Diaper Report 3/10/22

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This Diaper Report is a kind of accounting report – about what’s been lost. So much has been lost that it is almost impossible to consider the totality, akin to contemplating the number of stars in the night sky, which represent a mere fraction of the totality.

So I’ll focus on what I know. Rather, on who I know – who was ruined by the mass formation psychosis which was engineered and used to ruin people. It was not accidental. It was not a mere over-reaction to a threat of unknown but possibly catastrophic seriousness. Because it was known, very early on, that it wasn’t that serious. Mere months after the declaration of an “emergency” – declared and never rescinded, it bears remembering, by the Orange Man – it was known that “the virus” was no more of a threat to people who weren’t already very old or already very sick than the usual annual flu. More than 99 percent of the people who caught “the virus” didn’t die from it.

Yet almost 100 percent of “non-essential” businesses were forced to go out of business – via being prohibited from doing business – on the known-to-be-false pretext that “the virus” posed a lethal threat to everyone.

My friend Ben lost his business – the Bent Mountain Bistro – on account of this business. He was forced to close his doors to people who were not forced to walk through them. He was threatened with violence if he dared try to serve people who wanted to be served. His business went from one of the most popular restaurants in the community to a permanently closed business. He could not afford to reopen partially  – when the government decreed he could serve at half capacity (and no service at the bar, where people used to sit and have a drink). His bills – rent on the building, the utilities, the taxes he was forced pay all the while – were not partially reduced. He owed the full sum – but was only allowed to earn half as much to pay for it.

He tried to keep his doors open during the after-“lockdown” months when his restaurant was only partially locked-down. But his losses kept adding up and soon he was forced to close his doors again – this time by economic necessity.

Like millions of other businesses, he was  never compensated for this taking. It is astounding that this ugly business isn’t discussed more or even at all. It is ugly enough when the government announces it is going to take your land, via that thing styled “eminent domain,” to confuse the rubes into regarding it as something other than theft-at-gunpoint. But it at least has the compensatory aspect of  . . . compensation. Eminent domain is no less a taking by dint of the fact that the taker gives over a sum of money it thinks is “just” compensation for what it takes – regardless of your estimation of the value of keeping what the government takes. But at least the government leaves you with something in return for what it takes.

What did the government leave my friend Ben – and the entire community, which lost the Bistro along with Ben – with?

Per Bruce Springsteen – absolutely nothing.

Oh, there was ‘Rona “relief” money available. But this money came with strings, as is invariably the case with government money. It wasn’t compensation for losses incurred, a financial acknowledgment of the taking performed by government. It was – and is – a kind of dole that was dangled before the faces of business owners who agreed to play along with the various kabuki rites we’ve all become familiar with, including the wearing of the Holy Rag and the bizarre, entirely made-up “practice” of keeping six feet away from others, as if that served to “stop the spread” of anything other than sanity.

Ben wanted no part of such “practices” and much less to become owned by the same government that put him out of business. He understood that what was on offer was essentially the crutch proffered by the man who just broke your leg.

Thanks, but no.

No more Bistro, either.

This one small restaurant was a gathering place for a whole community; it also provided jobs for a dozen local people, who no longer have those jobs. And it was a market for local farmers, who sold Ben the locally grown vegetables and locally raised beef, pork and chicken that he used to create his farm-to-table menu.

All gone now. Just like “the virus,” which the same people who never shut up about “the cases! the cases!” for two-plus years, until two week ago, are no longer saying anything about, now.

Move along, nothing to see here – except Putin Bad! Ukraine Good! 

How many more will be put out of business by this business?

. . .

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  1. The optimist in me holds out hope that next time they try this bullshit, less people will comply. I think many people see the folly and will not allow a repeat any time soon. We’ll see.

    • In addition to optimism, I am also fatalistically resolute. It just isn’t gonna happen for me and mine. Period.

      That all being said, I’m watching a few things carefully. For one, I still see representations of kabuki on the internet (I don’t do Teevee but I suspect the same or worse). Why is the guy in the stock market stock photo on the home page of CNBC wearing a honking KN-95 today? Why have some residual “mandates” been kept, like for very young kids, very old folks, prisoners, etc.? Why a weekly testing requirement for state workers? Why did the gov’t buy milllions of masks and tests to be distributed for “free” then change up the “guidelines”? Why still shots required for foreigners to enter the country? Why is Big Pharmacy planning 4/5 shots and for future scariants?

      When the scamdemic got rolling, I remember reading a Lew Rockwell piece at that time, whereby he said, point blank, the gov’t and its cronies had triggered the destruction of civilization. At that point, I had a premonition that all the phony “measures”, beginning with 2 week lockdown to flatten the curve and including every single abomination that followed, never had anything to do with a sickness but rather were conditioning for the behavior controls that would be implemented when the civil unrest inevitably followed at some point in the short to medium term future.

      The gov’t seems to not be hiding the fact that it’s acting politically in these regards. That there, so far, has been no reckoning or accountability for the destruction of small businesses to the benefit of the Zoom class and oligarchs, the looting of the Treasury and overt authoritarianism may embolden them to go “back to well” and try to reinstate the “measures” in the same cavalier, openly non-scientific, and fraudulent way they have conducted themselves to date. Only this time, the purpose will be much more apparently a response to the economic and social crises they created. I think we’re currently in a distraction phase, a pause of an ongoing event, with Big Pharma sharing some of the grift with the MIC via the fake Ukraine crisis, which could go on for months or end tomorrow. Then it’s back to the show.

