Gain of Functioned

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Why do the Needlers – many of them – insist that others be Needled, too?

Aren’t they now “safe”? Shouldn’t they be unworried?

The expectation – the demand – appears to be absolute invulnerability. That any chance the Needled might still get sick, however minuscule, is ferociously unacceptable and justifies the imposition  – on others – of whatever is necessary to make them feel safe.

Including the Needling of others. As many Needlings as are “necessary” – in perpetuity.

Does it have a familiar ring?

Before the Orange Man failed – and then succeeded, in getting his operation up to “warp speed” – these same people were demanding that everyone else wear the Face Diaper they were claiming “kept them safe” – belying their faith in just that. If it did “keep them safe”  then why worry about others not wearing the thing?

Well, it might not be 100 percent effective.

There is a chance you – or “someone” – might be sick and that you might get others, even the Face Diapered, sick – and for that reason everyone must always wear a Diaper. Even after having been Needled.

For the sake of 100 percent obedience, which is what this is really all about.

Marketed  – using manufactured guilt – as being necessary – in order to make the Diapered – and now the Needled – “feel safe.”

This is not reason. It is neurosis. Unashamed, belligerent. Empowered.

Without end.

There will always be a chance that “someone might” – whatever the fear asserted happens to be.

If that is accepted as the new standard, if all of us are morally obliged to adjust our actions to whatever degree is necessary to assuage the fears of such weaponized neurotics, then we will spend the rest of our lives in thrall to the fears of such neurotics.

Who will become more and more neurotic, as fear compounds because the sick power it confers is limitless and thus as intoxicating as Adrenochrome is said to be. This real-life Adrenochrome sucks the life out of everything and does so in the name of “protecting” life – an outrage of such effrontery it leaves the victim sputteringly speechless for a time.

Yes, let’s take kids out of school and isolate them at home, make them sit by themselves staring at a computer screen all day; deny them contact with other kids and teach them that other kids are dangerous to be in contact with. Make them look like and feel like drones by effacing their faces.

Cripple them emotionally. Then inject them with a drug of unknown properties and provenance, to stave off the 0.02 percent chance they might die from a “virus” that they’ve been taught to believe will kill millions of them and everyone else they come into contact with, otherwise.

The people behind that are the same weaponized neurotics – gain-of-functioned – who gave us “safety” seats for  kids and before that “safety” belts for adults.

They are same neurotic control freaks who go berserk when someone passes them on the road, pounding their steering wheel, flashing their headlights and honking their horns.

It was funny, once.

Scary, now.

I used to try to make the argument that someone else’s fear that I was driving “too fast” ought to take a back seat to the fact that my driving has not resulted in any harm. Therefore, it seemed to me, I was not driving “too fast” – a standard without objective meaning.

Unlike, say, harm caused. Which is inarguably objective.

Ah, but you might cause harm by driving “too fast.” I was pelted with that argument once by a now ex-friend, who feared my supposedly “too fast” driving but didn’t seem to care about the fears expressed by others about his guns.

I attempted to reason with him.

You, I observed, have not shot anyone. Of course, there is a chance you might shoot someone, since you do have guns. What if you lose control of yourself one day? Do you accept that my fear – just for the sake of discussion – obliges you to give up your guns? To keep them locked away in a safe, even?

So as to make me feel safe?

I made no headway.

Cognitive dissonance stands in the way.

Many of the Diapered – and the Needled – are people who could stand to lose many pounds. Their obesity is a greater objective threat to their health than the proximity of someone who “might be sick” or isn’t wearing a face-effacer or who has not received the Holy Needling.

But they cannot understand it – and so fear it – because they feel differently.

Feelings are stubborn things – corrupting John Adams’ pithy saying about facts. More so, arguably – as facts can vitiate feelings.

Provided one is willing to give primacy to the former rather than the latter.

But feelings have assumed primacy in the minds of many, which no longer are minds – in the human sense. Minds think. Thinking forms on the basis of facts.

Which leads to reason.

Which results in humanity. Not the bipedal forms thereof but rather the expression thereof. As expressed by an understanding that one size should not fit all; that we ought to live – and let live. Most of all, that our fears must not be allowed to find expression in animal hatred – and animal lashing out.

It may take awhile to recover such humanity. But it will never be recovered until enough of refuse to be held in thrall by terrified animals.

Our obligation is not to calm their fears. It is to reject their hold over us – and recover our lives.

.  .  .

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  1. This is perhaps the best article ever written in the past 20 years by anyone and I do not throw that out there lightly. This hits on so many points with regards to the “needling” and the “masking” and the “cases” but so much more…mainly, the essence of what it is to be a human being. Are you a human being if you no longer think for yourself or reason for yourself, or come to conclusions based on facts and truths gathered? Are you human without that ability? Are you human if you give up that ability, willingly or otherwise?

