Two Guys and a Sheep

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That headline sounds like the title of a raunchy joke. It’s actually about VW’s new commercial – which involves two guys, a sheep and the company’s small crossover, the Tiguan.

They “make their own kind of music.”

But will VW make money?

That’s what’s interesting about this commercial – the word in italics to emphasize that, once upon a time, commercials touted products, not ideology. An interesting counterpoint to this VW commercial is the old VW commercial for the GTI, the zippy version of Volkswagen’s Rabbit/Golf. That commercial was about the car. You could not tell who was driving.

Because who cares who’s driving?

The commercial wanted you to want the car. It was shown hot-shoe’ing around the track, drifting, getting air. To the accompaniment of a song about cars – Ronnie and the Daytonas’ Little GTO – adjusted a little for the little GTI and sung in German.

The announcer explained that “In Germany, people who love high performance driving drive a Volkswagen GTI more than anything else.” And the commercial showed how they drive it. This made you want to drive a GTI, too.

Of course, that was 1984.

Here is 2023 (almost):

It’s a commercial, too. Just not so much for the car. You hardly see it, at all. And when you do see it, it’s not moving.  Or not moving much.

Rather, a lifestyle is portrayed.

You see the two guys, walking their sheep. At home with their sheep. The sheep making a mess of the guys’ house. The guys giving the sheep a bath. The sheep baa’ing. Naturlich, the two guys are one black and one white.

Of course!

Isn’t everyone?

Not – as Seinfeld used to say, in the days when you could still say such things – that there’s anything wrong with that. The two guys and their sheep. But why is VW trying to sell a lifestyle – an ideology – rather than cars?

Because it’s not 1984, anymore.

Well, not in terms of the timeline. But the literary reference is apt in that Orwell’s fictional world has become very much our world. It differs from the one portrayed in the book in that our world purveys the party line – what you’re expected to think – in softer, Mama Cass tones.

In this case, sung by a Pappa Cass.

But the underlying tone rings true.

Back in ’84, VW marketed cars toward as many people who might be persuaded to buy them as possible. That being the point of a car commercial. To sell cars. Almost 40 years later, VW is marketing a lifestyle  . . . to whom, exactly?

And why would a car company want to do that?

It would be interesting to determine how big a slice of the demographic pie consists of inter-racial gay couples with sheep. And then find out who – within VW – decided the ROI (return on investment) would be worth putting together an ad affirming their lifestyle. Of course, the “return” these days is not measured in terms of sales but rather virtue, signaled.

Even if what is being signaled costs sales.

Notwithstanding what is depicted on TeeeVeeee and in modern commercials, the majority of the people watching aren’t gay and even fewer are involved in an inter-racial gay relationship with a sheep. While it may be “phobic” to state these facts (though fear isn’t what heterosexuals sans sheep are feeling) these are, nonetheless, the facts. Out of every 100 people who might be in the market for a small crossover like the Tiguan, probably 90-plus of them are heterosexual, not involved with a sheep – and might be interested in the car – if VW would tell them about it – rather than the lifestyle, which they already know about.

Well, except perhaps for the sheep.

This VW commercial thumbs its nose at those people – in the insipid way that this is done in modern commercials. You aren’t barked at – as in 1984 (Orwell’s 1984). But you are preached at.

“Life gets bigger when you break from the herd,” says the female voice-over.

Well, maybe so – if you’re into that.

But will VW’s sales get bigger?

Probably not.

Indeed, it is very possible they may get smaller on account of turning off a lot of people who might otherwise be interested in a Tiggy – which is a fine little crossover, though nothing to get your pulse up, as was true back in ’84 of the original GTI.

If, that is, VW took the time to explain to them why they ought to be interested in a Tiggy – as opposed to trying to sell them on a lifestyle they’re not into and which probably a lot of them don’t want to be associated with.

Cue the rictus of outrage from those who are into it.

But we’ll see if VW can make up for the sales it’s losing via all this signaling. Similar signaling hasn’t worked out so well for Netflix and other purveyors of ideology over product.

Go Woke, go Broke.

That’s what happens when you climb Brokeback Mountain with your sheep – and expect your market to baaaaaa! its approbation.

. . .

