Opting out of Sickness Psychosis

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How do the sane among us prepare for a world in which sickness psychosis obtains?

A world in which healthy people are expected to efface their faces and roll up their sleeves – over and over again – and then present proof they have, in order to be allowed to live? Who wants to live this way?

There is a way out.

Two, actually.

The first could make the second unnecessary, if only enough people would summon the gumption to practice rational refusal. To demand to know why a healthy person should be forced to wear a “mask” in the absence of sickness – and on the basis of  the nonsensical assertion that a “mask” prevents the spread of this sickness, for which there is no evidence, merely assertion.

To question why a sickness with a 99.8-something recovery rate among otherwise healthy people under the age of 70 should be justification for presumptively – and forcibly – treating every person as if they were over 70 and unhealthy.

To ask why the “health” of other people is not primarily the responsibility of those other people.

To insist upon the ancient and honorable human right to freely associate. To ask why it is that some people feel they have the right to forbid others to freely associate.

To loudly ask why a reasonable person ought not to be wary of any product that not only could be dangerous but which has proved itself to be dangerous – made by companies that cannot be sued for the damages their products cause. To note the incongruity of this, as shown by the understandable unwillingness of most people to buy even a TV without a warranty, let alone one that sometimes blows up or catches fire.

To refuse for these reasons to ever wear the psychological conditioning device styled a “mask” – and to refuse to roll up one’s sleeve, unless done freely and under no duress whatsoever.

If even a quarter of the population would take these steps – ask these questions and demand answers them – then step two will not be necessary.

That step is, simply, bowing out. Refusing to be a part of any of it, whether on the giving or the receiving end. No more doing business with any business that practices the sick kabuki. No more working for any business that makes the practicing of sick kabuki part of the employment contract.

We starve their beast.

Of our money; of our willingness to work to keep it going. Of our acquiescence to it, for the sake of some momentary and temporary advantage – which has been up to now the cost-benefit analysis performed by most people as regards the paying of taxes and the obeying of the various regulations. On balance, it was worth it – because we were able to live with a degree of dignity and independence, which made it worth going along with the rest. They steal – “tax” – 20 percent of our earnings, say. But we got to keep he rest. We had to abide by various regulations to do business, but we could still do business – and do it without degrading ourselves, our employees or our customers.

All of those things become impossible under a regime of sickness psychosis. The only way to end it is to stop it and – failing that – to opt out of it. As by doing business – even barter, should it come to that – among ourselves, the still sane. As by forming our own quiet associations, a parallel society of the still compos mentis – and more than that, of the decent and respectful.

We are what the great but largely unknown early Libertarian writer Albert Jay Nock (who wrote The Superfluous Man as well as Isaiah’s Job) referred to as The Remnant. People whose job it is to remain sane – and decent – as insanity and indecency proliferate. Not necessarily to spread sanity and decency, but to preserve it – as one keeps a candle going by shielding it from the wind.

. . .

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  1. Jesse Jackson got a double dose of the vaccine. So did his wife.

    Both are in the hospital with covid.

    Vaccines can’t possibly be efficacious. No way.

    Give us this day our daily vaccine.

    • Yet to wish that he’d FOAD would be “racism and she-it”. I wish he and Mrs. Jackson a full and speedy recovery so he might have the opportunity to repent of his gritting and hypocrisy.

  2. To everyone here offering legal advice (whether as a qualified attorney or not) to Comrade Nomad and his wife, there’s no point. We ALL know that the rule of law is dead, that the Powers That Be are forcing their agenda down our throats through a combination of threat of armed force and extra-constitutional fiats and plain rubber-stamping of political proclamations by a corrupt and criminal judiciary. They WILL NOT rule in favor of dissidents, period. In fact, get ready at some point for the Constitution to literally be ceremonially burned in public as a declaration of the end of the American republic.

    I hate to piss on anyone’s party, but lawfare doesn’t work anymore, folks. Not for us little people who are fighting the system and attempting to get our society and our country back. The machinery of “the law” is a weapon controlled by the enemy. TPTB are determined to annihilate us, and playing by their rules only makes it easier for them to do so. We’re well, well past that stage. There is no legal or political solution, and the sooner all of us realize that, the sooner we can start doing things that make a difference and truly change things for the better.

    • Beautifully put.