    I will give the answer very simply….no. Act like an animal, get treated like an animal. Oh how so many will be in for a rude awakening, but it will be too late for them…much too late. Warnings not heeded, critical thinking processes not used…on their dying breathes they’ll blame everything under the sun for their plight too, when in reality it was all their fault. The great culling has only just begun folks…that is not hyperbole.

    • Man, I’ve read more than once from people who know more than me about such things, if anyone is expecting to stop them when they reach the mailbox or the doorbell, it’s too late.

      Seems a few too many have such notions.

    • Bill Cooper said it well almost 30 years. Paraphrasing: In the eyes of the elite, intelligent animals who don’t use their intelligence are no different than animals without intelligence. Beasts of burden and steaks on the table by choice and consent.

  2. The ignominy of being injected with a potentially life-altering (or ending) potion, while being forced to wear a face diaper for that privilege. Oh, how tired I am of seeing pictures of people getting needled with a diaper on their face. This forced degradation ritual, which is only missing the inclusion of a TSA hand job or a hands-up pose in their panty scanning machines. I guess maybe my being a diaper refusenik means they won’t come near me with a needle. Or, they’ll just shoot me with a curare dart first, and get a two-fer of a forced diaper and needle.

    • I think part of their perverse pleasure is to have willing participants. It’s just not as much fun to force us objectors.

      • It’s true. Satan and his minions need you to make the choice to willingly submit of your own free will. To convince you to cheerfully degrade yourself by using the strongest tool in it’s arsenal; deceit.

  3. The next step after vaccination is an rfid implanted under your skin. Your car won’t start if it doesn’t recognize the rfid. You just wait until that happens. I dunno, who knows what’s going to happen. Good Lord.

    If you wear a mask, you are owned. You do what you are told, simple as that.

    President Xiden, God bless him and bless his heart, ruled that you wear a mask or get vaccinated, your choice.

    How abouts no to both, you stupid braindead dunce?

    Has anyone ever informed the President that he is a sorry excuse for a human being?

    Since when does the President have any right to tell anyone what the rules are? Not Joe who makes the rules. He is going to one day be very surprised and taken aback when he finally finds out he doesn’t make the rules.

    People are going to just plain tell these jokers and clowns to go straight to hell and stay there forever. Best place for them.

    Not only do you have to survive, stay alive, you have to live and thrive.

    • Hi Drump,

      I hesitate to post this publicly but it’s important, so I will. I have learned that the local FEMA coordinator in my area has openly stated he wants to see everyone in my county “vaccinated” – at gunpoint, if need be. I have this statement on very good authority.

      • Eric Clapton got sicker than a dog after the jab of death. The story is at Rollingstone magazine.

        Be a good time to abandon wherever you are with your feet, disappear to parts unknown. Get out of Dodge.

        My guess is some will do the john galt routine to organize resistance, then the shitheads in charge will begin to worry.

        There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass – Admiral Yamamoto

        Maybe he said it, maybe he didn’t.

        I’d be worried.

      • Does a FEMA coordinator have any control over any of this? Sounds like a bull shit position to me. I am not worrying until they show up on my doorstep. I believe they will, but that doesn’t mean I have to answer.

        • Hi RG,

          I’m not sure. However, my source tells me that FEMA has plans already worked up for rounding people up – for “health reasons” and using places like elementary/high school buildings to warehouse them in the event of an “emergency.” Also, that they are set up to escalate within a few hours’ notice.

          The convo I had over the weekend was extra-creepy.

          • FEMA? The same department that couldn’t find their way to New Orleans or Houston or any state and county in America? The ones who show up after the place has been cleaned up and cleared out and announce “We are here to help!”

            Eric, the government is ridiculously unorganized, horribly so. How are they going to know who to round up? Where are the kids going to go to school at at they house those that refuse to follow orders?

            There are at least 20 million people in this country with no documentation. We may want to become one of them. My guess is that FEMA will be as successful as the Census Bureau when they showed up at my door last year.

            Honestly though, have you ever know the government to escalate anything in a few hours notice? If 20% of the nation has no plan to get the shot that equates to about 65 million people…..they are going to need more high schools.

            Does your driveway have a bell or an alarm that goes off when someone enters? If it doesn’t I would advise putting one in. They are super cheap and can be purchased at Lowes or Home Depot. Well worth it for peace of mind and giving you enough advance notice to get ready.

            • Im starting to think its more than say 20% or whatever they tell us RG.

              Think about this – in the UK they kept telling us that the under 50s wont be vaccinated till the end of the year / early 2022 in December when the first vaccinations were started. This was based on the number of vaccines they had procured and the number of people in the country (which is under estimated I suspect), and the age distribution, and the number of at risk people they wanted to cover first.

