Reader Question: Diapering in Alexandria?

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Here’s the latest reader question – which is more a commentary – along with my reply, which follows after:

John writes: I travel frequently between Virginia Beach, Alexandria and Mesa, Az. I must admit that Alexandria is by far the worst and the differences are amazing. People here are scared to the point of placing their hands firmly over their mask and face when passing my maskless self outdoors on a sidewalk. Even those exercising generally mask up and they chatter about those who don’t on the online neighborhood apps.

However, hope shone through yesterday in several warm ways. I encountered an older lady in soft tears sitting on the fourth floor of our locked stairwell. I asked if she needed help or was intending to visit someone in the building. She replied, “no” and indicated that she was warming up. Knowing that she couldn’t stay there, I walked around the block to Catholic Charities where they discretely manage to feed many in need (without government help I presume and hope). There I met another maskless John and asked if he could help. He shook my outstretched hand, threw on his jacket and gladly accompanied me down the street, through a dark parking lot and up an unknown stairway. Moments later the lady eagerly accepted John’s help and I watched them walk off as John made arrangements for a shelter van to pick her up and provide some sort of accommodations for the night.

My reply: A heartening report! These are the small, isolated expressions of humanity that will knit humanity back together, eventually. Not all, of course. Some people are beyond the reach of reason – and humanity. But don’t let them spoil your view of all humans. There are many good ones left – and they’re the ones that matter!

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  1. Cool story…but just FYI:

    65% Catholic Charities budget comes from federal and local government contracts and grants. Over the last decade, they have received over $1.6 BILLION in taxpayer funds…..

    Just like other aspects of the welfare state…we’re all forced to support this “charity”. (As A Christian, it not only disgusts me that a ‘church’ would be on Caesar’s payroll…but that I am forced to thus support an organization whose beliefs and practices I am opposed to.)

  2. It is “The Remnant” that will have to rebuild humanity when this is all over. This story is just one that will be remembered.


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