      I actually attended a rally today against Vaxx Passports (maybe 250 people in Santa Monica). I was absolutely appalled at the infantile, pollyanna wishful thinking on display. Everybody was deluded by the most fatuous and delusional aspirations. Conventional political blather and normalcy bias prevailed.

      “Once Newsom is recalled…” “Once the Supreme Court takes up the issue!” “The 2022 Elections are right around the corner!”

      When the speakers began, I realized how truly doomed even the would-be dissenters are. I bit my lip during the opening prayer for “Our Republic.” My jaw dropped when this was followed by the PLEDGE OF FUCKING ALLEGIANCE TO A GODDAMN FLAG, led by a four-year-old! I looked around, and all these so-called dissidents had their hands on their hearts and were bleating along, having assumed the exact level of consciousness as the literal schoolchild onstage, worshipping the very government oppressing and threatening them with lethal bodily harm. Then, a woman took the stage to caterwaul the NATIONAL FUCKING ANTHEM. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. I felt my time on this Earth was far more constructively spent cruising up PCH blasting some Sublime.

      • Always like reading your comments, FP. Thank you for your report from the field. Sounds, Dis-Gust-ING!

        Some of the organizers of these things still want so desperately for the “other side” to like them or respect them. Can’t be tooooo out there.

        The ones at the rally sound like puppets dancing on a string.

        Reminds me of the Mark Dice vid on the SD boardwalk asking people to sign the petition to throw “anti vaxxers” in jail. The last man didn’t sign it and MD broke character and showed him the list of who’d already signed it. The guy looked unperturbed and said, “They’re all idiots.” That’s it.

        They don’t understand the severity of the situation.

      • Hi Freelance,

        I feel your pain and share your disgust. Long before this sickness metastasized. Years ago, I attended a few Tea Party events. It was nauseating. Flag-licking, cammo-humping “conservatives” complaining about “big government.” I brought up property taxes, observed that they are even worse than income taxes because they make free ownership of one’s home impossible and so reduce us to perpetual peonage. But the schools! The children! I made objection to being forced to pay for other people’s retirement, to the tune of 15 percent off the top of every dollar I earn. That my retirement is my responsibility and other people’s retirement is theirs. They practically tarred and feathered me.

    • I think on an individual level you are probably correct. On a group level, though, as a member of Gun Owners of America, I have been truly impressed by their legal victories overturning some of the more petty but precedent setting infringements on gun owners.

  3. Public health officials, and many doctors too, are frustrated authoritarian despots. They cajole, warn and nag us about our weight, our laziness, our smoking, vaping, drinking, gun ownership, reckless driving, Mountain Dews and bacon eating. And we Just. Won’t. Listen. And we don’t have to because it’s a free country (sort of.) While the gov has enacted some sin taxes and banning, there’s not much it can do about most of our “unhealthy habits.”
    Now, we have a “public health emergency” and they’ve been given authoritah, and we all see what happens. Health is a single minded obsession for them. I guess they have to take a pay cut if too many of us die. But a normal mentally fit person thinks health is important, but it’s not the only thing that’s important. Living a happy life and eating bacon, having a few beers, sitting in the sun without greasing up in 100 proof sunblock is also important. In any case, it’s not the government’s business.
    And for me, control over my own body is extremely important. I’ve been very depressed and fearful this last year over the measures public health officials have imposed and want to imposed. Sustained anxiety and depression is surely as bad for my health as the wuflu.

  4. Probably some Aimish people out in Ar-kansas 🙂

    I had originally thought of the Amish when I was considering what will become of folks like us. But they’re never gonna leave us alone. The “public health” mission they’re on, there’s no society that they’re gonna let be, they’re outta their damn minds and drunk on power.

    • Time for them to sober up. Perhaps they can start a 12-step program?

      “Hi, my name is Tony, and I’m a megalomaniac.”

      Has a nice ring to it.

      The first step towards recovery, is admitting that you have a problem.

  5. There is a thing in focus for a huge segment of the population at the moment. Afghanistan. Guess what I discovered. There is little difference between Sharia law and COVID law. Mainly in the Gods they worship, Mohammed or Fauci. Neither of which I hold in any regard at all. But such comparison may awaken a few to the delusion they’ve been pursuing. Is this truth or belief? Is all the COVID nonsense reality, or religion? So, any open forums I encounter, I ask the question, what is the difference between Sharia law, and COVID law?

  6. For all the guff Elon Musk rightly gets here for taking taxpayer money as subsidies, I hope he perfects his Starship & is able to colonize Mars. We Remnants can get the hell off this crazy orb and have a chance at normalcy on the red planet.