              When this thing got underway – under 50s got offered their shot last month, and last week they reached under 40s. They are saying by the end of this week they will reach under 35s.

              Whats changed – vaccine production is the same as always. The number of people in the country couldn’t have gone down…. its clearly because a huge number of people aren’t turning up!!!!

              • Maybe we aren’t giving people enough credit. Let’s be honest there may be more than a few who have even lied that they received it just to keep the hound off their trail.

            • Hate to say it, but the government isn’t as incompetent when it comes to enforcement of things it wants. It zeroes in a locks on tight when it wants something done.

              Things that could be helpful to citizens, yes, always incompetent.

              It’s very good at force and being a bully. Even FEMA.

              • Hi rich,

                I don’t take government bureaucrats seriously. Don’t get me wrong there may be a few stragglers in there that are accomplished, effective, and have some idea on what they are doing, but in dealing with local, state, and federal departments for over two decades these people are far and few in between.

                My fear has never been government. My fear is large corporations. They are the most influential, effective, and decisive when it comes to the transformation of the USSA.

                • Unfortunately, there is one thing that all governments are VERY good at. Killing people. In fact, it’s practically the ONLY thing they are good at. Regarding your distinction between government and corporations, there is none. The government is in the pocket of corporations, and corporations are maintained by the government. They are in fact a creation of government. They do not occur naturally.

                  • Hi John,

                    What would happen if all of the private businesses (defense contractors, hospitals, supply houses, etc.) stopped doing business with the government tomorrow? If Amazon told the government “we are no longer handling your servers”, if Raytheon said “we are no longer putting missiles into space for you or providing drone coverage”, if 3M said “we will stop supplying FEMA with N95 masks.”

                    What would happen? The government would fall. Why? They build nothing. They produce nothing. They create nothing.

                    The government owns and controls nothing. It is all private enterprise that are willing to deal with the government until it is no longer beneficial for them to do so.

                    Private corporations are not an arm of the government they are the ones yanking that arm saying “you will do what we tell you to do.” In fact, they are the puppet masters.

                    • Which one of those corporations are going to abandon the source of their monopolistic profits? Which one of those CEOs is going to jail instead of doing the state’s bidding? Just like there are always soldiers who will carry out the state’s wishes, there are corporations who will as well. As I said above, the state created them, and it can dispose of them. They have only those rights the state grants them. The puppet master is the bank cartel. Nothing happens without money, corporate or government, however worthless it becomes.

                    • John hits the nail on the head there.

                      Even if they ceased doing business with them, wouldn’t govt just find a way to force companies to provide services under the guise of an emergency? Would be a pretty big emergency for them if all their servers and military contractors quit. What was it Bernie was suggesting about commandeering factories for mask production least year.. Actually, govt DID have companies reallocating their inventories of masks and gloves to fork over to hospitals, pretty sure under EOs, so it’s not all that far off.

                      When you’ve got all those goons with guns and the illusion of authority held over people.. you can take what you want whether they say they’re leaving you or not. Fortunately for those “private companies” the govt leaves no incentive for them to ever part ways.

      • “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand? After all, you knew ahead of time that those bluecaps were out at night for no good purpose. And you could be sure ahead of time that you’d be cracking the skull of a cutthroat.”

        ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956

        Replace arrests with shots…same thing as the shot will kill you.

  4. No-mask wearing update: Haven’t worn in over a month, except on an airplane. No one to date has challenged me, supermarket, etc…. except three times in one little venue this past weekend. Was challenged three times, and first I ignored, nothing happened. 2nd time I ignored again, nothing happened. 3rd time I said ‘no I will not’, and never got bothered again.
    All my friends I was with did, and I was disgusted with them. I couldn’t believe that they were scared, and most are all jabbed, OMG………..

      • Anon, Azithromyacin used to be dirt cheap. It was about $8 per 30. I needed some for an infection ten or more years ago. I go to the pharmacy to pick it up and it was $130. I told the pharmacist I could find something much cheaper and I wouldn’t need it. He didn’t know the price and I told him. He said “I thought it was about $8 or $10 since that’s what it’s always been.

        It was that long ago that cheap drugs went up more than 10 fold and really cheap drugs were removed. Now, big corporations control everything and govt. enforces it. Everything has become a get rich thing, regardless of what it is. Doxycycline went from being on the shelf at Tractor Supply for nearly nothing to being expensive and by prescription only. It would cure most everything in most every animal including fish. Just throw a goodly amount into a fish tank and the fish quit dying. It’s all about greed, every damned thing in this country.

        In other countries when yo get bitten by a poisonous snake like a rattler, the cure was about $100/dose and some people might require 4 or 5 doses in bad cases. In the US it’s over $1,000/dose. In some places it’s even cheaper than $100/dose. Follow the money.

