Diaper Report 9/1/21

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I got a letter for Diaper Duty the other day.

Well, it is nominally a questionnaire for selecting prospects for jury duty. I did not fill it in and have no plans to – because I am unable to serve as a juror in a jurisdiction that expects me to efface my face to listen to a case in court. I would have explained this – or checked the box, if there had been a box – disqualifying me on account of my religious beliefs. Or rather, my unwillingness to perform any of the strange rituals associated with theirs.

I expect this to  . . . spread. And not just in my “case,” so to speak. This is an etiology we will all have to deal with at some point since we are all forced to deal with the government.

Avoidance of bizarre and evil rituals – such as the Spreading of the Legs and the Raising of the Arms, the assumption of the I Surrender position – was possible when these were only “practiced” at hot spots of government, such as airports.

But the sickness has metastasized and now encompasses all (federal) government buildings as well as those controlled by several state governments, including the department of motor vehicles – which is a hot spot all of us are required to visit in person once every so often to obtain or renew our conditional permission to use the former public right-of-way, now also controlled (and so owned) by the government, as opposed to the “public,” which may only use it as the government so decrees.

This presents a nexus. A point of choosing.

Many of us – probably almost all of us – have chosen to abide by the countless laws we’re expected to obey in order to be allowed to just live. Laws such as those requiring us to obtain the conditional permission of the government to use what were once-upon-a-better-time the public right-of-way. The people who lived in America when the Constitution was inked didn’t need to obtain permission from the government to ride their horse on the public right-of-way into town. They would have been startled – and annoyed – by the suggestion, having recently endured a long and bloody war to separate themselves from a government that regarded itself as sovereign over everything and which expected its subjects to kneel and beg permission to do anything.

And then to pay for it.

Somehow, we got from there to here and now we are expected to stand on line and supplicate for permission to use the same rights-of-way our ancestors just used, as their natural right.

And expected to pay for the privilege.

Well, we have done so for generations. Largely because we still felt relatively free and because the alternative  – to just use the right-of-way as our right but running the risk of being caught and punished for doing so – seemed too high relative to the benefit of just being (ahem) “free” to travel on the public right-of-way. At least until forced to stop at a checkpoint and present ourselves – and our papers – for inspection by the government, which controls the formerly public right-of-way.

But that was random and relatively unlikely. For the most part, one could just drive – and so, live. Hence, most of us queued up to get our permission slips and went on about our lives.

But what now?

In addition to expecting us to beg its permission – and pay for the conditional privilege – the government now expects – it demands – the expression of adherence to strange religious beliefs, such as the wearing of an odd facial garment that is claimed to ward off what amounts to evil spirits, as the condition of being allowed to beg its permission. To be permitted to enter the holy shrine – the DMV – where the permission is granted.

This raises the price of seeking its permission. In addition to the fees, one must also pay in degradation; the surrendering of one’s dignity by pretending to believe in a religion whose tenets make one sick – to one’s stomach.

But how about actually sick – or perhaps, worse?

It seems likely, even probable, that it will shortly be a condition of supplication that one also receive a Holy Anointing in order to enter – in addition to the wearing of the Holy Vestment. And unlike the Holy Vestment, the Anointing cannot be thrown in the gutter after you’ve obtained your permission slip.

Will you roll up your sleeve for the sake of being allowed to obtain the government’s permission to use the formerly public right-of-way?

For myself, no – I will not. Just as I will not efface my face and thereby mask a grotesque lie for the sake of something no free man ought to be obliged to do in the first place. All of us have a right to travel the public right of way. The fact that we do so in a vehicle is of no more relevance than the fact that Americans once traveled them on horses. Which were often yoked to vehicles.

We have been conditioned to accept the possibility that some harm might come absent our having obtained permission to use the public right-of-way, but this doctrine is so obviously false it ought to be laughed off the planet.

The harm comes from being obliged to beg permission – and  from being made to endure grotesque conditions – in order to be allowed to “practice” what free people once took for granted. This permission-begging degrades us as such – and provides the pretext for future and further degradation, at the whim of the permission-giver.

By what right do they so oblige us? The answer is – via our own surrender of rights, for the sake of not taking the risk of offending our abuser – and risking its wrath. But the balance now tips to the insufferable. It is one thing to queue up. It is another thing to “mask” up.

A far worse thing to roll up.

I’d rather run the risk of being a free man. How about you?

. . .

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  1. We KNEW this was gonna happen. Now it’s official:

    ‘Israel’s national coronavirus czar on Saturday called for the country to begin making preparations to eventually administer fourth doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

    “Given that that the virus is here and will continue to be here, we also need to prepare for a fourth injection,” Salman Zarka told Kan public radio.

    ‘Zarka also said that the next booster shot may be modified to better protect against new variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19, such as the highly infectious Delta strain.

    This is our life from now on, in waves,” he said.


    Waves of madness and delusion, that is.

    Double down on what ain’t working, and expect different results.

    • Congratulations Israel, you win the Darwin Award! Don’t worry though America and the UK aren’t’ far behind.

      Is that the goal? To continue to release a new booster with a new virus each go around? The jabbed have two benefits – to spread the virus to the unjabbed, but also to eventually succumb to the virus. The unjabbed become fearful enough that they take the jab because they are always tired of being sick and…. ta da Big Pharma has its payday and TPTB will have theirs because Big Pharma will continue to fund them as long as the profit stays high.

      I feel like I am living in a Sci Fi movie….a combo of Demolition Man, Orwell’s 1984, Contagion, V for Vendetta, with a bit of Soylent Green mixed in.

      We have been fighting masking for 18 months only to probably end up donning them to escape the aerosol spray of the jabbed. I have an army surplus store full of military gear near my home. I may stop in and see if they have any gas masks available. I may pick up a few.

      • I liken this life to Invasion of the body snatchers, the Island, and Starship Troopers. The masks have gained some ground around here. Still its about 70% without and 30% with. I’ve taken to Erics idea of letting out a little bah or bleat when I pass a masker.

        The Jews slow killing off their own people is rather ironic. Maybe they are setting the example for the great reset. Every former 1st world country will now keep a small segment of the population alive, on a Moderna drip, for farming and harvesting purposes. Everyone is hooked up in VR and believes their alive when in fact they are in a coma waiting upon the call to donate a kidney, eyes, or heart to one of the essential personal.

        Our Guv. Douche decided he’d roll out the welcome wagon for a crap load of Afghans. If I start seeing twenty something Afghan males I’m going to ask them why they didn’t stay and fight for their country. I’m sure I’ll probably get written up for doing so.

        Arizona has fallen so far with all the street poopers we have allowed in. Thanks republicans. Mission accomplished. Oh and thanks Californians also. Feel free to go back whenever, your work here is almost done.

        • “Every … country will now keep a small segment of the population alive, on a Moderna drip, for farming and harvesting purposes. Everyone is hooked up in VR … in a coma waiting upon the call to donate a kidney … to one of the essential [Masters].”

          Brilliant vignette, Norm. You definitely have the feels of the Agenda down pat. If you’re interested in reading the publicly-acknowledged second-layer-and-deeper plans for what They intend to use the bodies of the Herd for, check out the below Whitney Webb article from May 2020, about how DARPA’s pre-scamdemic plans were already to use human bodies as “Bio-Reactors” to be commandeered to synthesize organic materials for biological- and chemical engineering applications:


          Also, your “Moderna drip” is a masterful detail. Whitney Webb, incidentally, has ALSO done work on how Starbucks has deep plans to make “vaxx”-administration part of their business model. Imagine every morning, the Herdsters dutifully going to the Starbucks Cafe-and-Clinic for a Caramel Latte and an intravenous infusion of the latest “code-patch” to their Immuno-Shield BiOS, while they enjoy a spa-like atmosphere of holographic visuals and soothing soundscapes.


          • Thats downright creepy Freelance, Such a brave new world yet at the end of the day it still feels a lot like Middle Ages feudalism. Even the part about throwing a putrid, dis-eased body into the middle of the neighboring village (think the glow-bull village) and shutting down your competition.

            The only reason I would ever set foot in a Starbucks is if I was about to have a bout of explosive diarrhea. But I can just imagine the NPCs all clamoring for their half calf with full release.

      • >Big Pharma has its payday
        The Perpetual Money Machine…what a stroke of genius!
        We sell you something that either a) makes you sick, or b) makes it more likely you will get sick. Then we sell you the “new, improved version,” which either a) … etc., ad infinitum.
        And when you get wise to the con, we get our “friends” in “government” to “mandate” that you accept it, at gunpoint if necessary, otherwise starve, because we will deny you food.

        >gas masks
        Commercial full face or half face respirators are fairly cheap.

        One good thing is that anyone wearing one of these cannot carry on a conversation, at least not without a throat mic, etc. You can just stare at anyone who wants to harass you, and breathe normally until they go away. 🙂

  2. Excerpt from an article by Mary Beth Pfeiffer, linked on the FLCCC website:

    ‘Throughout COVID, the media has stepped into line like good soldiers in a war on disease, failing, in the process, to do its job. It gave government a pass on the dearth of outpatient care. It fostered the fiction that aggressively treating COVID is a right-wing construct. It dismissed vaccine side effects as rare. It enabled vast censorship.

    ‘Rather than support actual outpatient care, this is what we get from alleged protectors of U.S. public health, including the Food and Drug Administration, National Institutes of Health, and Centers for Disease Control:

    – Willful ignorance of the science supporting ivermectin – or any early treatment for that matter.

    – Demonization of this safe FDA-approved drug, used on 250 million people annually, as fit only for animals.

    – Speedy acceptance of drugs like woefully ineffective remdesivir in a system rife with conflicts of interest.

    – A fantastical supposition that there is one way out of COVID: vaccines.

    – Greatly enriched pharmaceutical companies thanks to taxpayer largesse and something called the Emergency Use Authorization.


    It is one thing to grift; another to actually kill.‘ — Eric Peters

    • Perfect example of what Mary Beth Pfeiffer is talking about:

      The Washington Post

      Perspective | Coronavirus vaccines work. But this statistical illusion makes people think they don’t.

      ‘In Israel for a time, more vaccinated people were hospitalized for covid-19 than unvaccinated people. There’s no reason to worry.’


      The problem, you see, is your lying eyes. Israel’s covid train wreck is just a ‘statistical illusion.’ Experts can explain it, but you might not understand.

      This, as Israel’s daily ‘case’ rate (7-day average) rips to a fresh record of 1,115 per million, worst on the planet. Just an illusion, folks … look, over there, a squirrel!

  3. For what it is worth. Just in from Natural news site:
    It’s fascinating that two senior FDA officials who have overseen decades of mass vaccinations have now finally reached the end of their tolerance for crimes against humanity. They resigned earlier this week, citing the astonishing fact that the White House, CDC and UN have conspired to lock the FDA out of vaccine approval decisions, bypassing FDA regulatory authority and pushing vaccines for political reasons that have no scientific basis.

    Also today: the Red Cross has publicly announced that vaccinated individuals are prohibited from donating blood for certain plasma applications because, “the vaccine wipes out those antibodies.”

    In other shocking news, new research has found that the antibodies produced in response to covid vaccines are, themselves, pathogenic.

    These so called good guys at the fda are really the bad guys just getting out before the head chopping.

    • Indeed, t05 –

      Also, there are limits. People begin to grow uneasy with being a part of overtly evil schemes. It is one thing to grift; another to actually kill. Especially a kid. What kind of person could have anything to do with forcing kids to be injected with this stuff? Bad enough that anyone is being forced, but I suspect that this business of pushing it on kids is pushing many people beyond what they’re willing to be a part of.

  4. Hi, RG,
    RE: darkest post of the month
    It is only the 2nd. FP, and others, have not disappeared. 🙂
    There may well be more to come; these are dark times.

    I have a few years on you.

    I am not morbidly obsessed with death. Quite the contrary.
    But I have been around for long enough to know the truth of the statement “You will never feel more alive than when you think you are about to die. I am not a thrill seeker, but have been in a few dicey situations over the years. BTDT, BTTS, as they say.

    I have also been around long enough to know that, as Don Henley wrote decades ago, things can change, “in a New York minute.” Today happens to be the death date of the second daughter of an old and dear female friend. Marilyn was killed by a wrong way drunk driver, two days short of her 21st birthday. She was decapitated, and her younger sister, who was riding next to her, had her neck broken, and spent a year in a body cast.

    Some folks forget that we are all here temporarily, and that the only guarantee in life is that, come sooner or come later, you will die. “Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player who struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more.”

  5. ACLU goes to the dark side in a New York Slimes editorial:

    ‘We see no civil liberties problem with requiring Covid-19 vaccines in most circumstances. Far from compromising civil liberties, vaccine mandates actually further civil liberties.

