I have not got then that is their problem – not mine. If my girlfriend tried to pressure me to wear the Holy Rag for her sake, to make them happy – she would no longer be my girlfriend.

This is not insolence. Nor discourtesy.

It is principle.

I will not be pushed or pressured to do something contrary to my principles. Would you? Putting on the god-damned rag is not the same thing as putting the dog in another room because your girlfriend’s parents are not comfortable around dogs. It is not a common courtesy thing to don the Holy Rag when you do not believe in the psychological sickness it represents. It is a loathsome insistence that you show you agree with their pathology. That you give visual affirmation of agreement with Sickness Psychosis.

That you become a party to it.

This I will not do – for anyone. Not for my own mother. Not for anyone. Because what am I if I give in to it?

Some will say that I have already given in to such things as handing over a portion of my money to the government each year (and every time I buy something) which is to sanction theft – and I suppose that is true. But there is a qualitatively different aspect to this prostrating ourselves before this God of Sickness business.

We are not expected to express agreement with being taxed. Are not required to wear a button or some other article of clothing that says: I love paying my fair share! The god-damned rag is the equivalent of that – and worse, because of the personal degradation it visits on the wearer, who is made to show that he believes he might be a disease-riddled spreader of death and to regard others with suspicious dread that they might be the same.

It’s as disgusting as it is demoralizing as it is despicable.

I am glad I found the woman I am seeing before it became impossible to see the faces of people you might be interested in seeing.

This, by the way, is perhaps the one upside of not-seeing a prospective date’s face; now you know you don’t want to date her (or him). Contrariwise, if you do see their face it shows you they are quality – and worth asking out.

But if I had not found her, I would rather be celibate and friendless than truckle to the wearing of the Holy Rag. For the same reason I would not be a party to any other despicable, loathsome thing, no matter how tempting the company.

Because – as George Washington once said – ’tis better to be alone than in bad company.

. . . .

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  1. Here in the Great State of Confusion there is no mask mandate. The man behind the curtain keeps yelling at you to mask up. You can ignore the demand. Your conscience commands it, compelling stuff.

    Get back to Kansas.

    Wise move, Weedhopper.

    If you wear your mask, it is now by choice not coercion.

    Of course, you can fool all of the people all of the time with mask mandates and fines until the cows come home, not that hard to do, evidently.

    Mask up for 100 days and then forever, you dupe.

    26,000 homeless in San Francisco don’t care. 12,000 homeless in Seattle don’t care. 60,000 homeless in New York City don’t care. Sure, I’ll take a mask, just give me something to eat.

    55,000 homeless in Los Angeles will be begging for masks, they’re desperate. Something to eat is secondary, you’re a conditioned Pavlov’s dog by then. I want my mask so I can eat, I won’t eat until I have my mask.

    Vie hab haur vays, you filthy no good swine!

  2. We don’t don the Covid-Burqa in public, however, how can we not comply if needing medical treatment, and it is demanded? I least I make them demand it. BTW, my GP doesn’t insist, but was demanded by the Urologist, prior to my biopsy.

    • Hi Falcon,

      My shoulder aches constantly at night and I probably need arthroscopic surgery – but I’d rather endure the aches than don the Diaper, as a condition of seeing a doctor. I’d rather die, in fact.

      And will, if it comes to that.

      I’m absolutely serious. Because I regard Diapering as that serious. I have no desire to live in a Sickness Gulag and will never be a part of legitimizing weaponized hypochondria, by pretending to be sick when I am not nor afraid of sickness when I am not.

      • Thx for responding. I can’t argue against your position. But in my mind it raises an even more acute dilemma…shouldn’t I, and I do mean me… be doing something Moar ‘kinetic’ in response to this monstrous brutality being inflicted upon my society? When is enough, enough. Rhetorical question obviously ;0

        • Hi falcon,

          I had two wellness visits in the last year. I refuse to wear the surgical mask, but neither the hospital nor doctor will allow me through the front doors without something covering my face. I actually have a Halloween outfit that I use for such occasions. Technically, it is a mask, they can’t argue with that, but it also tells them that I am not buying this bull shit. The hospital was amused, the doctor was not, but I got my point across.

          • Morning, RG!

            It’s especially vile that doctors are playing along with this Kabuki. They should be smart enough to know and have an obligation (due diligence) to know that a person who isn’t sick – “asymptomatic” – can’t get anyone sick. And they should also know that it’s none of their business to insist that people wear “masks” for their own health – just as it is none of their business to insist that people not eat meat.

    • This Obamao retread told whopper after whopper back then so I’m not surprised. This is of a piece with pushing for people who’ve had WuFlu and have natural immunity to get vaxxed while also continuing to diaper and socialist distance. I’ve mentioned this to people hot to get vaxxed and they’re like “I’m still gonna get it.”

    • I think we all knew that “100 days of masking” was a lie and that slave muzzles would be worn for the entirety of 2021. He might have been closer to the truth by calling it 1,000 days of masking.

      • Hi Jim,

        I fear that by weaponizing hypochondria, the priests of the Sickness Cult have created something that won’t be undone for a long time to come. Instead of a handful of pathetic hypochondriacs, there are now probably 100-plus million of them and absent intensive therapy, these people will cling to their Holy Rags forever.

      • I’m just so sick and tired of these self-righteous cultists from Our Lady of the Blessed Jab. And from a High Priest doctor no less. Just leave us alone – we haven’t done nor asked anything of them.

        And seems that somebody forgot to tell Herr Doktor here that his mask protects me, so I won’t catch the virus and die if I’m undiapered in his presence. I hope Pfizer’s mRNA concoction causes a giant dick to grow out from the end of his nose.

    • Next time I head to Naples and Marco Island guess which store gets my money! Thank goodness for sane people.

      I love how the “doctor” is so warped that he thinks we want the vaccine. I will happily volunteer my vaccine to any individual that wants it.

      • RG – ive noticed, which really actually annoys and disappoints me. The biggest supporters of the vaccine and the rest of the covid con seem to be the doctors (I say this because I have lots of friends and family who are doctors, including my brother). They just seem to regurgitate whatever the media / medical bodies / government says without any challenge or question. And when I challenge them with facts (such as the CDC of how low death rate is) they look at you like you’re crazy. I dont know if its because over decades of training in the western system they have just been so dumbed down (along with the rest of society) that they just dont challenge it anymore. Or are they too busy to consider the alternatives? Or is it not worth the bother given how they will be taken for a ride by the lawyers if someone follows their alternative advice and well say doesnt have a 100% outcome…

        Interestingly this seems in very sharp contrast to say a place like Pakistan or even India – where the doctors are much more willing to challenge that they are being told, and say apply alternative treatments. And the doctors I speak to there are VERY suspicious of the vaccine…… again an advantage where you DONT have a highly regulated medical system….

        • Hi Nasir,

          Western medicine is very pill (and vaccine) focused. Got hypertension? Take a pill. Healthy? You need a vaccine! Part of this is the result of the pressure applied to MDs to toe the line with respect to whatever the orthodoxy of the day is; those that don’t risk the wrath of the AMA and possible loss of their license to practice.

          The whole thing is absurd – and obnoxious. I was watching some NBC “reporter” wail about Undiapered shoppers at a grocery store in Florida. He ulated -“masks work”!

          Really? How do they “work” when I am not sick? How do I spread a disease I haven’t got?

          They’ll fire back with you might be sick – which is nothing more than an assertion and carries no more weight than my asserting they might have Herpes and thus should wear some visible-to-others article of clothing to warn them of the “risk” . . . and suffer the degradation of being perceived as a Herpes carrier.

          Then they’ll say: But it keeps you from getting sick!

          To which I say: That’s my risk and my business -just as your being a fat slob with a case of HFC sodas in your shopping cart is none of mine.

          So fuck off.

          • yeh – I agree. as chris rock once said – the moneys not in the cure its in the medicine !