    • Hi Mike,

      Yeah, but not if Elon has anything to do with it! He is one of them – a managerial technocrat. A member of the class that is attempting to enslave the planet using technology.

      • Point taken but I really don’t see a viable pathway to normalcy any time soon.

        For instance very recently (as in yesterday) I called out the hypocrisy of a colleague for being adamantly opposed to GMO grain / livestock but wholly willing to “follow the science” and allow her body to be mutated with an unproven mRNA cocktail. Her counterargument essentially amounted to “go to hell Mike”.

        • Well that’s a new one. Most of these authority cult followers of “the science” fully support GMO best that I can tell. Their biggest hypocrisy is their hatred of what they call capitalism, the big corporate cronyism, yet demanding the products of these companies be mandated and that these companies have more and more power over our lives for safety. Their form of socialism looks a lot like a giant company town when considered as a whole.

          As to Mr. Musk he probably thinks himself to be John Cabal. (HG Wells, Things to Come for those that don’t know the reference)

      • Yes. Relying on the same class of sociopaths who cause and perpetuate this is folly. Stick to your principles. Your “neighbor” does not have the right to take up aggression or demand aggression be taken against you for his safety, or, in truth, his “feelings” (rage and/or regret at falling for gubmint carrot-and-stick nonsense, while Lucy moves the football a couple yards down the line, forever).

        The sociopath narcs of the owning class are acting exactly like little Timmy who is 2 and being told NO for the first time. Anticipate their weaknesses and stand strong against them.

        Continue to say NO to the diaper. Continue to refuse the kill shot, and refuse all entities that demand it the pleasure of your patronage and dollars.

        Now that the BOOSTER has been announced (in perpetuity, wannabet?), even those who “proudly did their duty” are beginning to say “no more.”

        More of the killshot-damaged and murdered, or their families, are speaking out against censorship and tyranny. More people are saying NO and go to hell. Even here in New Jerk and out there in Commie-fornia or somewhere in the city near you.

        Others are looking for examples of refusal with strength. By refusing to diaper or be shot up, we are/can continue to be those examples. And of course this is not the only possible solution. Others may come to light as the situation evolves.

        • Round ’em up and bring back the tradition of the gauntlet! I bet there would be quite a lot of volunteers to participate in the ass-kicking festivities, and maybe the sociopaths would learn a little humility (although sometimes I doubt it).

      • They can’t leave us alone. None of the control freaks can. It is not in their nature.

        It’s like the reason TV piece from several years ago I like to cite. various single men living out in the desert by themselves miles apart from each other with nobody in between yet the government goes out there to harass them about weeds and RVs and not being connected to utilities and other nonsense.

        They simply can’t leave anyone alone. Ever.

  7. hello sending you peace and love and health from beeeyoootiful downtown Tharagotha, Spagan,

    I’ve been here 27 years. It is impossible to make up these aberrations.

    You Americans complain about gas prices? Today, diesel costs $5.71 per gallon. And these morons pay it while they cunt, sorry while they count how many days till their next 3 day long weekend vacation.

    Face diapers? I do my own semi controlled statistical study while I drink coffee at the nearby terrace bar. I tally people passing in front of me in both ways. 60% of all people walking in the street are FULLY diapered. 50% of the diapered are young people, 30’ish. Women prefer the diaper 3:2 over males. (Men are almost non existent these days in Spagan).

    I asked a friend yesterday, ¨is it best we hope USA invade Spain, hand out cash like they did in Afghanistan?¨ He laughed.

    And the 5 male cashiers at the grocery store down the street, open 8 AM till midnight, 365 days a year, all are from Pakistan since 1999. I asked the boss today, ¨how is it in Pakistan now, with the problems with your neighbor Afghanistan?¨ He lowered his face, looked down and said, ¨just fine¨. I asked him ¨And how is it in Afghanistan, with all the drug cultivation, and beating and beheading of women?¨ He looked me in the eye and said, ¨When the americans came, many bombs, many deaths. All the news you read is propoganda, it is not like that. Afghanistan is more secure with the Taliban.¨ He used the word Taliban, not me.

    What to believe? Whom to believe? Fraudci, grates and his melinda, epstein ghislain and suckerberg? What a world.

    Stay healthy y’all. I miss Texas.

