Retroactive Regulation

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Applying what are styled “regulations” – i.e., the government interfering with the free exchange of goods and services – is bad enough. Is weird enough. You have something to sell and someone wishes to buy it. But someone else – from the government – says you may not sell it unless he (more likely, she) says you may.

The presumption, of course, is that if buying and selling occurred without regulating then sellers would harm buyers, a dismal view of human interaction and also an empty-headed one in that it presumes regulators are immune from the foibles and failings attributed to those whom they “regulate.” It also fails to incorporate a critical fact about regulation as juxtaposed with free exchange: The element of force. It is absent from free exchange. You are free to buy what a seller offers. Or not. But force is the fundamental underlying tenet of “regulation.” If you do not submit to being “regulated” – even if you have harmed none – you are subject to harm.

A weird thing, indeed.

But it can get weirder.

How about regulation after-the-fact?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) – which is a regulatory apparat and not an “administration” – is “considering” just that. By requiring hybrid cars (and electric cars) made before 2018 to be retrofitted with the back-up noise-makers hybrids and EVs made beginning with the 2018 models and thereafter have been required to have, to alert pedestrians to the fact that the otherwise silent-running car is moving – so as to prevent those who aren’t looking from being run over.

This is not an unreasonable concern.

It is also one the manufacturers of silent-running hybrids and EVs would likely have addressed on their own, for their own sound reasons – the chief one being their desire to sell vehicles people aren’t afraid to buy. This gets into another fallacy of “regulation,” which is the preposterous notion that sellers would act contrary to their own interests in the absence of “regulations.”

Perhaps in the fly-by-night scenario, a few would. Just as a few reckless idiots will drive 100 MPH through a school zone.

But such people are generally unconcerned about “regulations,” just as stick-up men are unconcerned about “regulations” pertaining to the concealed carrying of firearms, magazine capacity and so on.

On the other hand, those who wish to continue selling have to be concerned with their reputation, which is a function of the perceived (and actual) fitness-for-use of the things they sell. If they persist in selling things that are perceived by customers as not fit (or less fit) then they will inevitably sell fewer. Others will step in to sell things that are fitter. This is the discipline of the free market – when it is allowed to operate.

Interestingly, regulators are not so much interested in fitness-for-use – as they are not selling anything. They are interested in . . . “regulations,” which buyers and sellers are forced to buy. The regulator’s incentive is to continue “regulating,” ad infinitum.

And now, ex post facto.

The danger here ought to be obvious. It is not the idea of retrofitting noise-makers to hybrids and EVs that did not have them when they were made. These pre-2018 models probably ought to have them, though that ought to be something for the owners to decide – of a piece with air bags and seat belts. But if the regulatory apparat can reach back in time and require that a vehicle made prior to a given “regulation” be retrofitted into compliance with a “regulation” that did not apply – did not exist – when the vehicle was made (and sold) then the principle for general retrofitting has been established.

It follows as logically – and inevitably – as “mask” mandates led to “vaccine” mandates. Accept one and you have already accepted the other.

Thus, if the regulatory apparat has the power to order the owner of a hybrid or EV made before 2018 to bring it in to be retrofitted with a noise-maker it was not required to have by the regulations in effect at the time of its manufacture, then the regulatory apparat has established the implicit power to order that cars made before regulations required air bags – and a litany of other things “regulated” into requirements after they were made – also be retrofitted.

Understand that this is how their system works. It is based on getting a principle accepted – that is used to establish a precedent – which is then used to expand the scope of “regulation.” When it was accepted – more than half a century ago – that new cars had to be equipped with lap belts, it became inevitable the regs would shortly require shoulder belts. From there it was easy to require that all new cars be fitted with what were styled “5 MPH” bumpers – which uglified cars and made them hundreds of pounds heavier, too. Having gone that far, it was inevitable the regulators would go farther – and they did. It is why every new car has at least four air bags – and most have six or more.

That is bad enough, if you are atavistic enough to cling to OldThinkful ideas about free exchange between sellers and buyers.

Far worse, though, is the possibility that the regulatory apparat will succeed in shoving its camel’s nose under the tent and establishing the principle – and precedent – of retroactive regulation. For once established, it will be expanded. It could be used as a way to de facto ban cars made before air bags were regulated into existence, for instance. Also cars that were made before catalytic converters were regulated into existence – and so on. It is not feasible to retrofit such things on cars not originally made with them without re-engineering them. The expense would be prohibitive – which would serve the purpose.