            And re the wrath of the medical associations and lawyers – I was speaking to a doctor friend of mine here in the UK (where you have a lot less litigation than the US). Hes fairly senior in the NHS along with good money from private practice. He once told me what his indemnity insurance was…. it was basically the salary for a nurse (and hes never had any legal issues before). In such a situation – why would a doctor risk anything but being a box ticker and just prescribe whatever pill the pharma guide has for an ailment !

        • Hi Nasir,

          My aunt recently switched to a Pakistani doctor about a year ago and she absolutely loves him (he is a DO). She said he is the first doctor to offer healthier choices using fresh food and herbs rather than pill pushing.

          The current US medical system mirrors the education system….a decline in critical thinking and lack of interest in any study that doesn’t repeat the narrative.

          • RG – Im trying to get whats happened to my brother. His high school and basic medical school wasn’t in the US, and till I was there with him in Pakistan he would think about things and be able to analyse. Now however when I talk to him about any matter he really doesnt move from the official line. On anything…. I suspect its that its the sausage factory that medical training in the US has become. Years to study, pass the exams, get a good grade, then kissing ass to get a house job… then years working crazy hours in a crap ER looking at the bottom rung of society where they just come in to write you pills…. with the risk of failing exams, loosing jobs, inquiries, litigations, admin crap, licensing requirements…. etc etc. theres no real time to actually be a doctor…. i hope he realises and does something… otherwise dont know how it will go for him.

  3. Following is a one-page explanation that I wrote, and carry to give in case somebody gives me guff about wearing a mask. I have had the virus and cleared it months ago.

    We have been hearing much lately about people being vulnerable to getting the Wuhan coronavirus repeatedly. Therefore, we are told, people need to keep wearing masks and keep their distance from others, even after having cleared the disease or having the vaccine. We are told that we are not immune because antibodies are not detected months after the disease. If this is true, then we are talking about masks and distancing for the rest of our lives. What we are being told, essentially, is that our immune systems no longer function.

    This is nonsense. Covid does not attack our immune systems like HIV does. Way back in 1997, in medical school, I learned about memory B cells and memory T cells in our immune systems. There is a lot more to our immune systems than just antibodies. However, regarding antibodies, those are produced by B cells. Antigens are pieces of a foreign invader to which antibodies bind. “Memory B cells circulate throughout the body in a quiescent state until specific antigen is re-encountered and triggers a potent secondary immune response. Memory B cells respond to antigen much faster, [and] require lower amounts of antigen.” – Kelley and Firestein’s Textbook of Rheumatology, 10th edition (2017), p. 222.

    In other words, it is normal not to find antibodies to a virus to which we have not been exposed recently. However, that does not mean that we are not immune, because those memory B cells respond very quickly and powerfully. Our memory T cells also respond, bringing into play many other types of immune system attack. This has been known for decades. Anybody who says we are not immune just because we do not show antibodies several months after the disease either does not understand immunology or is trying to deceive us.

    Concerning a need for immunization after having the disease, the disease should be a better immune stimulant than the vaccine. That is because it is encountered through the nose, rather than the muscle. It therefore stimulates IgA antibodies, the type that are found in mucosal secretions, as well as IgG and IgM.

    Also, having repeated exposures to the virus would keep antibody levels up. If somebody has already cleared the virus, it would make sense for them not to wear a mask. That way, their antibody levels remain up, and any virus particles (virions) that enter their noses would be immediately attacked.

    There was a study of almost 10 million people in Wuhan city, China, after restrictions were lifted. Nucleic acid testing, also called PCR, was used. It found no cases of asymptomatic spread from people who had cleared the virus. 107 people were found who previously had and cleared the virus, and in whom virus was detected again. None of those 107 were symptomatic. None of the 1,174 close contacts of those people had the virus detected in them. See “Post-Lockdown SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid screening in nearly ten million residents of Wuhan, China.”

    Apparently, virus was not viable in those 107 people. What the test detects is a short segment of DNA of the virus. A whole virion consists of a much longer stretch of DNA, various proteins and membranes, arranged as a functional whole. The test basically detected the wreckage of virions, that had been attacked by the hosts’ immune systems. This could perhaps be likened to finding the femur of a deer, after a mountain lion finished with it. That deer will not be having any more fawns.

    • Like I said to an acquaintance who quite agitatedly told me I should get the shot because the experts say I should,
      “I’ll trust my body having 100,000 years of evolving to deal with viral threats rather than take the word of “experts” who have at best ~40years of experience, or a shot that has less than 2 months of real testing.

      He muttered something about “protecting others” which I entirely ignored as deleted his contact information from my phone.

  4. “their marriages are falling apart because their spouse has been driven into a state of hysteria”

    Count me among this number. I was recently treated like a leper and quarantined for two weeks in my own home by my wife because “I might be sick” after meeting indoors with friends at a restaurant and not wearing a mask while eating and talking. I’m still very angry about it.

    • Hi Robbie,

      I am a chick and I wouldn’t have put up with that. I would have packed a bag and told him to give me a call when he regained his senses. I may or may not be back. I think some spouses are losing their minds over this. I hardly think a get together with friends is enough reason to make one’s spouse an outcast. All this did was create needless drama and build a wall in your marriage.

      • It certainly has created needless drama and built a wall! In over 33 years of marriage (mostly happily), this is one of the few times I’ve said to myself “I am NOT happily married”. It’s got me thinking about ways out. The two week quarantine is over but I’ve decided to extend it for a while to make a point. I do think we’ll weather the storm, but we’ve grown apart over the years, and there’s very little we agree on. She just got vaccinated (I won’t), and the warmer weather will soon be here so there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

        • Hi Robbie,

          Thirty three years is a long time and every marriage has its up and downs. I hope you do work it out. These times are tough and once rationale people are no longer themselves. Although, hubby and I have been on the same page, my sisters and I have not. We have many a fight because both sides have dug in our heels believing that we are each right.

          Communication is key and I am a believer in both parties being open with each other. One should never have hidden bitterness and resentment. It festers and it gets to a point where it is next to impossible to come back from.

          All the best.

          • Hi RG,

            This will sound off at first, but… I am glad I got divorced . . .given the situation. I could not tolerate a Diaper Pusher or even a Diaper sympathizer. It’s a deal breaker for me. Much more so than cheating or almost anything else. I cannot stand this mewling, pathetic, rancid, rabid weaponized hypochondria and will never tolerate it within the circle of my private life.

            My girlfriend is as fiercely opposed to it as I am – but if she were not, she’d no longer be my girlfriend.

            • Hi Eric,

              I am a bit more lenient than you. I take a very live and let live approach. I don’t care what those around me do as long as I am not forced to adhere to their way of seeing or doing things.

              Somebody wants to mask, or smoke, or eat processed foods….go for it. I will defend anyone’s right to do as long as they defend (or at least ignore) my right not to do so. My husband has had to wear the mask for a recent knee surgery, for work, and for an eye doctor appointment. He doesn’t like it and would prefer not wearing it, but while my view is “Screw it, I don’t need new contacts.” His is “I can’t see and need new glasses.” We each accept the others views. We are both (fortunately) adamantly against the jab and although I could not understand why someone would want it I believe that an individual should be able to make that decision for themself, but not for me or my children.

              • Hi RG,

                I’m with you – in that I can abide people wearing one if they are forced to wear one. Or even if they want to. Provided they utter not so much as a god-damned squeak that I “need to wear one” myself.

              • I don’t mind wearing a mask when entering a place of business out of respect for the wishes of the owner of said business. It’s certainly not out of respect for the little dictator Governor’s wishes or mandate. That is the only time I will wear one and I applaud anyone who chooses not to.

          • RG, keeping communication open and not letting bitterness and resntment fester is great advice and we typically try to follow it. However, in this case it’s been like talking to a brick wall and I’m afraid things will blow up every time it comes up 🙁 We will have to talk this through fairly soon if we’re going to survive.