    ‘They protect the most vulnerable among us, including people with disabilities and fragile immune systems, children too young to be vaccinated and communities of color hit hard by the disease.’


    Once again, the ‘stop the spread’ lie, baselessly asserted on behalf of vaccines that were not designed or tested to stop the spread.

    With your own lying eyes, you can see that the most-vaxxed population on earth — Israel — is getting eaten the f*ck alive by covid because the vax does not and cannot stop the spread.

    ACLU: Attorneys Crushing Liberty Underfoot.

    • Thanks for the link, Jim H.
      What a crock of fertilizer that contains, eh?
      >The real threat to civil liberties comes from states banning vaccine and mask mandates.
      Because freedom is slavery, comrades.

    • ‘Are we seeing the first signs of cracking between the White House and FDA?’ — Raider Girl

      Prolly so.

      But as in the Trotsky-Stalin rivalry, the people only win when both are gone.

      Gone are the days when my heart was young and gay
      Gone are my friends from the cotton fields away
      Gone from the earth to a better land I know
      I hear their gentle voices calling Old Hack Joe

      — Stephen Foster, Old Black Joe

    • Resignations of people not willing to go along to get along only means less resistance to whatever they were not willing to partake in.

      That’s how things are, the good people are forced out. The public doesn’t even recognize or care when it occurs.

  6. Yesterday Israel hit a record daily ‘case’ rate of 1,059 per million — worst on the planet — as its vax booster campaign puts the screws to teenagers:

    ‘With booster shots being made available to everyone over 12 this week, the number of people receiving their third shot on Monday was 114,851, a record number. Over 2.15 million people in Israel have received their booster shot.

    ‘For grades 8 to 12 in communities defined as hot spots, any class with a vaccination rate of less than 70 percent would have to study remotely, while a class with a higher vaccination rate can come to school.

    ‘The Education Ministry estimated that roughly 150,000 students in 8th through 12th grade would be expected to study by distance learning in red communities based on the current plan.’


    Collective punishment of kids … rings a bell somehow.

    Just stop, y’all.

    • Yes Jim, I’ve been monitoring Israel as well. Its example is quite damning for the efficacy of the jab, which, if I didn’t know better, seems to PROMOTE “the spread” rather than “stop the spread”. Hard to say what is happening exactly, except that this jab is most certainly not the savior for which people have searched.

      • ‘seems to PROMOTE “the spread” ‘ — BaDnOn

        Dr Geert Vanden Bossche asserted that people with partial immunity — that is, during the 5-6 week window between first jab and ‘fully vaxxed’ — are an ideal Petri dish for SARS-CoV-2 to perfect its immune escape strategy, just mutating like a mofo till something works.

        Waning immunity plus a third jab just might be a supercharged version of the above, inspiring the spunky little virus to even greater ‘Olympic gold’ feats of immune escape.

        Dr vanden Boscche says it is insane and dangerous to vaccinate during a covid wave. If vaxxing is to be done at all, he states, it should be after a covid wave has burnt itself out and subsided.

        Israel has proven to the world that an intense vaccination campaign — booster-jabbing over 1 percent of its population daily — is helpless to stop a covid wave. It requires magical, superstitious belief to think that a vaccine which was never tested to stop to spread would somehow miraculously perform a function it was not designed for.

        Yahweh is angry, comrades!

  7. They can’t prove that you got the letter if it wasn’t registered mail. If you don’t want jury duty, throw it in the trash. That method has worked for a friend of mine all his adult life. Personally I want to be on a jury and practice some jury nullification.

    • Indeed, Anon –

      Ordinarily, I’d be willing to serve on a jury – for exactly the reasons many have laid out here. I would never vote to convict anyone of a “crime” without a victim and would be hugely skeptical of other charges absent overwhelming proof. But I will not wear a god-damned Face Diaper, period.

      Just as I would not wear a god-damned Nazi armband, either.

  8. Question. Where do you get Ivermectin, do you need a scrip, is it OTC for animals, what is the dose for humans, I know my dog gets a dose every month for heartworm. Should I steal my dogs heartworm medication? Assuming I need to self treat what is the dosage? I googled it and got all kinds of junk, mostly it’s bad except for worms in animals and if people use it they could OD. So confusing.

    • Hi Ugg,

      My suggestion is buy some licorice root tea and elderberry with Vitamin C and zinc. I recommend taking elderberry daily. When you start feeling ill drink the licorice root tea. Licorice root should not be used as preventative medicine, because it can be toxic in high doses. Use only when sick. It is anti viral and anti bacterial and works well against colds, flus, and Covid. The Chinese are using it as a treatment for those hospitalized. A 16 ct tea pack will set you back $4.50. A 60 ct of elderberry chewable tablets will cost around $8. Elderberry seals your cells so viruses can not replicate. The licorice root keeps the virus out of your bloodstream and out of your lungs.

    • ‘do you need a scrip, is it OTC for animals, what is the dose for humans’ — Ugg

      Scrip needed for human version (3mg pills); ‘horse paste’ is OTC; use this protocol for dosage:


      On page 3, a chart converts 0.2 mg/kg dose to body weight. A 200-lb person needs an 18mg dose, corresponding to six of the 3mg pills, or half an inch of ‘horse paste’ as marked on the plunger.

      FLCCC site lists some cooperating telemedicine doctors.

    • Hi Ugg,

      I got ivermectin and hydroxychloriquine from alldaychemist.com. No script necessary and shipped directly from India…..payment process is a little different. I have used this company for many years as a way to stock generic antibiotics etc…..most of generic drugs come from India anyway. The FLCCC protocols are pretty good IME as mentioned elsewhere. I used the iCARE protocol and I’m still around at 71…..as always YMMV. If you are interested in a pretty good source of information on the “vaccine” effects, Steve Kirsch on Substack is thorough in terms of links and pretty good research.

  9. Question. Where do you get Ivermectin, do you need a scrip, is it OTC for animals, what is the dose for humans, I know my dog gets a dose every month for heartworm. Should I steal my dogs heartworm medication? Assuming I need to self treat what is the dosage? I googled it and got all kinds of junk, mostly it’s bad except for worms in animals and if people use it they could OD. So confusing.

  10. None of us unvaxxed heretics should travel this holiday weekend, and everyone should wear a mask indoors, regardless of vaccination status. -CDC.

    Also, welcome Mu variant. Appears to be nearly fully vaccine resistant. Happy now, you GMO’s? The virus found a way out – an entirely predictable escape mutant. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! Now what? Gonna be hard to vaccinate against a single amino acid variation – good luck making antibodies to that.

  11. Well you guys seen – Rogan got covid. And used all the drugs that shall not be named to feel fine in 3 days….I just hope he now doesnt suddenly drop dead from the rona…

    what i find most interesting is the comments on twitter (yes I know I shouldn’t) – people commenting hes secretly jabbed, or how the average person cant afford all that….. without thinking why the average person cant afford it ! Its less than 2 pounds for a course of ivermectin in an unregulated place !

    • Hi Nasir,

      In re Rogan: I wonder whether he did, in fact, have the ‘Rona. He says he was “tested.” We know how accurate these “tests” are. Practically everyone who is “tested” ends up “testing” positive. It is possible he merely caught a cold and self-treated it.

      • In re testing: The test is unreliable in the first place and cycle count can be “adjusted” to produce the desired results, upon which this entire psyop is based. There ae no reliable numbers, period. So one can only make a judgement on the reliability of the source, which is absent, or the unreliability of the source, which is abundant. Hence the constant change in the numbers.

      • I agree – who knows. But the media seems to be having a meltdown over the fact that he ripped apart the narrative ! ie get the jab or die !!! Infact the media constantly refers to him as using “ivermectin – a drug used to de-worm horses”….! But its extremely funny watching the heads explode over this….. I suspect his next few podcasts will be interesting…. but lets hope hes not Rona’d or doesnt commit suicide as a side affect of using something non “FDA Approved” !!

  12. In a 46-minute video, Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com and Dr Chris Martenson discuss the FDA’s byzantine ‘approval’ of the Pfizer vaccine.

    Then they launch into larger topics, such as fear-induced mass psychosis and reckless money printing that papers over deep-seated rot.

    Eventually, they circle back to a planned event in November for ‘our tribe’ at Front Site in Pahrump, Nevada.


    Molon labe, comrades.

  13. Interesting that a large number of people here have served on juries or have been summoned. I know in my situation I get summons fairly often due to the low population of the county, but most of the time the defendant takes a plea-bargain and it is cancelled. I imagine many of us are in rural areas, not the rat colonies. As for actually serving, it ain’t nothing like the movies for sure. Hell, it ain’t even like civics class. Most of the trial is nothing but procedure and boilerplate. The two times I’ve served the DA’s ego was the biggest object in the courtroom. The fact that the DA and judge are on first name basis puts a pretty big thumb on the scale too. Presumption of innocence, indeed.

  14. Anyone see the news that the city of chicago is now trying to negotiate with uber and lyft because 73 bus drivers resigned instead of getting jabbed and now they have no drivers to pick up kids? This is the only way these mandates end. Personally i would make them fire me but quit is just as good.

    • Hi Antilles,

      Around here there is a huge shortage of school bus drivers and the jab is not even required yet. Hubby and I were heading to our favorite Farmer’s Market last Friday afternoon and the traffic was backed up about 1/2 mile. We had no idea what was going on. When we finally got around it we could see it was all of the parents picking up their children from the local elementary school. They were all waiting to turn into the parking lot. There are not enough drivers to handle the children so many parents are required to drop off and pick up.

      If they decide to add the jab requirement it will be even worse.

      • Well what kind of bonehead is gonna go through the trouble of keeping a CDL so they can deal with the nightmare school system for poverty wages? I say stop the bussing. If breeding folk want their brood in conformity camp they can drive them there and fund the dayprison with tuition out of their own pocket. Public school is worthless. Twelve years for a kid to be told they need to go in debt for another 4+ years to (maybe) get a “good” job. Their reward? A soul sucking career that demands total dedication, bleeds them of their best years with the promise of maybe retiring for a decade when they’re old and frail. Reverence to the job being sacrosanct and above all else. You can be a good employee but if you don’t live to work you’re trash in their eyes.
        F- that. Lay flat.

        • Hi Lying,

          I agree with much you’ve written. A job is just a job; work is an honorable necessity but it ought not to be the primary thing one does in life. Life should be about doing what makes you happy. If you can make a living doing that, then you are in good shape. Otherwise, the way you make your living should be such that it enables you to be happy, otherwise. So long as you are happy – fulfilled – and life has meaning, to you.

        • 55-60 years ago, when I was a child, if you lived within a couple of miles of school you were expected to provide your own transportation. In the rural community I now live in, the bus picks up kids within a few hundred YARDS of the school. And stops every hundred feet to do so. Gee, I wonder why they can’t pay competitive wages to the drivers?

      • 55-60 years ago, when I was a child, if you lived within a couple of miles of school you were expected to provide your own transportation. In the rural community I now live in, the bus picks up kids within a few hundred YARDS of the school. And stops every hundred feet to do so. Gee, I wonder why they can’t pay competitive wages to the drivers?

      • School bus drivers historically have been poorly paid across the US. These are minimum-wage, part-time, no-benefits jobs, even though they require a type of commercial driver’s license. Mainly retired people and military spouses take these jobs.

        With the sheer dysfunction, entitlement, and bad behavior today’s children have, combined with parents supporting their bad children and not the school or the driver, localities were already having problems keeping school bus drivers. Now COVID requirements add the icing to the cake.

        • In my day (Holy crud..never thought I’d be old enough to say that!), it was primarily housewives who were recruited and trained to be school bus drivers. You’d see a lot of buses parked in the lots of local department stores between their morning and afternoon runs- They’d by yarn and stuff. Almost all of them were very nice ladies. In fifth grade my afternoon bus driver was Mrs. Nast- She was a spunky old lady- must’ve been in her 70’s.

          Now? My white-trash alcoholic nincompoop of a nephew drives a school bus…. They must really be getting desperate!

          • Morning, Nunz!

            Same experience here in re school bus drivers. They were – in my day – mostly housewives/older ladies and some were salty old birds. I remember one in particular who chain-smoked – can you imagine? – and would jump this rise in the road (well, she tried to jump it) by getting the bus up to its Top Speed so as to give us unbuckled kids a thrill. We’d shriek and yell and she would smile. This was a slice of how life in this country was, once – before the life-suckers took it over.

            • In Iowa in the late 1970’s to early 1980’s almost all the bus drivers I knew of were older male farmers.
              In the late 1980’s there was a noticeable shift of more women bus drivers.

              I don’t know if that means anything. Being around them wasn’t ever unpleasant, other than where they were taking me, that is.