Keep in mind – always – the people we’re dealing with. And how they deal. They do not boil the water in sight of the frog. They warm up the water the frog sits in. The fundamental thing to get is the heat is on – and rising.

And the only way to prevent it from getting hotter is to turn off the heat.

As by rejecting the legitimacy of the government “regulating” anything. Now – or retroactively.

. . .

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  1. Regulating for safety…..

    If you bribe the politicians with enough money, you can sell fake dangerous products….they will even protect and promote your business….the same with the media and education system…..

    The most successful marketing campaign in history…today’s allopathic medical system… is a trillion $ industry….

    The government gave a monopoly to one type of doctor…through regulations, licencing and funding…..allopathic doctors….. all the other doctors practicing alternate competing types of medical care were banned……if it was a free and open market there wouldn’t be a shortage of doctors……and health care would be very inexpensive….

    The current allopathic medical system that has a monopoly today was founded by Paracelsus who was a satanist.

    John Rockefeller created the monopoly……
    his father William was a snake oil salesman posing as a fake doctor, pedaling fake cures, he was also a horse thief and was indicted for rape in 1849………pedaling fake cures….looks like the son is too…..

    ATTENTION: Most of the ingredients for drugs and in jec tions come from china…this just benefits china, they are making tons of money off this….anybody pushing this is a ccp shill…..

    Rockefeller tried to get an allopathic monopoly in China……. it failed and the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine was preserved for centuries to come…..china now gets rich from supplying the allopathic system …….. Most of the ingredients for drugs and in jec tions come from china

    Snake oil fake cures…..
    Our rockefeller monopoly allopathic medical system, big pharma, used worldwide thanks to john rockefeller, is no better than medievel witch craft. it is more like astrology, there is no science involved…..they always reference science, but it is a huge lie there is no science behind it

    Does the allopathic medical system work?

    The medical industry causes 440k deaths a yr in America alone due to “medical errors” (partially defined as an unintended outcome even under correctly administered care)

    over 100k annual deaths due to legal drugs….
    ATTENTION: The death toll from ILLEGAL drugs stands at 10,000.

    Each one of the four allopathic medicine producers “is a convicted serial felon: Glaxo, Sanofi, Pfizer, Merck.”
    “In the past 10 years, just in the last decade, those companies have paid 35 billion dollars in criminal penalties, damages, fines, for lying to doctors, for defrauding science, for falsifying science, for killing hundreds of thousands of Americans knowingly.”

    One of the highest paid and prestigious jobs is being a doctor and working for them, people see them as heroes, the top of society……

  2. It’s to bad that most people these days don’t have what my father called GUMPTION. I remember when I was growing up….mid ’70s the Gov mandated seat-belt interlocks….you couldn’t start the car unless you were bucked in….so half the people unplugged the sensor under the seat and the other half bitched to their congressman and within a year or so the regulation was gone. I still think, most people in red rural states will tell the powers that be to go pound sand. I remember how unpopular the 55 speed limit was and while it took a while its now mostly gone.

  3. So if/when the time comes that I’m forced into an EV golf cart, I want my noise maker to play “Turkey and the Straw” like an ice cream truck! 🤣

  4. Forced retrofitting of old cars to meet new regulations…making them cost too much to own or impossible to sell, ruining the resale value, could be a tool used to get rid of old ice cars.

    How they will steal your home…… 15 min city ……

    The wef controllers that control your politicians are pushing their 15 minute city agenda….

    force people out of rural land into the big cities….using climate change as an excuse, or a ban on growing food, or some other fabrication…

    One tool they will use………..Because of the climate change fake science narrative your home will have to be zero emission by 2030. retrofitting to meet the new regulations could cost over $100,000.00

    Part of the 15 minute city agenda is to force people out of rural land into the big cities, confined into a 15 minute (walking) zone you can’t leave without special permission….so you are easier to watch/control….you will own nothing, no property, no cars, no money, nothing, totally dependent on the communist government, might get some food if they comply….you will live in a closet sized room and eat bugs…

    undrip has just passed into law in some countries…..the narrative is they say they are giving all the land back to the indigenous, with the UN managing the land….you are booted out….no more property…off to the 15 minute zone…

    then the people are dependent, can’t grow their own food, have their own energy source, can’t own a car to travel…no freedom of movement, can’t own a home or property, or own anything, can’t own a small business to make money, will be disarmed, can’t hide, totally dependent on the communist government, might get some food if they comply….the excuse for all this….climate change….