  8. I’m speaking as a person who has already opted out or gone “Galt” if you will. I’ve quit two jobs over sickness psychosis and refuse to take another regular job because of covid protocols (I will not submit to them for a paycheck, my freedom is worth more than that).

    Regarding option one – that’s about like herding cats. Good luck getting the majority, or perhaps even a significant enough minority, to go along and put a stop to it. Far too many people buy into the government and MSM lies, and the censorship keeps us sane people from getting the truth out there.

    So that leaves option two. Glad to see you’ve come aboard, I’ve been talking about this (including a few responses here) for a while. And I think not only should we create our own parallel society and economy, I think we should take it a step further – exclude the anointed. I once saw a video of a doctor who refused to see “vaccinated” patients because he didn’t want to put his female employees (including a pregnant one) at risk due to the shedding or whatever is going on. There is a website (https://www.unjected.com/) that allows people who refuse the Holy Anointing to connect (business, dating, social, etc.). We need more of that.

    For me personally, I wouldn’t even date a woman who’s had the shots. I don’t want to deal with the potential for chronic conditions, etc. that could accompany the jab. Why should I voluntarily put myself in a position of having to care for someone who took the jab when I’m doing just fine on my own right now? It’s not my job to clean up after someone else’s mistakes.

    • Indeed, Jim –

      I’m not single anymore but if I were, I would not even consider dating a person who’d been “vaccinated” – and not purely for sanitary reasons. Such a person is a weak-minded/weak-willed person and I don’t want such in my circle, let alone my home!

      • Dating a vaxxhead would be like dating a prostitute. The prostitute’s true loyalties and devotion will always be to her pimp, who wields deep psychological control over her no matter where she is or who she is with at the moment, due to an intensive process of trauma-based grooming that is irreversible.
        The vaxxhead has been Stockholmed by Big Daddy Gubmint in precisely the same fashion. She’ll never renounce the cruel ecstasies of her first and truest love, and to you she’ll always be sloppy seconds, complete with unknown bugs in the fold…

    • From what I understand the expected lifespan of those who have had their genes altered is 10 years at the most (90% dead in 10). The majority of deaths are designed/expected to occur in 2 to 5 years. Protein spikes, blood clots, genetic alteration, etc.

      • Hi SM77,

        Where are you getting this information? Can you provide sources? From what I understand, the long term, possible health consequences of these experimental drugs are unknown, which is reason enough to refuse them. I am in no way a jab advocate (I authored this: https://www.ericpetersautos.com/2021/07/29/a-heathen-reports/ ), but I can’t help suspect that the claims you make may originate from an intentional disinformation campaign. Cass Sunstein, former “information czar” under Obama, advocated that government agents, or their private allies, infiltrate “conspiracy” groups in order to undermine them, he wrote:

        ““We can readily imagine a series of possible responses. (1) Government might ban conspiracy theorizing. (2) Government might impose some kind of tax, financial or otherwise, on those who disseminate such theories. (3) Government might itself engage in counterspeech, marshaling arguments to discredit conspiracy theories. (4) Government might formally hire credible private parties to engage in counterspeech. (5) Government might engage in informal communication with such parties, encouraging them to help.” However, the authors advocate that each “instrument has a distinctive set of potential effects, or costs and benefits, and each will have a place under imaginable conditions. However, our main policy idea is that government should engage in cognitive infiltration of the groups that produce conspiracy theories, which involves a mix of (3), (4) and (5).”

        One tactic is to intentionally plant false claims which, when spread by “conspiracy” groups, can be used to discredit everything those groups have to say.

        Kind Regards,

        • Given how many “militia” or “patriot” groups are infiltrated by FBI informants, I’d say its wisdom not to believe every wild passed story you hear. But ask yourself this: WHY does the “Gunning” ” have a need for a disinformation campaign, if indeed it’s being candid and truthful? The truth can and should stand on its own.

          • Hi Douglas,

            I assume that everything the “Gunning” says is a lie until I have independently verified that it is true. The “Gunning” uses disinformation because its’ primary goal is to protect itself.


      • Amen to that, Jim –

        I often think about my ex-wife (I’ve been divorced about five years now) and reflect on how things probably would have gone had we not gotten divorced. I suspect she would have Diapered and I could not have abided that. There are limits. This is one – for me. It is not a mere difference of opinion over some small matter such as colonial architecture vs. modern or taste in food. This business is about fundamental values and I could never be with a person who values obedience and servility toward a sick cult emanating from weaponized hypochondria. I regard the “mask” as its symbol – and the same, in principle, as the armbands worn in another time as the visual symbol of membership in another cult.