      I hope I’m wrong.

      • optimistically, I have some confidence Brandon Smith is correct in that the Red States will not comply with another lockdown, nor will they comply with another mask mandate, the Blue States OTH, oy.

        He writes, ‘World War III Has Already Started, And It’s An Economic War’. Which, perhaps, means, the next set of controls will also be financial & economic.
        The people in the Blue States will get ear tags (& more) after that phase is accomplished?

        I just wonder what other rabbits The Power Elite have up their sleeve. Seems like they might have a trick or two left. Who knows?

        I did get around to watching this, it wasn’t too bad, a good start?:

        ‘The Parallel Society vs Totalitarianism | How to Create a Free World’


        • I saw that video a while ago. Very good. As per B. Smith, his “waves of mutilation” theory is consistent with my negative scenario. These waves could be somewhat more drawn out than he may have thought originally, though. With very few exceptions, perhaps Noem throughout and Desantis even more so lately, red and blue is a meaningless distinction. Could go poof at any minute.

          • RE: “red and blue is a meaningless distinction.”

            At the top of the pyramid, yes indeed, two wings of the same bird of prey. At the state & local levels, there’s a world of difference between the two. Some, more than others. Jmho.

            • At this point, autonomy from the Feds is only possible to any extent at the state level if you forego their money. As far as I know, only Noem did that. In my area, the totally “red” local gov’t bent the knee in every way, including masking kids in gov’t school against a 2/3rds majority vote to make masks parent discretion. For the money. From the Feds via the state.

              • True, that.

                The way I see it, there were A Lot of hysterical people which needed to be hand held. Like many Red States, Iowa folded to the, ‘Do Something’ crowd -> at the first.

                The optimist in me hopes they learned their fooking lesson & won’t do that sheet again.
                I’m probably overly-optimistic in thinking that.

                Time will tell,.. & better late than never,… And, don’t make the enemy of the good be the enemy of the perfect, ‘er something like that.

    • I honestly thought the guillotines would have started to come out a long time ago. Like, right around Month #2 of Lockdown maybe.

      The people are clearly quite a bit more patient than I gave them credit for. But I still don’t think their patience is infinite.

  2. Destroying small business was a feature not a bug of the plandemic. Can’t have pesky small businessmen thinking for themselves when we can force them onto the government dole or to work for a woke corporation. Now this scam is petering out here comes inflation to finish the job. Creating fake crises guarantees more centralized control for saaafety and the sheep eat it up. Its really pretty disgusting

  3. Sorry to hear about your friend I hope that he tries again but maybe go with a food truck so they can’t shut him down the same way in the future. I told people we were being scammed when you could go to Costco, The Home Despot, Winco and what have you but going to Jay’s Diner, Tony’s Barbershop or Sally’s Salon was too dangerous. They destroyed small businesses but left the corporate stores alone, BASTARDS. I listened to city officials state that well those restaurants that .gov shut down at the drop of a hat should just give all the fresh food they bought to the local food bank!!! I’m not an expert on running a business but if a restaurant buys fresh food it is with the expectation of selling it to pay for the wages of staff, the rent and such matters and not giving it away at a loss.

    • Amen, Landru –

      And in re my friend, I forgot to add: He tried to do business via a food truck and the local bureaucrat-bitch shut him down, too. Because he lacked all the “required” permissions. She went out of her way to hassle him, I might add.I have two words for this:

      Mussolini and lamp-posts

    • During the peak of the insanity, you could go to Wal-Mart, but not the beach or sit on the park bench in some areas/countries. Even if you followed the same Kabuki.

      Anyone who can’t see the bullshit with this, sadly… and this sounds authoritarian…needs to be castrated or culled. I hate saying this.

      • I feel the same way, Andrew –

        The outrageousness of allowing Wal-Mart and the other big box stores to remain open while force-closing all the smaller/independent joints forced people to buy from Wal-Mart and the other big box stores. This was one of the main unsaid purposes of the whole despicable event. That so many people could not see it depresses – and infuriates me.

        It is why see red whenever I see a Diapered face.

        • During the peak of this shit, I wanted to clobber just about everyone. Like the 99.7 percent of voters who voted for republicans and Democrats prior to 2016, they were participants in making our lives an eventual living hell.

          • Whew, looks like I’m in the 99.7 percent! The only time I ever voted was in the Iowa Primaries for Ron Paul.

            I’m considering registering to vote this year to affect the small county goobermint. At the minimum, it seems like it would be a good thing if the State & county I live in stayed Red.

      • I remember when local parks and ball fields were all closed. My sons and I routinely hopped the fence and used the fields, and kept tearing away the yellow police line tape they used to rope off access. Had hoped for a confrontation that never came – Closest I came was an old douche who told us to leave, but quickly slinked away when I started walking toward him with an aluminum baseball bat on my shoulder. Angers me to even think back to those days of April/May 2020.