    you won’t be allowed to leave period…like a rat in a cage…….a 15 minute confined outdoor prison….

    cars?….lol…they will be too expensive, the fuel will be very expensive, they will be outlawed anyways because of climate change….enjoy one of your last drives now….

    you will own nothing…… ownership = feudalism

    • It’s all been thought of… rural living is selfish and will go away. Many books including klaus’ Great Reset outline the entire new order,

      During the COVID-19 pande mic lockdowns, mainstream media, urban planners, the U.N. and developers — many with ties to the WEF — began promoting the 15-minute city

      The concept isnt new, its called “gethos”.
      In gethos people lived, worked and shopped, were closed in a distrct, could only leave with permits and so on.

      clintons involved…look out……Efforts to pilot the 15-minute city in practice are largely driven by C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, in 2006, it merged with the Clinton Climate Initiative.

      the concept isn’t based on democratic principles of people deciding together or agreeing on an idea.
      “No, we are talking about city councils starting to take control and starting to herd people into carefully controlled spaces,” Corbett said.
      Some planners, even within the new urbanist school of thought, link the concept to the history of top-down urban planning approaches that exclude the marginalized.

      the “creative city” planning concept that drove gentrification globally over the last decade — warned that the 15-minute city plans in major cities across the world would be more likely to exacerbate existing inequalities

      “The people get herded into these 15-minute cities so that when you are allowed by the loving masters of the techne, you’ll be allowed to travel from one little 15-minute city to another, if your social credit score is high enough.

      “This is not about saving the earth as I have said 8 million times … This is exactly how they create the infrastructure for the climate lockdowns of the future …
      “This is about that long-term vision of the future in which we will be herded into these small cities.”
      WEF contributor Marian Mazzucato, Ph.D. suggesting that “climate lockdowns” might become necessary to address the looming “climate emergency.”

      • from the comments @ health defense….

        How about ‘HELL NO’? We are not ‘slaves’ to be told where you can go, what you can eat, what you can buy, what job or business you can create for yourself, etc.

        The 15 Minute City is just a new name for stack and pack housing driving everyone into the city centers proposed in UN Agenda 21. The plan was for people to live in stack and pack buildings with businesses below next to rail stations. CA has tried this and it has failed miserably but they continue to carry on. The plan is to seal off 75+ of all land to any human presence and what better way then to create 15 Minute City Prisons.

        When the Nazi’s herded the Jews into the ghettos they said it was going to be good for them. Better. Safer. Then the impoverishment, food scarcity and controls started

        Do you remember the TV show “The Prisoner” with Patrick McGoohan?

        As an alternative, why don’t the city councilmen and women volunteer to leave this world thus cutting down the CO2 you are emitting every day?

        I wouldn’t! Not for 1 second, these a- holes and their ludicrous ideas should never be considered. If anyone on this planet needs to be corralled and hindered it is ALL of them. They’re evil and should be treated as such.

        the controllers do not want to relinquish what they have achieved with the tax-cattle under lockdown and Gates has already said there will be more pandemics, so we are being trained to adapt our lives and expectations to accept less freedom and accept more control from our psychopathic controllers who are busy installing 5G, micro chips, and their ‘smart’ (spy) surveillance systems make sure the animals do not escape the pen, or The Plan.

        They profess to care about climate change but look at the private jets they use to ferry themselves about, and look at the huge corporations they work for. The Grid and Chip will work more effectively when we are corralled by machines and hired ‘security’ thugs into local zones – then us cattle will be traceable, taxable and taggable and no real freedom will be possible.

        Does anyone seriously think that the extremely wealthy will be living in these 15 minute cities? Hell no. They will also be exempt from any restrictions for traveling between them and within them, unlike the residents of those cities. This is about total control, nothing else.

        Lisa Chamberlain is extraordinarily heartless. The whole of the NWO/WEF is actually. She states, “The pandemic gave the idea new relevance, WE F author Lisa Chamberlain said, referring to the lockdowns.” “She cautioned that implementing the idea would require sacrifice, or “creative destruction brought on by a technical revolution,”

        Simple, it’s Klaus Schwab and the WE F. It is all about control. “You will have nothing and you will be happy.” And with the Digital Dollar, they will destroy you like China is destroying their people.