            • Hi Robbie,

              Yes you do and it is going to be a tough talk. I suggest a neutral happy place. I probably wouldn’t recommend a public place, tempers can flare. Maybe broach any issues after a glass of wine or a beer or two (or three).

              Stay calm, listen, but don’t lie. Your view is just as important as hers. If she refuses to listen or worse, takes a passive aggressive approach to your feelings then you ask her if she wants out of the marriage or not. If she does not then she needs to tell you what she needs and you need to tell her what you need to move forward.

              No marriage (or relationship) can be successful when only one wants to address the issues or is willing to make a change.

        • Hi Robbie,

          You have my sympathy, amigo… I feel for you. I expect my ex is a Diaperer; I know my ex-father-in-law (who I remained good friends with after my divorce… but no longer speak with) is.

          And it makes me mad.

          Not so much at them – the Diaperers – but toward the evil sons-of-bitches who are behind all of this.

          • Thanks Eric. It makes me so mad at those behind it and those who propagate the lie and work everybody up into a hysterical frenzy (including my wife)! It’s mind boggling that not just the USA, but the whole world has bought into big lie destroying their economies and harming their citizens in the process.

            • You bet, Robbie – and I hope she comes around. Attempt to reason with her. Hopefully she will not be like the friend of 20-plus years standing I had to part ways with over this because of his adamant religiosity regarding the Diapers. Pulling for you both…

  5. Friends, Romans, Refuseniks, Denizens, lend me your ears!

    If you have ever read any of ‘Our Bodies, Ourselves’, a book by, for and about women, then you would think that women would not willingly be subjugated to the mask wearing diktats and other nonsense that follows.

    Hardly a radical strategy. har

    Women have fallen prey to their own propaganda. They are oppressed by their own efforts.

    My wife has a copy of the book, so I read a few lines here and there, the contents, look at the photos, just out of curiosity.

    In 1951, there were 1.5 million abortions in the US, all illegal. One photo is a photo of a woman dead on a hotel room floor, the victim of a botched abortion. Wouldn’t you protest about how that happens and still not doth protest too much?

    Women had other ideas of how things should be done. My mother, who is now close to 95, spoke of a woman in the neighborhood back in the fifties who would perform abortions on a frequent basis.

    Why are women so brainwashed that they swallow the Covid propaganda hook, line, and sinker?

    Shouldn’t women be the first to denounce the mandates? Shouldn’t women be vocal against the restrictions of where you can go and what you can do?

    If they would, it should be a moral obligation, things would change in a hurry.

    It is your body, it is your life.

    • Why are women in favor of abortion in the first place? It is not their body that they are destroying, although one could argue that they are destroying their soul.

      If someone, male or female, has no inner self-control, then they look to the external, e.g., government to do the hard work for them. Hence why so many people rabidly obey and enforce the lawless gunvermin diktats.

  6. Gee, I wonder why women would be so eager to join in the charade? Couldn’t be that the government has been on a 50 year crusade to replace men could it?

  7. Eric,
    You’re more than the only libertarian gearhead on the ‘net, you’re the ONLY libertarian gearhead in the world.

    • Morning, William –

      I suppose I am! The really strange thing is I appear to be one of the few guys writing about cars who actually likes them and even – egads! – works on them. A massive transition has taken place over the past 20 years. When I began to write professionally back in the ’90s, there were still a bunch of the old-school car journalists in the mix; guys – and it was all guys – from the’60s and ’70s, who got greasy or raced or just loved cars and were very knowledgeable about them, the history of them, the culture – etc. They began to retire or die off around the same time that political correctness – the precursor to being Woke – began to spread. When they retired or died, they were replaced by women – because they were women (I have no issue with women being car journalists or any other thing, if they aren’t there just because they’re women) and urban hipster-tech type guys who had no more business writing about cars than I have writing about coding. Many – I met them – actively disliked cars and were militant believers in the orthodoxies; e.g., saaaaaaaaaaaaafety and “climate change.” I actually got asked by one of these creatures – at the New York Auto Show press preview – about how to get into writing about motorcycles. I asked this kid – he was maybe 26 – what kinds of bikes he was into. He told me he didn’t ride. It took a moment for me to register this and then another to keep from punching the prick in the nose.

      • Contrast this prick with the great David E. Davis Jr., who I had the privilege of meeting back in the late ʼ70s. Davis was one of the greats of automotive journalism, a man who truly understood and appreciated how fossil fuels and the automobile, by the personal mobility (and FREEDOM) they enabled, HUGELY improved everyoneʼs lives. Heʼs likely spinning in his grave today. I doubt heʼd recognize the auto industry any more … or even this country and what itʼs become. But I suspect heʼd be very proud of you, Eric, and what youʼre accomplishing in your corner of the world (and cyberspace).

        • Eric, one of the reasons I appreciate your automotive writing is that you review everyday cars and trucks that guys like me could actually buy if I wanted to (not that I do!). I gave up all my subscriptions to R&T and Motor Trend, etc years ago because I got sick of getting a new one every month, and 3/4 of the content was about Bugatti’s and Ferrari’s and Lamborghini etc. As cool as those cars might be, I just have no interest in stuff that isn’t attainable. I’ll probably never even see one of those cars in real life, let alone drive or buy one, so I really don’t care about them. And Jeebus Christmas, how many Mustang vs Camaro articles can you do? Seemed like at least one of those rags would do that article every month. Keep doing what you’re doing Eric, you’re the best libertarian car guy out there!

          • Hi FLoriduh Man!

            Indeed – and, thanks!

            I occasionally request and sometimes get an exotic car to test drive but I agree with you that while it might be entertaining to read about such cars, it’s also kind of a chicken choking exercise since such cars are as unaffordable as dating a supermodel is possible for most of us.

            Besides which – and I say this as someone who has actually driven lots of exotics – they are becoming less fun in proportion to how fast they have become. They are so fast – and so capable – as to be frustrating to drive because you can’t drive them anywhere near their capabilities (or yours) on most public roads. Is there anything more a chicken choking exercise than driving a 190 MPH-capable car in DC Beltway traffic?

  8. We have a huge fight coming up. My local politicians in CA are already mewing that once Covid19 passes, we need to retain the mask mandates in public, in case there’s another pandemic, so that we can prevent that one from happening. The fact that covid19 runs rampant through high mask wearing populations doesn’t seem to matter. The only thing which really does work is complete isolation.

    Anyhow, once power is taken, and people succumb, it’s really difficult to claw back the lost freedoms.

    I don’t mask up in general, but I also need groceries and supplies, and I have no choice but to wear the damn thing, as I’m forced to leave the store if I don’t. It’s private property, and the owners are members of the mask cult, and it’s also a punishable crime here not to follow those rules. However, I am absolutely flabbergasted at the number of people who think we should continue to wear mask forever.

    • RE: and I have no choice but to wear the damn thing.

      Someone once said, ~ you always have a choice.

      Are the grocers saying, “mask up, or f-off & die”?

      Have you tried the approaches Allan Stevo writes about?

      Are there other ways to get food?

      It all seems like a setup for a Clint Eastwood film like: Hang Em High, or High Plaines Drifter, and The Outlaw Josey Wales, with one of his dirty cop films, all rolled up into one.

      See also:

      • The big chain stores have security guards that ask you to leave.

        The two small stores I frequent are afraid of being shut down for non compliacne, and I have a long standing rapport with their owners. Both are scared of covid, so I entertain their delusion.

        In both cases, I respect their private property, so I leave. I’ve cut back my store visits to a bare minimum, and Amazon is replacing local business, as I don’t need a mask for Amazon orders. I will absolutely make a giant fight about masking up if I’m forced to do it post-pandemic, and will give up on ever visiting these places if they require it. Right now, the county forces them to require it and sends frequent undercover assholes in “sting” operations against businesses which don’t enforce masks.