  5. just commented on your other article about this Eric – saw a girl I went to school with post a pic of her 13 year old kid proudly getting vaccinated !! WTF !! really saw that as so shocking… have they even approved this on kids yet?!

    • Even if it is approved (by TPTB), the jab should never be anywhere near anyone! Parents are supposed to protect their kids!!

      • RE: “Parents are supposed to protect their kids!!”

        True. Very true.
        However; consider that human beings have children, goats have kids.

        Just something I think of from time to time when I see or hear the word, ‘kidz’.

  6. An update on my nephew’s admission to Bard College and their insistence on students getting the jab:

    My daughter, husband and nephew spent some time exploring the campus last week and talked to Admissions. They asked about the vaccination policy and were informed in so many words that it is not an airtight requirement. If you petition the school with either a religious or other ‘valid’ reason for not taking it, it is more than likely you don’t have to get the jab.

    My hunch is that schools like Bard that are losing their relevance as institutions, won’t be able to draw strong red lines that could keep paying students from attending. They’ll buckle under if they see you have fortitude.

    Lots of hot air around that we can ignore. Words have lost their meaning. Authority exists only to the degree that you acquiesce to it. That is a great lesson now being learned. Perhaps many of those on the fringe are growing up and soon to experience much more personal power, becoming more comfortable challenging the absurdity of society’s strictures. It’s either that or walking into the ovens.

      • Hi Raider Girl,

        Yes, thanks, it’s indeed good news.

        I had an interesting follow-up thought on my nephew’s future at Bard and what it will be like for him to be a stand-out from the vaxxed kids. It will be some kind of issue for him if his peers or teachers find out. He’ll have to figure out how to deal with it. He will get labeled perhaps, but my thought is that it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

        It’s OK to be marked as a conscientious objector! It’s similar to being a conscientious objector and not getting drafted into the military. He can be part of an alternative community of non-vaxxers due to his higher principles. Hopefully he will have some peers who will have taken the same road and he can stand alongside them.

        I think I’m going to help counsel him to develop a faith or religious basis for his no vax stand which he will present to the college. I am sure his parents are already on it. It will be a good exercise for me too.

        If anyone has some thoughts on a simple ‘faith based’ (not necessarily of a conventional religious nature) creed for the young non-vaxxed, please share.

        • I was working with a guy I hadn’t worked with before but we’d been working together for a few months. He was my age and one day he was getting a snack from his pickup while there was a hold up on him needing to be on the loader. I walked up beside him and the noise level was high. I said something to him and he jumped and said “You scared hell out of me”. I apologized and he replied when you’d lived a couple years in the jungle and somebody was suddenly beside you it left you paranoid.

          I said I reckon that would be the case but I’d never had the experience. We were the same age and he asked “How the hell did you stay out of Nam?” I told him “any way I could till the lottery came along and I was way down the line”. He said “Well, congratulations, it wasn’t a place anyone wanted to be and I wish I could have avoided it”.

          Sometimes you can say something that makes you invisible to govt. mandates. I learned only a couple years ago a friend I knew from back then had been drafted. He went in and took his physical and they were asking him questions. He told the draft crew that he’d put on the uniform and go wherever they shipped him but he refused to carry a gun and kill people he didn’t know. They quickly put a 4F or something on his papers and told him to go home….just that quickly.

          I’d bet a lot of other people would have done the same if they’d just said those words.

    • Let’s suppose that they start herding people into the ovens. Further, let’s suppose that a couple of armed preppers find the route, dig a foxhole in the bushes, and start picking off the guards one by one until none are left.

      How many of the people being herded will stop, turn around, and walk away?

      How can we teach them?

      • Good question. I’ll answer it tomorrow once I’ve made my weekly visit to Wally World and see how many shoppers are still wearing masks (despite the governor dropping the mandate last week). My guess is that most willingly choose to become oven fuel.

    • Same issue for my daughters college. They recently ‘said’ you must jab to come back in the Fall, and I immediately told her she has to transfer (her senior year, private school, blue state), and that I would help her do it. A few days go by, “not to worry dad, took care of it, I visited with my advisor and she gave me the valid reasons to avoid the force jab”, haha, way to go daughter.
      So far the same with my son (senior year, public school, different blue state). I told him the same thing although they have not mandated it (yet). I told him to gather as many peers that won’t do it and make your voices heard, or you will not come back. He started to do this, and attracted the attention of a self-proclaimed ‘very high-up, influential professor’, who wanted to have a meeting with him. He told my son ‘I need you to come with me to meet with our President’. He also said that this President is a ‘closet conservative’ and hides it because of her position (wow). Not sure what has happened since, but he was told that the Prof. was on his side, big time.

      • Thanks Chris for the upbeat report on your kids’ experience with the jab.