        The WEF and their Nazi friends will have to pry my car from my cold, dead hands.
        Everyone I’ve talked to about the 15 minute cities concept is with me.
        My father fought the Nazis in WWII to prevent this form of authoritarian rule.
        So will everyone but the weak.

        We’re being bombarded with rhetorical questions! Is there any place left on the planet, where evil isn’t in control? Everything that I’ve been trying to warn people about, is probably coming within the next 2 years – 3 at the most! TURDe au is hanging onto his power until 2025, because he knows that by then, this society will have totally collapsed! He’s already sold Canada out to the WHO, WE F and UN! He is a Klaus Schwab infiltrator and is promoting “The Great Reset”!

  5. Regulations, at whatever level and degree, always make me think of Bastiat.

    To paraphrase a quote of his, “If people are so stupid and evil as to not be allowed to live their lives without government oversight, why is it the proposals of bureaucrats, politicians and other do-gooders always considered Good? Are they not also members of the human race?

    As far as the future goes, I expect a massive implosion will occur before much longer that will have people (those that haven’t succumbed to the Holy Jab) willing to rebuild without such BS regulators in charge.

  6. HI Eric, while your article is more about Ex post facto. My sons friend was killed by a tesla a few months ago. It was in a different state so we don’t know a lot of the details other than he stepped off a curb and was hit.
    My theory is the EV was traveling fast and maybe he looked, maybe he didn’t, but a fast EV a block away might not trigger our natural instincts. Like deer that can’t understand car movement because it is not galloping. Although, lately, I have seen deer wait for a car to pass, maybe they are adapting?

    • Hi Chris,

      Very sorry to hear about your son’s friend. This is tragic. And I think it is even more so that tragedies are often used to cause ones that need not have happened. This, to me, is the danger of allowing our sadness/anger over an event to led to a response that might not be wise. I think the saying is, hard case make bad law.

      Also: There is no problem on this Earth that government can’t (and likely will) make worse.

  7. to add to my earlier comment – given most people today walking down the street staring at their screens also have headphones on – what difference will a noise generator make !!

    • Possibly a great deal of difference. I’m hearing impaired, so I very carefully watch out for cars when walking, because I can’t hear them anymore. Not that I applaud the state making them loud enough to hear, and it shouldn’t do so, but there is some basis for it. But people adapt, just as I have, or else. In counter point, governments kill far more people than quiet cars do.

  8. Dumbfuck ideas like this shows how out of control government busy bodies have gotten. I mean imagine if 100 or so years ago when the automobile was invented and people were slowly shifting over – a regular mandating a gizmo on cars to make horse noises so that people too dumb to look where they’re walking dont get run over…. I guess it goes to show the times of excess we’re living through that regulators have thousands of people working to create such red-tape….;

    • ‘In the United Kingdom, the Locomotive Acts was a policy requiring self-propelled vehicles to be led by a pedestrian waving a red flag or carrying a lantern to warn bystanders of the vehicle’s approach.’ — Wikipedia

      In lieu of making horse noises, the flag person could affix a John Kerry long nose to their proboscis to make a horse face … or simply wear a Jacinda Ardern mask. /sarc

      Red flag laws for EeeVees should appeal to Democrats. Think of all the jobs created!

  9. From the Guardian
    “The greatest risks associated with electric vehicles are when they are travelling at low speeds, such as in urban areas with lower limits, as the noise from tyres and the road surface, and aerodynamic noise, are minimal at those speeds,” said Kevin Clinton, from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.”

    Anyone think this idiot ever had a real yob?

    “In Japan there was a national outcry when a guide dog and its owner were killed by a reversing non-electric vehicle whose driver had used a pause control to deactivate its sound emitter.”

    Could not find a single instance of this on google. Most likely bs.

    Research shows electric cars are about 40% more likely to hit a pedestrian than a conventional vehicle. One study suggests that 93% of blind and partially sighted people have had problems with them. ”

    Can you imagine downtown the noises of thousands of EVs. and non-Evs when backing I am sure you could tune out all of them except the one that is fixing run over you and besides,,, if they are going over 20 the EVs stop making the sound so as to ensure you’ll get run over properly.