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  1. I remember seeing an ad for the Caddy ELR during the super bowl (2014ish?). I hadn’t actually heard of the car before seeing the ad. The camera is going around the car, and I am, like, that is a pretty nice car. Until the shot comes around and the guy is plugging it in…………

    Ughhh, really?

    It’s powertrain ended up being the same one as the Volt only $35,000 more than the Chevy ($75,000 yikes). So of course it didn’t sell. But yeah, how to unsell a car in a car ad…….

    • I surmise that also explaining to a would-be-buyer, that a new battery is going to cost them upwards of $20,000 dollars is a real deal killer, as well.

    • The VW marketing from the early 2000s was infinitely better than the garbage they produce now.

      Example 1 VW’s Synchronicity.

      Example 2 VW’s Big Day.

      Example 3 (from the mid-2000s) Unpimp Your Auto, which were hilarious in the Fast and Furious, MTV’s Pimp My Ride heydays.

      Modern “culture” is systemically destroying everything that defined my teen years. If EVs are inevitable, I guess I’ll no longer be a “car guy.” What’s one IOT connected dishwasher from another? This same phenomenon applies to pretty much everything else as well.

      • Hi James,

        VW was taught to love Big Brother… and his “trans” sister, too. The company hasn’t been the same since the “cheating” debacle. I said at the time that VW ought to have spent whatever it took to explain to people how silly – how disingenuous – the accusations were. That all the company did was what car companies have done for years. That the TDI diesel engines were extremely “clean” – that the “emissions” at issue amounted to literally fractions of a percent and were of no consequence, in terms of harm caused, that not one person actually harmed by what VW did had been brought forward – while vast harm was done to millions of people, in that $23k cars that got 50-plus MPG were taken off the market so that people could be shoved into $50k EeeeeeeeeVeeees that go maybe 250 miles before they force you to stop for hours…

        • Couldn’t agree more. I remember when I saw they were hiring Louis Freeh, Clinton’s FBI director, to assist in their dieselgate “defense” that they’d decided to unconditionally surrender.

  2. The GTI commercial was effective. In fact, I bet it gets great mileage, and if I can coax it to drift and jump hills… Sold!

    As far as the two men and a sheep.. I didn’t sense that these were queers, and that might be because of the horrors I’ve endured. Sometimes two (or more) men might have to live together to pay the rent. Might not be the case here.

    I’ve never put livestock in my new car, and if I were to try, I’m sure there’d be some resistance. …Especially if you were a rebel herd animal.

    • Morning, BaDnOn!

      The old GTIs were desirable cars; not hugely powerful but fun and responsive – as well as affordable. VW has lost sight of that. And as far as the commercial… well, have you ever gone for a walk on the beach with another guy… with a sheep?

      • Hi Eric

        Buy a Mk3 VW Golf 1992 to 1999 for low cost, reliable transportation.

        The diesel is better and the GTI has good upgrades. The GTI is one of the ten best cars in the world at any price.

        These cars are simple, well engineered and easy to repair.
        The 4 cylinder engine in them is an evolution of a Mercedes M118 engine VW acquired when it bought Audi from Mercedes in the 1960’s

        The M118 was originally developed by Mercedes-Benz for the mass-produced vehicle segment. It was first used by Audi in the F103, before and after Daimler AG sold the company to Volkswagen

        All the 4 cyl. VW/Audi engines are evolutions of that engine…

        These engines are easy to find and cheap to buy, they don’t fail so there is no market for used ones.

        Get one with a 5 speed transmission, they are very strong, reliable and cheap to buy.

        The Mk4 VW Golf is good too and galvanized, but it got heavier….
        The Mk1 and Mk2 Golf GTI’s are collector cars now because they are so good, but the prices are very high now….

        The Mk 3 GTI was a good race car, for rally or on the track.
        The Mk3 GTI had no recalls and no problem areas….

        • “Get one with a 5 speed transmission, they are very strong, reliable and cheap to buy.”

          You mean the trans with the ring gear that is riveted (instead of bolts) to the diff, then the rivets break and go through the case. That reliable transmission?