        I think this speaks to what is going on behind the scenes. All it takes is a few resolute individuals to hold their ground. If they do, they find they have peer allies, and a new tribe forms. Then it’s discovered that there are allies higher up the food chain that have been stuck playing their roles and now are thrilled to find others of like mind that might coalesce and change the whole social dynamic.

        As I said earlier in this thread, “authority exists only to the degree that you acquiesce to it.” Lo and behold, if you keep to your resolve, you might find the earth under your feet trembling and the herd beginning to follow you. It’s the resolve that people respond to, not necessarily the ideology. They are sheep and now they see you as their leader.

      • The entire process of begging an authority to allow some aspect of self ownership just sets with me wrong. Even if it is them starting to crack because they find it unsustainable.

  7. “Our obligation is not to calm their fears. It is to reject their hold over us – and recover our lives.”

    I’m picturing an old movie scene where a hysterical person is literally slapped out of it. IOW the opposite of enabling, but it does have a calming effect. 🙂

  8. Car/Gun Analogy:

    Gun: “You, I observed, have not shot anyone. Of course, there is a chance you might shoot someone, since you do have guns. What if you lose control of yourself one day? ”

    Car: You, I observed, have not driven over anyone. Of course, there is a chance you might obliterate someone, since you do have cars. What if you lose control of yourself one day?
    Gun: I have not shot anyone. Of course, I freely handle my loaded firearm with my finger on the trigger, safety off, and casually pointed towards others. This is only a problem because with this behavior you don’t **feel** safe. After all I have never shot anyone.

    Car: “someone else’s fear that I was driving ‘too fast’ ought to take a back seat to the fact that my driving has not resulted in any harm. Therefore, it seemed to me, I was not driving ‘too fast’ – a standard without objective meaning.”

    • Hi Slug,

      I get your point, but here’s mine:

      You can easily posit a scenario where a given action seems and even may well be “reckless.” But it is still a subjective until harm has actually been caused. On the other hand, when harm actually has been caused, it is undeniable and – accordingly – it is equitable to hold the person responsible to account.

      But it is not equitable, ever, to hold people to “account” for harms they have not caused.

      So, the issues resolves to: Accept the risk that something bad may happen to innocent people – or the certainty that bad things will happen to innocent people.

      • Yes. People are generally lousy accountants. Reconciled checkbooks were on the dodo bird decline for a long time. Outright financial “engineering”, embezzlement, has been ascendant for a long time. Making safety the unmitigated good ignores everything else that simultaneously debits-debits-debits all the way down to an increasingly negative sum bottom line. Not enough people care about the net. Net negative sum games abound. One number/metric specialists are blind to all the other numbers/metrics. Rainman can count the spilled toothpicks, but you better not take him to Vegas. Toothpick counting’s his one trick.

    • So, Sébastien Ogier, driving M3 on a sunny Sunday morning and doing 70 in 65 zone is driving “too fast” and therefore a danger to others; while an old grandpa in an old pick-up in a rush hour in the pouring rain on the same highway, is no danger since he is doing 65…

  9. The predominance of “safety” in our culture is deeply flawed reasoning, and has been around a good while. You could walk into any factory or warehouse in the last 20+ years and see a sign that says “safety first”. If it were actually applied, no work would ever get done. Neither a factory nor a warehouse are inherently safe in any way. One can quite easily get run over by a forklift, or get caught in a piece of machinery, etc. One would have to stay in the breakroom. Life is a terminal disease. If one tries to avoid all risk, they’re going to miss it. A life lived in fear is no life at all. Constantly in reaction with no proaction or reason applied. Always ready to embrace fear from whatever the source. As in edicts of “officials” and “experts” who demonstrate they haven’t a clue what they’re talking about, and don’t care, as long as you agree. Never mind that the very most dangerous thing in the history of the species is government.

    • RE: “they haven’t a clue what they’re talking about, and don’t care, as long as you agree.”

      No kidding. I mentioned this before: I filled out what I thought was an anonymous safety survey while working in a factory warehouse, I paraphrased Helen Keller by writing that safety doesn’t exist in nature, or some such, in an attempt to draw attention to what I saw as serious flaws in the methods of operations.
      Then they gave it back to me to sign my name and pressured me to change what I wrote. Rather than addressing the “safety” issue like I hoped – like adults – I was sent home after standing by what I wrote.

      Here’s the full Helen Keller quote which I’m sure makes Karen and Clover’s heads explode with snowflake rage:

      “Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”

  10. When I tell people my reasoning for refusing to be genetically modified, and give them a lucid explanation, their response is that I’m “being political” about it. They just can’t handle logic and facts being heaped on them. When I do it they invariably walk or run away from me. I kind of get off on that power I have over them.

    I can only shake my head, when it does happen.