        So what happened to all those park closures? And the arrows on the supermarket floor? And the stand six feet apart circles? Certainly the “science” hasn’t changed. All that crap was just an authoritarian ruse, designed to show us plebes that they can take our leisure away too.

        • Oh but the total believers when asked this question stupidly reply that we didn’t know then and we have since learned.
          According to them Fauci was always working with the best information he possessed at the time. Give me a break so this expert’s 25 years of experience as the director at NIAID left him so unprepared about how best to tackle covid that he was forced to continually make “I am the science so listen up” declarations on TV contradicting the previous set in stone pronouncements? Really. When in anyone else this behavior would be a strong indication of incompetence or straight up bs? Head banging logic.

          • Hi RS,

            It’s demonstrably false (as you know) that Fauci, et al, didn’t know and were acting in good faith out of a desire to “save lives.” It was known very early on that this bug wasn’t killing the young, or even otherwise healthy people under the age of 70. That it was almost entirely a problem for the very elderly, the very obese and the already very sick. Reasonable precautions could have been taken by and for them. Instead, the threat was deliberately and maliciously exaggerated, to create the impression that something like Hantavirus was on the loose and that anyone who didn’t want to pretend it was so was a reckless bastard who was going to “kill granny.”

            Fauci – who is after all a “doctor” and so knows better – made no effort to clarify the difference between a case, medically speaking and a “case” as the media spoke about the; i.e. the difference between someone who “tested positive” on a dodgy PCR test but wasn’t in a hospital, under the necessary care of a doctor and someone who was. In point of fact, he purposely – by omission – allowed people to believe that a
            “case” meant a certain or very likely death sentence.

            These people are criminals.

            • Fauci could end up as the greatest mass murderer in history. Add up the deaths he has caused by (1) lockdowns, bacteria rags (aka, face diapers), and the like; (2) suppression of early treatment; and (3) pushing mandates for jabs with high levels of danger and negative efficacy.

              At this point, other mass murderers have Fauci beat in sheer numbers, but we’re just beginning to see the excess mortality from the jabs. And the numbers are already appalling. Excess deaths for 25-44 year olds in 2021 amounted to 61,000 — more lives lost than in 10 years of the Vietnam War — according to analysis of CDC data by Edward Dowd. For those over 65, the number of excess deaths was 306,000. The population control freaks must be salivating over snuffing out so many lives.

              • Hi Mike,

                It’s interesting in extremis that Fauci seems to have just vanished… from the airwaves, at least. A month ago, his face/stories referencing his “counsel” were ubiquitous. Every major network/web site. It was impossible to avoid seeing/hearing him – unless you turned off the radio/TeeVee/Internet. Then – just like that – he’s gone. As if in concert. He is clearly radioactive.

                Something is up.

                • Hi Eric. Yeah, the next time we see Fauci might be on a milk carton. My gut tells me that some deep moves are being played about both Covid and Ukraine. Given the evidence of US bioweapons labs in Ukraine, those two items might be closely related. What exactly is going on? I have no idea, but I’m sure it isn’t good for us.

                  • Morning, Mike –

                    I feel the same – which is to say, creeped out by the sudden disappearance of Fauci and Wolensky and the ‘Rona, itself. Why? Then we have this just as sudden business in Ukraine. Something very serious is afoot. I suspect the whole thing could be tied into the recent court-ordered reveal of the pharma internal documents – which apparently reveal prior knowledge of the “vaccines” not being either “safe” or “effective” as well as – possibly (God help us) the apparent sudden uptick in mortality among the Jabbed, indicating a mass die-off is not only possible but already under way…

  4. Yesterday – met up with some guys I know after a while. Was interesting because they are finally starting to get it… even though these were some of the biggest followers of the covid religion. One of them sitting across from me who seems to still be faithful, was quiet. He then said “But covid DOES kill people”, specifically to me (as I was the biggest opposer of this nonsense and flaunting “the rules” most blatantly). It was almost as if he repeated an article of faith the way he said it .. I said yes it does…. but dont old people die otherwise ? He said no but it kills healthy people our age too ! This is where I saw hope – the others in the group took over and started saying thats nonsense, etc etc…. I didnt even have to talk further about it !

  5. A couple of days ago the governor announced that our Hawaii mask mandate is “tentatively’ ending on March 26.

    It will be interesting to see how many people will still mask up. I’m going to cruise around on the 26th and soon thereafter to see how many certified sickies are still hiding their faces. Maybe I can tease a few and see what they say. I can seriously hassle them on the back side since they hassled me going in!

    Any suggested lines I can use, ie. are you still living in fear? Do you plan to wear that rag for the rest of your life, you do know there’s an anti-mask mandate in place now?

    • Hi Andy,

      That is excellent news – about the “masks.” I expect you’ll find that a third to half the general population will cling to their Diapers forever. That at least has been the case in my area. The upside of that is we’re back where we were before the “mandates” in that now you can see which people are mentally ill – or just stupid sheep.

      • Eric – in the UK this is approximately 20%. Went to the city yesterday, and well despite no need for the nappy I recon on average around 20% wore it. Less at work, less outside, but more say on the underground or train. Almost half there….

        though the biggest shock was how many young people (like literally school/college kid types) wore it. Maybe Im getting old – but when we were that age the whole thing was NOT doing what they told you – of only just for the thrill of it !