          • Sounds like you don’t know much about VW’s, are biased, probably drive something far worse…….have never worked on older VW’s

            I have bought 020 transmission for $100, they worked fine, you can install them in 3 1/2 hours or pay somebody $350 to do it….there is very few cars that are as easy and cheap to work on as the older VW’s, there is lots of cheap parts still available also….these old VW’s, you can spend $400 and keep them running for another 6 months….on the new cars, a computer goes and it costs $3500 to $8000 or far more to repair…lol

            The earlier 020 transmissions for the Mk1 and Mk2 were weaker,….but…. I have seen 020 transmissions with 300,000 miles on them that work fine,

            some transmission issues were from people not changing the gear oil for 200,000 miles or more……

            but the 020 transmission for the Mk3 was stronger, had a larger output shaft…

            I have an Mk3 020 transmission in a Mk3 GTI with an Audi 1.8 20vt swap, stage 2, 25 lb boost, 240 hp, 280 lb ft torque….the transmission works fine, people can’t believe it takes the power,

            the later 02J transmissions are a lot stronger, it is usually used in these swaps….the 02S 6 speed is a very strong transmission

            here is a Golf with a, 02S transmission, it has 440 hp, it works fine…


            • “Sounds like you don’t know much about VW’s, are biased, probably drive something far worse…….have never worked on older VW’s”

              Ha! Funny! I have been working on VW’s and Audi’s for a living since 1980!(and still do) I own a 1965 Bug with a 140 hp 2 liter air cooled, 1982 Rabbit pick up with a 1984 GTI 1.8 and gearbox, 2004 R32 and a 2000 Audi TT. Yeah, you’re right, I don’t know a damn thing about VW’s! lol! Have you ever built any air cooled stuff? You know, the REAL old VW’s….lol

              The Mk3 trans was notorious for breaking rivets on the ring gear. I have replaced many gearbox’s for that problem. The rivet breaks, gets wedged between the gear and the case and gets shot out the side of the case. You must have updated the trans in your Mk3, there’s no way in hell it will hold up to that power without the mod.



  3. Forgive me, but two guys and a sheep? It just sounds sick and creepy. But, ass Horst mentioned above, maybe it is just a subtle, but raunchy joke, and I am just “reading” something that is not there. Either way, I would not buy this vehicle.

  4. Slightly OT:
    I read that condoms were invented in Turkey, They were originally made from goat intestines, and were considered to be 100% effective.

    Then the Europeans got ahold of the idea, and determined to improve the product. The European idea was to remove the intestine from the goat before using, which somewhat decreased the effectiveness.

  5. Are all those little SUVs pretty much alike, especially since Uncle has mandated so many features and designs? They all look the same and might all BE the same. I know I can’t tell them apart.
    It’s just like light beer. It’s all the same, so you have to sell the lifestyle, the cache, the prestige, etc. Michelob Ultra, for the discerning, upper class beer consumer vs. Bud Light, for the frat guy swilling suds in a football jersey. But in a blind taste test, I doubt I could tell the difference.

  6. Here is a real Golf….. a Mk1 diesel, great fuel economy and quick..

    It ran a 9.51 sec. 1/4 mile, that is quicker then a tesla plaid….lol….a plaid can’t even beat a 4cyl diesel….lol

    a Golf Mk1 diesel weighs 1800 lb and gets 60 mpg highway, it can last 400,000 miles
    Golf Mk1 diesel msrp in 2022 $ = $31,000

    a tesla weighs 4800 lb and gets 20 mpg, teslas last 100,000 miles,
    the battery is dead it is scrap….new battery $22,000…..the diesel Golf still has 300,000 miles life left…lol
    tesla msrp $60,000

  7. “Life gets bigger when you break from the herd.”

    Problem is, nothing says “herd” like a small SUV. A VW Beetle in 1960 was anti-herd. A microbus in 1970 was anti-herd. What feature of the Tiguan, aside from having an actual name instead of a letter-number combination, makes the vehicle break from every other small SUV? At least make it an interesting color or something.

  8. The Mk 8 will be the last Golf…the end…the best Golfs were the Mk1 and Mk2 Golfs, they are collectible now….

    The 1.8 lt. 4 cyl Mk1 Golf engine is part of the engine family that started out as a Mercedes engine and has evolved into today’s 2.0 lt. turbos in VW/Audi in 2022….It is the best 4 cyl. ever built….

