Latest Radio: Real News With David Knight 4/16/22

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Here’s the audio of my appearance the other day on David Knight’s show! My segment begins at the 1:02.48


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  1. Eric: You make an interesting assertion at the 1hr 22min mark that really hit home, and I paraphrase: the elites seem to enjoy tormenting people, there’s no longer any rational or plausible explanation for whats being done to amerikans. These people act like sadists.

    Now, I’ve put quite some thought into the reasons that motivate these evil govt people to do the things they do and have formed a pretty strong opinion as to their cause. I can now add one more based on what you stated above and I thank you for pointing it out.

    Obviously these people have power, and just like the classic schoolyard bully they have no compunction to use it. The bully is a mean, self-centered, insecure control freak who enjoys the thrill gained from bullying, intimidating and having power over others. And since they have lots of time on their hands with nothing better to do they take perverse pleasure harassing and pushing people around. And the reason they do it?…because they can. Whenever you have unchecked power you will always have people who will not just abuse it, but get drunk on it.

    And BTW, this goes for almost all govt employees – been to the DMV lately? And with 22+ million govt deadbeats, that’s a lot of unchecked power in play.


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