        Nearly daily, I’m yelled at for being outdoors without a mask, particularly on biking or jogging trails. Those, I don’t give a rat’s ass about, and we also have a group of neighbors who have come together and flaunt the mandates, have gatherings, that kind of thing.

        • OL,
          If I remember correctly you live in the SF south bay also. Helot, OL doesn’t have a choice. I had my go to stores also, but the last couple of weeks… oh well. My go to liquor store let me in the other day, but he said next time I come in I had to diaper. Today I went to get some beer and used my “if I really have no choice to but wear a diaper” mask. It’s a totally worn out woodworking/bondo type mask. The elastic is completly worn out, barely stays on my face, the little metal strap that you bend to make it seal to your nose is long gone, greasy finger prints all over it, it does nothing! The guy at the store said, “I like your mask”.

          One of these.

            • helot,
              “bullshit”? Really? Move where? Should I just abandon my father, family, my business, my clients? Then what? You live in Iowa, I don’t! OL and I are in Cali, think about that. I would think that everyone here on this site supports each other, that’s why we’re here.
              I have done everything I can to get people to understand. I don’t mask or disinfect at my shop, clients drop of their cars at my shop and kind of stand back, but they’re ok with it, I make them comfortable. No! You DON’T always have a choice!


              • Actually, one does always have a choice. “Give me liberty or give me death” wasn’t a campaign slogan. It was a clear definition of the value of liberty. If you don’t have liberty you are quite likely to die. My 35 year old marriage dissolved over this issue. My ex-wife’s father died, in Florida. We lived in Missouri. She assumed I would fly down there with her for the funeral. I pointed out there was no point in me attempting to do so, since the very first time a TSA agent touched me in an inappropriate manner I would end up in jail instead of my intended destination. She suggested I abandon my primary principles of life, my soul, to accommodate her. I didn’t, things went South between us, and a few years later we parted ways. In hindsight, a price well worth paying for the preservation of my soul.

                • That both sucks and is excellent. Good call IMO.

                  Almost every relationship I have had ended for similar reasons. Just go along, Do it for me, If you loved me you would…..

                  Once a mate tries to get you to abandon core values for them, it is over. If you don’t, they will grow bitter. If you do, you will. When it happens, prepare to exit, THEN explain fully and assess the response. Don’t do it the other way around, experience taught me.

            • Hi Helot,

              I understand the injunction to move but have sympathy for – and understand why – moving is not tenable for others. It is the same reason it isn’t tenable for me to move . . . out of the United States. I moved to the country 17 years ago and am extraordinarily grateful I was able to. And I was able to because I work for myself and did not need to be near a big city. Also, although I was married then, we had no kids and so no issues with the kids being uprooted, nor moving far away from family. And many of my friends were already here – where I live now.

              But to leave the US today? I’m middle-aged and not wanting to start over in a strange place. My life is here. My work, my friends – and my place. The house/land I put the past 17 years into. I will fight for it before I am forced to leave it.

              People face different challenges. It is easier for me to defy the Sickness Cult – especially as regards the wearing of the got-damned Holy Rag – because my boss (me) doesn’t tell me if I don’t I’m out of a job. Also, I am able to get what I need without putting the disgusting thing on. I have great sympathy for people who are forced to choose between work – and food – and wearing the filthy Rag.

              I think it’s important for us to support anyone who is on our side rather than criticize them for not doing as we have or think they ought to.

              • I wasn’t criticizing anyone, I’m just not coddling them when they say they have No Choice, yet clearly they do. I applaud that they stand up when they can. Maybe moving out of the country, or to Iowa, is hard, however; Montana is close enough to CA. to drive to. Packing your bags & loading up is not that difficult. Starting over likely wouldn’t be easy, nothing worth having is easy.
                Stay where you are if you want, just Don’t say you have no choice.

        • Wow, The big chain stores have security guards that ask you to leave? I had that happen at a Best Buy but I have a slightly hard time imagining it happening at the grocery stores here in Iowa.

          It seems like it would be dangerous to entertain delusions people have, sort of like telling a homeless person you see everyday who hangs out at the doorstep to your grocer that their pet dragon they tell you about, is pretty. After awhile…?

          You say, “I respect their private property”, but then, “Right now, the county forces them to require it” which means, it isn’t their private property you’re respecting.

          I am blown away that there are, “frequent undercover assholes in “sting” operations against businesses which don’t enforce masks.” that’s obscene. What state are you in?

          I’m glad you don’t give a rat’s ass about them while out on the trails,… you demand respect, there. I do the same. Everywhere.

        • Hi OP,

          I almost wish these Freaks would yell at me.

          I am averse to confrontation and try to avoid it. But I am sick beyond words of these hypochondriacs and their militant sickness. It has provided the fuel for the most intensive training I’ve done in my life and I am now pretty damned big – big enough, I suspect, to keep the Freaks quiet. I doubt there are many men who are militant Freaks. It seems to be mostly the mewly Soy Boy types and I enjoy making eye contact with them and seeing them look away, little fags that they are. I mean that last not in the homosexual sense.

          • That you felt you have to add the last line…. something to think about. How much self-censorship and compromise can you accept before the concept of ‘freedom’ is meaningless?

            Erosion of anything happens one bit at a time.

          • >Soy Boy types
            Low testosterone Antifa scum.
            Watch them scamper, in their cute little black bunny costumes.
            Couldn’t bulk up, even if they wanted to.

    • Where in CA do you live?
      I live in Corona, Riverside County 92882.
      I went full on Instacart in January, shortly after an “incident” at a local Stater Bros which nearly resulted in me decapitating the store manager for refusing to sell me groceries for the “crime” of showing my face.
      It would have given me great pleasure, however short lived, to have used his decapitated skull, first for a soccer ball, then for target practice.

      If you live in inland SoCal, I can give you a few locations (not chain stores) which, as of last contact, will not harass you for not wearing the Holy Face Diaper.

      Let me know…

    • You’re telling me

      THE ONLY good thing about this is it weeds out chameleons, since it’s harder for them to feign your interests when they’re afraid and we’re not.

      I hear from my single friend’s how so many women are like “I wont date anyone who doesnt mask”, though one’s also looking north jersey and NYC, so that automatically eliminates all the one’s who’d normally slip through the gates.

      Good thing Im a Hermit Wolf, all I need is to find an occasional fling and Im happy, not making this mistake again

  9. I’m pretty lucky to have married well in this regard. My wife of 20 years and my 3 kids are all anti-diaper. My oldest daughter is a senior in high school and tells me regularly how she does not wear one in school most of the time, even when teachers bark at her. She’s a straight A student and probably smarter than most of those teachers. She will argue with them if they get in her face about it, and from what I have heard, she wins those arguments. Proud dad right here.

  10. Just came across something – theres a british blog called Lockdown Sceptics – run by a guy named Toby Young from amongst other things the Spectator. Was there just now looking at the latest information about how we’re being conned when I noticed they have addressed the very issue of this article – they have a dating forum for those who are heretics of our age…. check it out – (called love in Covid Climate) though not sure if this site is big out in the US

    • Hey, look, we have a new excuse for not wearing a mask.

      “Persons who are vomiting should remove the mask until vomiting ceases,” the order states.

      Wow, thanks, CDC!

      • RG,

        That’s wonderful!
        Next time someone asks “Where is ‘your’ mask?”, I will simply tell them that “vomiting has not ceased”. They can ruminate on that for a while.

        • Hi BaDnOn,

          I am laughing just thinking about the response to such a statement. I think most of the Karens would be pretty speechless and think about the amount of space everyone would give you!

    • Thanks Mike, yes it is a great article, particularly this paragraph

      We wish masks worked because most Americans wear them now. Telling them it was unnecessary will not make them happy. We wish masks worked because they have become a symbol for virtue and social responsibility. Anyone who doubts their utility is personally attacked; as though they don’t believe the viral pandemic is real, or don’t care about those who die from it.

      However, instead of “personally attacked”, it is “politically attacked”.