    Here is an example of an engine from that family, the only thing quicker 0 to 200 kph is an F1 car….
    DSG VW Golf Mk2 4 motion (AWD) 1233HP powered by a VW 4 cyl turbo engine

    0 to 100 kph = 1.66 sec
    100 to 200 kph = 2.74 sec.
    0 to 200 kph = 4.4 sec.
    1/4 mile 8.26 sec. 170 mph

    Porsche 919 Hybrid EVO (Mk II) 8.3 sec. 1/4 mile
    The Porsche 919 Hybrid EVO (Mk II) is the quickest car in the world on some tracks.

    The 4 motor $2.4 million Rimac EV 1/4 mile 8.58 sec. The quickest EV in the world, quicker then the tesla plaid.
    The drive train in this will be in the new Bugatti, VW AUDI Group bought Rimac.

    The only car quicker 0 to 200 kph is a $250 million dollar F1 car 0 to 200 kph = 4.1 sec.

    0 to 200 km in seconds

    Porsche gt2 rs 8.3

    caterham 620r 313 hp 10.1

    donkervoort gto Audi 5cyl 370 hp 7.8
    (Super 7 clone)

    HKT Super 7 Audi 1.8 20vt 400 hp 7.5
    (Super 7 clone)

    tesla plaid 6.3

    Bugatti Chiron 6.3

    mclaren senna 6.8

    c8 corvette 12

    f40 10.4

    Porsche 919 hybrid EVO 4.5
    (quickest car in the world other then F1, on some tracks quicker then F1).

    VW ID R electric race car 5.0
    (quickest car in the world at Pike’s peak and Goodwood hill climb)

    F1 4.1

    F2 6.6

    F3 7.8

  9. They can be infected with anthrax hanging around sheep.

    Do you think they re-enact Deliverance with one squealing like a pig?

    Maybe Suzy Orman will tool around town with her wife in one of those VW’s?

    Don’t need an answer for either question.

  10. Is beastiality up next? There’s a disturbing
    2021 movie called Lamb, which is about a couple who have a half human, half sheep child. Clear sheep sex and demonic overtones throughout. I hate admitting that I watched this, but it was more of a morbid curiosity once it got going. Now I’m starting to wonder. Trailer:

  11. One sheep, two sheeple, zero clue.

    If we could relive the endless summer of 1966, this ad woulda been about gold, guns and girls … as many as the microbus could carry.

    They keep their boyfriends warm at night
    I wish they all could be California girrrrrlzzzzzz

    — Beach Boys, California Girls

  12. It’s not about selling cars. It’s about boosting ESG and corporate social credit scores. It’s about deflecting inevitable penalties for being in the wrong industry.


        Despite the fanfare surrounding wind and solar, the world’s dependency on fossil fuels is increasing. Last week, Saudi Aramco CEO Amin Nasser said that the world is now “transitioning to coal.”

        Not a headline you are likely to see in the New York Times.

        Saad al-Kaabi, Energy Minister of Qatar, says, “Many countries particularly in Europe which had been strong advocates of green energy and carbon-free future have made a sudden and sharp U-turn. Today, coal burning is once again on the rise reaching its highest levels since 2014.”

        They are right. Global coal demand will reach an historic high in 2022, similar to 2013’s record levels. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), “Global coal consumption is forecast to rise by 0.7 percent in 2022 to 8 billion tons…. Coal consumption in the European Union is expected to rise by seven percent in 2022 on top of last year’s 14 percent jump.”

        Coal will continue to be a sought-after energy source as “rising gas prices after 2030 will make existing coal-fired generation more economic,” the IEA says. Global energy demand will grow by 47 percent from now through 2050, and oil is expected to be the major source of energy.

        So this so called push into solar and wind turbines is just a scam, fraud, with key players and their friends cashing in on the 100’s of billions of dollars being thrown into it, but it is just a black hole into which taxpayer’s money is thrown….that ends up in their offshore accounts……

        the biggest winner/supplier of this switch to solar, wind turbines and lithium batteries is china, did they bribe the politicians?

        solar, wind turbines, EV’s and lithium batteries are all bs, a scam….

  13. Maybe VW commercials focus on lifestyle because the cars are no longer remarkable in any way whatsoever? This is the future of all car commercials, once the only difference between them is dashboard layout or color.

  14. Lighten up guys! This is hilarious! They aren’t selling anything but it would be difficult to parody faggotry and bestiality this much.