  10. Back in 2010 the FAA mandated Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) be installed in every aircraft by 2020. Almost immediately the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) started lobbying hard to remove the mandate, since the retrofitting of any avonics systems on aircraft has to go through an expensive certification process. Helps that the AOPA membership includes a fair number of lawyers. And there’s the problem of allowing anyone with a $50 software defined radio dongle to track your whereabouts (the kid who tracks Elon’s jet uses a crowdsourced network of these receivers), but the FAA won that one by saying anyone with good eyes could see your plane flying overhead, so no right to privacy in a public space.

    So 2020 came and went, and the AOPA and other groups got exceptions. There are plenty of GA aircraft that don’t have ADS-B out capability and are flying just fine. There are a few hassle procedures they need to follow if they enter controlled airspace, but that’s a very small portion of the sky.

    Aviation is one of the most controlled and regulated forms of transporation. There are stacks of books full of how to perform any procedure. Pilots tend to be a rule-following bunch, they pretty much have to be. But then again, pilots seem to keep the FAA at arm’s length too especially when it comes to top-down regulation. It is a true failing of the driving public that there really is no advocate in Washington (or states capital) for automobile drivers. The only people lobbying the DOT are trying to add more restrictions, not defend against them.

  11. ‘The principle for general retrofitting has been established.’ — eric

    Retroactive criminal laws are prohibited by the constitution. But when it comes to civil regulation, who knows what the hacks in black would do?

    Local building code apparats do not mandate retrofitting houses unless a permit application — say, for a remodeling or an addition — gives them entrée. Despite the US being a rich country, it not at all economically feasible to force residential upgrades which could cost thousands.

    One exception, though, is smoke detectors — because saaaaaaaafety. When I sold a house in the NY-NJ constitution-free zone, I had to pay a municipal inspector $90 to blow an aerosol into the smoke detectors to prove they worked.

    Pedestrian noisemakers also being for saaaaaaafety — and with a 2009 act of Clowngress that can be [re]interpreted to require them — it seems more likely than not that NHTSA will plow ahead, imposing massive costs on automakers.

    Constitutionally, it would be a Fifth Amendment taking that requires compensation. Good luck with that, though. Clowngress is fine with handing out gratuitous billions to subsidize EeeVees. But actually making whole those affected by its laws and regs? The horror: they skip town like shady grifters hitting the endless highway.

    You’re gonna walk that endless highway
    Walk that high-way till you die
    All you children goin’ my way
    Better tell your home-life sweet goodbye

    — Bob Dylan, Endless Highway

    • Hi, Jim,
      >Local building code apparats do not mandate retrofitting houses unless a permit application

      However, that could change.
      It really would not surprise me to see fatwas enacted which require an upgrade to current code upon sale of a (residential) property, especially as related to a) insulation and climate control, and b) electrical service.

      Upgrades would be paid for out of sale proceeds, thus reducing seller’s net, but since it doesn’t come out of the seller’s bank account, it is money he/she “never had in the first place,” so to speak. Sort of like “income tax” withholding for wage slaves.

      Just think. If you “own” a house in So Cal, built in 1956 (raising own hand), the State *could* require you, or your heirs, to
      A) Upgrade wall and ceiling insulation to modern code.
      B) Replace existing gravity (no forced air) natural gas floor furnace with central forced air heat pump system, including blower and ductwork.
      C) Replace gas water heater with electric, preferably tankless.
      D) Replace gas cookstove with electric.
      E) Provide (2) charging stations for EVs @ existing 2 car garage.
      F) Upgrade existing 200A electric service to 300A to power above equipment.
      G) Tear out existing landscaping, possibly to include mature fruit and shade trees, and replace with government approved “water wise landscaping,” a.k.a. rocks and cactus.
      H) Install xxxKw solar panels @ (now non-shaded) roof.
      I) Brick up or tear down existing wood burning fireplace, to prevent unauthorized burning of hydrocarbon fuel.

      upon sale of property.


  12. With this decree in some states to ban the sale of new gas powered vehicles by 2035 in favor of “100% clean EVs” (Which is complete bull crap), how long before unelected bureaucrats decide to EXPAND that to used ICE vehicles? Or perhaps even decree that ALL gas powered vehicles (no matter their age) will be banned? And will the Biden Thing try to declare a “Climate Emergency” and decree that ALL gas powered vehicles be BANNED, or perhaps even decree a CLIMATE LOCKDOWN, which is something that power mad psychopaths would LOVE to implement. We’ve already seen the past few years just how mad government gets when it declares an “Emergency”. They resort to violating all sorts of human rights, from informed consent to free speech to due process.

