Nimarata Again?

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Nimarata Haley lost almost all the GOP primaries – badly. She therefore lost any chance she had to be the Republican presidential nominee . . . didn’t she?

Then why is she all-of-a-sudden running for office again?

She doesn’t say exactly that, of course. These seekers after office never say that. They say things like “country first” – which is exactly what Nimaratra says in a recent slew of social media posts such as the one pictured with this article. Of course, when Nimarata says “country first,” she means Nimarata first.

And also Boeing first. Never America first.

The primary voters rejected her but she keeps pushing herself on them – on all of us. Her view of herself is so narcissistic she cannot see how narcissistic it is. And that’s how you know she’s a narcissist, of course. If she weren’t one, she’d have the self-awareness and humility to accept that by enormous margins to the negative, she is not liked and not wanted by Republican voters – who clearly expressed their preference for America first, which Orange Man at least pretends to prefer as well.

Which brings us to the Orange Man. He is all but formally the Republican nominee. But there is still the possibility he might not be the nominee. It’s still almost two months until the Republican convention in July and a lot could happen between then and now. Such as Orange Man being convicted of a “felony” – however spurious – and debarred from becoming the nominee. Or something similar. Is it beyond the pale of possibility? Whatever you think of the Orange Man, if the legal persecutions he’s been undergoing are kayfabe – that is, some kind of show, like a pro wrestling match – it’s the most realistic such show ever performed.

And if it’s not a show then they really are out to get him. That is, to remove him – and by any means necessary. If the current legal persecutions fail to accomplish that task, is it inconceivable they’ll resort to even more desperate action?

After which, enter Nimarata?

She is the perfect Republican candidate. Cooperative, collegial. Bipartisan – when it comes to being cooperative and collegial with the party of government, for the sake of assuring the ongoing funding of Boeing, Raytheon, et al – as well as assuring that the “security” of the “Homeland” always takes precedence over what were once the rights of Americans, which used to come first.

Nimarata is exactly what the Republican Party – the party of George Bush, John McCain, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan – want for the Republican Party. That being a return to the normalcy of “bipartisanship.” The Republicans pretend to oppose “big government” and the government (and the Left) pretends Republicans are the opposition.

One of Nimarata’s latest campaign ads says that “Putin apologists are a cancer on the conservative movement. They need to go.”

This is Nimarata’s brand of “conservatism.” Any who question mulcting Americans to buy weapons from Boeing and Raytheon to be shipped to Ukraine to prolong a meat-grinder war that is already lost that was started by goading Russia to fight it is a “Putin apologist.” Just as anyone who raises a hand to question anything the government of Israel does – with the unconditional/unquestionable support of American money – is “anti-Semitic.”

If that is conservative then drugs that don’t keep people from catching colds or spreading them to others are “vaccines.”

The problem – for the Republican Party – is that conservatives have made it clear they no longer want to take the “vaccine” version of “conservatism.” They are tired of “conservatives” like Nimarata who put America last and Keeeeeeeeeev (and Israel) first. They have flocked to the Orange Man because he at least talks about putting America first and – who knows? – maybe he’d actually do that, if he manages to get elected in spite of all the election-fixing.

His support is so undeniably yuuuuge he just might be able to pull it off, too. He may be kayfabe – but the awakening isn’t. Americans – the conservative half, at any rate – have had it with the Nimaratas and the Romneys and the Ryans, all of whom are just the same. All of whom are “conservative” like Admiral Rachel Levine is a she.

Something must be done – about the Orange Man and the awakening. And whatever that is, expect it to come soon.

And maybe in the person of Nimarata Haley.

. . .

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  1. Never mind Nimarata. Can you imagine someone EVEN WORSE?

    Well, I can: the noxious neocon Tom Cotton.

    Tom Cotton Emerges as a Top Contender in Trump’s V.P. Race

    ‘Donald Trump’s interest in the Arkansas senator reflects a desire to choose a running mate with experience and the ability to run a disciplined campaign.’ — NY Slimes, 24 May 2024

    Cotton is one of the few persons on earth — Lindsey Graham is another — so unfit to serve in public office that I would actively campaign against him & Trump, to preclude any possibility that the neocon fool Cotton could ever usurp the presidency.