        • Morning, Nasir!

          The youth of the past 20-plus years have been reared in fear and trained in obedience. Their earliest memories, of saaaaaaaaafety seats and sitting still, doing as they are told, taken from one scripted event (e.g., soccer practice) to the next, never let off-leash until they reach their late teens. It’s no wonder, really.

          I do my best to fight back the tide – as by taking my niece for a motorcycle ride without a helmet on. No seatbelts allowed in my Trans-Am, either.

          • I too am trying to get my kids to experience this and well figure out the loopholes on things. For example – both my daughters have done the Pakistani thing of sitting in your grandfather or uncles lap and driving the car when we go back home !!!

        • I read where students at a US college are rallying around the masks! I.e., “wear it to rebel”! (the catchline being that now that it is not required, it is somehow rebellious to do this!!) Sounds a lot like astroturf to me, but who knows?

          Where was this rebellious spirit when it really counted??

      • Anyone who wore the mask except in extreme circumstances, like having to go to DMV, riding on an airplane, to keep a job, or going to a doctor’s office is a fucking sheep.

        • Whew, I’m still in the 99.7%! I even stopped flying when they first demanded the slave stance submission of removing your shoes in order to fly.

          It’s a long ways to go (driving) to get to Florida from here, not a short time, at all.

        • Oh wait, I misread your comment. Imho, a person is, as you say, “a fucking sheep” if a person wore a face diaper going to those places & doing those things. They are not extreme circumstances, not by a long shot.

        • I second that, Swamp –

          In re the “masks.” I have never worn one. My girlfriend never wore one. I know several other people who never wore the disgusting devices as well. All it cost us was not being able to enter center stores. In my case, it cost me my dentist. But it did not cost me my self-respect. I did not participate in a lie. In fact, I did all in my power to combat it, via words and deeds. For months, I was the only person – just about – who walked past the signs in front of Kroger that ordered “masks.” I am not afraid of signs. I walked about the store, blatantly showing my face. So many others could have done exactly the same; only a few did. I esteem and respect those people. I piss down the throats of the people who meekly put on their Diaper without being forced to – just because a sign said so.

    • The Rag Forcing ended in Ohio in May 2021 I believe. People are STILL wearing them. I’d say 40% are obvious sheep.

      Of course though, because it makes perfect sense, some places you still have to wear them. Gov buildings, certain jobs, etc. But it’s safe enough for our RINO governor to lift them at Meijer.

  6. Brandon just extended the TSA mask mandate to at least April 18th, so this isn’t over yet. If the Russia-Ukraine stuff starts losing steam, I can see the the folks on the TeeVee going right back into Covid scaremongering again over some new bullshit scariant.

    • >If the Russia-Ukraine stuff starts losing steam
      NBL, mate.
      There is too much money to be made in Cold War 2.0
      “Viruses” can’t hold a candle to million dollar cruise missiles, and such like.
      Got Raytheon?

  7. Guys – just wondering, any word on when the jab requirement to visit the US is ending ?? The senile one has ended the emergency order, whatever thats worth…. but I still see jab requirements for entering the US. Why ? When is that going ?

    • An overseas tennis player was just denied entry to the USA for not being ‘vaccinated’ with the near-useless seasonal covid shot.

      The Centers for Disease Control, said the article, will reevaluate the requirement by late April.

      Translation: CDC will monitor Biden’s popularity polls to determine how badly his
      venal shilling for Big Pharma is damaging his party’s electoral prospects, and then rule accordingly.

      CDC poseurs wouldn’t recognize ‘science’ if it bit a raw bloody chunk out of their ass and poked them in the eye.

      Defund CDC, shut the sucker down, and deny them unemployment benefits, just like those who got summarily fired for refusing CDC’s toxic seasonal covid shots.

      • Jim – defund them along with dozens of other government agencies….

        So thats good news – I seriously hope then it will be dropped!!

  8. 1. The story of the bistro is the result of allowing the government to “license” business activities for our “safety”. It is always for control.

    2. Work friend texted me.
    He was the only person diapered at the comedy club & the comedians roasted him

    My reply: as they should have

    His reply: I thought you’d like that

    He is a great guy, and initially was very suspicious, but his family, friends & TV got to him.

    • The tables have turned, the anti maskers can go after the karens now…..

      don’t wear they filthy rag around other people you are spreading germs everywhere, you will make everyone sick, you could kill kids or grandma, stay at home if you want to wear it, you are a walking biohazard……….stay back 50 feet………….you look stupid in that thing, are you a thief?…what are you hiding?……….that is a good start……..

      • Well-said, Anon!

        I normally do not defend shaming people – except when they deserve it. Making fun of a mentally ill homeless schizophrenic pushing a shopping cart is mean and pointless. There is justice – and a point to be made – in making fun of the aggressive hypochondriacs who sought to enshrine their diseased behaviors as “normal,” by force.

        • I’ve been paying closer attention to the older ladies lately. They are still number 1 to diaper up and I think it is all due to peer pressure. But once they get inside the building they entered, if no one else is wearing a diaper, most of them will take off theirs. But if they still have other hold-outs around, many will keep theirs on.

