Reader Question: Making it “Easier”?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Bill asks: I am a car guy as well and have no argument with what you wrote about in your recent column. I’m wondering if you could check out the company, Brilliant Light Power. Maybe you have heard of them already. They are making claims that many say are not possible. From what I have seen over the many years of following their progress, it looks like this technology will be a game changer.

My reply: I always approach claims such as these in the same way that the astronomer Carl Sagan responded to the question he was once asked about whether he believes aliens from other worlds exist and have visited the Earth. His answer was that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

The claims made by Brilliant require such proof.

I’ve read about Dark Energy/Dark Matter before. My understanding is they are hypotheticals; i.e., asserted possibilities based on mathematics (like the Alcuberrie Drive; i.e., the hypothetically possible faster-than-light engine) but not yet established as factual much less practical sources of power.

I watched the videos/read the materials and it seems plausible but it’s above my pay grade as I’m not a trained physicist and only have a relatively informed layman’s understanding of the basic ideas. But – for what it’s worth – my gut (which has served me well) tells me such things are probable.

I read many years ago about what the Jane’s Defense writer Nick Cook styled “zero point” energy, supposedly being looked into by the Nazis during that era. He adduced some compelling evidence that something was afoot. There is also the work of Tesla – not the grotesque electric rent-seeking company, the man. Who was a genius.

I suspect there are interests who’ve suppressed low-cost (let alone free) energy – because that would undermine the foundation of a hierarchical society premised on debt and service of debt. It would free people from drudgery and from economic servitude. This is an appalling prospect, from the perspective of the ruling corporate-government (same thing) elites.

It’d be neat if this technology existed, could be propagated practically, etc. But until I see something tangible that can be tested/fact-checked, I remain a skeptic.

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  1. Another (similar) project worth checking out is the SAFIRE Project, or Aureon Energy, based in Canada. They have a very legitimate team of physicists and engineers and are currently seeking seed investments. Websites: and Alas, the technology is not likely to see the light of day as this article points out:


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