              Nunzio’s comment about his nincompoop of a nephew caused me to think of the Simpson’s TeeVee show bus driving character.
              I can not even begin to imagine what that must be like having as a morning greeting and having to experience that every day, twice a day, or more.

              (nincompoop – that’s a less harsh more polite way to describe my nephew also, I ‘ll probably use that term. Very fitting)

              • **”Nunzio’s comment about his nincompoop of a nephew caused me to think
                of the Simpson’s TeeVee show bus driving character.”**

                Oh, my nincompoop nephew, will never aspire to be as mature and responsible as Otto! (Although he, like Otto also “loooves to get blotto”)

            • Hi Ya Eric!

              Aww, man! That made me smile! Never had so much as one bad/unpleasant bus driver. And in my entire conformity camp career, I only ever had one male bus driver…and he was a heck of a nice guy too- He’d even sing for us! That was either 2st or 3nd grade…and I still remember Fred the bus driver!

              c. 3rd grade, the nice lady bus driver fell asleep driving, and we went sailing right past the school. Some kids managed to wake her up before we could crash! Those were indeed the days…we turned around and got dropped off at the school..and that was that. Imagine that today? Kids would be on cellphones; cops would arrive..there would be lawsuits….

              We lived in paradise!!!! In one generation, it has turned to Hell! 🙁

              • Hi Nunz!

                Indeed. WhenI look back on the America you and I and others lucky enough to have been born in the nick of time (roughly, before about 1975 – so as to have experienced growing up before the ’90s, when Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety-ism became mainstream) I feel nothing but sadness for the ensuing cohorts. We had the best of it. Great cars, abundance for almost anyone who was willing to work and a degree of personal, day-to-day liberty unimaginable to the poor wretches who were born after about 1985 – who grew up strapped in and by the time they hit their mid-teens, found themselves in a “Homeland” rather than America.

  15. Eric,

    The hospital I work at is getting hit hard. Much worse than the “alpha” variant. Mostly old and fat or both but increasing younger and healthier. What’s your take? Peer pressure to take the anointing is growing enormous. As far as I can tell, the anointing prevents severe Covid in most people for about 6 months. It’s so hard to get good info. I’m just going to rely on my immune system but the stress of work and the anxiety that the sheeple cause is weakening it.

    • Hi Zach,

      All I know is what I know, which is that – so far – the main risk factors for getting seriously ill from the ‘Rona are obesity and old age. If you’re not either then – according to the numbers – you have a better than 99.8 percent chance of not dying, assuming you even get seriously sick.

      Now, I don’t know – but suspect – that the “vaccines” are either making those who took it more vulnerable to becoming seriously sick or (far worse) actually “shedding” some new sickness. It is hard to know what’s actually going on, but I base my suspicion on the known bad faith and evil actions of the people pushing this whole mess. I would not be surprised at all if it turns out that the “vaccines” are designed to depopulate the Earth and/or create sickness so as to create the excuse for a regime of tyranny such as the world has not yet seen but soon may.

      I am going to rely on my own good health and “practices” to avoid getting sick, too. I strongly recommend working out – hard – to relieve the anxiety and build yourself up.

      • ‘the known bad faith and evil actions of the people pushing this whole mess’ — EP

        The people who spent 20 years and $2 trillion to replace the Taliban with the Taliban now are fighting a war on Covid.

        Any questions?

      • “It is hard to know what’s actually going on, but I base my suspicion on the known bad faith and evil actions of the people pushing this whole mess.” – EP

        Exactly. You are right to continue these Diaper Reports, as the continued worship of these filthy things shows that their pushers have no respect for objective, dispassionate research. The fact that masks don’t work for respiratory viruses was not controversial until it was dragged into the sewer of politics in 2020. Plus, the results are now in from covid. They make no difference. They are worse than useless. Why should we believe anything they say about vaccines or anything else when they refuse to acknowledge such an obvious truth?

        • Roland,

          At this point these diapers have become either a soothing blankie or a magic talisman to the disciples of the branch covidian religion.

    • The first time around- c. a year and a half ago, they kept telling us that the hospi’ls were “overwhelmed”…but in fact, the hospi’ls were freaking ghost towns. Now that near 70% o f the population has been vaccinated, the hospitals really are being overwhelmed, supposedly by the very disease which the [non]vaccines were supposed to prevent- and formerly, the very young were largely impervious to the ‘Rona…but now, many of them are coming down with it- coinciding with the fact that many of these youngsters have now also been vaccinated.

      The inevitable conclusion I can not help but to draw, is that either: A) The [non]vaccine is causing the very disease it was supposed to prevent (From what I hear, two thirds of the people hospitalized with the ‘Rona had been vaccinated), or….B)The detrimental and degenerative effects of these vaccines are being labeled as the ‘Rona by the hospi’ls in which people are seeking treatment for said effects.

      But the inescapable elephant in the room, is that this is happening amongst a largely vaccinated population- and is happening more so among those who have been vacinnated- so no matter what the actual disease(s) may be, one can not escape the fact that [non]vaccine is making it far worse than it was before said vaccine existed.

      • Here is what I have noticed lately (no scientific data just personal experience). My husband works around guys that are all starting to get jabbed. Three weeks ago one of the guys received his second shot. Hubby comes home with a slight fever and sore throat. I make him a licorice root tea and elderberry syrup. In about 2-3 hours he is fine.

        Comes home yesterday, another guy just got his second shot on Monday. He worked with him in the field all day. These guys are in construction so nobody is wearing a mask….not that it would help anyway. Another sore throat and slight fever. Wifey makes another licorice root tea and more elderberry syrup.

        This has happened about 3 or 4 times so far. I am not saying there is a connection, but it is downright eerie that the same symptoms are popping up after the second shots of the guys that he is working around.

        Note: The employer is not mandating the shot….actually told the guys that he would prefer they do not get the shot, but if they wanted to it was their choice.

        There are a few more guys, but so far they have been “Hell, no”. I am hoping it stays that way. Fortunately, I have six boxes of licorice root in my pantry.

      • Nunzio,

        My hospital is saying about 85% being admitted are unvaccinated. The area has about a 40% vaxx’d rate. Places like Israel have a much higher Vax rate so it makes sense most people being admitted there would be vax’d. I think the shot “works”, for about 6 months in most people. Then it doesn’t. It’s not a solution and spreads virus. As far as I can tell…But it is much worse here now for sure.

        • Zac – I agree the data is shit. But one thing I do find funny is how all of the sudden you hear all these stories of jabbed people getting covid and being mostly fine….

          They seem to forget that even the jab most people who got covid were mostly fine (and infact many didnt even know it!) But ofcoruse because the TV tells them it must be the jab that makes it fine !

          On another note – anyone else notice how all of the sudden there are tons of articles on TV and social media about these people that didnt get anointed by the holy jab because they used common sense, and now they are sick in hospital and basically have a death bed conversion and encourage everyone specifically the young and healthy to get the jab !!

        • Hi Zach,

          One trick – a thing to watch – is this business of characterizing someone who becomes sick within two weeks after the Jab as being “unvaccinated.” It is the current equivalent of “the cases! the cases!” only more malevolent because it is being used to “mask” why people are getting sick.

        • Israel isn’t just getting more vaxxed cases, they’re getting a lot more cases period. Last time I checked, more per capita cases than the US. Add that Israeli research indicates natural immunity is 13 times more protection than vaccine immunity, and it appears the vaccine may reduce symptom severity, but exposes more people to symptoms.

        • Uh huh. I don’t believe that either. 85 percent of the people testing positive for COVID are unvaxxed, but what they ddon’t tell you is that the vaxxed are in the hospital as well and probably exceed the unvaxxed. Why? They are in for heart attacks, strokes, neurological dysfunction, and the symptoms of the vaccine. They test negative for COVID because they only cycle their samples 28 cycles vs 40 for non vaccinated. I don’t believe the lies for a damned minute.

      • Sure seems like ADE. Might even make people more susceptible to the normal cadre of coronaviruses that are in circulation. And never will they admit to any of this.

        Sucks to say this, but maybe the way out is that enough GMOs get so sick from covid that they can’t spin it. If that happens, it’s 11:59:59 on the doomsday clock.

        • “ADE” assumes there’s really a “wild virus” capable of being “enhanced.”

          That’s all nonsense. All this illness is just the injectable bio-weapons kicking in after a latency period.

          Dr. Lee Merritt has their number on this. They develop a pathogenic “genetic weapon.” It’s not a “virus” because it doesn’t autonomously replicate generation after generation, but it’s a segment of nucleotides capable of causing illness or (occasionally) death. It just makes people sick, and they might pass the toxin on to others for one or two passages.

          Then, They call it a “part” of a “virus”. This allows them to develop a “vaxxine” that is nothing more or less than the genetic weapon itself! They say it is to “teach your immune system to dance” or whatever, but really they’re just plugging people full of bioweapons.

          • H FP,

            With the preface that correlation isn’t necessarily causation, I think it’s interesting that sickness is (apparently) “spiking” among the Jabbed. This makes me suspect – as you appear to – that it is the Jab that is causing sickness. Certainly, it has made people sick (and dead) as a “side effect.” But is it possible that its intended effect is to make people sick – and dead?

            All I know is they’re not Jabbing me.

            • The tragedy is that between the lies and the censorship, science is no longer being practiced. The ongoing questioning of everything has turned into a propaganda machine, just as it did with climate change.

    • Hi Zach,

      I was actually reading an article from Temple University that they have the COVID death cases down to a science. It is about 70% accurate . They take a blood platelet if someone arrives with COVID being the main factor. Once the blood work comes back they look at six numbers and if these numbers are above/below the normal thresholds you are pretty much a goner. It is not tied to obesity, but if most peoples numbers are above a certain threshold they are more likely to be obese. The first two factors (not part of the six platelet readings) was 1) man; 2) Type A blood. They others they looked at creatinine levels, white blood count, potassium, etc.

      It was really interesting. I believe there is a doctor on YT who did a video on this study as well. He even provided the full criteria and the thresholds.

        • Hi BaDnOn,

          I have to look at my home computer. I have a barrage of articles I have been collecting and will sort through to see if I can locate it. I believe it was from last year. I want to say it was from April or May 2020.

          Here is the YT video though. I thought this was quite well done and was a bit more detailed than the article that I read.


        • Hi Nasir,

          Not in the report. I was a bit surprised it wasn’t a prerequisite. The studies pertaining to Vitamin D is if your readings are over 55 you will likely only suffer minor to no symptoms of Covid.

            • Vit D was talked about, extensively and repeatedly, by Dr Joseph Mercola.

              His reward? Getting named public enemy no. 1 in the ‘Disinformation Dozen,’ as amplified in the New York Slimes.

              The Lügenpresse advises locking down in one’s tubercular garret, never to venture out if the sun is beaming its lethal radiation.

              • Hi Jim,

                A fascinating aspect of this – as regards the “Disinformation Dozen” – is that their prescriptions have harmed no one. Not one death can be laid at the feet of those suggesting Vitamin D, C or Ivermectin, etc. Perhaps these measures don’t help – devil’s advocate – but they do not hurt, as such. As opposed to the “vaccines,” which inarguably have killed thousands of people.

                Think about it.

    • Hey Zach,

      When you say “younger”, what ages and conditions are these people in? Are they shanked by one of the Three approved holy toxins?

      One sure sign of ADE(antibody dependent enhancement) is radical shift in the critically ill demographic from the frail/fat old and co-morbid to younger healthier people, particularly healthy children. If there are non morbidly obese healthy sub 25 year olds ending up in ICU’s and dead then this could be a fucking catastrophe for the shanked esp as winter is just starting.

      ADE tends to strike when the inevitable pathogen variants proliferate and trigger a bounty of non neutralizing antibodies to essentially pull a trojan horse on the immune systems of the shanked.

      Please keep an eye out for the details in your hospital if possible.

      • David, we just put a breathing tube in a 40 year old with no known co morbidities. Lots of the same in better condition. Lots of 50’s, probably with your standard American metabolic dysfunction and overweight. Rest your traditional old and fat. It’s very difficult for me to see patients I’m not dealing with directly though.

    • Hey Zach,

      In what state/country do you live? In Az, COVID hospitalizations are tracked, and they are clearly less in absolute numbers than previous “waves”. Do they keep vaccination data where you work? Just curious, as I’ve been monitoring Israel’s data, and it makes vaccine efficacy look pretty questionable. If the vaccines were effective for the original variants, then their efficacy has waned greatly. I’m wondering, like others, whether the vaccines don’t “slow the spread”, but instead, promote the spread, perhaps by allowing the Anointed to build a higher viral load before experiencing symptoms.