  9. I’m prepared to go Galt. I told my boss this week that if the company isn’t going to offer reasonable accommodations for those of us that won’t wear the filthy rag then I’m leaving. I made sure to communicate my pissed off disposition in my letter.

    What sucks is she’s an awesome boss. She completely agrees with the sentiment of this community. But she can’t set policy so she gets caught in the middle. I love what I do and the people I work with, but I won’t tolerate abuse or oppression.

    I have a good education and rare skillset so the company needs me more than I need them. If they won’t be reasonable then I’m ready to do my part to stop the motor of the world.

    • Excellent, Anonymous!

      This is how we stop it. By refusing to continue to keep their machine going. It may and probably will cost us, in the short term. But if we don’t stop the machine – or threaten to, if they don’t stop – then it will cost us everything.

    • “They need me more than I need them”, is a position I’ve always strived for everywhere I’ve worked. Not always successfully, but mostly so. The trick is, reduce your needs to accommodate the situation. You may contrive to become more valuable to the employer, and might succeed.
      He who has nothing and wants nothing has everything.

    • Good for you, I am prepared to do the same. I think I mentioned here before that I lost my health in the recent past, am working to bring it back, and will not willingly sacrifice it on the altar of Obey or Else. If you don’t have health, you don’t have much.

      My husband says he is not even going to ask about a new employer’s kill shot/diaper policy—he is only interviewing for roles that will allow 100% remote. If the psycho bureaucrats in HR then LATER demand proof of needle, his skills are such that he can very likely get them to pay severance to make him go away. And go away he will, to a place that does not demand proof of hut hut compliance for people who will never come into the office.

      We both shudder to think of the post-scamdemic office environment with goody goody bootlickers surveilling for compliance to diaper and needle, in addition to obeying CRT, Why Autogynephiles are Troo Real Women (TM), and willingness to engage in group kickball and other such HR-devised “mandatory fun.”

      It will be hell.

  10. California Dept. of Public Health issued an “Order” on Aug. 5 requiring all hospitals and skilled-nursing facilities in the state to “verify full vaxxination” of all VISITORS. That’s right. You can’t even visit a loved one who is ill without “giving up your life to these creeps,” as Eric puts it in this clip.

    They are doubling down daily at this point.

    They are going for the kill, without qualm or hesitation. It’s quite clear they have a big operation planned for the very near future that they need everyone either needled or neutralized in advance of…

    • It’s mind-blowing how we keep hearing about these unelected bureaucrats (and even elected ones) issuing orders, mandates, etc. Even “guidance” is being interpreted as having the full impact of law. However, the impact is (and should be) in the eye of the beholder…

      • The clever thing about it is that it puts the onus on “the facilities” to accomplish the task, meaning the most rabid true-believers are the only ones in a position to challenge, or at least disregard, it. The plebs–who are the ones harmed by the pronouncement–have zero recourse! So the impact is real. It was only brought to my attention because somebody on the periphery of my professional circle was physically blocked by a robot-renta-cop at a hospital entrance.

        Gotta give the Devil his due: He worked out every damned angle on this one…
        Humanity never stood a chance.

        • If that robo-rent-a-badge-carrying-criminal took the gene altering/blood clot jab, he won’t be around for long. So don’t worry too much about it.

    • The thing is, when you read about someone who takes it far enough to actually get arrested, the case is usually thrown out in court. One just has to have the temerity to take it that far, which they know 99% of people won’t.

      • Again, that’s the evil beauty of putting the duties on the eagerly willing hospitals to enforce this “mandate.” It’s not a penal imperative on the pleb, but rather an administrative imperative on the hospital. Therefore, it doesn’t even give the pleb the option of “taking it to the courts.” The only way to get “arrested” would be to physically assault to rent-a-robocop at the entrance, in which case they’ll press charges of “assault” and “trespassing” that derive not from this new mandate, but from the “property rights” of the facility.

        I know nobody likes it, but this is what Anglin was getting at with his cheeky, deliberately oxymoronic “libertarian-totalitarian” formulation of the current situation. We plebs are compelled by totalitarian edicts, but the hospital are free to enforce their “libertarian” property rights.

        • Maybe it’s a two-fer by the gov’t. Get the plebs under the thumb of their tyranny AND have fools and serpents calling for the abolition of private property with no alternative.