    And VW? Hasn’t made anything worth driving in decades. Even the vaunted TDI is afflicted by rubber band timing and Gerry electronics.

      • Zane, VW has made the GTI and it’s more powerful brother, the Golf-R, boring. I love these small cars with big engines, they’re fun and practical as a little daily driver that puts a smile on your face. However, the latest ones, while having good power, and fun chassis dynamics, have also put in to many nannies to make them joyless. Hit the gas coming out of a turn? It’ll throttle back. Try to slide it a bit? The stability control kicks in. Put it in “drift mode” in the R, and all it lets happen is to get the tires to chirp briefly.

  15. Yeah, the “commercial” was about who the cool kids are and what the cool kids drive. It was, at best, tangential to selling cars.

  16. OBTW, not only does the Genesis GV-70 2.5T outperform most (VAG) Audi A3, A4, A5, A6 models but the 3.5T outperforms even the A6 Allroad (with a 3.0T) and all of the other (very few!) Audi models that include a V6 including the heralded SQ5.

    The GV-70 3.5T also outperforms some of Audi’s more pricey models to include the RS5 and the uber-expensive Q7 and A7. You have to get RS6, SQ7, Q8, S7, S8, or RS8 to get more HP than the GV-70 3.5T and all of those sticker around $40K+ higher than the top trim level of the GV-70.

    The RS6 Avant for example is nearly twice the price of the GV-70 and while it certainly does outperform the GV-70, the GV-70 is nearly identical in terms of interior quality, passenger/cargo space, and has just about every feature of the RS6.

    So, unless you’ve got $100K+ and a penchant for VAG parts scarcity, high maintenance costs, and huge depreciation combined with a short warranty, you probably want to look outside of the VAG offerings IMO. Good luck getting anything bigger than a 2.0T (most) or 3.0T (some) on anything they sell.

    • RS3 is way quicker

      Hyundai and Kia are being sued over their garbage engines that break, horrible weak engines, big problem…lots of class action suits now…

      The RS3 5 cylinder is one of the strongest/best engines on the planet..German engineering…

  17. Is VW promoting miscegenation and animal sex? Just asking.

    Do you all remember connect the dots, how abortion and LBGTQ are connected? Both stop children.

    Well they have been adding more letters for pedos and beastiality because they don’t want us breeding and making babies.

    This VW commercial is promoting 3 of the letters:

    interracial sex

    gay sex

    animal sex

    they are giving the sheep a bath.

    So that reminds me of 2 cowboy jokes.

    Why does the cowboy wear cowboy boots? So the sheep can not get away.

    Why does the cowboy fuck the sheep at the edge of the cliff? So the sheep pushes back.

    I predict that in this porn generation everyone will see what I am saying and sales will bomb. It could become a internet joke like fahrvergnuegen.

  18. ‘Rather, a lifestyle is portrayed.’ — eric

    Meta-message: we (Volkswagen) are hip, climate-fearing liberals like you … and cool enough to indulge in ironic self-parody, as an insider joke.

    Tiguan: the perfect ride to your next booster appointment. Free “I stand with Ukraine” bumper sticker included.

    Got masks?

  19. Along these lines, I’ve noticed something:

    Of all the car companies, Toyota, Honda, and Subaru advertise the least. In fact, I can’t recall exactly when I last saw commercials for these companies.

    I wonder why?

    • I pray for the day that Japan rises up and takes over. Personally, I think they are sitting back and waiting for the rest of the world to destroy itself and they will be the only ones standing, them and Greenland.

      • Hi RG,

        Or the Russians… I find myself liking Putin; at least, what Putin says – especially about the degeneracy of the West. Russians are serious people. I can get behind that.

          • Putin is the type of leader any sane country would be happy to have. Agree or disagree with him he commands respect.

            I watched something recently where he spoke for a couple hours to a large forum. Off the cuff, without a prompter he took dozens of questions. I don’t think we have a single so called leader in this country who could do that.

            Taking us to war with Russia and the eastern block, while our ship is sinking far from the shore doesn’t seem like such good idea now.