      Above all, in preserving your well-being, make sure you get enough sleep. Take in some good exercise, as Eric suggests. A healthy diet is, of course, important.

      Research antiviral supplements and vitamin support. I can, again, list the litany I have on hand if you’d like. Perhaps one of the things I’ve found to stand to reason is to “keep your nose clean”, literally. As in, use saline and/other products to irrigate your nasal passages a couple times a day. Also gargling with mouthwash/hydrogen peroxide. This may prevent respiratory viruses from taking hold and diminish their efforts at replication and spreading to other areas.

      • BaDnOn,

        University of Florida. I believe the jabbed are spreading it. We have many more here than last year. The hospital had been dead all last year. We never locked down in Florida. Most being admitted are un vaccinated, but the percentage vaxx’d is growing. We have a relatively low vax rate around here. Probably 40%.

        • Zach,

          I almost guessed Florida, as it seems the most recent wave has been particularly high, for whatever reason. You overall state vaccination rate looks similar to ours at 53%. Our “Delta” wave was much smaller than yours, again, for whatever reason. I know Florida has one of the oldest populations in the country, coupled with some high population density. Why it’s hitting hard now, after being showered with vaccines, is certainly a good question.
          The good news is, from your data, I would venture a guess that you’ve rounded the peak and cases will begin to decrease now, so hang in there.

    • “It’s so hard to get good information”, and that isn’t an accident. You ae not wanted to have good information, your wanted to have their information, which is constantly changing to fit the psyop.

  16. I once served on a federal jury. I immediately realized that the JURY was the most important part of the trial. The judge, lawyers and witnesses…all were looking at the jury box throughout the trial.

    Until now, I had always looked forward to showing up for jury duty, and hoped to get on the trial. I am totally against the New World Order mask however. The only problem with that viewpoint is that only sheep will want to serve. I would hate to have my fate decided on by 12 sheep.

    As to jury nullification, It is better to keep that info to yourself until you are actually on the jury…otherwise, you will not make it in.

    • I think there is a good argument that mask requirements effectively prevent a person from accurately assessing the truth value of statements made during trial. I think they also violate the spirit of the idea of facing one’s accusers in court.

      I’d tear the system a new one if I could…

      • If it ever gets to it (I hope it does not), I *WILL* wear a black balaclava with the maximum face exposure, and of course no nose or mouth holes. I bought a dozen of these when this all first came down. Still have 6-8 in unwrapped packages. Scares the hell out of bankers, and possibly some others.

        IF questioned, I will point out that I wear a full beard, and it is not possible to get a tight seal with a partial face covering when facial hair is present. I can back that up, being trained in the use of respiratory protection (actual PPE, not BS face diapers).

        Picture for a moment the possibility of a defendant being confronted by twelve jurors whose faces are obscured by black masks like that of a medieval headsman.

        Will the defense attorney demand they be removed?
        If so, to be replaced with exactly what?
        Inquiring minds want to know.

      • That’s an excellent point. Not being able to see someone’s face during examination at trial removes critical cues that allow the almost subconscious discernment of truth or deception.

      • They don’t mask witnesses during jury trials.

        Only the poor slobs gang-pressed into the jury box are slave-muzzled.

  17. What is the best way to find a local physician who won’t require you to wear the Holy Magical Rag for an office visit? I checked the Association of American Physicians & Surgeons website, but the only independent practice listed within 100 miles appears to be closed.
    All the local corporate docs repeat like zombies: “We are following the CDC guidelines.”

    • I wish I knew the answer. After being dismissed from our family practice last year due to questioning the vestment (merely asked for a medical explanation), we called around for a while with no success. (BTW, I had told them I would take their advice and leave the practice, in what I thought was a diplomatic exchange. Boy was I surprised when 10 days later I received a certifie letter “dismissing me for non-compliance with their co[n]vid-19 policy!” I had never even set foot in the facility, just shared on email the mask studies re health care workers, and asked for a medical explanation for this new “medical intervention.”)

      Recently discovered one urgent care facility that (as of last month anyway) was not requiring masks. But it’s urgent care, not a GP.

      Where are you located?

      • St. Louis area. I downloaded the AAPS covid treatment guide that somebody linked to in an EP Autos comment, and it’s excellent. Lots of telemedicine links in there, but I would like to have an in-person option that doesn’t require humiliation in case I need it.
        The experience you describe is outrageous. Who would have thought that physicians would act this way? My “primary care” doc is a wonderful guy. Our kids played soccer together. But I’m sure that if he does have misgivings about this nonsense he’s scared to death that the “Sisters o’ Mercy” he works for would fire his ass in a second if he spoke up.

        • Yes, I was quite taken aback that I was not only unable to get any medical justification for the masking, but was basically thrown out on my ear (figuratively speaking).

          So your doctor is feeling pressured to go along with the kabuki?

          • I haven’t talked to him but I’m sure of it. The chief of staff and one of their surgeons were primarily responsible for frightening the city council into a mask mandate last year, with the county mimicking them shortly thereafter. Luckily neither has been reinstated yet in 2021. In neighboring St. Louis County, the exec issued a new diaper order this summer, but the County Council rescinded it. There was a court fight and I’m not sure of its status now. I try not to watch the news from the nut farm up the road.

    • Live by the guidelines, die by the guidelines.

      If they haven’t figured out by now that the CDC is a bunch of incompetent baboons playing politics, in my book that makes them *more* liable, not less (the reason they, and most corporations, do this is because they think it will cover their asses from lawsuits/liability). If it starts to bite them in the butt, they will drop the CDC like a hot potato.

  18. In any culture, when the individual is suppressed, the people become a mob. And here we are.
    This is paraphrased from the forward of Frank Herbert’s Dune Messiah, which was NOT critically acclaimed, because the hero of Dune created a monster, and burst a lot of bubbles. Which Frank Herbert intended. He sincerely believed that the worst thing that could happen to any culture was a hero. That the mob would fall all over themselves in service to the hero. He believed that Nixon was in fact a real hero, as he started the wide spread questioning of leadership we were missing. Which widespread questioning has been absent ever since 9/11/01.

    • So true, John. I got into journalism right after Watergate, and for a time there seemed to be some enthusiasm for holding politicians’ feet to the fire. Maybe it was only because they hated Nixon.
      It’s disappointing when Tucker Carlson, who has been great in so many ways, moans that confidence in government is being eroded. With topsoil like this, better that it wash down the river to the Gulf of Mexico and stay there.

      • Anyone who has “confidence in government” isn’t paying attention. There is no more dangerous organization on the planet, regardless of which one it is or the fundamental structure, socialist or capitalist. Every one of them assumes authority to kill you if you don’t comply. Sane people do not seek such position.

  19. So, on the inflation front… The house next to me, a 4 bed 3 bath 1200 sq ft ranch on stilts built in ’82, was in the same family for 25 years until they sold it in ’18 for $185k after sitting on the market for over a year. Couple buys it, puts in $50k, new decks, siding, bathroom, etc. They sell it in 7/20 within 3 days of listing for $323k (essentially list price). Couple who buys replaces roof, adds fencing, 2 built-in sheds and etc. for maybe $15-20k. On 8/30/21, they put it on the market with no signs and no pictures for $499k. It goes under contract same day for “over list.”

    • That is unsustainable and ripe for anothet bubble break. Houses in my neighborhood that were going in the high 300’s in 2019 are now in the low to mid 500’s

      • I lived that in NJ in the 00s. In the mid-00s, the height of the RE bubble, RE was being seen as “safe” vs. stocks, which had crashed in 01-02 so money was moving from one thing to another. Of course both crashed together in 08-09. Now, stocks are hitting all time highs every day while RE is soaring. I wonder if the massive increase in the money supply this time, as well as increased material and labor costs across the board if you can even get things, are more prominent factors this time. It’s like an everything bubble combined with increasing inflation. Maybe the crack up boom is upon us or soon will be.

      • Real estate never goes down, you know‘ — comment from everybody I knew in 2006

        All I hear today from neighbors are moans about ‘if I’d only bought that place down the street last year’ … now that it’s zoomed up by 50%.

        When everybody’s talking obsessively about real estate, it’s very late in the game.

        Runaway prices and rents are doing incalculable damage to younger adults.

        Thanks, Jerome Powell! You did a lot to us.

  20. “The harm” is submitting to the most dangerous organization on the planet. Compared to the state, common criminals are inconvenient. Every single one is founded on the assumption they have authority to kill you if you don’t comply. At some point in time most of them will openly demonstrate it for you. Waco Texas for example. Were the Branch Davidians upstanding and respectable? I have no idea. They were killed before I could find out. Even if not, its none of my business, and neither was it anyone else’s. Not to mention Stalin and Mao. Over 100,000,000 of their own people up in smoke, literally. And yet the dedicated maskers and vaxxers are totally convinced that the state cares for them. Morons or mentally damaged.

  21. Diaper Report Knoxville, TN: Not many diaperers except for the religious faithful and service workers. I really do feel for the people that are in a position of forced compliance. Many are on the ragged edge of being able to pay for the basics to live, so they can’t afford to not comply.

    I was up your way in Wytheville for MX racing with my boys this past weekend. No diapers, but all the nasty fast food places had their dining rooms all closed and most shut down early due to short staffing. The hotel was in full-blown HAZMAT mode, but thankfully the guests blew them off. It’s like a bad dream I can’t wake up from.

    And just to verify, I will never put the filthy rag on my face, much less be tested or take a needle. I don’t care if I have to pay the ultimate price for that position. I don’t think the needlers are feeling the same enthusiasm for their position…

  22. Eric, tell me – how long do you think it will be before this shit blows over in the US? Personally I was thinking people will realise that when they do everything from mask to Jab, and well it gets to summer and nothing changes – they will wake up that this is nothing to do with a bug…. .any timeline now ?

    • Hi Nasir,

      Boy, I wish I knew… so many variables… so hard to get an accurate feel, given the distortion (and omission) of information one would ordinarily use to form an accurate sense of things. That said, what I am seeing in my area and what is being relayed to me by others all around the country, is that this time, there is skepticism. This time, there is resistance. Not all or even necessarily most – but not a small minority, this time. I take this as very heartening. Because I am convinced that all it will take is for about 20-25 percent of the people to take a hard stand for this to be over. Because probably 40-50 percent of the rest are fence-sitters who will go whichever way the wind blows. Our true enemy is the 20-25 percent that is overtly evil.

      We can win. It begins by not giving in.

      • Eric,

        Just to give you an example of where i am seeing pushback. Shoprite last night, i noticed the signed was changed from if you are vaxinated you can feel free to not wear a diaper to now the sign says for the saftey of our staff and shoppers please wear a mask. I ignored it as usual and expected the worst when i walked in but its still about 50/50. I heard from 2 branch covidians that had serious reactions to the 1st round of jabbing that say they are not going in for round 3 and will just take their chances. Resistance is forming.

        I have a BSA round table tonight, first in person round table since Feb of 2020, i have no intentions of playing sickness kabuki, I’ll report back tomorrow on how that goes.

      • Hi Eric,
        Definitely a clear divide in my area where a small (I hope) percentage are hysterically demanding the governor declare a statewide mandate but he has refused to and is leaving it up to the mini fuehrers in each town. So far only a dozen or so have, which must be tough for the business owners in those commie enclaves – why put up with face diapers when you can go down the street and be normal. There’s no dissuading the true believers though, I’m starting to see the idiots diapered outdoors and in their cars again. Ugh!

        • “I’m starting to see the idiots diapered outdoors and in their cars again.”

          Sadly, this never ended in my area. The most infuriating are the parents who diaper thier little kids out in 95% temps and high humidity.

      • Eric – I do tend to agree with your assessment, that only about 20-25% are fundamentalist of the covid cult…. the rest of the 50% or so are just following, as unfortunately thats what makes them feel better. I think the rest are the ones who are resisting….

        Something positive however I heard the other day on a podcast (James Delingpole with someone) was that the velvet revolution in Czechoslovakia was really caused by a relatively small proportion of society which just didnt comply and carried on with normal life…. Heres to hoping that will work….

      • Even in the bastion of crazy that is the modern US airport, you see pushback. People simply buy a beverage to carry around and ignore the diaper mandate. Of course you also see unfortunate types wearing a mask, shield, and rubber gloves and feel a real sense of pity, but it’s a small minority.

        • Indeed, Anon –

          I only wish these people would be willing to accept a brief inconvenience – not flying until no more Diapering – which there’d be no more of within a month, if enough people simply refused to buy a ticket again until they could fly without being subject to such idiocy and degradation. Let the mentally deranged Freaks who want to wear a Diaper wear one. But enough – god-damn it – of these Freaks dictating terms and conditions to the rest of us.