    • If they were receptive to reason, they wouldn’t be arguing with you. No one in their right mind is going to take a vaccine that has had minimal immediate safety testing, and none at all for long term safety. That has ALREADY killed more people than the flu vaccine has in the last five years combined. I was born at night, but it wasn’t last night.

  11. If I’m supposed to care about them, why don’t they care about me?

    My wish is to breath through our naturally created open breathing passages, which have magically worked for 3 million years but suddenly are inadequate. If they don’t care about my wishes, and by concern of te health dangers masks clearly pose, why the FUCK should I care about them?

    No one has confronted me, but that is what I’ll say if anyone does confront me.

    The next thing that will come from me is a stern warning that if they don’t back away, they’ll find themselves on the ground and in serious peril. I’m more than ready to execute my plan.

    My NFL running back physique and my scowl at anyone wearing a mask might have something to do with why I haven’t been confronted.

  12. It has always been centralized power is what the real threat has been to man and liberty going back to the Greeks fighting the Persians, Roman empire, Lenin/Stalin, Nazism, King George, now American collectivism. The Marxist sell the notion that behavior of individuals is evil therefore must be curtained in the interest of society, others; safety, global warming, etc. The Marxist (and Liz Cheney) found out the global warming wasn’t selling well on guilting Americans into buying solar panels for their house or electric vehicles. The Chicoms engaged in a great experiment in fear to rid themselves of a President who was pointing out the obvious evil by the Chicoms. They unleashed a bat virus with gain of function spike protein to infect human cells. This flu would be highly contagious, dangerous to the elderly but somewhat benign to the young. Perfect fear weapon to unleash first on their own population to then transmit it around the world to the West. The chicoms couldn’t care less for short term affects on their own people or made up economy, it was the long term gain they would have. The American Marxist exploited this fear and ginned up hysteria to sell the notion your free behavior is the real threat and better submit and comply. Americans have grown soft and now would sell their freedom for safety. What loathsome creatures we’ve become. Abundance has created weakness. The Orange man let this happen…shame on him. And shame on me for trusting him at least at first.

    • Amen, amen. But more specifically, the thing about Orange man and “me”. Yup, same here. I got a kick out of Orange man originally, though I recognized his real flaws in terms of liberty. I thought, well, lesser of possible evils… there’s no circumstance where we’re getting Ron Paul anyway.

      But then, when this totalitarian nightmare went into full gear under Trump’s watch, with his full enthusiastic support, I recognized the “shame on me” moment. And each time he comes back out with his expressed support of it, I realize how complicit and malignant he has been. No doubt, Clinton would have been worse.

      Have you seen the stories of Trump being indicted? Maybe he’ll be convicted and jailed (gasp!). Though it appears to be 100% politically motived, I don’t care anymore. He’s a billionaire after all. Nice try… loser (Trump)… but… YOU’RE FIRED. To coin a phrase.

      • Amen, Eure –

        I, too, feel ashamed that – for awhile- he fooled me. The Chimp never did.But this guy… I let myself think that, while he’s obviously no Ron Paul, at least he seems to have a general sense of what America was and seems to be trying to get some of it back. Now I regard him as what he has to be: Either an ignoramus and a dupe or something much, much worse.

        • Or one of the POTUS of the last 68 years that got a visit from the CIA upon taking office, and given a viewing of the Zapruder film.

  13. I don’t think they are after invulnerability. That’s just an excuse. I think what they’re *really* after is validation. After all, if significant numbers of people don’t take the needle, then it might be unnecessary or even a bad idea to do it. Then they are left looking like a bunch of idiots, and might have to question their own decisionmaking skills. Or, worse, they might have to question TPTB and their own subservience. That will open up a lot of cans of worms, and on some level they know it, and they don’t really want to go there. Much easier just to force everyone else to go along with their insanity. So, here we are.

    When it all falls apart, most of them will quietly burn their vaxx cards, claim they never took the needle either, and suddenly become interested in medical privacy.

    • Publius, you are absolutely correct. I have showed many people eye opening info over the years – well before the Rona.

      Awakening to the realization that everything you believed is a lie, is a painful discovery. Most people just refuse to accept the truth and prefer living the lie because everyone else is, and it gives them cover and an excuse for their bad decisions.

      No one likes to admit to being fooled, at least not to the revealing person. I try to tell them it does not make them bad or stupid, but they still refuse.

  14. Leaving aside the potential for a very unpredictable sci-if experiment of an actual gain of function synthetic or modified virus applied to a partially GMO’d, round up ready, populace with two thirds still organic, I see the psyop evolving thusly. I think the idea is to keep people off balance by flipping 180 degrees what the virtue or obedience signal is, which they hope will attract a higher percentage of obedience… or at least “signal” the appearance of obedience. No diaper? Oh, so you complied… or you’re a misanthropic liar flouting the so-called “honor” system. Either way the appearance of compliance just went up. Eventually, and maybe more slowly than they think because medical tyranny loving boobus is slow on the uptake and loves him some face diapers, the percentage will approach 100%. Victory will be claimed and precedent set. They think, even though it’s a little too cute by half.