      • Hi Clay,

        Indeed… one of the – perhaps the – greatest hurdle in the way of ending sickness psychosis is getting the two-thirds of the population that wears the Holy Rag to accept they were duped – and take them off.

        • Eric,

          That is a very tall order for some. There are many who i think want to take it off but don’t want the hassle from the self righteous karens. For many on the left this has become the new religion of the moment and no amount of cdc studies, actual doctors treating sick patients saying so, or non-biased medial studies will convince them that their “truths” are wrong. The only thing that is going to convince those of the church of the blessed face diaper to stop using it is when their favorite virtue signaling celebrities tells them to stop wearing it.

        • RE: to accept they were duped.

          I am trying to remember any examples to draw from.
          Wondering: What works best. What’s the usual time frame for putting up with knowingly being bamboozled.

          I imagine magicians have examples. Are there any examples from history, or the TeeVee? I am convinced Nothing will shake them from The Great Delusion, I’d be glad to be wrong.
          Insert the quote from the infamous ex-KGB guy saying, ~ “Not until they get a military boot kick in their big fat bottom to go into the Gulag do they realize” …here. x

          • Are You Easily Conned?Machiavellians are temperamentally predisposed to scheme and cheat. [..] However, they can’t have their way without trusting or foolish victims who ignore the warning signs. -psychologytoday

            Why Anybody Can Be Conned, Even You
            And then there are the more difficult to categorize cons — and it’s these that I’d like to discuss, because they speak to a handicap all of our brains have whether we realize it or not. […]
            The reason why anyone can be conned, even people who are usually discerning, is that our brains quite easily fall into what’s known as the “Trust Trap.” -forbes

            Mang, this is a deep rabbit hole. …

            • E-gads, so with that example, not until, as Antilles mentions, “when their favorite virtue signaling celebrities tells them to stop wearing it.”

              Which is, never.

        • I believe Mark Twain said it best, “It’s easier to fool a man than to convince he’s been fooled.”

          Once someone buys into a concept, no matter how ridiculous, no presentation of facts will change their mind. From what I’ve read it has to do with not wanting to face the humiliation of admitting their actions were wrong headed. That brings to mind what Ayn Rand wrote about getting your self-esteem by the opinion/approval of others. If you rely on someone else’s opinion as the basis of your self-esteem, not your own actions and self worth, you will become a slave to society at large.

          • “It’s easier to fool a man than to convince (him) he’s been fooled.”

            Except Twain got it kind of wrong.

            It is easier to fool a man than to have him *ADMIT* he was fooled.

            Even when people know they have been bullshitted, they will either go along with the bullshit to allowing themselves to avoid acknowledging their mistake, or they will go revisionist and claim they never believed and therefore were not fooled.

  11. Saw this message in a meme, which rang true. It said:

    If your woman isn’t a revolutionary, she’ll persuade you to be a slave.

    • The perverse irony is that last year completed America’s political polar reversal. Liberals are no longer the revolutionaries but are now the boring, stodgy Establishment. Pro-freedom Constitutionalists, by contrast, are the new “radicals.” (Remember when young women were generally fun-loving and rebellious? Nowadays they’re more like those cookie cutter, stick-in-the-mud 1950s TV housewives.)

      • Actually, in defense of 1950s housewives they at least got dolled up, cooked, cleaned, and reared the children. The liberal ladies of today don’t even have that going for them since based on my personal experience most of them have no idea what the oven is used for. Also, why do liberal women hate makeup?

          • Ugh! I never understood why any woman would wear sweats out in public, unless she is exercising. My favorite are the ones that wear their pajamas to the grocery store or on the airplane.

            • I see women of all strides wearing skin tight yoga pants. They either wear them to show off what they have below the waist or to give people the impression they’re fit.

              That is how egoistic the world has gotten.

        • You’re right RG, I didn’t mean to disparage 1950s women. They definitely had more class. I just meant that many of today’s young women seem devoid of that energy and brio that characterized previous generations.

          • Hi Jim,

            I can see some connection to what you are saying – almost a Stepford wife persona, but the subservient role is not to her husband, but to her government. Most of the 50s ladies were hard workers and most did not complain with their lot in life though. I think they had a certain mental toughness that allowed them to deal with situations much more tactfully than many of today’s women.

            • My mother raised 6 children. 4 in 4 years, a small gap. Then 2 more in 2 years. Dad took us to school in his Dodge w=ork van. Mom handled the phone calls as after 6 kids and 20 years working for someone else, Dad and his brother started their own plumbing business. Mom did all the cooking, eating out once every 6 months. She sewed all ours and her clothes. Never complained much. Never wanted much. And these new modern women complain about 1 or 2 children. Am I so glad I am now 66 and retired. All 6 of us went to work at 16. My older sister is now retired, a nurse for 47 years at the same place. I am ever so thankful I had such great parents who raised us 6 to be good souls.

      • Haha, well, I’ve heard that 1950s housewives stereotype might be a little inaccurate, i.e. many liked a little day drinking, stimulant pills and maybe a little swinging…
        But you’re right, in that the girls with blue hair and tattoos in my youth liked their fun, rebellion, edgy avant-garde music, and maybe even wild sex.
        Now, the modern “social-justice” girls often wear their hair blue, but they’re seem much more likely to give you a hard time and be disagreeable and patronizing (all while decrying the “patriarchy”) . Perhaps that’s not as true as the Internet would have me believe, but things seem to have shifted a bit, yes.
        Also, the stereotypical 1950s housewife was supportive, responsible, and dutiful. She maintained a clean house and poured you a glass of scotch when you got home from a hard day’s work. Many of the “liberal” girls of today would think that was all poppycock and servitude, though having some Washington suit pontificate your every move is wonderful.

  12. I’m a single man in my 20’s and I live in the Bay Area in the People’s Republic of California. It seems that the majority of women in my area have a strong devotion to the sickness cult. Wearing the holy rag is the woke cause of the month to all of the SJWs in my area. Many women want to wear masks on dates or still just do zoom dates. I’ve seen women write on their dating app profiles that they won’t consider dating you if you do not don the holy vestment. I’m just trying to accept that I may just be single for a long time or I need to move to a much more sane area where people are not devoted to the sickness cult like a religion.

    • B is a far better choice. Move to a better, more sane area. And WTF is a zoom date? Chemistry doesn’t pass over digital communications media at all!

    • WTH is a zoom date? Seriously, do people really do this? Do you both prepare your own dinner and drink wine at you stare lovingly into each other’s eyes over a computer screen?

      My husband never has to worry about me leaving. I would fail miserably at these new dating protocols.

      • I have no idea either, however; I’m guessing a zoom date is probably a lot like a zoom x-mas get-together, it validates their fears and it seems like it’s a part of their rituals leading to destroying the good aspects of humanity. Seems to me a zoom get-together – or a zoom date because of fear – the fear part being key, is no different than putting on a face diaper muzzle.
        Without the fear part though, yeesh, it seems a bit juvenile or something with a dollop of super nerd mixed with equal parts insecurity.

        • Hi helot,

          That sounds about right. I won’t even Zoom for work. I am happy to talk on the phone, email, meet in person, no zooming. I tried it once (work client) and it was incredibly uncomfortable since I could see myself the whole time and then you can see the other person’s background and I kept thinking I really need a picture on my back office wall and should I repaint. I wasn’t even paying attention to what we were discussing.

          • Hi RG,

            I sometimes get asked to do these Zoom meetings; I tell them the phone works for me – cell, even. But I don’t need to stare at my own face, as you say – and besides, it would mean I’d have to shave and shower so I don’t look like a schizophrenic homeless person!

            • Agreed, Eric. I tried it and never again. Most of my clients do want to zoom, but I always call in. Plus, some days I just wear a T shirt and blue jeans to work. I will put on a heels and a dress if meeting someone in person, but to do so through a computer, nah. Too much work.