    • Nasir, if they haven’t woken up by now, then I don’t have much faith that they ever will. A lot of them are jonesing for their third jab!

      “I sure would have been sicker if not for the magic potion….I need more magical potion”

      • I concur, AR.

        As long as there is a Hollywood and a Wurshington DC, the masses will believe what ever they are told. The majority always believe the official narrative- and far from people waking up as the lying becomes more blatant and all-emcompassing, they instead lap it up even more.

        Even when they realize they’ve been lied to in the past, they will believe the very next lie that comes from the same liars…and the lie after that…and so on, in perpetuity. Tell them one thing today, and the exact opposite tomorrow, and they will fight and die for the new ‘truth’, never considering that what they believed yesterday, which came from the exact same sources, was the diametric opposite of what they now believe…and what they will be told and believe next week will be different yet…but they will consider themselves enlightened because they believe the current ‘truth’, and not that silly nonsense that they were told last week…..

        We live amongst a people who are morally adrift and intellectually bankrupt- and thus are no better than obedient cult members who parrot what ever they have been propagatred with, without thought.

        A people who will submit to groping, being strip-searched, and being under the mercy of the lowest dim-witted savages (TSA employees) just to board a plane, as well as being relieved of most of their other liberties just to do so, without a word of complaint, much less a full-blown boycott, are a people who will tolerate any indignity and trampling of every basic right.

        • “Even when they realize they’ve been lied to in the past, they will believe the very next lie that comes from the same liars…and the lie after that…”

          Ed Asner was an outspoken 9ll skeptic, and was scheduled to appear for a big anniversary Truther confab this month.

          Took the vaxx for Convid and died.

        • Ask almost anyone if politicians lie, and get a resounding “hell yeah”. And then they turn right around and vote one into office, and since they voted for them, they magically believe them.

    • Hey Nasir:

      I think anyone who is truly committed to shunning the Shot must resign himself to the fact that he will not live to see 2026. I don’t think Deagel was playing any games with its “projection” that the population of the US and several other western countries will be halved by 2025. Among the disposed will be all the refuseniks, who are in short order going to be deemed “biohazards” and “domestic terrorists” by law. The government simply cannot allow natural humans to live, who might serve as examples of how un-sick people are when they avoid having toxic hydrogel and other bio-digital nano-technology periodically injected into their bodies.

      In 2026, nobody will remember that the real sickness and mass death only started after the mass injections began. Everyone remaining alive will live in a permanent, Altered-Reality Brain Cloud that is linked to the Deep [Hive] Mind. The Machine has absolutely no interest in permitting the survival of un-linked humans. All unlinked humans will be unceremoniously liquidated as the Bio-Digital Convergence progresses in earnest.

      The game at this point isn’t to “save humanity” or “regain freedom.”
      The game is to die with your humanity and free-will intact. The only way to do that is to avoid the Shot at all costs. The nature of those “costs” is, if we’re being honest, self-evident.

      • FP,

        Did you stop to consider that Deagal Report could be the lefties addition of “misinformation”? Deagal has been reporting for mass exodus since 2014. So far they have been wrong every year. Also, there has been no designation that it is death that will occur only a reduction….could very well be migration, could be a nuke, could be poisoning of the water supply, a power grid failure, or just plain bull shit. Also, 70% is about the equivalent of those that received the jab. If they all die who is left to kill the control group?

        The best thing any of us can do is to look at any form of media has a lie. I make no guarantees, but gut tells me I am still standing in 2026 and my gut tells me you will likely be, too.

          • Actually, the next asteroid that could potentially hit the Earth is PDC 2017 which is expected in 2027. It has a 96% chance and would likely hit Japan or China. Hopefully, we come up with some asteroid destroying gun in the meantime.

              • So it is a fake one they used for their conference? Well, thanks for the heads up. I am glad I may be able to get a few more years. It was going to be a bummer to die before 50.

                • Very few near Earth asteroids are even cataloged, much less tracked. We’re unlikely to get much warning, if any, and the Sociopaths In Charge will try to keep it a secret as they head for their bunkers.

        • I don’t know anything about Deagel being “Leftie” (and I will put aside my urge to mansplain the difference between mis- and dis-information), but of course it occurred to me that the population reduction-projections are disinformation.
          Without question, both of the (wildly divergent) “explanations” proffered by Deagel for the projection were pure disinformation, the first being “reverse immigration” and the then second (after No. 1 was quietly scrubbed) being “pandemics and military hostilities.” (HINT: you know the changing rationales are bullshit when the methodology changes, but the figures stay exactly the same.)
          But I think the projection itself was a Signal, to wiseguys in the Military-Intelligence-Industrial Complex, of the magnitude of the PsyOp in the hopper. (It is a well-known facet of intelligence that most intel is conveyed through coded and veiled messages publicized through mainstream channels. Deagel is a bit deeper, and I think the intel catalogued there tends to be even more “raw.”

          Could I be wrong? Sure. But do we seem to be on track to widespread death by means of systematized pseudo-medical mass intervention and domestic oppression? We sure do.

          Are Osprey helicopters menacing the freeways daily during rush hour here in La-La-Land? They sure are. Is the President continually making threatening, dehumanizing remarks about several demographic categories that I happen to fit into (and am therefore sensitized to)? He sure is. Is there any intermediary social institution that could serve as a bulwark or buffer against democide by the very motivated feral government? There sure very much is NOT. Are supply-lines for food, water, and fuel being very publicly declared as “fragile” and “entangled,” so as to justify mass shortages? Yup.

          Do I smell Death itself every day when I look at the addled eyes of the zomboid masked gimp-freaks shambling everywhere I go?

          Oh you better believe I do.

          • Rumor has it Deagal is formulated by the three letter word departments. One can’t get much more Leftie than that.

            To each his own. I will do my part in trying to avoid death. I am too boring to take out.

            • “You can’t get more Leftie” than the entire government and its entire network of alphabet agencies? Okee-dokey.

              Boring as you may be, if you ain’t vaxxed, you ain’t gonna be welcome in this here Great-Resetted-New-World-Odor. One way or t’other, you’ll be brushed aside. (Or you’ll accept the shot once the squeeze is put on you. As I’ve said before, once hospitals begin refusing service to the Clean, 99.999999997% of people will capitulate. Whatever you think now…chances are you’ll be among the Unclean once this play is complete.)

              • >once hospitals begin refusing service to the Clean, 99.999999997% of people will capitulate.
                You can count me in the remnant. I refuse transport to a House of Doom, and I wear an amulet, bearing their logo, which advises the Snake People of that.

                • Same here, Turtle –

                  I’ve decided to divorce myself entirely from the “health care” system. This is no great change for me as I have not had “health insurance” for many years – chiefly because I am healthy. If I should need a doctor, I will seek out one who accepts cash and isn’t part of their system. Mainstream – that is, corporate – medicine has become mercenary and bureaucratic and now tyrannical. I find it intolerable. I’d rather just live until I die – and so be it.

                  • I’m of the same mind. Medicine is now a corporate industry instead of private service. One should avoid hospitals as much as possible anyway. They’re full of sick people, and their aggressive disinfection leaves only the most vigorous bacteria behind.

                  • >I’d rather just live until I die
                    You must become comfortable with the idea that you *may* need to self terminate, if conditions of your existence become intolerable. Have you seriously considered this possibility?

                    For me, although I have not yet acquired the means, I have settled on the method, which would be asphyxiation by inert gas, either nitrogen or helium, both of which are readily available.

                    I will *NOT* use a firearm, unless bleeding on the ground following a motor vehicle accident. In that case, if conscious, I would ask to borrow the service weapon of an attending AGW and put one round through my heart (not my skull).

                    If transported, against my express written instructions, to a House of Doom, I will refuse consent to all “treatment.”

                    The only “treatment” I want is to be left alone.

                    • Congrats, turtle. You have overtaken FP for darkest post of the month!

                      Is this what guys think about? I have never thought about how I am going to take myself out….maybe other people, but not myself.

            • Very frequently over the last several months there have been military helicopters patrolling the city, buzzing low over the freeways. Like the Sikorsky CH-series.

              But then last week Thursday, it was one of those Ospreys–you know the helicopter/plane transforming deals?–doing low, menacing S-curves back and forth over the congested 101.
              (I took pictures.) The thing’s nose would dip toward the cars, like they’re perfecting their maneuvering for viewing into the windshields.

              I think they are drilling for some big-time medical martial law conditions come autumn. This time they won’t rely on people’s TeeVee Terror to keep them inside. I think the Military is going to be enforcing the next (nation-wide) lockdown, and they’re currently drilling their domestic urban patrol tactics. (This stuff is admittedly pretty common in San Diego, on account of the Miramar and Pendleton personnel killin’ time and playing with their toys, so I never even pay attention down there, but it’s new for LA.)

              Incidentally, I also have pictures from last August (2020, when the freeways were still mostly deserted) of a convoy of gnarly utility vehicles going North on the 101 with US ARMY plates, mad electronic doodads galore, and unfamiliar Eagle-and -Star-of-David seals with the legend, “CIVIL SUPPORT TEAM.” These midnight-blue box-trucks had huge panels of half-dozen electronic code-keypads on the back, and “smoky-globe” surveillance cameras dangled off the back like fisher’s bait.

              I think they’ve been putting the pieces in place for a full-on siege ever since the 2020 lockdowns began, and that that siege is close at hand.

              • Hi, FP,
                A search yields this:
                Evidently, California national Guard’s 9th CST is based at Los Alamitos. However, the pic I found of their unit insignia does not have either an eagle or a Star of David, being instead an NFPA diamond with additional charges (heraldic sense of term).

                There is also FEMA USAR, with 4 task forces in SoCal, but none of them have an insignia such as you describe.

                Was the Osprey USMC or USAF? Both forces fly it.
                If USAF, I reckon it likely would base at Los Alamitos.

                No USMC helicopter activity lately in Corona. All I have ever seen & heard here is the big Sikorskys (CH53s) following SR91 (Riverside Freeway) on their way from Pendleton to 29 Palms, but zero in quite some time.

                Our local FD got approval at tonight’s City Council meeting for an “urban search & rescue” vehicle (a cool $1million) which appears to be able to carry a squad of (firefighters? police? national guard?) in a rear compartment. Part of the “justification” was “everyone else has one.” Why am I not surprised?
                Mommy, mommy, I want to be just like the big boys!

              • >The thing’s nose would dip toward the cars, like they’re perfecting their maneuvering for viewing into the windshields.
                Or shooting.
                There was an incident a few years back where a violent felon fleeing from the law was driving the wrong way on I-15 NB in San Berdoo. Law enforcement sharpshooter took him out from a helicopter. Nice shooting. The usual hand wringing from the peanut qallery

              • Hi FP,

                It’s possible, of course. Then again, they could just be burning up our tax dollars in kerosene. There are (and have been) regular over-flights of my place here in SW Va for years, including the tilt-rotor Osprey. Also F-18s. I doubt either are of much use in the scenario you describe, which would be more like – well – Afghanistan. It would take counter-insurgency and “boots on the ground.” If such a thing were to start – i.e., if the government begins to round people up, wages war upon them – then the millions of law abiding, peaceful Americans who respect the Constitution would no longer be bound by law and in defense of the Constitution would be freed from any moral obligation to obey the government. Millions of such are armed. These people have no desire to fight but will defend themselves if attacked by their own government. What else can they do? Meekly frog-march to a government camp? Watch as their children are taken away from them? Having committed no crime, knowing they are innocent people – and aware that the government has become homicidally, even genocidally criminal?

                They will have no choice at that point – and know it.

                This would not end well for the government, which would immediately lose any legitimacy that still remains and then it would have to rely solely on force to achieve its ends. This never endures, even in the worst totalitarian system. Nominal consent of the governed is always required. There are of course some people – I estimate 20-25 percent of the population – who want a Marxist system. But Another 20-25 percent are as committed to preventing it and the remaining 50 percent are up for grabs, probably leaning in our direction.

                • But even when guys in fatigues are checking papers at checkpoints [gunpoint] and bona fide attack aircraft are patrolling the skies…the Narrative will still be: This is a Temporary Measure(tm) for Your Own Good. Please Help Us Help YOU Contain the Spread of The Virus(tm). Thank you for your Compliance.”

                  Those who are rounded up will be “Biohazards,” “Domestic Terrorists,” and “Wreckers,” so the masses will dutifully spit in their paths as they are hauled off to the pseudo-medical gulags for “Sanitation Rehabilitation”…

                  • One night of rehabilitation, eh?
                    Except instead of a large metal pseudo-penis, the “rehabilitation vehicle” will carry an oversized needle.