    I may be underestimating the absolute gullibility of boobus but I have my doubts about the passport thing. It starts to become all encompassing and loses it’s focus. So… now you’re gene therapied against convid but you’ve got typhus… no problem step right up. Now you’re gonna need a whole banquet of shots, to catch up and on the regular, to guard against any possible illness in order to buy food. And people are still getting sick and dying like they always have and always will.

    For a good laugh check out the following link. Be sure, whenever a “man” on the street is quoted to read the quote out loud in a high pitched lispy voice. Fun for the whole family.

  15. I was listening to an AM radio station a few days ago where the hosts were Yuk’ing it up about getting The Shot. The lead host played audio of and boasted of his guitar abilities while using all the trendy shame words to push his audience to agree with him to get The Shot like he did and then goes on to complain that somehow people who don’t get The Shot are taking advantage of things. (I didn’t understand that part, wtf?)

    Then he says, if he gets sick anyway, he hopes very much to get people sick who didn’t get The Shot.
    I thought to myself, what a vile creature. So too, the woman co-host who thought that was funny.

    Also, I was at a thrift store, the beautiful cashier didn’t have a face diaper on. In walks an obese old woman who could hardly walk and demanded of the cashier, “Where’s your mask!?”
    The cashier said something I couldn’t hear.
    The old woman said, “Well, if it’s not required, you need to take that sign down!”
    The cashier replied, again I couldn’t hear her, then the old woman takes off her face diaper and starts to shop.

    Bizarre encounter.
    “Sign, sign, everwhere a sign.”

  16. The only fear is that of the guillotine. Which is what kills “leaders” who are found guilty of crimes against humanity. Fouchi’s department funded the Wuhan lab (laundered through the UN) where this abomination was developed. There’s a shit-ton of evidence that’s being suppressed, but just observing the reaction as compared to a typical bad flu season speaks volumes.

  17. Is anyone else waiting for the other shoe to drop? I can’t help but being suspect with this spur of the moment overturning of masks and social distancing. I am all for it, but two weeks ago Rochelle Walensky comes on CNN in tears stating we are going to die and now….tada, it is now Be Free America.

    I have noticed more and more printed articles (because I don’t watch TV) about the vaccine passports. The liberals are up in arms believing that the unvaccinated will “lie” to get into the stores and restaurants to cause the “vaccinated” harm. I hate to burst their bubble, but those of us unvaccinated have been walking around the whole time without a mask. Do they think we are going to put one on now after a year?

    I expect the Karens to riot and demand the stores verify those that are vaccinated. I anticipate Walmart and Costco to setup little stands outside their stores with little Needle Nazis to verify one’s “papers” before entering. They check our receipts upon leaving why does anyone believe they are not going to check our medical records before entering?

    If nothing else, this is the opportunity that we need to get our crap in order. Stock, prep, and socialize. Have established avenues where you are able to go for food and other supplies, because my guess, is before year end, we won’t have access to pretty much anything except items we are able to exchange with like minded folks.

    • Haven’t been to Costco since Gauleiter Polis ended the mask order, but had to drop off a package at the FedEx store inside Walmart on Friday. The mask signage and cordoned off entrances were still there, but the greeter completely ignored me as I went in. A few people weren’t wearing masks in the checkout line, one older woman was unmasked while her younger companion was. I went to the local grocery store last night. I noticed younger people were all masked, middle aged and older not.

      But the real kicker was at the post office. I had to mail in my income tax thanks to a snafu in TurboTax (A POX ON THEIR HOUSES!), so I had to get some stamps and wasn’t sure about the weight anyway. No mask signs anywhere, the Postal employee wasn’t masked, none of the customers save one were masked. The only evidence that there was ever a pandemic was one of the stickers was still on the floor.

      • You must go to my post office. 🙂 We (including the ladies behind the counter) believe it is the biggest scam since Operation Mockingbird. I have never worn a mask inside the post office. When I am there the postmaster will actually take hers off to chat with me. They only put them back on when someone else enters the building wearing a diaper.
        None of us are jabbed either.

    • I’ve been wondering about how they intend to enforce compliance after the “papers please” shakedown at the door? For example, I walk in with my Gold Star of David mask with the words “kein impfen”, I accept the implied (and too often explicit) shaming for being this, at the door and then… as though it I’m shameless… I wait 5-10 minutes and take it off. Then what? Are they literally going to spend money on tracking individuals through places like Costco or BJ’s (etc)? Maybe they will because (apparently) this insanity has no bounds. We shall soon see.

