Reader Question: The Fix for What Ails the Accord?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Eric asks: Recently you penned two separate pieces that are both relevant to my situation. As an owner of a 2016 Accord Touring, I co-sign the reader that is interested in the Touring over more expensive vehicles. I intentionally bought the 2016 for the V6. My very first automobile experience was driving my dad’s 1972 Skylark GS (455) to high school, so I consider myself somewhat knowledgeable of what V8 power feels like. At any rate, I have figured out how to get over the fact that I now drive a front wheel drive sedan (did I just say that?) and it’s actually a surprisingly fun car. Now, I liked the Touring as is / no modifications except for this weird sort of pause/hesitation once the accelerator is stomped. Once it gets over this brief “pause” the car flies. It’s annoying however,  I’ve adjusted.

Then the other day, you mentioned something about a Honda/Acura VCM muzzle. I did a little research on the topic, the class action lawsuit, etc. and I probably would not have purchased a Honda product had I known any of this beforehand. Anyhoo, per your suggestion I have installed the VCM muzzle and the acceleration pause/ hesitation is now gone. Palm to forehead The car now drives like a V6 should. I owe you a drink!

My reply: My pleasure!

I wish Honda/Acura would offer VCM muzzle as an option – or, better, offer VCM as an option.

It is installed solely as a “compliance enhancer” – of no meaningful benefit to the buyer of the car. Which is an outrage, when you reflect on that a little. What is the government doing interfering with the transaction between seller and buyer? Where, pray, in the Constitution does the federal government have the legal (let alone moral) authority to involve itself in such things at all?

I wish more people would demand answers to that question.

Holler when you’re in my neck and I’ll take you up on that drink!

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  1. My old Lumina used to behave like that on the highway. Ran fine but anything over 65mph it would growl til it got past it, and then I was zoomin right along with the trucker convoys. I was young, chalked it up to personality or possibly some kind of inhibitor. Shared a book with the Monte Carlo and Impala but felt governed like it just wasn’t permitted to have as much fun.


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