                    This just might backfire, though. How long before any creature which writes the letters MD after its name gets to be first in line at the body shortening device (das Fallbeil)?
                    The Days of the Blade may yet arrive…

                • >20-25 percent of the population – who want [or think they want] a Marxist system

                  The hard core Marxists among them would like nothing better than to foment domestic insurrection. As F.P. noted, the Marxist tactic would be to demonize the participants, attempt to smear them with various emotionally laden pejoratives to justify rounding them (us) up, or worse.

                  “and later, we burned in the camps.” – Alexander S.

                  Chares Burrus posted a link to this video a few days ago on LRC:
                  This is what we are up against.

              • Thank you sir.

                I don’t like the sound of that, not onnnnne bit, especially the bit about the swooping in on people driving and your hypothesis about the coming autumn. Sounds like it could be like the “pandemic thriller” Songbird. Disgusting.

                The Eagle & Star of David (Seal of Solomon) markers on those vehicles you saw back in Aug. 2020 is quite unsettling for a couple reasons, considering how Israel is fighting for first place in creating a slave state for their tax cows & how it seems so many on the news or in print who are calling for forced injections, more lockdowns, hell on earth, are Jewish. Not all of course, but much higher than 2-3%.

                Please keep us updated here.

                • I was perhaps being slightly cute when I said Star of David. It’s the six-pointed star made of 13 five-pointed stars that is very common in U.S. symbology, including on the Great Seal of the U.S.
                  (But I think it’s all satanic-masonic-occultic symbology form the same ancient sources.)

                  • Ahhh so… I understand what you mean better and yes, all occulted symbols which either, to paraphrase Jordan Maxwell: Have some sort of meaning, in which case, what do they mean? Or, they don’t have any meaning, in which case, why not remove them?

                • Hi Michael,

                  People who know more about military aviation should feel free to correct me on this – but I don’t think the Osprey serves a ground-attack role. It is a transport ship, basically. They overfly my house often on training runs. I’d be more worried about Blackhawks.

                  • Hi Eric,

                    I understand what you are saying, but to me, I don’t like it either way. Kind of like how if either there is a police car or a police SUV in the rear view, it isn’t a welcome sight!

          • > “reverse immigration” and the then second (after No. 1 was quietly scrubbed)
            Yeah, because “conservation of population.” They forgot that – totals didn’t add up. If they weren’t relocated to Patagonia (or wherever), they must have been TWEPed. Duh. As you said, it’s BS, but (as you also said), the real questions are, what exact color and flavor of BS?
            And to what purpose?

            >dehumanizing remarks about several demographic categories that I happen to fit into
            Well, we are all in Hitlery’s “basket of deplorables,” but maybe you fit one or more “special needs” categories, I dunno. Certainly “attorney” is an SNC, but for knocking attorneys, Droolin’ Joe has (at least) Don Henley and Bill Shakespeare for company. Nothing unique there.

            As for Straight White Male, that probably describes the majority here (tip of the hat to our distaff contingent), so we are all a mutual “support group,” as if any of us needed that, being GDIs (God Damned Independent) by nature.

            Hydrocarbon powered vehicle enthusiasts? Armed citizens who respect the U.S .Constitution? You came to the right place, Joe.
            Just don’t forget who your daddy was, and what paid your college tuition. Did you sell the classic Sting Ray yet? Or do you remember (anything)?

      • Man – thats the worst forecast ive ever heard ! Id like to concur with RG, that we will be here in 2026 – but then again in 2019 we couldn’t have imagined dodgy jabs being mandated !!

      • I am expecting an amplification of all things kabuki crazy come September 7. Since the empire is now coming home from places like Afghanistan to focus on domestic occupation, the post Labor Day timeframe represents the new “fighting season” as it were.

        • It will start with the schools and snowball from there. So far in our area two schools have gone back to virtual until mid September. Although, I can’t say I sympathize with every parent who has a child in the public school system, I can understand their frustration. I hope they get frustrated enough that they pull the child out of their indoctrination camps and provide them an education that they are worthy of.

          • Agreed re: guv schoolers. Not my circus, not my monkeys… FWIW, though, my county school board has a meeting tonight, not open to to the public or public comment, where they are going to “reconsider” their early August decision to make diapers optional based on parental choice. The original decision was rendered in response to a survey of 100% of parents wherein two thirds voted for diapers optional. Riding on buses, though, diapers were/are mandatory because of the Feds mass transport rulings. So the kids already have diapers on them. Local schools will be closed for the long weekend, returning the 7th. If the Board overrides the will of the parents, I expect some fireworks. Then again, maybe not…

          • RG,

            Many schools are getting wise to the fact that all their leftist social programing is being de-programed in real time at home by parents and grandparents. Can’t have that, so i think come hell or high water they are keeping these kids in school. Only in heavily liberal areas can fhey get away with going virtual and having most of the parents encourage the leftists social engineering at home.

          • The teachers unions are doing as all government employee unions seek. The highest compensation for the lowest amount of work. Any excuse will do. So it’s difficult to see if there is any greater applicability there. Same with what they do to the kids. The conditioning has been going on since before I was in school the bug has only allowed them to step up the game. I just see schools being schools using the situation to advance what’s been going on for over a century.

            • Which is what most of us seek, more money for less work. The difference being where the money comes from, and the total lack of moral foundation and ethical standards in public education.

          • To follow up, my local county board voted to mandate diapers for guv schoolers against the recorded vote of 2/3rds of parents. Now they’re whining that any discussion of their tyranny be “civil.”

            • Hi Zek,

              Terrible; and so much for “democracy,” eh? All of a sudden, a minority vested with power can just decree, contrary to the clearly expressed wishes of the majority. The only way to beat the Left is to use the tactics of the Left. Dirty pool. Any means necessary. These are not people acting in good faith. They are people who will do/say anything to get power – and we should say/do anything to stop them.

              This is why I shit all over the “private property” mewlings of “conservatives” who roll over on their backs to defend corporations. Screw their “rights”- which they have none of, properly speaking. When you are dealing with an enemy who is out to kill you, you don’t give him any quarter. You do everything you can to end him.

              • There are no mandates for businesses in my area. Yet, some businesses are choosing to require diapers. I don’t patronize such businesses. Beyond that, what else is there to do?

            • Shun them…
              Publish the names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses of these “school board members”. When they and their families have to go two towns over to shop (because no one in their home town will do business with them) they might just “get the message”. “Shunning” can be a very effective way to “get the message across” that their behavior will not be tolerated. Involving their families in ostracization for their behavior is doubly effective.

              • An excellent suggestion, Anarchyst!

                These “school board members” are public officials. They accept thereby having their private information made public. Let them pay the price of social ostracization by the people they presume to order about.

              • Shunning such folks would involve the owners of businesses asserting their property rights, which, according to some, don’t exist and don’t have to be respected if one disagrees. If the shunned subscribe to this theory, shunning probably wouldn’t have any effect.

                • As long as the so-called “civil-rights (for some)” act is not violated, shunning is still a legitimate tactic that local businesses should use. It is not a violation of the “civil-rights (for some)” act to refuse to do business with anyone for other than racial reasons. Remember: “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service”. Businesses still have rights beyond the “civil-rights (for some)” acts.

                  • Some folks, not me though, would disagree with you about that. It’s the no diaper, no vax passport… no service “right” of businesses that has created a more “situational” belief in property rights in these folks’ minds. This involves torturing the concept of “private” property so that definition is disallowed in the event that property is even somewhat impaired by gov’t via registration, taxes, laws, regulations or mandates. Or impaired by voluntary compliance with the govt’s recommendations or suggestions. So even if a business decided to shun someone for what we might consider a “good” reason, as opposed to “bad” reasons like diapers and vaxxes, this logic would not require the shunned to respect that shunning.

                    • You make an excellent point about “reasons” for shunning. Businesses are already shunning customers by forcing face diaper wearing to receive service. It businesses can “shun” for not face diapering, what’s wrong with businesses shunning out-of-control public officials such as school board members?

                  • Replying here to your latest b/c thread ran out. IMO, there is nothing wrong with that. However, one has to concede the property right exists before you can apply it consistently. Otherwise, you end up with “eye of the beholder” situations and you may not like what you find when judgments about goo/bad, right/wrong, moral/immoral are turned around on you.

          • I haven’t seen any evidence of that but then again it is hard for a leopard to change his spots. I think this convid thing has loosed more fiat from the Treasury into the hand of cronies than they could have ever imagined for some overseas adventurism.

    • The mask narrative is definitely collapsing in many parts of the U.S., as Eric suggested. This has the PTBs worried and in order to save the narrative, IMO, they’re going to have to produce a body count. If the Covid death rate spikes higher this fall (real or fake), I think this would create enough fear to keep the masks going through another winter. Keep an eye on the death numbers; somehow I suspect they’ll start ticking higher after Labor Day.

    • I don’t think it is ever intended to end.
      I see comments about rounding up the unjabbed and such in completely unrelated threads in non-political, non-science, groups. A schism has been deliberately created in society that shows no sign of healing. Government now has a big hunk of society that openly discusses using violence against their neighbors. That’s not good even if the covid19 thing eventually blows over.

      The change in people’s minds and attitudes is akin to what was done in Nazi Germany and short of a brutal war I am not sure how that gets reformed.

    • Sorry Nasir, but there is no getting over it. We still participate in security state rituals begun more than three generations ago during the era of the first Progressive War, the War to End All Wars. Nothing ever really dies. It just layers itself on top, then waits for a new generation to grow up into the new layer. The new generation accepts it as a fact of life, as is gravity or death. Then the next layer is added, so on and so forth, until the mass becomes so unwieldy that even the system can no longer function and it collapses under it’s own weight.

      Everything governmental only gets worse from it’s starting point. The main difference now is that layers are being added much faster to paper over the impending collapse. Nothing you can do about it. Never in history has this process ever been permanently reversed without catastrophic collapse. Never

  23. I will not as well. I need no permission to exercise my unalienable rights. Those which come from outside the realm of supplicating myself for permission. If this makes me more of a criminal than I already am, so it goes.

  24. ‘Sickness has metastasized and now encompasses … state governments, including the department of motor vehicles’ — EP

    And schools. Don’t forget schools.

    With a crazy quilt of mandatory masking in effect or not, ‘customers’ are bailing:

    ‘Nearly 2.6 million kids have switched from traditional school to homeschooling since the pandemic began, according to a new report from the Bellwether Education Partners, commissioned by the Walton Family Foundation.

    ‘Now the total number of homeschooled kids sits at about 5 million. According to census data, more than 11% of U.S. households are now homeschooling.’


    That’s a doubling of home schooling in 18 months. Damn.

    Naturally, school budgets sail higher on ‘government autopilot,’ impervious to having fewer students to ‘process’ — just as Soviet factories kept churning out goods that nobody wanted.

    As Doctor Jill Biden (an educator) would tell you, surely this problem of wholesale abandonment can be solved with more money for outreach, critical race theory instruction, gender dysphoria counseling, etc

  25. License expired in 2018, still driving in 2021, soon to be 2022. Wonder what would happen if 3, 10, hell 30-50% of us said “shove it” to the highwaymen holding us hostage at the DMV? Fuck this illigitimate nanny state and the horse it rode in on.

  26. “I just could not believe it. We were all doing so well with wearing our masks, social distancing and washing our hands,” said Sheila Robinson.

    Now she and five of her kids have covid. You would think this might shake her faith in the Holy Magical Rag, but no:

    “It’s hard emotionally and physically. I mean it’s kind of hard to put on a mask in the house, but we have to do it to keep germs down,” Robinson said.


    • Hi Roland,

      The mother appears to be extremely obese… so do at least some of her kids . . . sigh… these people, so freaked out about getting sick… are sick. And do nothing to get healthy. Instead, they expect “masks” to do it for them.

      I bet these people drink several HFC-sweetened drinks every day and eat nothing but crap food. But I’m supposed to wear a “mask” to keep them safe.

    • Yeah, also “After this, I think I want my kids to get vaccinated”… *Sigh* Do so many people know jack shit about what’s going on or how the immune system works?

      Also, she may have had a hard time with some rough symptoms, but she seems fine now. Her eyelashes have not decreased. Move on with life! You made it!

  27. Diaper report just east of Akron, OH… I witnessed two young ladies (slightly overweight) meet up at Monroe Falls Metro Park wearing face diapers. They then proceeded to RUN together with their diapers, albeit very slowly. And this was a road that circled a park where there were very few people ever clustered together.

    I’m lucky I just finished a nice run and a hike minutes before or I would have been depressed at the sight. They’re lucky I didn’t run past them, otherwise I might have ‘coughed’ at them or stuck my tongue out and did that fart-noise-spit thing that kids do… or probably just laughed at them.