  11. I imagine many of you have already read Mercola’s article, ‘‘Dangerous Territory Ahead:’ What a Vaccine-Segregated Society Looks Like for the Unvaxxed’

    He had some choice quotes from the article, ‘Mob Morality and the Unvaxxed’


    It was very interesting reading, imho. It outlines why so many comments, articles, and talking points trying to use real science, facts, logic and reason seem to fall on deaf ears.

    ~ spooky stuff.

    I watched a karate-type action flick long long ago, the hero was trapped in an old European walled-in city filled with ravenous crazy people who were All trying to kill him.

  12. Hi Eric, can I put a hypothetical letter here that my wife is fixxen to send to her employer. I would love feed back from your commentators. Thanks Comrade

      • My wife works for a council member in the city of clown world. Her boss is named Cloaca Maxima. She has been browbeating my wife everyday for the last two weeks. My wife has refused and believes she is to be fired shortly. She has decided she will not quit and will not take the Jim Jones Jab. We penned this letter together and will probably give it to her boss next week. Any suggestions from you all would be greatly appreciated. I want my wife to be in a position to sue if and when they fire her. I don’t believe we have time to consult a lawyer, so this is what we came up with.

        Dear Cloaca,

        I want to begin this letter by saying thank you for the opportunity. The work I do for you helping you achieve your policy objectives is enjoyable. I hope to continue representing the city of Clown world in this role as long as you remain in office, and hopefully continuing with the city after that.

        I am writing you out of a concern I have about the direction of my continued employment in this position. The recent pressure you have placed on me to force me into accepting gene therapy injections is becoming a serious personal concern.

        I have always tried to live by healthy principles. I am not sick. I don’t appreciate being treated such, nor am I overly concerned about a ‘flu’ variant that has a 99% survivability rate among those who happen to catch it.

        My immune system is in proper working order. A deeply held spiritual conviction and my conscience belief in ‘My body, my choice’ tells me certain things. First, putting a substance in my body for which the manufacture refuses to disclose the ingredients requires deep and abiding reflection. Next, it requires evidence of the jabs medical efficacy. The side effects and adverse reactions seem inordinate and risky for the stated goal of said jab.

        I am not responsible for the health of anyone else in this world. I am responsible for me and my own continued wellness. So far I have seen no evidence of a benefit for me getting said jab. Since this ‘jab’ was rushed to market at “warp speed” it is my conviction that it does not settle the science. Not having the courage to gamble with my personal health and be a hero for others, I feel I should remain in the control group.

        We have given the manufactures of these products blanket immunity from all ill effects it may cause. Having shielded them from any responsibility for their own product, this leaves me in a difficult situation. I think if the city of Clown world were to assume all liability for any issues or medical costs that may arise from my taking this experimental gene therapy, I might reconsider.

        Thank you Cloaca, and the city for being so concerned about the health and welfare of everyone in clown world. It is commendable. If you forced me as a condition of my continued employment to accept this foreign compound into my body, I would expect you and the city to acknowledge and address my personal concerns about those around me wherever I go to perform my duties.

        This would be a simple matter of applying the current covid standards to other dangerous pathogens of a more deadly nature. These include tuberculosis, hepatitis A, B, and C. AIDS and other STDs along with the current status of those infected, and their current vaccination regimen. This would truly insure a germ free, healthy, and equatable workplace.

        Without such consideration for my personal health, the concern over covid rings hollow. You continue to apply extraordinary force and coercion upon me. In hopes I will accept something I feel my body can handle perfectly well on its own. This seems to cross some kind of line about medical privacy. I told you when you hired me I was un-jabbed. I would greatly appreciate if the badgering and haranguing me to ‘get jabbed’ would cease and desist .

        I will continue to evaluate if I should take the risk of introducing gene therapy into my perfectly healthy body. I would also appreciate some consideration and respect in this manner, with out extreme prejudice and pressure being constantly applied.

        The deliberations I take in this are private and personal. I will continue to seek my counsel from doctors I trust. If you feel you must do something. you could kindly address the other health issues I raised above. You are my boss and I respect you as such. I have been honest and loyal to you. I am a human, not a slave to be told what to do with my body.

        I hope to continue employment with Clown world as I feel I have much to offer in the realm of administration, public service, as well as serving the needs of the elected officers of Clown world.