            • Hi Eric,
              No need to “…stare at my own face…” Get a Zoom account (free) and post a picture in the account that will always be your ”face”, with no background showing.

              Maybe show the TransAm…

    • If you’re near Santa Cruz area, there’s a group that organizes free hugs on the beach. Probably some girls you might meet there, or friends of friends. They’re the ones that got the restrictions lifted on beaches this summer and had the mayor saying, “Apparently, people refuse to be governed.”

      I bet with a little sleuthing you’ll be able to find them 🙂

      • I actually do live in Santa Cruz area and have seen that group around town. They are some the few heretics who don’t adhere to the wearing of the holy vestment. It is a more common sight seeing people wearing masks riding a bike, driving in their car alone, while jogging, or hiking alone. Not wearing the rag symbolizes that you support the orange man and therefore you must be shunned. I got flipped off in San Francisco for choosing not to wear the holy vestment while going for walk outdoors. It’s absolute madness and I can’t wait to get the heck out of here.

      • I live in silicon valley, which is pretty close to Santa Cruz. I’ve been to Santa Cruz many times and have often walked along the pier and the boardwalk. It’s nice to know that there are some refuseniks in the Santa Cruz area. I have no idea if such groups exist in silicon valley. I wouldn’t mind meeting up with some fellow free thinkers. Hell, I even wish I knew of any supermarkets that I can enter without donning the face diaper.

  13. This is an interesting case, wherein the common flu left a man in a coma, though the title might lead you to believe it was the ‘Rona. Just as I discovered, the flu and MANY other things can give you ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome) and leave you in a state into which they seem to pretend only the ‘Rona can put you.
    It is said there are 200,000 cases of ARDS every year. I don’t think of myself as ignorant, but I didn’t know that 6 months ago.

  14. Here comes the Federal mask crackdown:

    Pull quotes:

    “Failure to comply will result in being prohibited from traveling”

    “CDC reserves the right to enforce through criminal penalties”

    Perversely, we’re going from “Get on the train” to “Get OFF the train,” but the principle is the same.

    (For those of us who are wont to say “I will not comply, I’ll just drive my car, I won’t take public transportation…” why do you think they want to outlaw ICEs?)

  15. Valentine’s Day is soon to be here, you’ll be hoping for an evening dining experience. You will have to wear a mask into a restaurant, then take it off while at the table, then eat your order of prime rib, maybe drink a Harvey Wall-banger or three, maybe a Sufferin’ Bastard, just to be even more miserable than everybody already is.

    Might as well red line the misery index.

    I keep beating my head against the wall because it feels so good when I quit. Similar to ‘the beatings will continue until the morale improves’, just on a self-inflicted level. Gotta get your level up. Nothing like cognitive dissonance, just do as you are told, sit down, you’re rockin’ the boat.

    Gotta come to your senses somehow. Mask mandates are like beating your head against the wall, it makes no sense other than quitting while you are still behind.

    There is no longer a mask mandate in my state, no city mask mandate either, it’s over.

    Somebody came to their senses. The game ends one way or another.

  16. I’m quite fortunate that my girlfriend (of many years, essentially wife) opposes wearing the diaper, mainly on inconvenience grounds. She’s very opposed to what has happened to the world. She’s even advocated that we go to a “COVID party” or “just get it and move on”. Unfortunately, even when you’ve had the ‘Rona, you world doesn’t let you “move on”. She’ll wear the Rag to the store if they trouble her, and from what I’ve seen, she dodges this by simply not visiting the store as often. Yours truly happily makes up for that, however. 😉
    She’s also a teacher, and therefore “entitled” to a dose of the coveted vaccines. She knows, however, that it’s more of a biotech experiment than anything else, and opts for taking her chances.
    She’s also a very “live-and-let-live” libertarian, or double-plus-unKaren, in Newspeak.

  17. Dunno if you’ve ever heard of Bjorn Bull-Hansen, feel like you’d appreciate this guy:

    He did one on positive masculinity awhile back, which pretty much immediately got taken down as hate speech, and he threw that shit right back up on his channel saying he would not be silenced, lol

  18. People have lost their businesses. People have lost their jobs. Suicides are up. Addiction is up. Domestic violence is up.

    These are crimes against humanity.

    If I have to stand before a deity one day and give an account of this past year, I can say I refused to be an accomplice.

    • This is exactly why I refuse to diaper unless I absolutely have to. Showing my face is my symbol to the world that I do not support the destruction of society as we know it. And I do not want to normalize people viewing other people as disease spreading biohazards and not as human beings.

  19. Haven’t spoken to her since she tried gas lighting me while ignore every link that provides a hyperlink to the source of the claim, and prior, she was like “I’ll just see you once a month”

    Not even upset, Im just thinking what a hell of a February, might save on Valentine’s day xD

    Again, I take my vitamins, work out, breathe in natural air and being a bit of a Hermit Wolf, hardly go places anyway as I prefer my own company in my own house when I dont visit friends who are dont wear masks outside of their jobs

    Side note, since I wont be jabbed or tolerate Glorified Air Waitresses (Karens they all are) on the flying sardine cans, now to just figure out where Ill roadtrip to this year

    • Zane,

      Sound as though you’re a lot like me, and many here. Don’t worry about the girl. You don’t need that kind of trouble in your life. There are more reasonable females out there, undoubtedly.
      I hope you have a nice roadtrip, by the way! That is, by far, the superior experience, anyway. Airlines and commercial flight have always been ranked up there between the DMV and dentistry in my spectrum of pleasantries.

      • Thanks BaDnOn

        Life happens, ya live and learn, and unlike my family and peers, I’m more the “Lives his own life” Bachelor compared to “Im 30 something, I need to get a 4dr and settle down already!!!”

        I mean, my Bro in law was 42 when he got married and 43 with his first kid, as well as my friend who’s a personal trainer and also my mom’s parents, so if I ever did wanna settle down, its all good.

        For now, just gotta reiterate to the soon to be ex is this really the hill our relationship will die on, wish her luck and live my life, as its too short to compromise and settle

        • It’s a sound policy, Zane –

          If you cannot have a reasonable conversation with her about “masks” – if she is not willing to listen to facts and logic (e.g., that a person who isn’t sick cannot get anyone sick; that a “mask” without a standard sufficient to actually prevent the transmission/reception of viral particles is nothing more than a ritualistic garment; that if a person is otherwise healthy, “the virus” presents very little risk of death or even seriously getting sick, etc.) then you’re better off parting ways because you will encounter the same difficulty communicating with her on a rational basis in the future.

          Imagine having kids with someone who has the mentality of a fearful and passive-aggressive child. If she is pressuring you to wear the god-damned Rag for the sake of her parents’ feelings (as opposed to letting them wear their Rags, if it makes them feel better) what else would she demand?

          That is what you’re facing.

          • Yeah, made up my mind, and besides, her parents are getting vaxxed anyway, so why would it even matter.

            It wasn’t just over the masks btw, it was about other things, primarily vaccines, which I’m absolutely opposed too, and even tell my Dr’s who try to use the fact I’m Diabetic (T1, the one you get as a kid, not because you’re fat) to knock it off.

            I’ll miss her dog, family’ll miss her, etc., but towards the end, felt more like a friendship than a relationship, and not in the still has a little spark sort of way.

            Thanks btw Eric!

    • I don’t always prefer my own company. Sometimes self examination can be painful, but being alone is a psychological requirement. How else can one examine their life and the path they’re on? Instead, we are considered social deviants if we don’t have constant companionship by means of a cell phone and some antisocial media account. Which is the fundamental reason far too many are so easily manipulated. They’re never alone to examine what’s going on in their life. Under a constant barrage of opinions/beliefs/philosophies of others. No need to form their own, far less effort required to simply obey.