    At this point, there’s no doubt they only wear them for validation/virtue signaling…

    • Hi Andrew,

      I’ve developed a tick. Whenever I see a Diaperer, I reflexively emit a sheep bleat. I am hoping one of them says something; I will say: So, you recognize the sound of your species?

      • Two things of note….I recently entered a book store in Oxford, MS with an old friend. As I was entering, ignoring the sign, the store flunky loudly asked if he could offer a mask, and I replied, “no, thanks”. He said I could not enter so I turned on heel and at the top of my lungs bahhhh, bahhhh, bahhhhed my way out of there. My friend was actually amused, not embarassed. Second, I have been working what I call a toy job at the local Woodcraft where I am one of the most motivated and productive employees. Woodcraft has a policy of hiring old farts like me who are genuinely interested in some aspect of woodworking and paying shit pay…it’s their mode of operation which I respect. I actually enjoy the experience because it offers me a social outlet. I have been eschewing the face diaper this whole time but last night we received the word about mandatory diapering on the sales floor. I will respond that I will not wear a mask and that if it causes a parting of the ways it will be amicable on my part but I am not compromising my principles…..IMO, this is what it will take to break this dystopia. BTW, some of the other employees are skeptical, but some are just consumed with the whole judgemental narrative…..it’s not even worth my time to do more than shake my head and walk away.

        • I was denied entry to Pep Boys a few months back, because I dared to show my naked face. I just shrugged, noted calmly to the clerk “enforcer” that I would not be buying anything at Pep Boys that day. He obviously did not care, because as a low level minion, he was “just following orders.”

          I took my business to O’Reilly’s, which gave me no hassle.

          I take note that Pep Boys (Pep Boys!) is closing all their retail stores in CA, AZ, and NV.

          Schadenfreude? Nah, I really do not give a rat’s ass.
          Lesson: *somebody* wants your business, and will not risk losing customers by giving them a hard time. Basic economics, folks.

          Vote with your wallet.

          • Amen on O’Reilly’s, Turtle –

            Even when Diapering was “mandated” by my state’s Obergesundheitsfuhrer, they never hassled me about my Undiapered face. In fact, the guys behind the counter – who know me – laughed about the idiocy of it with me.

          • I had a similar experience in Pep Boys. Was the only customer in the store. Walked up to the guy at the parts desk, who was masked and behind plexiglas. He was starting to help me, when the Karen mgr (a woman) yells, “you need a mask!” Then he says, “yeah, you need to wear a mask.”

            I waited till Karen approached me (from behind the plexiglas), holding out a paper diaper, then said, “No thanks, I’ll go somewhere else.”

            Went to AutoZone with no problem. Again, I was the ONLY customer in the Pep Boys. Karen must have been bored and wanted to flex her managerial muscles.

        • Excellent, Guiseppe!

          I’ve taken to involuntary baaaa! baaaa! baaaa’ing! whenever I pass near one of these sheep. It makes me feel better! And it’s high time for that. I recommend others try it. I guarantee you’ll like it!

        • Does a store flunky have authority to expel you from the store? Or are they just pretending they do? I would insist on a manager to do so, who is authorized to implement company policy. Not some punk who enjoys pushing people’s buttons.

  28. Eric, you also should be required to have every suspension and steering component on your Trans Am magnetic particle inspected before you’re allowed to take it out on the road.

    A part might have a crack that you might not be aware of (we experts call this “asymptomatic”) and that might cause it to fail, which might result in loss of control, and then you might hurt somebody.

    You should have to do this before every trip, because a new defect might have developed since the last time you drove it.

    You anti-MPIers are so selfish!

    • Exactly, Roland!

      I’ve been saying since this began that – if the “logic” of “masks” and Jabs applies generally – then every functional man should be required to wear a locking codpiece to protect against the possibility he might be an “asymptomatic” rapist.

    • Don’t give them any ideas, Roland.
      after all, autos are
      Daynnn-jer-us, meaning, you know, they “endanger” us.
      You know, those horrrribull dee-vices should be banned entirely!
      What about the chilllldren?

  29. You’re ruffling feathers, EP.

    If you don’t report for jury duty, you are subject to arrest. You could go to the Crow Bar Hotel, where you will probably then get jabbed against your will, you no longer will be free, you’ll be violated beyond belief. You will want revenge in the worst way.

    Might have to flee, go on the lam, be a fugitive, escape from the hell created by the shitheads in charge. All because you refused to wear a mask while on jury duty. Just what might happen.

    How are you free if you are required to wear a mask while on jury duty? Doesn’t make any sense. Cognitive dissonance on full display. You’d be a hypocrite if you would report to jury duty masked. You are submitting to their bullshit and then some. Politely tell them to eat shit and bark at the moon.

    They are ruling ‘with bias’, you can just plain refuse, you could be held in contempt of court and taken into custody… for wanting to be free to do as you please without hurting anybody.

    “I ain’t hurtin’ nobody, I ain’t hurtin’ no one” – John Prine

    • Hi Drump,

      The upside – for me – is that journalists are usually rejected out of hand. I am also the sole proprietor of my business and thus cannot afford to spend days listening to a case and there is an exemption for that. But, regardless, I will never wear a Face Diaper nor be Jabbed. If they come for me, so be it. I will remain a man.

      • The entire process is set up to weed out libertarian minded people anyway. They don’t want us on juries. It would disturb the system and cost them money. I’ve had to go to jury duty several times and only once ever got called into a court room. Then the judge had a question that would get me booted off had I gotten called into the box.

        • I have no problem lying during jury selection, I just play the servile, compliant serf. Given the appropriate opportunity I would happily screw the persecution by kicking back and holding to “not guilty” to the point of a mistrial if need be. (It’s the only time that one person can bring the entire crushing machinery of the State to a grinding halt and there’s not a damned thing they can do about it.) Unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet.

      • Eric, et al,

        Thought I’d add an appropriate Heinlein quote….

        Secrecy is the keystone to all tyranny. Not force, but secrecy and censorship. When any government or church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects, “This you may not read, this you must not know,” the end result is tyranny and oppression, no matter how holy the motives. Mighty little force is needed to control a man who has been hoodwinked in this fashion; contrariwise, no amount of force can control a free man, whose mind is free. No, not the rack nor the atomic bomb, not anything. You can’t conquer a free man; the most you can do is kill him.

        Robert A. Heinlein

        That dude was frellin’ prescient

          • He was certainly unconcerned with stirring up his critics. Can you imagine the effect of publishing “Farnham’s Freehold” today? I was moderately surprised they made a movie out of “Starship Troopers” until I saw it and realized it had very little to do with his book.

            • >had very little to do with his book.
              of course not. Starship Troopers (the book) is a philosophical tract. No way could a movie be made of that, IMO.

              Notice there has been no “screen adaptation” of The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress. Defy authority? And win? HA HA HA HA HA. I doubt even Ridley Scott would be allowed to make *THAT* movie.

    • ‘If you don’t report for jury duty, you are subject to arrest.’ — drumphish

      Theoretically, yes. Practically, most places just don’t have the resources to round up jury duty evaders. Plus, the bad PR would risk reducing compliance even more.

      A couple of years ago, a juror’s questionnaire (the first screening step) got lost in the mail, and was delivered to me several weeks after the deadline. So I didn’t return it.

      Nothing happened. Not even a follow-up letter. Once the needed quota of jurors is obtained, they don’t care about the malingerers and non-responders.

      You’re more likely to get arrested for littering or jaywalking.

      • “You’re more likely to get arrested for littering or jaywalking.”

        Historically, yes. But remember, in the current age, laws are enforced for the purpose of carrying out political vendettas. Look at how they mercilessly tracked and hunted the rioters of Jan. 6, while they dismissed all the charges against the looters and arsonists in the George Floyd riots and the anti-Trump riots of Jan. 2016. Antifa seems to get a total pass for attacking police stations and government buildings… while the kid who hit the fat girl in Charlottesville with his car after being chased by Antifa got life PLUS 419 years!

        Being a libertarian guy who publicly opposes mask mandates might just give them a reason to sadistically arrest and prosecute you…

        • All laws are selectively enforced, that is very much true. However part of the selection process is not elevate people to prominence or bring scrutiny to state decrees. Going after someone who refuses to do jury duty because of either resistance to the rituals or even a high degree of fear of covid19 will not serve the state’s interests.

          Either will mean a court case where the effectiveness of the rituals is brought front and center. That’s not good. Even if they win they lose. Meanwhile once they bring the case their target can start getting on the news programs and so on. There’s no laws to prevent it for skipping jury duty. It’s just all losing for the govt if they make a big deal out of it. It’s easier for them to ignore it then send out another letter eventually.

    • Every taxpayer should serve on a jury at least once. Seeing the “justice” system up close is a revelation. You soon realize, from the state and local governments and police, to the judges and lawyers, to the courts and jails, it’s all a massive business and a massive fraud designed to create crime and criminals to feed the system. The fraud is funded by theft (taxation) and enforced by police and courts in order to perpetuate the scam. There is little “justice” to be found.

      • Absolutely correct Mr Griff. It is also your greatest single opportunity to practice jury nullification. It is your chance to be a hero by standing between the tyrannical system and it’s intended victim.

        Your freedom is like your muscles or your immune system. If unused it will atrophy and become weak. An essential part of that liberty is the freedom to stand up and do right by another human being.

      • On jury duty you’re locked in a room away from the process. If you get called into the court room for the next round of selection you get to see some of that process. Only those chosen for the jury get to see the entire process for one case.

        I would suggest sitting in on traffic court. Anyone can go in, sit and watch. Go early. Then watch the process session after session. That will be more effective than the average jury duty where you sit in a room and read for several hours.

      • Agree. I served on a jury once, a couple of years ago. It was a lively discussion behind closed doors. Not because there was a controversy (the guy was caught on video naked, running through a parking lot with a baseball bat and smashing cars), but because there was one boomer Karen who insisted on drawing attention to herself by calling the rest of us racists merely for insisting that he be held accountable for his actions.

        She dropped the f— bomb and everything. Finally, one guy (not the foreman) said, “We’re done talking to you about this. We will all sit silent and let you think about what you saw in the courtroom.”

        Once she no longer had everyone’s attention, she grudgingly voted guilty. It was the correct verdict. The judge would hold a separate hearing regarding punishment, but it sounded like restitution was on the table.

        BTW, I didn’t detect any bias in the discussion we were having. Everyone was merely insisting that the video didn’t lie, and that the man should be held accountable. It is more “racist” NOT to hold someone accountable for their obvious actions, as it implies he isn’t capable of handling himself as an adult in civil society. No one was arguing for the death penalty.

        I’ll never forget it.

    • Howdy, all,

      My strategy has always been to look, and act, like someone the prosecuting attorney does *NOT* want on the jury. Each side has a certain number of “peremptory challenges,” even before you open your mouth. With any luck, you can get yourself peremptorily “rejected.”

      Failing that, just speak your mind when the judge asks you the customary few questions (at this point, you are in the jury box, but not quite “official” yet). Based on my experience, if your answer(s) indicate you are unlikely to vote the way the government wants, you are likely o be excused.

        • Jury selection is a process.
          If the judge or either side’s lawyers don’t like you, think you are not going to go their way, off you go. It will either fit a number of reasons they are allowed or be peremptory.

          The easiest is if the judge asks if you apply the law the way he says. Tell him no. If he asks why say that the jury judges not only the case but the law. He will likely stop you before you contaminate the others. Just stop. I have little doubt that will have the judge excuse someone who openly states he will follow the original intent of having juries.

  30. One blow struck against the vaccine empire:

    Butler County, Ohio Common Pleas Judge Gregory Howard ruled last week that West Chester Hospital, part of the University of Cincinnati’s health network UC Health, must “immediately administer Ivermectin” to patient Jeffrey Smith following his doctor’s prescription of 30 mg of Ivermectin for 21 days, the Ohio Capital Journal reported.

    [Smith’s wife] Julie sought medical advice from Dr. Fred Wagshul, who prescribed Ivermectin to her husband. But the hospital still refused to do so, prompting her to file a lawsuit against the hospital.

    Dr Wagshul is a founding member of the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), a nonprofit organization that is working during the pandemic to develop effective treatment protocols. — theepochtimes.com

    Hear Dr Wagshul speak for himself beginning at 22:15 in this video:


    Dr Wagshul and Dr Pierre Kory (who famously testified before Senator Ron Johnson’s subcommittee in Dec 2020, only to have the video of the public hearing scrubbed by YouTube) express amazement, in this video, about patients spontaneously hugging them after having their symptoms relieved in 2-3 days by ivermectin.

    Both doctors find these spontaneous hugs unusual and astonishing.