        • Eric,
          I not so much like Putin as I don’t hate him as much as I hate the Western Psychopaths In Charge. He promotes a lifestyle that actually worked for generations in the West. And doesn’t work there now. Because it’s not allowed to.
          The West has gravely underestimated Russia. No nation on the planet is better prepared for functioning in total isolation. Vast, and largely untapped natural resources, sufficiently capable people to exploit them, and more than enough nationalism to make it work.

          • JK, I watched a documentary about a motorcycle factory in Russia located somewhere in the hinterlands of Eurasia. Been many moons ago now.

            The factory made everything from nuts to bolts and then an engine, then a motorcycle magically appeared. Had to be some resources nearby the factory to supply the raw materials to manufacture a motorcycle. Iron ore and coal is a good guess.

            Never underestimate the ability to survive against all odds, the will to live rules.

            Napoleon and Adolf learned a lesson the hard way, snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. All armies move when their stomachs are full. Collapse of supply lines translates to do or die or else total defeat.

            The French army just got lost in the wilderness on their way back home, in other words, didn’t die off, just continued to live among the locals. Survival the old fashioned way. Find something to eat. Could be more true than complete annihilation from what I have read about the retreat.

            Putin is an insouciant nihilist, an astute leader more than a politician.

            Stolichnaya might have something to do with it.

            When you kill Russians, expect some retaliation, a special military strategy designed by Russian military strategists goes into operation. Vodka fueled, of course.

            No big surprise there.

            Not seeing eye-to-eye has been going on a long time now, might want to re-evaluate priorities.

            Qwestion: Why doesn’t Congress seek a peaceful resolution/settlement in the conflict, diplomacy to achieve some peace?

            Why billions to continue the conflict?

            Anyone? Bueller?

        • I can’t say that I like Putin. I certainly don’t agree with him on a lot of stuff. But I certainly respect him. He has shown himself to be smart, capable, and an effective leader who knows who he is, what his country is, and what he stands for (all qualities that are missing in Western leaders).

        • Hi Eric

          putin’s virtual address to the wef jan. 2021

          he told Klaus Schwab and the WEF that their entire idea of the Great Reset is not only doomed to failure but runs counter to everything modern leadership should be pursuing.

          he literally laughed at the idea of the Fourth Industrial Revolution – Schwab’s idea of a planned society through AI, robots and the merging of man and machine.

          He flat-out told them their policies driving the middle class to the brink of extinction over the pandemic will further increase social and political unrest while also ensuring wealth inequality gets worse.

          he criticized zero-bound interest rates, QE, tariffs and sanctions as political weapons.
          his speech made it clear that Russia is committed to the process of finding solutions to all people benefiting from the future, not just a few thousand holier-than-thou billionaire oligarchs in the west.

          Xi said the same thing.

          Together they basically told the WEF to stuff the Great Reset back into the hole in which it was conceived.

          western billionaires/banksters trying to do their great reset. they want to own and control everything. you will own nothing and be happier.

          Jan. 2021…….russian leaders have rejected suggestions of a second national lockdown, citing mental health and economic concerns, plus a belief that the process might be counterproductive. Thus, Russia now finds itself quietly carving out a unique approach to managing the plandemic,
          Around the country, pubs and restaurants are open. they did not use the mrna injection. they used their own traditional vaccines…were they all placebos?

          Jan. 2021……….china no lockdowns, maybe 3% injections (were they all placebos?…lol), everything open, no masks, no social distancing, bars, restaurants full, business, economy booming. they did not use the mrna injection, they used their own traditional vaccines…were they all placebos?
          meanwhile china supplied all the ingredients used in the vaccines worldwide (mostly G7 countries)….Japan did their own testing of these vaccines (no other country did), they found bits of metal and other debris in the shots, they quit using them and now just use ivermectin…

          Im Mar. 2020 china released a video of people falling over in the streets, just faked propaganda……. wuhan and a couple of other cities were locked down for a short time, these areas locked down happen to be conservative type areas that fights with the ccp.

          G7 locked down till April 2022 in some countries….

          in the west, lockdowns, forced masking, social distancing, hyper aggressive enforcers, economy destroyed, bars, restaurants closed, forced injection of depopulation bioweapon injection, mass unemployment and suffering.

          the elite western billionaires/banksters led by gates and schwab want their great reset, one central u.n. government controlled by the elite billionaires. the elite will own and control everything, the people on the bottom will own nothing and be happier. their key goal is depopulation, a 7 billion reduction. the elite billionaires want the planet as an exclusive playground just for them.

          russia and china aren’t interested in this great reset.