  20. yesterday. entering my apartment, a busy, rich street , center of town, the local cops stopped me. i never wear a mask. Had my medical doctor excuse in my pocket. showed the cop. he didn’t seem overly smart, maybe couldn’t read. the shithead wrote me a ticket, $700 for disobeying. i saw, to myself, quietly. ¨fuck them¨.

    • Hi Frank,

      I doubt this is enforceable. I am unaware of any law having been passed regarding the wearing of the Holy Rag. It won’t stand up. And – regardless – I would never pay such a fine. Fuck ’em is right.

      • Actually, the “law” is clear that anyone who asks for such proof of any health impairment is committing a criminal act. If you volunteered it, that’s on you, but if the cop asked for it, its on them, and a crime. I suppose it’s possible, but I haven’t read any of the mask mandates that don’t exempt those with medical conditions. And you don’t have to prove it.

        • Hi John,

          “I haven’t read any of the mask mandates that don’t exempt those with medical conditions. And you don’t have to prove it”

          In the most recent update to Covid tyranny (November), the loathsome Governor of NM included this gem, “anyone not wearing a mask or a multi-layer cloth face covering must have a written exemption from a healthcare provider”.

          Prior to this, most businesses would either ignore me, or accept the medical exemption claim (I wouldn’t claim an exemption, just state, “there’s a medical exemption in the mandate”). Now, none of the large businesses (and very few small ones) accept it and will not let you in without a mask. I have informed managers that they are violating the ADA and Hippa statutes, they don’t care (one manager said so directly). I have heard that Whole Foods will let you in if you agree to a temperature check, but I have not tested that yet.


          • There may be hope. I read this AM on KOB website that a few Republican NM legislators are looking to pass legislation which would limit the Gov’s powers in an “emergency.”

            • Hi turtle,

              I’ve joined an Unmasked group in Santa Fe. Tonight’s meeting will discuss litigation efforts and legislation. I’m also going to propose my idea, where a large enough group of, seemingly uncoordinated, people enter an especially draconian business (Trader Joe’s is the worst) over about an hour, and just don’t leave. This will shut down the business for awhile, as they are enforcing occupancy quotas.


                • Hi Brandon,

                  I contacted Allan Stevo, who posts a lot at LRC, about my “shutdown” idea. He connected me with an organizer in Santa Fe. Allan was very receptive and helpful. Where do you live? I can ask at the meeting tonight if anyone knows of a group in your area.


              • Jeremy –
                BOL with your efforts. Let us know how it turns out, OK?

                I ceased patronizing Trader Joe’s last spring, when they started with making people wait outside for the “privilege” of spending money @ TJs. They look like a prime target for your “civil” disobedience, to me.

                If you want to raise the ante a bit, you could have all in your group wear an actual respirator, either half face or full face, with filter canisters. Impossible to speak with anyone while wearing a respirator. Try a paint store for the equipment.

                One way to get sympathy would be to carry canes, walk really slowly, push a cart, but make a show of being *really* indecisive. 🙂

                BOL 🙂

                • Turtle,

                  My thought is to make it appear to be completely uncoordinated. Wear nothing to stand out, just browse the aisles, read nutrition info, etc… It should take awhile for them to figure out what is happening. Then, if questioned, feign ignorance. I’m just a careful shopper, deeply concerned about what is in my food.


                  • >My thought is to make it appear to be completely uncoordinated. Wear nothing to stand out
                    That sounds like the best strategy, Jeremy.
                    > if questioned, feign ignorance. I’m just a careful shopper,
                    “Senile old fool” is a pretty good cover. 🙂
                    Practice up, man. 🙂

        • Even here in Australia. None of the mandates can be enforced by force of any kind, and that is written into the laws, federal and state. I have gone mask free in the last 6 weeks and was only challenged once. I stated I have a medical condition and the stormtrooper moved onto someone else.

  21. Zane,

    I feel for you. You are stuck between a rock and a hard place. In my household of four (wife, hubby, and two teenagers) we don’t wear the mask. I am adamant about not donning one and not having the kids wear one either. I am the anti Karen, and probably unreasonably so. My husband has worn one for work and to visit the doctors. He doesn’t like it, but is much more accepting of it than I am. Fortunately, he agrees with me that the kids should not wear one. Our marriage would be pretty tense if he believed the opposite.

    I don’t care if the people around me wear one as long as I am not forced to. My family (about 20 of us – grandmothers, parents, sisters, BILs, kids) have not stopped visiting each other nor do we wear masks when we are around each other. All of the rest have put one on (even their kids, including toddlers) though and are not as hard headed as me. Everybody knows I hate it and won’t wear one. All of us are in agreement this entire pandemic is BS, but the rest are willing to play along, I won’t. What the kids and I do and where we go is limited, but I am determined that we get through this with our principles intact.

    There are two reasons I won’t wear one or allow the kids to wear one….1) the psychological impact and 2) a refusal to be complacent in the midst of baloney. The mask, to me, is representative of slavery or ownership. A review of history shows us this…slaves wore masks. The mask also breeds distrust among our fellow peers. We start to believe that others are sick or worse, that we are. I don’t want my children (or myself) to fear other people. In our world, we still shake hands, we hug, we kiss each other on the cheek. When someone in public coughs or sneezes we don’t freak out.

    I take this virus seriously, as I would with any other cold or flu. I am a believer in good hygiene, eating healthy, and taking our vitamins, but I refuse to put my children or I through some subliminal mind game.

    Don’t get me started on the vaccine. 😉

    • Vaccine’s the other reason I’m not feeling it with her, I’m antivax and since she want to be a nurse, you can see where this is going…

      I act like it’s life as usual with my friends still, still live a limited life by choice, and places I know they won’t care, I go frequent without bringing attention to myself.

      Vitamins, Minerals, healthy eating, working out, etc.

      As I stated before, fortunately, good thing now is you can easily spot and weed out the chameleon’s who’d pretend to value what you do until it’s time to be themselves more easily, as they’ll be more upfront about their diapering and paranoia, so you can spot them a mile away rather than 3-6 months down the line when the mask comes off.

      Remember, a Mandate doesn’t exactly have teeth, it’s not an official law, so it can be challenged

  22. ‘Much worse will come if we bend to this.’ — EP

    Another variety of ‘bending to this’ was announced yesterday:

    Toyota, Fiat Chrysler and other members of the Coalition for Sustainable Automotive Regulation, said Tuesday they would no longer try to block California from setting its own strict fuel economy standards. Now Mr. Biden is expected to use California as a model for reinstating national rules.

    “We’re going to continue to play an important role in pushing the federal government and the auto companies,” vowed Jared Blumenfeld, the California secretary of environmental protection.

    Biden’s new federal standard will be jointly released by the EPA and the Department of Transportation. DOT secretary Buttigieg will be aided by NHTSA’s Steven Cliff, formerly the deputy executive officer with the California Air Resources Board. NHTSA will oversee the new auto fuel economy standards.

    California sets a standard of 51 mpg for model year 2026, but the coming Biden rule likely will take effect in 2028 or 2029. California and environmental groups are likely to push for even more aggressive standards ENDING sales of gasoline- and diesel-powered cars by 2035.

    Sadly, this is what happens when ‘pushy’ calicoms – California communists – infiltrate the US fedgov and californicate the whole country.

    Spineless auto makers welcome enemy alien calicoms the way defeated partisans hand out chocolate bars to invading occupation troops.

    Enough pre-ban vehicles remain to last us for a lifetime. Screw the EV makers. Never buy another new car. We don’t want their calicom EVs and larcenous electric utility monopolies.

    • >Enough pre-ban vehicles remain to last us for a lifetime.
      Bienvenidos a Cuba!

      Yeah, “clean” electric toys that pollute the air over the Grand Canyon with emissions from coal fired power plants.
      > Grand Canyon National Park (NP), Arizona, world-renowned for its breathtakingly iconic views, lies downwind of polluted air from coal-fired power plants in the Four Corners region,

      Can hardly wait for these knuckleheads to “mandate” battery powered container ships for the Port of Long Beach. Good luck with that…

  23. I’m glad that I’ve been divorced for a few years now. Don’t have to put up with a wife who buys into the garbage. If I do try dating again, the diaper will be the initial screening mechanism – voluntarily diaper, and you’re out. I can understand someone who is forced to for the sake of employment, but not voluntarily. Wonder how that would fly if I put that in an online profile.