    • We need a follow up on this when the patient makes a full recovery. I’m sure the big pharma whore docs will just claim it was a coincidence and he would have recovered anyway. At that point if i were the wife i would sue the crap out of that hospital for refusing to provide therapeutic care for her husband. This is complete and total bull shit. When i was prescribed Hydroxychloroquine from the AFD consultation the doc told me they had to fill it at their pharmacy in Florida, if he wrote me a prescription for it he could almost guarantee no pharmacy in nj would fill it.

      • ‘We need a follow up on this when the patient makes a full recovery.’ — Antilles

        Jeffrey Smith went to the hospital on July 15, and has been on a ventilator since Aug 1.


        His chances of survival are minimal. Treatment is arriving way too late.

        Nevertheless, if ivermectin turns him around, it may open some minds.

        • Yea,

          It took a month to get the ruling from the judge. He may be too far gone, or maybe not. If he recovers you won’t hear anothet word about it. If he dies it will be spread far and wide as the claim that Ivermectin doesn’t work. No mention will be give to the fact that he was held hostage for over 30 days before he was given the treatment.

          • That’s their goal with killing all cheap treatments for anything. It’s always to make it too little too late. Even when permission for a study is granted it gets changed to too little too late. This has been going on for decades. But then again the entire medical regulatory system was set up to protect high profits for the industry.

              • No, it is ran by doctors who choose money over the health of their patient. In the large hospitals I would tend to agree with you, but even the small practices are in on the game and I guarantee most do not have a bookkeeper (much less an accountant) on staff. We are very expensive.

                The doctors are repeating what the CDC wants them to say and since it is profitable for them they will say it.

                I worked at a winery part time in my early 20s to save up for a home. The winery had a very upscale restaurant attached to it. I was the hostess, but when things got busy I would help serve and fill in as needed.

                We had a private room that was set aside for the elite and a few times it would be Big Pharma hosting a dinner for doctors to sell their new wares. The private room was just behind my hostess stand so I could hear the conversations. Listening to these people was so off putting (especially the doctors) that my mistrust in the establishment goes deep. Fortunately, I learned this at 22 years of age and not 42.

                The doctors were in it for the kickbacks. If they truly cared about health most patient problems could be cured by nutrition and exercise. Instead, they push heart pills, cholesterol pills, high blood pressure pills, and opioids. This has nothing to do with who is on staff, but everything to do with the medical doctor prescribing the prescriptions.

                • “most do not have a bookkeeper (much less an accountant) on staff.”

                  Which is why my dad calling the bluff of the hospital has the doc he works for scrambling to get some sort of exception. He is a retired CPA and no longer needs the job.

                  • Not to mention it is so hard to find a good bookkeeper/accountant. Seriously, maybe about 10% are any decent.

                    They will get him exempted. Bet on it. 🙂

                • Almost all of the formerly private practice doctors in my area have turned over their billing, insurance claims, accounting, etc to one of the also local medical conglomerates. The State University medical college, based in a nearby town, has taken control of most medical institutions here. So in my neck of the woods, they ARE being run by accountants.

                  • John,

                    I handle lots of books for my clients, but I don’t make decisions on how they run their business. That is their job. I have handled AR, AR, purchase orders, bank accounts, etc. but what they sell, service, or purchase is up to them. I am nothing more than the data entry clerk, these accountants are the same. We receive the information and we process it. Nothing more.

        • > Nevertheless, if ivermectin turns him around, it may open some minds.

          “…b-b-but Brawndo! It’s got what plants crave!”
          — average Current Year sheeple

          The !vax and the face diaper are the Brawndo in our real-life Idiocracy.

        • (replying again because you can’t edit replies once they’re posted)

          As for me, I found a place online last weekend that had ivermectin available and put in an order for two vials (20 doses each according to the formula I’ve seen for its use). I got an email on Monday that they were out of stock, but were expecting to receive more today.

      • Lest you forget Antilles, this guy is a patient in a HOSPITAL, where there are abundant means to dispose of an inconvenient life, and the perpetrators get to say what killed him. All involved should keep a VERY close eye on this guy.

        • John,

          I think we are to the point where people are playing russian roulette when it comes to visiting hospitals. I think if you got good insurance the hospital bean counters will want to keep you alive and keep milking the insurance company, if you go no issurance, or worse are on uncle’s assitance for insurance, well, lets just say those convid incentives come into play at that point.

          • Hospitals have always been a dangerous place to go. In the first place, they are full of sick people. In the second place the aggressive disinfection leaves only the most vigorous alive, to feed on you.

  31. The older I get the less I feel obligated to follow stupid rules. If it comes to a point that a jab is required to renew one’s license then I drive without one, if a jab is required to enter a grocery store I show up and see if they kick me out, if a client requires one to do business with me I tell them it is best they find someone else. As a woman, in her mid 40s, I couldn’t care a less what society thinks of me anymore. I am comfortable in my own skin and don’t care about fitting in. I have a wonderful family, paid off assets, and enough skills that I can move through society without really having to be a part of it.

    • Same, RG –

      Though of course I’m a dude! I stopped caring about what people think when I was in junior high. The funny thing about that is while I wasn’t popular I managed to acquire a few good friends and that was always enough for me!

      • Can’t say I was comfortable in my own skin in junior high, but I never succumbed to peer pressure. Nobody bothered me and I was well liked (or not thought of), but I didn’t have friends to hang out with. I was a bit of a loner and kept myself occupied through books. Lunchtime was me in a library with the newest edition of Sweet Valley High or the Babysitters Club. I was a good student, but I was also the kid that would happily miss school, if possible. If we were allowed to miss 20 days before failing, I would miss 19. 😊

  32. Jury nullification is a powerful tool that can free the innocent – no victim, no crime. Won’t happen without
    fully informed jurors serving.
    “As a juror, you can save a life with just two words: NOT GUILTY.”

    “When you are called to serve on a jury, will you be prepared?” ”Take the Quiz” at the
    Fully Informed Jury Association: http://www.fija.org

    • The jury member has more power than the POTUS. Their judgement cannot be over ruled. They cannot be impeached once seated. They are not required to explain any part of their decision. They are not required to even pay attention to “jury instructions”. Which are the reasons for using them in the first place. To put a leash on the state. I have never been seated on a jury but when called to service, I endeavor to be seated.

      • Don’t want to derail things, but judges overturn juries all the time.
        We have various words for it: Judgment Notwithstanding Verdict; Directed Verdict; Motion for New Trial Due to Juror Misconduct; Judgment as a Matter of Law; Remittitur; Additur….the list goes on and on.

        • IOW,
          Judge to juery:
          F* ya”ll. You didn’t vote the way I wanted.

          So, why do we have juries?

          If I ever get “summonsed” again (hope not!) , I am seriously contemplating showing up in orange jump suit and flipflops.

          At least it would be truth in advertising.

          • The rule against “Double Jeopardy” in criminal cases is the exception that proves the rule. Neither a trial judge nor an appellate court can overturn a jury verdict of “not guilty.”

            Any jury verdict in civil court is subject to post-trial motions and appeals.

  33. I also got a jury “duty” notice recently. I just wrote on it that I don’t judge my fellow man nor do I wear rags on my face. Never heard back, but hoping to.

    The last time I went, it was a shitload of fun- I got to tell everyone about jury nullification and stirred a nice conversation about the fact that I don’t recognize any “civic duty”, thrust upon me against my will.

    As far as the DMV goes, I may wear a mask to get basic things done if it’s quick, but there’s no *fucking* way I’m getting the not-a-vaccine. They’ll have to hold me down.

    • That’s the best way to get the word out on jury nullification. That situation gives you a captive audience who doesn’t recognize their own power or enslavement, but are about to 🥳

      • What a brilliant idea.

        Since there’s a likelihood that you won’t actually make it on the 12-person jury, this is a great opportunity to inform all of the jury candidates of their power of jury nullification and to remind them where there’s no victim there’s no crime. In effect you’re poisoning the well with liberty and getting relieved of jury duty at the same time.

    • “They’ll have to hold me down.”

      Don’t think for one second that isn’t their plan. If the prospect of being shunned by society won’t get us to come along i expect they will eventually just send agw’s to everyone’s house with the choice of 1 jab or a 2nd type of jab that does the job the 1st jab is trying to accomplish only quicker.

      • Hi Antilles,

        I think they may try that – but if they do it, I suspect there will be violent resistance. Because what other choice is there? None of us seeks or even wants that. But it may well come down to that.

        • “if they do it, I suspect there will be violent resistance.”

          Also part of the plan. It’s much easier to characterize anti-vaxxers as “tehrrists” when they’ve been baited into some violent act. (It’s a straightforward matter to edit the video for the news so that it doesn’t look like self-defense.)

          • At that point in time, I will assume all is lost anyway, and won’t give a damn what “the plan” is. If they are forcing vaccination door to door, what else is left to fight for? It will be my last stand. likely not successful. But a death with a will nonetheless. The same applies if they attempt to disarm me.

          • *NOW* you’ve got it, FP.

            law of Propaganda:
            It matters not what you did.
            It matters how the (lying scum propagandist) characterizes what you did.

            • Well this bit: ‘“The trial court’s ruling, if it is sustained, could subject employers across the state to potentially unlimited tort liability for alleged workplace injuries that the Legislature intended to be addressed in the workers’ compensation system,” a coalition of business groups declares….‘ is obviously complete nonsense. How is it “unlimited if the ruling only applies when a spouse catches the Megadeath Virus of Doom due to the “Negligence” of the employer? Total overreaching rhetoric. The sacred “Grand Bargain” is NOT in jeopardy with this case.

              The article doesn’t address whether she also made a claim for her own medical care through work-comp benefits, but the overall tone of the article does seem to suggest that such claims are commonplace, and it expressly states that this was contemplated and intended when Gov. Gruesome & Co. codified the “presumption”. (Which I did not appreciate before.)

              Thanks for the tip, blues.

  34. EP, you should find a fun lawyer and argue that their requirement to mask actually discriminates against you being able to do your civic doodie. Muh duty!

    • Hi Moose!

      A “duty” is something one consents to assume, as in a contractual obligation. I have no “duty” to perform any task I did not agree to perform, freely and under no duress.

  35. Eric- to this point, just read an article in a British paper where a guy had his Lamborghini Aventedor seized because he hadn’t paid the tax on it. Its depressing, but what was absolutely sickening was the comments on the forum – how everyone was happy and joyous because ofcourse the government stuck it to an “evil rich guy”, who was selfish because ofcourse he could afford a 400K car but wouldn’t pay the 500 per year tax on it…..not realising that he bought the 400k car out of free will, whereas the 500 per year is basically theft….
    when I commented this – it was clearly voted down as much as possible. Depressing how enslaved people are they dont even realise it….

    • Amen, Nasir –

      In particular, as regards the sadism. They want you to suffer because they suffer. As opposed to being happy that anyone managed to defy their abuser. It is a sick mentality indeed.

      • Not only that government weaponizes the unproductive against the productive. The unproductive think they deserve everything just for being and are told people who have something all got it through exploitation of others. It’s really sick.

        But it is the human condition. How did I end up on this rock anyway?

          • Heh.
            Some years ago, I was dating a woman who had a habit of standing outside, gazing up at the stars, and yelling, “Why did you leave me here?”

            She left me for a guy she met at Burning Man. 🙂

          • Well if some of the UFO stuff I have read for science fiction entertainment is correct Earth is a prison planet for souls. Souls of violent criminals, sociopaths, and political dissidents primarily.

    • Reality is, taxation is government “theft”, or income by “rule of law”, backed up with FORCE. And the taking of the car was better b/c of what it was purportedly worth, or b/c of its perceived frivolity? That’s the sort of crap borne of the politics of ENVY.

      Likely this chap could well afford to let the Lambro go to make his point…trouble is, it’s sort of cutting off one’s nose to spite the face. Way back in 1773, the so-called “Sons of Liberty” could pull off the “Boston Tea Party” b/c the British were cocksure, unaware, and in reality, out-gunned by the Colonials IF they were united to resist them! Of course, these “sons” knew or should have known they were risked gaol or even the hangman’s noose for defying their “sovereign”, George III. And actually, George was a fairly benevolent monarch…FOR HIS TIMES. We’re accustomed to seeing what monarchs remain do the “smile and wave” thing, PRECISELY b/c we “Colonials”, in spite of our military ineptitude (Lord Cornwallis was right, and it nearly took the “honor” out of subduing them…NEARLY) managed to make keeping us under thumb not worth the trouble, and, of course, not too long after, it was “Death…to King Loueeee…”.

      Our latter-day tyrants may not wear powdered wigs and sit atop a throne, and many of them at least PROFESS to rule with “kindness”…but they do mean to RULE, and that costs money….YOURS.


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