Hero Hassled by “Heroes”

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You may recall the mass shooting at a government school in Uvalde, Texas – where armed government workers, concerned for their “safety,” did nothing to prevent the shooter from killing a bunch more kids than he would have been able to, had any of them been heroic enough to charge into the place and kill him.

Now these “heroes” are harassing an actual hero. An unarmed mom of two kids within the government school – who was ordered by a “hero” to “get back” when she tried to go where the armed and body-armored thug scrum was afraid to go.

“You’re very close,” Angelie Gomez says one of the “heroes” said to her. She said, “I don’t need you to protect me. What you need to do is go protect my kids, they’re in there.”

Angelie said she could hear the gunman and the children, screaming.

Then she said she began talking to other parents there, all waiting for the “heroes”” to do something heroic. “Come on! If we all go in there, they can’t stop us all.” Gomez had no weapon, nor body armor. Nor was she being paid to “serve and protect” the kids being slaughtered within that government school.

But it was her job – as a mom – to do something, to protect her kids.

That’s when the “heroes” stopped her. Handcuffed her. Hut! Hut! Hutted! other distraught – and unarmed – parents, tackling them to the ground.

“Heroes” are very good at such “serving and protecting.” They display such “heroism” every day, when they Hut! Hut! Hut! unarmed drivers for not wearing seatbelts, driving faster than arbitrary speed limits and other such “dangerous” actions.

But when confronted by an actually dangerous person… and good people who are “dangerous”  . . . to the “authority” of armed government workers – it’s a whole ‘nuther story.

Gomez eventually managed to do what the “heroes” wouldn’t. She jumped the fence, got in the government school and helped lead an entire classroom full of kids to safety – while the “officers” obsessed about their “safety,” outside the school.

Then she went back – for one of her other kids – and let him and another kid to safety.

The “heroes” are very angry about this, because her heroism exposed their cowardice.

Gomez says the AGWs are stalking her, threatening her with arrest. Unmarked AGW mobiles – paid for by the taxpayers of Uvalde – park outside her home, menacingly.

“We can arrest you for tampering with an open investigation,” Gomez says an AGW informed her. – acting, no doubt, on the orders of the literally porcine head of the Uvalde AGW shop.

Gomez – a young woman – has more balls than all the badged-and-body-armored “men” who are “serving” as AGWs in Uvalde. Unlike them, she isn’t hiding in cutouts with a radar gun, nor driving around in a car she didn’t pay for – but which others are forced to pay for (plus gas). She is is just a mom – and something more than these badged-and-body-armored predator-cowards will ever be.

Of what use are armed government workers? Other than to themselves, that is? A very safe job (far more so than being an electrical lineman, for instance) plus exorbitant pay and benefits, plus the badge and the gun.

It’s people who care about their safety – and that of their neighbors, kids and communities. They are naturally invested and for that reason better motivated. And no one has to pay them to act heroically, when the need arises.

Which calls into question the need for armed government workers.

. . .

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  1. Something was really F***ed about the Uvalde situation. The cops, for all practical purposes, were the shooter’s accomplices, helping to drive up the body count.

    I know this sounds like paranoid conspiracy theory, but I think there is a war against the Second Amendment. 2A is why the Covidian lockdowns were not as draconian in the USA as in other countries, such as Australia and New Zealand. (Remember when “English-speaking nation” was a synonym for a free country?) The globalists want the 2A gone, and soon.

    They probably won’t be able to erase the 2A from the Bill of Rights, but they can pass laws that eviscerate it badly, as is already being done and proposed. To do that they need the blood of innocent victims, they need bodies. Are these shooters being programmed with some kind of MK Ultra process? Then, in Uvalde, the cops don’t interfere with the shooter, and try to prevent parents from rescuing their children. Is there a more rational explanation? I’d like to hear it, if there is.

  2. Somewhere around 120 years ago communism came to the States of the union. Before then it was rather clearly understood that law enforcement was a personal responsibility and duty of the citizens. As the country got smaller, and the cancer of higher indoctrination spread, we began to have law enforcers, whereas before if anything we had local police, if any, paid and controlled by local government, where it was a relatively simple matter for a plurality of citizens to end abuse when it happened.

    I recall a news account from the early 1900’s in Nebraska, where the local constable was shot dead in a store by the owner. There was no prosecution as it was clearly understood the bastard was in there to rob the place.

    We now have organized crime- endemic communism, and a tremendously dangerous gang of enforcers riddling all levels of government. It is long past time that all levels were abolished and replaced with forms more suitable to the locals. We are far past Claire Wolfe’s awkward time.

  3. Doxx every cop who was at that school. Publish their names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. Local businesses should refuse to do business with them and their families. When they have to go two towns over to shop, they might just get the message.

  4. She’s following her maternal instinct –instinct that stems from the real women’s chromosomes, millions of years of evolutionary history, and/or divine intervention. Well done Miss Angelie.

    From the “all men are pigs” side of my brain: She’s smokin’ hot.

  5. Since all government is founded on its assumption of authority to kill you if you disobey, how could one exist WITHOUT a gang of armed goons to kill you, should the “need” arise. Of course that “need” will never arise if the goon is in any danger from it.
    If this heroic mother had been properly armed, as she probably could, and should have been, the AGWs would probably have shot her in the back as she went in, perceiving her as a “threat to their safety”.
    Any reasonably aware person knows that the police are NOT their to protect them, but to arrest, abuse, and rob them. The sooner such reasonably aware people realize they must arm themselves for their own protection, the better off we are. The AGWs reduced to body pickup after such self protection is applied.
    In my high school years, ’68-’72, if such an event occurred, one or more STUDENTs would have likely gone out to their car or truck, grabbed a gun, and disposed of such lunatic. It was a rural school, with all K-12 on the same campus.