          Globalists picked china as a partner, china played along (they were chosen to run the reset, they run the WHO) because the end result is the destruction and weaking of a main competitor and it helps their hidden agenda.
          China could end up the big winner, wait till globalist government takes over then when these useful idiots are no longer needed china will exterminate them.

          Russia looked like it was cooperating with the reset (maybe just to get wef bribes, then laugh), now looks like they are going their own way.

          china would have a lot to gain. in canada for example, destroy the economy, bankrupt the country, recolonize (partially done already), already bought up mines, real estate and resources, infiltrated the government already.

          china wouldn’t destroy it’s economy and let it’s government be run by the u.n. and depopulate itself, to help western billionaires/banksters, that is insane. western countries will, they are insane.

          the real estate you were obsessed with in 2019? gone….
          you won’t own properties, cars or anything. satan klaus….klaus schwab of the wef says you will own nothing and be happier…the nwo great reset, building back better.

          note: fascism (combination of government and big business) and riches for the cabal at the top. communism for the people on the bottom, own nothing, small ubi for the 10% not culled.
          the Great Reset nwo/un/wef/.001% worldwide UN government features:

          the totalitarianism of the CCP. It will have a great abridgement of individual rights—including property rights, free expression, freedom of movement, freedom of association, freedom of religion, and the free enterprise system as we understand it.

          G7 leaders? all corrupt, bribed billions of dollars by the WEF

      • RG,
        Japans roots are in isolationism. So it’s not hard to imagine them “sitting back and waiting for the rest of the world to destroy itself”. One problem being, their central banking system is even worse than ours. Another problem being, the Pentagon just admitted it has troops on the ground in Ukraine, which may result in the whole world turning into a cinder.

        • I predict Washington DC will get itself nuked first. Then every major city in Russia (possibly also Beijing). Then London, Paris, Berlin, Brussels, and every other major city in the USA/West.

          If anyone survives it will be China, India, Africa, and maybe a few people in the hinterland.

          • bomb shelters for brandon but not for you….

            Nuclear war

            Russia has built a large number of bomb shelters, enough for 40 million people….in a nuclear war a higher percentage of the population will survive because of this, so maybe pushed to the wall it isn’t totally unthinkable… least they gave some thought to protecting the little people..

            In the G7…no bomb shelters for the people on the bottom, the government doesn’t give a shit about you…actually the bat germ psyop shows they want to get rid of you….why do people still tolerate these monsters?

            China isn’t as concerned, they figure they can survive a nuclear war because they have a huge population, so there will be survivors.

            If your leaders are going to get you into a nuclear confrontation at least they should build some shelters for you first.

            In G7 countries what bomb shelters have been built? the ones that have been built, are for the government and military leaders,

            but…… the globalist/satanists at the top will be safe 400 feet underground in their bomb shelters in New Zealand.

            Dr. Marc Faber says these governments steal between 5% (honest governments) and 100% (crooked governments) of the money collected, borrowed.

            So instead of building bomb shelters they just stole the money, great leaders.


            • Never mind the bomb shelters, Anonymous, there are whole underground cities in Russia-under all that vast, “unusable”, perma frost land. Russia is far more ready than the U.S. realizes.

      • I hope so too

        Even if they don’t, they got older cars that can be imported that are with some lite modernizing (tires/brakes/suspension, more replacing the worn out/aged parts) can run circles around anything new.

        More and more Erics words and articles on older cars on sites like and what not are on my mind, and while I’m currently in no position to get a second car, think that in the future, I’ll go retro

        • “culturally rotten” I didn’t get that At All when I was there.
          Just the opposite.

          Why do you say that?

          As far as, “Lots of infantilized young adults with no desire for marriage and children.” I don’t know.
          Sorta sounds like the unitedstate in a lotta respects.
          All I can recall is, there sure was a sheet ton of hottie girls there, and If true, that’s simply too danged bad. What a waste.

          However; That they All wear face diapers outside,… does not speak well of them. …I don’t understand that. It’s rather sad. Wish it was not so. The Bamboozlement Blob has got them?