    And whenever government declares an “Emergency”, it seldom if ever repeals that declaration. I read elsewhere that the “War on terror” Emergency declaration from 2001 has NEVER been repealed, and that declaration was about 22 years ago now. We’re also going on year 4 of a “COVID Public Health emergency”, though the Biden Thing says they’ll end that in May. We’ll see. Given that they already extended it who knows how many times since 2021, I wouldn’t be surprised if Biden’s HHS Secretary finds some reason to extend it yet again. It could be “Not enough people getting the latest booster” or “Infrastructure for digital vaccine passports not fully implemented and operational”. On the other hand, the CDC recently added the COVID jabs to their list of “Recommended childhood vaccinations”, so THAT could be the reason the Biden Thing said they’re “Ending the COVID public health emergency” in May. After the CDC did that, the vaccine manufacturers now have a liability shield thanks to federal law.

  13. Since most EV’s are sail fawns on wheels you could probably download “driving tones”; make your appliance sound like a Ferrari 😆. Making regulations retroactive is a horrible precedent and needs to be slapped down hard. Would be great if one of the car manufacturers grew a pair and took Uncle to court but it seems they made the decision long ago to just bend over and take it no matter what.

    • ‘you could probably download “driving tones”’ — Mike in Boston

      That’s hilarious, Mike. Nature boy Jim was thinking birdsong.

      But for urban environments, why not the corvidian cry of the Hildabeest: ‘We came, we saw, he died: graaack! graaack! graaack!

      The street would empty in seconds, as pedestrians with hands clapped to their assaulted ears fled in horror to saaaaaaaafety.

    • Hi, Mike,
      > “driving tones”
      I thought Teslas already came with “fart sounds?”

      But what about the hard of hearing (excuse me, “hearing challenged”)
      Maybe an onboard “Odor Dispersion Device,” with choice of odors, so you can smell one coming. Refill your external ODD tank @ car wash, in addition to the cabin “air freshener” hung from the rear view mirror. Maybe one tank, internal, another external.

      “I don’t care if it rains or freezes…”
      Anyone else in favor of H2S for the external ODD tank?

  14. I can see the government later on issuing another safety regulation in the near future requiring drivers and occupants of automobiles to wear helmets while on the road. That would kill most incentive to drive! And yes that does sound utterly ridiculous, but then again, look who is running the shit show called the D.O.T.!

  15. Ex post facto is indeed a very scary thing. It can turn you into a criminal long after you’re dead (as in Confederate Civil War heroes). How can one manage their affairs when they have no idea whether or not a thing they do might be made a crime long after they did it? A crime by the lights of Psychopaths who have usurped authority to kill you if you disobey. Even if you disobeyed BEFORE there was a rule, regulation, or law to disobey. Might as well see if you can find a comfortable means of wearing your chains.

  16. It’s my understanding that in the not too distant future (2027 I think?) all new vehicles will be required to have a breathalyzer, preventing the car from being started if you have been drinking. Unfortunately, this is one where I can definitely foresee an eventual requirement that all older vehicles be retrofitted. And the beat goes on.

      • For every problem, there is a solution. One of my supervisors once repeatedly told us that a problem was an opportunity. At the time I called it male bovine excrement. In hindsight, perhaps there are such cases.

    • I don’t drink…and now I see a potential line of new income. Alcohol free, tobacco free, drug free, yet minty fresh breath. It’s only $25 per 17 oz (500 mL but I loathe metric) which is what an average man inhale/exhales according to the interwebs.

      May expand the operation to include alcohol free, tobacco free, drug free urine as well. Say $25 per cup.

    • ‘all new vehicles will be required to have a breathalyzer’ — Floriduh man

      … or equivalent. The technology is not specified.

      Some Orwellian proposals call for contact-free cameras and sensors, to monitor eye movements, lack of attention, or drunken uncoordination.

      If the vehicle records or transmits those images, it could be as self-incriminating as a signed tax return.

    • ‘They’ don’t plan on using breathalyzers. ‘The Plan’, is to load your body up with nano tech & make your body the 2-way antenna to connect to the Borg 6G hive mind.

      They Will control the vertical and the horizontal.

      …If, they can get away with it.


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