  6. The reason that they’re going to persecute this woman into an early grave is because her account is completely at odds with the official narrative.

    They were just running a drill. She went in, and threatened to disrupt or even thwart the whole phony event with her presence, since there was no “shooter” and no “deaths.”

    Therefore, the drill-masters decided to surrender her kids to her during the drill, just so they wouldn’t have to kill her on the spot, which would have been messy. It’s “legal” to report a drill as a “live shooter event” under the Smith-Mudnt Modernization Act, since it is construed as propaganda for “the greater good.” However, slaughtering a woman in cold blood remains technically “illegal,” and might not have gone over well with the mid-level organizers of the drill or the rank-and-file porkers standing around everywhere. (There were, of course, no dead bodies at all on the scene. Here is some superb breakdown of the fake event, as well as some truly insightful commentary on the Smith-Mundt aspect from the invaluable hexagod: https://www.bitchute.com/video/ipEhNdsa802u/)

    However, they will definitely liquidate her quietly later, when there aren’t as many eyes on her, to prevent her from scuttling the greater narrative. This is exactly the way they did it with the other fake “Mandalay Bay Shooting” event, where many concertgoers from Route 91 died in freak auto accidents and so forth during the ensuing months, because their accounts so wildly diverged from the outlandish official story.

    • I appreciate your comment. I haven’t done a deep dive into the Uvalde event, but I have done so into many other bloodless “mass shooting” events and found many certain fakes — usually serving the (jews’) anti-White agenda and always serving the gun-grabbers (jews’) agenda.

      Some years ago, the Aurora, Colo., theater event. The Sandy Hook school event. A couple of years ago, the El Paso Walmart event. And several more. Also, yes, the Mandalay Bay event in Las Vegas. All fakes.

      Who has the power over government agencies and all the major media to quickly get the government’s and media’s stories in agreement and continue the obvious lies in perpetuity? Same with 9/11, about which they won’t mention WTC Building 7 which proves the certainty of controlled demolitions of the buildings owned/controlled by jews (Larry Silverstein et al).

      Recently, I wrote a comment sharing knowledge of the famous Expulsion of Jews by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain in 1492. Previous to that, another famous expulsion of jews was by the King of England. There are many more examples. One hundred years ago, Henry Ford (yes, the great inventor-automaker of international fame) published many newspaper articles and a huge book of truth about the jews. At the end of WW2, Gen. George Patton wrote and told about his awakening to the jew problem, and then he was killled.

      We are not taught in schools nor by government nor by the big media about the truth learned and told by the great Whites I mentioned above. That is proof that the jews’ control is very wide and deep.

      They lie about so-called viruses. They make the so-called “vaccines” and lie about their “safety” and “effectiveness” (all of which contain poisons, and which the jews do not get but many lie and say they do). Bill Gates admitted that he and his family don’t get “vaccinated.” He’s a crypto-jew. Likewise, Fauci. And Birx. And many more.

      They lie and say CO2 is pollution. They lied about the Ozone Hole. They lied about Peak Oil. They lie about fluoride and insist on keeping that poison in the drinking water. They lie about nutrition, telling us to load up on grains (grass seeds) instead of real human food which is meat, vegetables, and fruit. They lie about banking and economics, as if their contrived booms and busts are results of “the natural business cycle.” They lie about slavery, leading people to believe Whites owned and operated the African slave trade when actually it was jews. They lie about race (“the human race” is a lie because actually human is a species comprising several races). I could list hundreds more of their lies, all verifiable facts, not opinion, not belief.

      Now, the fact of The Jews And Their Lies (which is the title of Martin Luther’s book published in the 1500s) and their destruction of our societies is such a matter of proven history, it ought to spur everybody to question every significant thing we’ve been taught/mistaught. Martin Luther was German, and he was right about jews 400 years before Adolf Hitler. Yes, the truth about WW2 is just about the opposite of what we all were “taught.”

      If our people are not too stupid to absorb this truth, and soon, we will make a comeback. If our people are too stupid, as evidenced by the maskers and the jabbed and the pacifists, we’re doomed.

  7. Pussies in a costume. I get so infuriated every time I pass their black Explorers hiding on a side street, ready to light up some poor sap running 45 in a 35. But they shit their pants when actually called to duty.

  8. The #1 rule during an engagement is officer safety.

    Police have no duty to protect any individual
    [DeShaney vs. Winnebago and Town of Castle Rock vs. Gonzales]

    What they can and will do is use the threat of force & prosecution against you to keep you in line.

    Too many police are themselves snowflakes that parade around like professional wrestlers in the ring with their body armor and belt full of tools. They are actors.

    Ms. Gomez has more balls than most cops put together.

  9. The entire police force of Uvalde should be fired and ridden out of town. That woman should get a group of her neighbors together and surround every AGW that comes to harass her, film them and post it on the internet to shame the rat bastards……oh wait, they have no shame.

  10. So stalking and threatening a harmless unarmed little latino mom. Doing what any self respecting parent on the planet would do, protecting their kids regardless of the risk to themselves. Oh and a a hardworking farm laborer to boot. So the big strong well armed policemen are cowardly anti woman bigots. That is about as pathetic as it gets.

  11. These “law enforcers” are PROOF that they have too much time on their hands and should be fired. Going after REAL criminals is too dangerous…


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