          I don’t think shaming is a meaningful act either. At this point, the people who cling to their diapers are telling us everything we need to know when we see these people, “Bless your heart”.

      • Any time there is a ‘somewhat attractive’ lady or anyone else under 50 wearing one at a grocery store, and I pass them, I always obviously lean away from them as if *I* am the one trying to avoid getting what *they* have. Very passively telling them that they indeed are sick.

        • I concur, Andrew –

          Nothing makes an otherwise physically attractive woman more disgusting to me than a Diaper on her face. Any guy who even considers dating one such is inviting disaster.

  9. We must not get complacent. I’m for sure they are not done with covid and it will be back in some form before we know it. What then?

    • Hi BAC,

      I noticed today the “Deltacron” variant is starting to pick up speed. It has been discovered in France and Denmark, but the media doesn’t seem to be interested yet. Each time they ease the restrictions and ramp them back up a few more Americans seem to be a bit more apathetic to the whole spiel. I hope we get to a point that it is just white noise.

  10. Here’s one for you, Today 3/10/22 as I was in the store and some old man (I’m an old man too) had the nerve to say to me where’s your mask. I tore into this a-hole like he never expected. He had giant bags of cheese corn and potato chips in his cart. Among other things, I closed my rant by saying sucking down that cheese corn and chips will keep you healthy. Apparently, He thinks he can say whatever he wants without any push back. Not so today. I almost waited for him to leave the store so I could scare the shit out of him…again.

  11. What makes it all the worse is the fact that nobody caught any virus, because there is no virus to “catch.” All of virology is a scam; the only “science” that does experiments with no control groups!

    Meanwhile we’re pondering how long it will take Uruguay to drop the face diapers. There’s an old joke that an extinction-level asteroid is going to strike earth. The President loads his family and friends onto Air Force 1 to fly to Uruguay. Why Uruguay? Because everything else takes thirty years to reach there.

    • Hi Barry
      True dat…. I find it amazing and somewhat amusing that many believe the folks from the CDC and WHO who say the virus exists. These are the SAME PEOPLE that have lied about EVERYTHING these past two years! (lol.)

      Anyone getting sick now from a flu or cold says its the rona. The PCR is not a ‘test’,,, it is a tool. The inventor said it was NOT a diagnostic test. The antibody tests -quick tests – will test positive from any cold virus one may have had up to 10 years ago. Anyone dying of any adverse intended effect of the “vaccine” is marked Rona. The MD and hospital get to Pass ‘Go’ and collect their government bounty money and are immunized against lawsuits. An immunity far, Far better than the injection ‘immunity’ that killed them.

      Last year I offered $500 donation to many sites saying the virus was real to send me proof… no response from any. One sent me the old Petri dish isolation trickster the “virologists” use today.

      But like Russia is evil and bad today,,, expect the Rona like HIV to likely be ‘real’ for a long,,, long, long,,, long,long,long,,, —– long time. 🙂

  12. Eric, you’re not seeing The Big Picture™. By eliminating your entrepreneurial friend the world becomes just a little more efficient. Now instead of having all those regulators necessary to inspect every restruant to make sure they have the right sort of apporoved mop and bucket, a large chain establishment can move in, level the old, barely compliant building, build a modern code compliant eatery. And the local health department can rest assured they can just reach out to the chain’s government affairs and compliance department if there are questions about documentation. And patrons can be sure they’re not just getting a great value, they’re getting a great value that safe.

    But wait, there’s more! The chain resturant will place national advertisments with the local media outlets (if there are any left). They’ll place buys using several layers of ad agencies, all of whom will get a percentage of the buy. See! Creating even more value! And again, the patrons will flock to the new resturant because the marketing creates much more desire for the food. And when they go to the resturant it looks just like the one in the ad! Wow, just like you’re on the set!

    Sure, the food is just sugar, seed oils and salt, but hey, you gotta cut corners somewhere…

    • That’s the FDR economics. A few large well regulated corporate players and that’s it. Progressivism in one of its purest economic forms.

      My newest take is to tell people what they are complaining about they voted for. I’ve done it on and off for many years. Especially the ‘working as designed’ response. With the gas prices I keep telling people this is what Joe Biden promised to do and I think I need to extend that to other subjects. No longer try to inform people what is going on but show them they voted for it.

      This particular subject, restaurants, has a built in tag line from “Demolition Man”: All restaurants are Taco Bell.

    • >a large chain establishment can move in
      Except, maybe not in Commiefornia, where I live.
      Casual conversation with an electrical contractor @ Home Depot last Sunday. He was there buying EMT to keep his crew busy on Monday. Told me Carl’s Jr. is not building any new company stores in CA, due to gov’t red tape. Not worth the hassle. Any new Carl’s Jr. in CA are franchises. Contractor told me he refuses to deal with franchisees, because they tend to be real flakes, based on his previous experience.
      Just one data point, FWIW.

  13. Sorry about your friend there, Eric. Any chance he might be able to start again somewhere? The positive in many of these cases is that those who lost their businesses were, at least, successful business people beforehand, which means they have the knowledge and gumption to begin anew, should they be able to obtain the necessary capital. Best of luck to him, though.