        Thank you

        Regards. xoxo

        • I’m not a legal expert. Just a techie type. But my belief is that the more you say, the more you set yourself up for devastating counterattacks. What’s the saying? Give a dog a long enough leash and eventually it’ll hang itself.

          I think your attempt to explain yourself in detail is going to backfire in a big way.

          Just my dos centavos.

          • Agree- way too long and too many places for the sophists to argue with you and try to wheedle you into a corner.

            Simply state the truth, that it is a matter of personal conscience, you have no authority to order me to take a repellent action, you have no authority to make me take a shot or to murder a competitor.

            This masking and shot forcing comport perfectly with the biblical mark of the beast and I stand on my right to refuse it.

            If they fire you, sue them for religious discrimination. I should work and even might. In any event, you’re better off outside of an evil system.

        • Hi Nomad,

          I applaud the stand your wife (and you) are taking. I urge everyone to summon the strength to take a similar stand. I fully appreciate that taking this stand may cost people their current jobs and other such. But to not take this stand will cost us everything. It is awful – despicable – that we are in this position but life is often not fair and it is our burden to be the ones to make certain it does not become even more unfair for posterity as well as ourselves.

          That said, I believe your wife will likely be fired as non-contractual employees are largely considered “at will.” Meaning, they can just let you go as they like. It is possible you may have grounds for a lawsuit, though. I would consult an employment lawyer, especially over the matter of her being harassed by the boss over this, which (as such) does not relate to the performance of her job. There is also the matter of her benefits/401k, etc.

          The famous line about “first they came for the (insert here) and I did not say anything” comes to mind. Eventually, they are coming for us all.

          • Thank you Eric, Jim, and anon.

            Thats the kind of good input I was hoping for. I wanted her to simply tell them ‘My body, my choice. I’m not getting your Jim Jones jab because ‘fuck you thats why’. She felt compelled to recite back all the reasons against it from our conversations, things we had both picked up.

            The Governor here just signed an EO speeding up implementation of a law, actually passed by the state Senate saying municipal workers cant be fired for refusing the clot shot. So maybe that helps.

            I just wanted the bitches contact list with addresses for later doxing.

            • If you do end up sending a letter, it should not be a thorough explanation of your wife’s reasons for refusal. It should be strictly modeled after the language of (in order of priority): 1.) the applicable policy, 2.) the law; and 3.) the Executive Order you mentioned. It should hit all of the applicable elements stated in those texts in the most concise, general way possible.
              The reason for refusal should be stated tersely and only in the broadest terms, consistent with anything that the EO, law, or policy exemptions has to say about any exemptions thereto.

              I can’t stress this enough: the first order of business is to demand a written copy of the policy your wife’s boss is purporting to enforce! If at all possible, her “strong spiritual conviction” should be fit into an exemption already built into the policy! Exhaustion of administrative remedies is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL if push comes to litigious shove!

        • Not a lawyer. But having worked with attorneys to craft letters that establish a basis for future escalation (if need be), I think they would advise you to expand on ‘the recent pressure’ (para 2) applied by Cloaca, using direct quotes and dates if possible. Then if Cloaca fails to contest these quoted remarks of hers, they acquire credibility.

          Whereas your wife’s objection to the vaccine is best kept concise, for later elaboration if needed. ‘A deeply held spiritual conviction and my conscience tell me that taking the vaccine now is morally wrong’ would suffice.

          As Anonymous said, multiple paragraphs about vaccine objections could be factually challenged by an expert witness, and might undermine the fundamental objection based on spiritual belief and conscience.

          • Lawyer here. NO! Do not “expand” on anything!

            Track the language of the policy, and any applicable law or Executive Order! Do not stray from that outline! The “pressure” is irrelevant!

        • Why is she working for a politician in the first place? It’s obvious that you and your wife are very smart. My opinion is that she should put her abilities to work in the productive sector.
          And I agree with some of the others here: the less you write down the better. We all know by now that reasoning and pleas for decency do not work with this mob.

        • I totally agree with the following comment rom anonymous. The moresaid, the more whore lawyers have t use against you. Watch a few few episodes of Jimmy in better call Saul. Kim is the samrty there, unless you have thousands to waste on lawyers.