      • I have my doubts that any US business will require vaccination until they are officially approved by the FDA. Until then I think there will be more non-evasive testing methods deployed. Much like the TSA’s various gimmicks they probably won’t work, but at least they will make management feel like they’ve taken action.

        Thermal cameras for fever detection have been used almost exclusively by airports. However, they are now being installed in warehouses, meat processing plants, cruise ships, conference centers, and factories. Government, healthcare, and education institutions are also increasing their use in areas where people could gather or interact.

        The result has caused a huge demand and increase in thermal camera sales. Mobotix has seen a 175% year-on-year increase in April, Thermoteknix’s Q1 sales tripled, and Ogpal has sold more units in the past two months than they had in the previous 7 years.

        • Hi RK,

          I hope you are right, but I see big business pushing these passports, not the government. I see a very large kickback coming from between big business and the health insurance industry. I don’t know why, but I see the health insurance industry making this a pressing issue. If you think about it where else in America would have 85% of the population’s data at their hands?

          Plus it isn’t about whether we are healthy just every place we go, everything we buy, and everything we do.

    • This is all pretty predictable. Ease out of lockdown, show “cases” rising, blame the unjabbed, and return to lockdown. That’ll piss off the jabbed and turn their attention towards the unjabbed (for ruining openness) instead of the state (for simply continuing a lockdown). Enter jab certs/passports. The unjabbed ruined it, right? Let’s make everyone show a hall pass. Definitely time to get crap in order.

      • You may be right, cjm. Give us a few months of freedom and right around September when kiddies head back to school…BAM.

  18. I think one of the scariest things about these covidian cultists is what they’re willing to do to children. I get that they loathe individual rights and talk themselves into believing that “sacrifice” means doing what the govt. forces people to do (i.e., so they’re proudly “sacrificing” their own children as though they are Abraham). But how in hell are collective-minded totalitarians explaining the clear, obvious, and profound DAMAGE they are inflicting on innumerable children? They are the hive-brain of Madeleine Albright where the lives of 500 thousand Iraqi children are “worth it” to deliver nonexistent “democracy” to a place that doesn’t want it.

    Individually most of the people perpetrating this madness are milk toast. Collectively, what they allow themselves to do is shocking and horrifying. I just cannot get over this. It’s absolute insanity.

    • Hi Eure,

      Did you see the article from the WHO stating that America and Europe should not be “vaccinating” teenagers and children, but should be sending those vaccines to Africa and India? I can spin off a ton of conspiracy theories with this scenario, but I am afraid they would come true.

      • Hi RG,

        I think that I had heard about that but haven’t actually seen the article from them. I’m not surprised to hear that is their “official position”. It seems as though, a whole lot of these experts/authorities have been “back storying” and (in print) directly contradicting what they’ve been publicly advocating.

        In other words, it seems as though, they’re setting up the case where they can claim they never said to do these things (as practiced) and even claim that they were against it. You know, in 10 years, what was *written* versus what was *enforced* will look drastically different.

        Apart from the intellectual/logical dissonance in this whole charade, it really looks as though there are clear efforts to white wash if/when an unanticipated disaster occurs.

        The people that truly did resist the madness will still be demonized as “dangerous conspiracy theorists” despite being the only voices of sanity throughout the entire ordeal and they (CDC/WHO/NIH) — disastrously wrong and ineffective outside of destroying our lives — will still walk away as the “trusted expert heroes”.

        There was an article today in ZeroHedge about the govt. insistence on denying reality and how that leads to collapse. I can’t understand any other outcome being a rational possibility. Maybe not realized in my lifetime. We’ll see.

        • ‘govt. insistence on denying reality and how that leads to collapse’ — EM

          The author of the ZH article describes how the delusional leadership of Nazi Germany and the former USSR ended up bringing both those nations to collapse … and makes the case that ‘the West’ is doing the same now.

          One example: with US troops vacating Afghanistan under fire after 20 fruitless years, an article last week said that 70% of late teens and early twenties sought for military service are unqualified for three reasons: (1) obesity; (2) no high school diploma; (3) criminal record.

          Profound problems with the food supply, gov-run edumacation, and the prison industrial complex in the world’s most incarcerated country just don’t get fixed, or even talked about seriously. But the graft is good for those in charge of these broken systems.

          Working on a book proposal, tentatively titled Shadows on the US Clowngov. It’s all fun and games, until your global empire morphs into Zimbabwe.

  19. Way to reasonable Eric. And most people would agree with what you have written, but not openly. Most people are too cowardly to stand out from the crowd. Therefore they appease the very people they “disagree” with every time.

    Most of society will watch the dissenters get hauled off to the gulag, so to speak. Do they really have to build gulags? They have done a bang up job of manufacturing society into a gulag. The world is a fabrication shop and a few are the welder/fabricators creating reality.