    Speaking of regaining things: I just ran about a quarter mile, which the farthest I’ve run since my mysterious illness took me down nearly 3 months ago. Not a great distance, but improvement! I know a month and half ago, I couldn’t run 50 feet without doubling over, short of breath.

    • Good for you on running again. Try a run/walk thing. Instead of trying a quarter mile and advancing, do a run of a tenth of a mile, walk a few minutes but not enough to ‘fully recover’, run again the same distance. You will cover more ground that way. Then shortly reduce the time walking after a week.

      I learned this strategy from BreakingMuscle dot com. An article titled A Week-By-Week Guide To Becoming A Runner (Later In Life And/Or Safely).

      Sorry if I seem aggressive, but I love hearing people pick up running. Of course, you know you better than I do.

      • Hey Andrew,

        That sounds like a decent strategy and I’ll give it a try! This has been a difficult time. I used to run 2 miles a day before I got sick. There were times in my life where I got up to about 7 miles a day, several days a week.

        Now, even this morning, I feel pretty shot, just from doing a little home improvement over the past couple days. Regaining my endurance will likely be a tough road, but I have no choice. Too much to do in life!

        I’ll check out the website for other tips. Thanks!

  14. Early on, the cynical side of me recognized the ’emergency’ for what it was. I did the exact opposite of what the ‘experts’ said and in the course of the two years managed one sinus infection. And because of this I’ve been alienated from some family, lost a few friends, and lost even more respect from my local, state, and federal governments. Christ instructs us to forgive, which I do, but those bridges have been burned and I have no intention of re-erecting them. As an unreconstructed Southerner from Alabama, Occupied CSA I say ‘ferget hell’!

    • I also smell the bullshit of swine flu, zika, avian flu, etc emanating from the covid hysteria.

      I made no apologies and didn’t play along. Only got bothered once by some bitty at a local grocery.

      Started taking vitamins daily, esp D3.

      Haven’t had a bit of sickness for two years now.
      Maybe I’m magic – or maybe not everyone gets it and it isn’t certain death.

  15. Saw a piece in passing T’other day- something to the effect: “COVID deaths are on the rise in the UK again- and 90% of the deaths are among the vaxxed”.

    COVID deaths? Yeah…right- How about clot-shot deaths? This is likely to be the template for the next round- the vaxxed dying off- from the vax- and it will be billed as “COVID deaths. (Sure…it’s “COVID-related”, since the maroons took those [non]vaccines in response to the propagated COVID propaganda.

    • I read recently that Deion Sanders ended up with clots in one of his legs as of last September. They thought they would have to amputate the leg but ended up amputating two of his toes. I then remember reading that he was very pro vaccine as of last August when he received it. Inquiring minds want to know – was it the vax or just a fluke of nature? They are saying it was from a previous surgery…I am not so sure.

    • I too saw the 90% vaxxed death rate.

      Noticed on the chart that the vast majority of those were the 3x vaxxed.

      Safe & effective

    • >COVID deaths are on the rise
      Bullshit drowning deaths are on the rise everywhere.
      Most people don’t realize you can swim in bullshit and not drown, same as you can in quicksand. Just remember to keep your nose above the surface. Breathe normally, keep calm, and above all, don’t panic.

  16. Speaking of government actions, the story coming out now is our government caught operating another bio-weapons lab in Ukrain and the Russians have called it out as well as past gov agencies admitting to it on gov websites that have now been since scrubbed. Kudos to Sen. Rubio and Tucker Fox News for bringing it out to light. BTW, would this be the reason “lord” Fauci has been laying low from the cameras?

  17. Victoria Nuland was testifying in congress a day or two ago and admitted she was concerned about the biological laboratories in Ukraine and what could get loose by the bad Russians. Little Marco Rubio stumbled into the truth but then joined in the chorus of Russia bad without thinking about what Nuland just said. Ukraine has bio level 3 labs? WTF does a second world corrupt nation doing and having to do with biological research? What… Ukraine is the silicon valley of bio tech? If so, so what of the Russians ruin a cancer research project in progress. Oh but that isn’t why Nuland is concerned, and about what could be released. They are doing bio warfare experiments. Calling Dr Fauci (who has be very quiet recently). Did you Fauci have anything to do with funding there labs? The obvious question is why is the USA taking this research offshore to bad places like China and Ukraine? Ans: China wanted it for military reasons, Ukraine did it for corruption. Either place you can get away with murder and do anything you want, and no one to answer to for how it is being done and what is in the petri dish. Ironic, Russia is going to invade a country and find active WMD’s sponsored by our own country.

    Get ready for the next virus coming from evil Russia via Putin-bad.

  18. Hubby and I were talking about this a few days ago. Two years of hell disappeared overnight. My comment to him was I hoped the majority of Americans look back on this and are embarrassed for acting like fools. The majority of the public masked not only themselves, but their children, as well. They acted like utter imbeciles as they canceled family gatherings such as Thanksgiving, birthdays, and Christmas. They refused to visit grandma, grandpa, mom, or dad, or even let their college age children in their home because they believed the propaganda. They refused to support small local businesses that kept their community in tact because of an irrational terror that they made up in their head. They refused to shake hands or hug someone they have known for years. Decade old friendships were tarnished and marriages destroyed because the person sitting across the room from you was mentally unfit to see the truth.