        • Hi Nomad,
          A lot of good advice being given by the team. My two cents is they will use your long letter against you. Convert your long letter into a *goodbye letter* you can hand out to your friends as you walk out the door.
          I would suggest you read the Americans with Disabilities Act cover to cover. I am sure you can find a wedge issue to use against them. You want to play the liberals game of forcing them to accommodate *you*. Your communication should be brief and to the point. Tell them when you got hired your ADA issue did not affect your ability to perform the work. Now their change in policy is making your ADA issue difficult if not impossible for you to work and you demand accommodations by: no masking, special seating arrangements, etc.
          In the meantime get your 401K transferred into your private IRA account, get all your personal affects out of the office, get all your information you want from any phones/ devices they provided (be careful not to download information your are not entitled to), and get ready to get a better job.

        • Hi comrede Nomad,

          Not a legal expert, but I agree with the other comments; try to be concise.
          And definitely remove this part “First, putting a substance in my body for which the manufacture refuses to disclose the ingredients requires deep and abiding reflection”

          This alone opens a huge can of worms. They may think “oh, another one that comes with the graphene oxide thing or similar” and will probably dismiss the rest. FYI, the manufacturers have released the ingredients (as info for those who may have allergies). If the list is complete or not, that’s another matter.

          And getting legal counsel wouldn’t be a bad idea.
          Just my two cents!

        • Not a lawyer, am a dev / software manager for whatever that is worth to you. She should aim to offer a few specific examples of what BossBytch has done, with dates. She should then state what the consequences will be to BB if the harassing behavior is not stopped (please consult relevant laws as they apply here, and consider retaining a lawyer to assist with this portion).

          No use detailing her personal beliefs, research findings, etc. noble or correct as they may be. Be short, to the point, and actionable.

          I hope everyone enjoys the weekend.

  13. ‘They’re already talking about the booster jabs.’ — EP

    (CNN) Two US ‘senators’ — Angus King of Maine and Roger Wicker of Mississippi — announced separately Thursday they have tested positive for Covid-19.

    Both senators are fully vaccinated.

    Well that’s embarrassing.

    But the Narrative must go on: boosters for all.

    Stop the p-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-andemic!

    • Actually, the media and Biden are talking about boosters, but the CDC and medical researchers are advising against it. The CDC will eventually fall in line with Biden, but right now, the medical experts, are saying it’s a waste of vaccines to do this.

      Now, in regards to vaccine efficacy, this is a very good description about misleading statistics. Israel keeps the best data on vaccination and then followup (surveillence states are good for something), so we can see that the vaccine has about 92% effectiveness at preventing serious disease in people under 50, and about 85% at preventing it in people over 50. This is a good, non-political article about misleading statistics on covid: https://www.covid-datascience.com/post/israeli-data-how-can-efficacy-vs-severe-disease-be-strong-when-60-of-hospitalized-are-vaccinated

      • CDC apparently said all nursing home employees must be fully injected. They’re going to implement the requirements in certain areas piecemeal, one at a time.

        I feel for the portion of people at the FDA that have somehow been able to keep this injection on emergency authorization. The pressure to authorize this poison must be tremendous. Or maybe that’s all part of the script.

        • It will 100%, without a doubt, be FDA authorized soon. They’re following a protocol, and it requires one year of observation before full authorization. The vaccine trials started in the last quarter of last year, so we’ll have full authorization in the last quarter of this year.

            • Morning, Freelance –

              Yeah, that is apparently the word. And it’s not surprising given the FDA is an all-but-official adjunct of the pharmaceutical cartels. Approval – more like anointing, really – will likely result in more “vaccine mandates” – after all, it is government approved. By the same government that clearly intended to force the populace to submit to being Jabbed; no conflict of interest there, eh?

              Well, Zyklon B was also “government approved.”

              • There is literally no distinction between the government and the pharmaceutical industry at this point. My phone yesterday gave me an unwanted “news” recommendation with the headline, “Biden Administration to Offer Booster Shots Starting in September.”
                Think about this. The Executive Branch of the government acting as an out-and-out agent and distributor for the corporations, to the point where the corporation is not even mentioned. They’ve fully fused.

    • Whoops — make it three ‘senators’ with ‘cases.’

      John Hickenlooper of Colorado also came down with a ‘breakthrough’ case, says the NYT.

      The Narrative is collapsing faster than they can patch it up.

      But the show … errr, the vaccinations must go on!


      • Care (n)
        A term of art commonly used in the medical industry to convey the provably false assertion that purveyors of outrageously overpriced, frequently ineffective and sometimes extremely dangerous “treatments” actually give a damn about the welfare of their raw material, a.k.a. “patients.”


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