    Interesting you should bring up family issues. My oldest daughter is taking the shot, as part of one of the clinical trials for Novavax. I told her that her grandmother and I refuse. Her choice, just like it’s everyone else’s, but we won’t take it.

  24. Interestingly, I am currently “sick” i had a fever, aches and a headache. It started coming on monday. But here is the kicker, my wife has been sick since friday night. She has the same symptoms as me,and i told her it is the flu and to take the tamiflu we have in the house. She refused and insisted she has covid. Monday when i began feeling sick i immediately took the tamiflu. I’ll give you one guess who is back up on their feet and who is still knocked out.
    We also had a conversation about who we have been around and who could have picked it up. Then she blurts out I got sick first which means i had to pick it up but I don’t understand, i’m the most cautious and you take no precautions except your immune system supplements so how could this happen. I could have gone over all the stats about how more people per 100,000 are getting sick in states with diaper mandates than those without. I also could have bought up that over 70% of people who supposedly have this claim total obedience to the diapers but i simply just said as i’ve told you from the beginning masks don’t work. The problem now is my oldest is sick and clearly has the flu but she refuses to let me give him the tamiflu. She wants to take him to the doctor. I’m going to insist that if she takes him that she insist a on a flu test before the fake corona test.

    • I wonder how many Covidians are coming down with bacterial puenomia and getting misdiagnosed thereby suffering from medical malpractice?

      • Amazing how quickly that tamiflu works as long as you start it early enough I’ll also add that the only reason i got sick is the 1 person in the house that shows proper genuflections to the sickness cult caught something despite her strict face diapering and hand sanatizer usage. Once she brought it into the house nothing was going to stop me from getting it.

        • Hi Antilles,

          People now consider getting sick something abnormal, justifying any measure to attempt to avoid. A year ago, people got sick – and almost always recovered – and that was normal life. No one liked it – but no one except hypochondriacs quivered in fear of getting sick.

          Until the country was turned into a giant hypochondria camp.

          • I agree Eric,

            I got sick, i’m getting over it, just like every other time in my life. Its like the mark of the beast now to get sick. I was told to stay away from the office for 2 weeks even though by tomorrow, the latest friday i will have completely kicked this. Incidentally i had mentioned my oldest was feeling ill. i slipped him a tamiflu and after a few hours of sleeping it off he is already starting to feel better. Finally for supposedly the worst respiratory virus ever according to the holy ones i had no issues earlier today finishing shoveling out my driveway and yard of the 22 inches of snow we got.

        • She didn’t get sick despite her sickness rituals- far more likely she got sick BECAUSE of them. Both hand sanitizer and masks weaken your immune system.

          • Ernie,

            Not sure who did the study but they studied states with face diapering mandates and those without. The infection rates was 27 per 100,000 in states with mandates and 17 per 100,000 in states without.

    • I’m 66 years old. In November of 2019 I came down with the flu (COVID?), which I caught from my son’s family. At the first symptom, I took a double dose of Zinc and vitamin D, along with pouring myself a glass of colloidal silver, which I make, and sipping it for several hours. In four days I was completely well. My son battled it for a month, by which time of course it had become bronchitis. Caution on the Zinc, you will get nauseous if you overdose. Cheap methods of making colloidal silver are abundant. It is the only nontoxic substance that actually kills viruses, as well as bacteria.

      • Hi John,

        When I feel a cold coming on, I go for a run. It cures the cold practically every time; my theory being that by raising the body’s core temp – as a fever does – you kill the bug.

        • I should try that.

          I just up the vitamins and Zinc like John, then also include a Hot Toddy with lemon juice and Whiskey, always does the trick as well.

          Gotta get some more Colloidal Silver though, definitely need to stock up to be safe

        • Exactly right Eric,
          I can’t always go run around here with the snow and ice but I always give myself a hard workout, push-ups, weights, whatever to get a really good sweat going. A fever is exactly how your immune system fights off germs. Taking aspirin or whatever to reduce the fever is just going to prolong your misery, works for me every time also.

  25. Co-workers wife is a teacher. She has pitted the guys children against him with the whole mask wearing thing. All three of them gang up on him and “force” him to wear the rag. He comes to me to bitch about it and try to rationalize why he gives in. All I can say to him is “Who’s in charge in your house?” He just shakes his head. I agree that women are utterly fanatical and hysterical about the rag. That is certainly the case where I work and buildings worst enemy is a female mask nazi running around reporting people and micromanaging mask wearing to the point where people are considering reporting her for harassment. Sadly, the second worst at work is a guy. I’ve had HR level run in’s with both of them because I don’t wear one. They make life miserable for everyone else in the building.

    • Hi Pappa,

      I’ve had the shrill Karen types – the girl at my ex-coffee shop, for instance – and women who are the opposite, including my gf and some women I have encountered at stores, such as the nice lady who approached me and thanked me for not wearing the god-damned rag. At the same time, I have said good-bye to two male friends of 20-plus years’ standing because they are Diaperers.

      I can’t be around such people – and no doubt they feel the same about me!

    • PappaS,

      I feel for your friend, although its impossible for my wife to pit my boys against me because they see the ridiculousness of it all and have fondly(for me) taken to the face diaper description. My wife’s favorite line to my “cavalier ” attitude has always been the what if one of us gets it and gets really sick. She used that on me constantly until i turned the tables on her using the same logic about the holy jab and its side effects. Now even she has no desire to take the jab and no longer uses that argument. Best is this past saturday when it was clear she was sick, she suggested i wear a face diaper in our house. I told her i would rather catch whatever you have and end up in an icu before i put a diaper on in my own home.

    • Man I don’t know who these women are, but the majority of the mask culters and by faaaar the cringiest I have encountered, have been dudes, many of the females have been firmly in the “I call bullshit” camp while many of the guys are total autists about it. But even that doen’t matter because there’s no correlation to be found there. Thank all the phytoestrogens in the food and all the time they spent in indoctrination camps mindlessly worshipping authority.

      Gotta stop blaming people for havin a cooch, ain’t the common denominator for trouble as often as yas would think. If ya get married to someone and they don’t know how to think for themselves, are led through life by their emotions, and can’t appreciate the true moral highground, you’re gonna have problems, no matter their genitalia. Wagering half your stuff on any relationship when ya haven’t established with them where your line is drawn when it comes to what really counts in life, is just a good way to lose half your stuff along with the support system you never knew you never had to begin with. Male or female they’re gonna expect you to side with them on something they never even gave thought to themselves.

      Zane..find yourself a nice voluntaryist. Plenty of girls out there in the ancap world who’ll value the fact that you are an individual.

        • No need to worry, I’m not even bothered by this, since I’ve stated countless time’s I’m a Hermit Wolf (Not a lone wolf, just a hermit wolf, as I prefer my house and company, although also have a circle I talk to/see regularly)

          As I’ve also stated, it’ll be easier to spot Chameleon’s masquerading about now as you’ll spot them more easily between their conformist attitudes and fear of being without the diaper, so even though Brandonjin’s right as well, also makes it easier to weed through the crap.

          Talk about an interesting thread/post before Valentine’s day btw

  26. All that Fauchi asshole has to do is say “I don’t know.”

    He doesn’t know. No one knows. Society has never tried to stop a cold virus before, especially one that is so mild as to not cause a reaction for many who have it. One that primarily affects people in their waining years, people who have already lined up their wills, made “arrangements,” have the cemetery plot paid for.

    People in Fauchi’s age group.

    Maybe Fauchi should be more concerned with his journey to Valhalla than trying to stay here another day.


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