    I want the realization of everyone that played along to feel one of discomfort and shame when they look back and see how they behaved. I want them to remember it and feel it everyday of their life.

    Unfortunately, they won’t. They too busy watching a territorial battle on the other side of the world with CNN and FOX telling them who they should root for.

    • Hear, hear. One of my sour memories was of when my daughter graduated high school in 2020. We homeschool, and the ceremony was held at the school that does the oversight. After all the hell the kids went through in those months leading up to the end of their high school years, with missed proms, senior cruise, military ball, plus the virtual stuff and diapering, etc., this came to represent it in a nutshell.

      The masked up MC (who was a pastor, no less), refused to shake her hand when offered to him. That was bad enough, but even more infuriating and obviously contrived, as he had “forgotten” and shook the hand of the first kid in line. (she was second)

      • Oh, and BTW, most of the parents roared about the idea of “distancing” and “masking.” Only one family “masked,” the rest of us were normal. And none of the graduates “masked,” only the so-called leaders of the ceremony.

        There was no way in hell my child nor our family was going to decimate our self-respect and memories of this event by wearing an idiotic diaper on our faces, especially in a church.

        • The only sane kids that will come out of this whole experiment will be the home schoolers. They (and their parents) were the least likely to play along. I probably went a bit overboard on trying to keep mine away from the crazies. My teenaged daughter has no issue stating, a little too loudly, in the middle of the grocery store how absolutely pathetic masked people are. Also, all 1980s hits have been converted to Media Bear songs which are to be sung just as MB has scripted them. We are no longer allowed to sing “Jack and Diane” only “Karen and Sam” since nobody remembers the words to the original. 😳

      • I am sorry to hear that, Anon. What a pathetic man. Society ruined a lot of these kids, especially teenagers, lives with their fear propaganda. As you mentioned they were unable to attend some of the most important events that make one’s high school years fun and memorable. I really hope the people behind this charade rot in hell.

        • Me, too. The local paper that summer invited 2020 grads to reflect on how “the pandemic changed them.” Supposedly all entries (unless profane) were to be published, at least online.

          My daughter wrote that “the government kept me from spending time with my friends, working, prom, etc.”

          Her entry was not published.

    • Hi RG,

      All my life, I’ve heard we should never forget the Holocaust. I agree. But not just the Holocaust. We should remember everything of a piece; the things that lead to Holocausts. The past two years, for instance. Millions of lives destroyed – if not actually ended. My friend Ben has a young family (his wife had a baby just before the insanity got going full steam). Now this poor guy has to just deal with it. He will – because he’s that kind of guy. But it pisses me off to no end that he has to.

      I will never forget the people who behaved like good (bad) obedient assholes over the past two years.

      • Hi Eric,

        I can’t help, but blame the people that went along with it. Don’t get me wrong the finger should be directly pointed at government for the mass hysteria that they invoked, but where was everyone else? The people of South America and Eastern Europe know their leaders are corrupt so they go around them. Why Americans didn’t do the same I don’t understand. I paid my hairdresser a pretty tidy sum to sneak her in my home while her business was shutdown. I also recommended her to everyone that I knew who needed a haircut. I made it a point to visit long time businesses either ordering curb side or slipping in the back door when no one was looking. I wasn’t the only one doing this. Many of us were, but sometimes not enough to keep the business in the black. The only way any of us was going to make it through this was to help each other and ignore government mandates. To say I am disappointed in my peers that chose to lock themselves indoors, fearful of the world outside, is an understatement. They contributed to it, they should be reminded of it.

        • A-men, RG…

          I didn’t go-along to get-along, either. I went so far as to drive into Roanoke every day, during the period when Virginians not decreed to be “essential” were ordered to stay home, “locked down” and blatantly patronized the coffee shop I had been a regular at for years prior to show my support by just showing up. I was often the only person in the parking lot. What thanks did I get? I got kicked out by the owner a few months later for refusing to play Mask Kabuki.

          Fuck her – and her business. I will never forget.

          • I had to cross state lines just to go to the store and Wal-Mart. Fortunately, that is only a 30 minute drive. There were still diaper decrees there, but I wasn’t hassled nearly as much.

                • From what I can tell, it depends upon what color your zone is on The Map.

                  I saw The Map, it wasn’t easy to determine the boundaries on it.

                  I wonder who gets to draw the lines on The Map. …Maybe that’s what Dr. Evil Fauchi is doin in a bsmt somewheres?

              • Coupla headlines I saw today say it ain’t over completely yet…

                TSA extends mask requirement to fly until April 18th.

                Djokovic can’t play tennis in US because CDC “guidelines” (he won’t take the shot).

                WTF is this? Pure politics…

    • Hi Rg, I think you’re right. Most won’t look back and be embarrassed for acting like fools. For they are fools. No self reflection, or ability to course correct, only extreme judgement of everyone and everything, except for their own foolishness.

      My wife made me watch a clip of the lame stream media on Jew tube yesterday, Its truly amazing what judgmental A-holes Americans have become.