          ‘The Ugly American Version 2022’

  20. Never liked Volkswagens and never will. It’s one of my automotive prejudices that has served me well in reducing my suffering.

  21. “Two Guys and a Sheep

    That headline sounds like the title of a raunchy joke. It’s actually about VW’s new commercial – which involves two guys, a sheep and the company’s small crossover, the Tiguan.”

    Whew! I thought it was going to be an article about Paul Pelosi.

  22. Yes! That 80’s VW commercial, the song & the images of the GTi getting air over the whoops, that was in my head off & on for two decades, and now, probably another two. I certainly wanted a GTi as a result of that commercial & from driving one once. Still do.

    The Tiguan on the other hand, I don’t even know what one looks like & I’m not about to watch that commercial to find out.

    [Sum more tiny bit of Jungarian Synchronicity? Prior to opening this article I watched a video on CFP from 1984.]

  23. The video/ad campaign was directed by Bryce Dallas Howard (daughter of Opie Taylor/Richie Cunningham). Ms. Howard played a dinosaur activist in the remade Jurassic Park movies. Is that relevant to the post? Absolutely not, other than the fact that she may be a few cards short of a full deck. This commercial (if we can call it that) is a Hollyweird production. Remember when ad executives and creative directors existed? Where is Don Draper when you need him?

    Today’s advertisements sell nothing. Watch any TV ad for 30 seconds can we identify the product? Lifestyles don’t sell, goods do. I can only assume Ralf Branstatter saw this piece of work and decided that his job as CEO was not to sell cars. If that is the case then VW made their mark.

    It has been discussed on this forum many times how today’s youth don’t love cars. This commercial is why. The elite do not want people to enjoy autos. The car provides an individual freedom and movement which the WEF and every other authoritarian government does not want. How does one stop that? By creating a product that doesn’t produce desire or want. Make them all look alike. Make them so safe that the joy of sitting behind a wheel listening to a V8, 360 HP purr is drowned out by seat belt beeps and annoying reminders when one doesn’t put their turn signal on when switching lanes. Add in a speed limiters and the possibility of breathalyzer tests before the motor will even turn. Then one watches this “ad.” Is it any surprise that the gratification of car ownership is so unsatisfying.

    • RG,
      “Watch any TV ad for 30 seconds can we identify the product?”
      I noticed this phenomenon a few years before I stopped watching TV about 15 years ago. One of the deciding factors.
      Indeed, the very purpose of the regulations that force all cars to be the same, and destroying the ICV, are aimed at getting us to stop driving at all. Moving targets are far harder to hit. Whether with propaganda or bullets.
      Instead of enjoying a Sunday afternoon drive, sit at home, and watch big brother.

      • There’s more…
        Gasoline is an excellent game-changing “high energy source” that can be used to reign in an out-of-control government or other oppressive “system” by judicious use. Not only is gasoline useful as a transportation fuel, but there are many other uses–even used to effect political change. Ever hear of “molotov cocktails?”
        The “powers that be” are doing their damndest to get gasoline away from the masses as we (still) have the power as there are more of “us” than there are of “them” and we know how to use it…

        • anarchyst,
          I was once stopped for speeding. The LEO asked me if I had any weapons in the truck. I replied “sure, I have a tire tool, a jack, assorted tools, and enough gasoline to blow up the Sheriffs office”. I got a chuckle and a “warning”.

      • Hi John,
        Drug ads are the exception to that. At this point it seems like Big Pharma is just making stuff up, hundreds of solutions in search of a problem.

        • Seriously some of the diseases are so friggin weird do you have psoriatic arthritis well gee then take Bilumineed and dance all night…..

    • RG,
      “The video/ad campaign was directed by Bryce Dallas Howard”
      A more sorry excuse for an actor has never been. Riding on her daddy’s coat tails. As I’m sure her directing talents are no better, and riding the same coat tails.

    • someone just pointed out….that is why they don’t fix the roads…so people don’t want to drive around anymore….bike lanes too….deters car traffic.

  24. This is what you get when you hire Hipsters with marketing degrees.

    It’s not about products, it’s about being a Hipster. As though everyone wants to be one except…no one does…except the few Hipsters. These narcissistic jerks are infecting everything they touch because that’s what parasites do. I’d be willing to bet not ONE of the people involved in making this ad could change a tire.


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