    • Hi RG,
      It is amazing how all the BS vanished overnight, along with that little twerp Fauxchi, I hope he’s presently next to Jimmy Hoffa. I saw an article stating that the CDC is ever on alert looking for a new “variant”. Right. As soon as Russia bad Ukraine good gets resolved there’s going to be the abcdefg variant. One of our favorite restaurants also closed despite many of us getting takeout to try keeping him going. I wish somehow all the small businesses burned by govco could get a class action suit going to at least get back the taxes they were forced to pay.

    • Except that is hasn’t disappeared. Fully vaxxed and boosted are even now getting covid. We just had one middle aged family member die in the hospital after getting covid pneumonia, then suddenly a stroke. Another fully vaxxed person in our immediate circle just tested positive. This is on top of 8 more also fully vaxxed who had covid in the last 6 months, Due to all of the muddied information and pro vax propaganda circulated by the government and mainstream media incidences like this do not convince people that the vax doesn’t work, but keep them frightened that the virus is still deadly and prevalent. They don’t seem to connect that the vax is not effective. And people like me who believe the vax damages the immune system making the vaxxed more susceptible to disease are dismayed and heartbroken by what we are seeing,

    • Not only that, Raider Girl, but they’ll believe these things they did SAVED the world. All of the time, moments, occasions, holidays, conversations, hugs and laughs were necessary sacrifices for banishing of the ‘Rona.

  19. The local credit union has been face diapered up this entire time, until this week. All the tellers were unmasked (ah, so that’s what they look like) I mentioned it was good to see they no longer had to wear ‘the crazy’ as I briefly put my hand in front of my face.

    The teller smiled bigly and enthusiastically agreed and exclaimed the plexiglass dividers were coming down next week, too!

    After stopping at the face diaper free glum Family Dollar, where they have notices on the counter threatening their customers they will demand to see an ID for ANY purchases of alcohol & tobacco no matter your age, I went to the farm supply store, Theisen’s.

    They too had a notice, one which said they were sorry but they are closing All their automotive repair shops connected to their stores.
    I asked an employee about it, he said, ‘they’ said they weren’t making any money with the auto repair portion of the franchise and, yes, they were closing All the auto repairs in All the stores.

    The Big Tire Sale they had the last few weeks must’ve been to reduce inventory? I told him I thought they were doing pretty good business, so did the employee.

    Eric wrote, “This one small restaurant was a gathering place for a whole community; it also provided jobs for a dozen local people, who no longer have those jobs.”
    That causes a ripple effect, perhaps it’s delayed a bit for some time until it reaches the shore/pockets of other stores? I imagine that (along with other factors?) is why the auto portion is being closed, how does a person pay to fix a car without a paycheck.

    As it was for Ben in the article, I wonder how Theisen’s can continue to pay the rent on those empty auto repair bays connected to their store? It’s not like they can stop paying rent on half the building.
    As I left I noticed they have a sign saying, “Huge Gun Sale”. I wonder if they’ll stop selling guns next? Then I’m reminded of that bit about, how did you go broke? Slowly at first, then all of a sudden.

    Also, a homesteader in Tenn. (Pentera, I think was her name) says she went to a Cosco on a Wednesday at 9 a.m. this week, the parking lot was full & things were like it was Black Friday except the electronics section was empty. Everyone was in the longterm food sections stocking up on things like flour, freeze dried foods & cases of canned goods… Like It Was A Black Friday.

    I’m wondering if, ‘The Diaper Report’ will become, ‘The Panic Report’ or sumthin’ for awhile?

    It’s March, it’s time (or past time) to start garden seeds, I wonder how well that greenhouse is working out for Eric? I’m going to daydream about a high tunnel now.

  20. Our local school board superintendent retired at the end of last year. With a golden parachute, no doubt. She doesn’t have to clean up the mess she helped to create and sustain, and the chronic abuse of children that happened under her watch via “masking,” “distancing,” etc. The kids are still separated into two rooms for lunch – desks still spaced 6 feet apart. Makes me feel like crying, or screaming with rage.

    Of course “we the people” must subsidize this monster’s gold-plated pension and benefits, while she escapes the wrath she so richly deserves.

  21. Eric – a slightly positive note. The other day I was in the sauna after the gym and people were having a chat as we normally do. The chat for the first time was about how much the government and media lied about the Rona, and how they could have listened. They concluded that it was due to incompetence. I just chimed in that “well if it was just incompetence how come they all erred on one side – some would have been incorrect the other side as well.” And told them I think it something more sinister. I left them with that (as I think theres no way for the sheep to wake up except on their own time). What I did find surprising, and hopeful was they are starting to wake up, slowly but in the right direction. This crowd is the middle aged, affluent upper middle class types who read and shape their world view with the media (a week or so ago the debate was on how bad Putin is and thank god we have a free press and democratic politicians. Previously about how glad they are they’ve gotten the jab. )…. if even these guys are starting to think, I do think there is hope!

    Are you seeing this where you are Eric, particularly amongst the Rona faithful?

    • Hey Nasir,

      I was seeing that among many who had swallowed the Kool-aid. I was seeing rays of hope among those I previously considered hopeless… Then a giant bear wandered into their camp, and they all began running around, breaking their own shit, hair on fire, screaming CODE RED, CODE RED.

      The stupid truly does burn in the majority of those still on the plantation.


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