    Trump has always been a poor judge of people — look at all the saboteurs he welcomed into his previous administration. Picking cotton-pickin’ Cotton would alienate me forever. That totally crosses my personal red line.

    • Last time around Donald McFail packed his cabinet with some of the worst possible pond scum. Why would anyone believe that he would do any differently this time? Yet millions do. And seeing as how he left 75% of Obama’s people in their jobs the first time around, why would they expect him not to do the same with the Senile Pants Crapper’s people?

      Fuck “Israel”!

      • If you are smart (and most people aren’t) you pay far more attention to what Orange Man *does*, and take whatever he *says* with a large helping of nitrates and assorted preservatives.

        Populist Cheeto is actually very much a moderate. He only ever really tried to change a few things: He tried to roll back a few of the more annoying regulations on some household & consumer items (with mixed success). He tried to scale down/back our military commitments abroad (with some success). He tried to divert a (very small) fraction of economic relief money into the pockets of regular people, instead of large businesses with expensive lobbyists. He also tried to slow down the flow of illegal immigrants (and because some bozos need it spelled out for them, the act of crossing the border without going through the appropriate official process is what’s illegal, and yes it is illegal to do that. The people aren’t illegal, but some of their actions absolutely are illegal.).

        Only a few things. And he only budged the needle a little bit. That was all it took to trigger an epic breakout that is in some ways still ongoing.

        If you think the Left is bad now, just try to imagine what they’d be like if an actual reformer somehow got into office. The country would most likely explode.

      • ‘Last time around Donald McFail packed his cabinet with some of the worst possible pond scum.’ — Arthur

        Asked at his South Bronx rally about the Nimarata entity, Trump replied, ‘She’s a very capable person, and I’m sure she’s going to be on our team in some form.’

        What, as Israel’s ambassador to the UN again, in another shameful America Last replay? You can already see Trump assembling a cabinet filled with neocon zionist scum who are on another country’s payroll.

        • I’m with you, Jim –

          If Trump installs Nimarata or Cotton or Bolton (or any of them) in any capacity, even advisory, he can fuck himself as far as I am concerned. I will vote for Hillary first – as it least I’d be getting what I voted for.

          • RE: “I will vote for Hillary first –”

            IF, she runs. As things stand now (& Cotton & Niki are ‘in’) IF you guys wouldn’t vote for Trump or Poopy Pants, does that mean you’re voting for either RFK Jr., or sitting things out?
            …Just wondering.

            • Hi Helot,

              I am just about done with voting in federal elections – for all the reasons so many here have adduced. But I may vote for Hillary – or whomever the Left fronts for their agenda – for hate’s sake (per Khan from Star Trek) if the Orange Man puts another Pence-type on the ticket.

              It will be an IQ test for the red hat crowd.

          • ‘If Trump installs Nimarata or Cotton or Bolton …’ — eric

            Nimarata, Cotton, Bolton, Pompeo: these are red lines for me.

            Trump doesn’t get to brag about keeping the US out of war during his term, then assemble another team of America Last warmongers.

    • “Give me control of a Nation’s money, and I care not who makes it’s laws…”. Amschel Mayer Rothschild, c.1750.

      Since (((they))) control our money, banks, and politicians, of course the Kabuki theater called the news is run similarly.

      Controlling and manipulation of both sides of any conflict (politics, religion , sex, etc) is the key to keeping the masses distracted from the real crimes of treason, theft, and cultural destruction.

  2. Seeing all the failed efforts of the demons to keep Trump from running again, the dems are going to revert to the tried and trusted method of assassination to keep T out of office. The dems already have a large army of UN soldiers that have crossed the southern border to keep themselves in power. And that army will be put to use. Mark my words.

  3. Nimrata said today she’d vote for OF. This may be the signal. OF has dk’d her until now but it’s the party that will pick the Veep and OF will play along. A lot of big donors are all in on Nimrata. The folks who are planning on pulling a lever for OF will still do it.

  4. The election in November is going to be tumultuous, everybody loses.

    Trump is a laser, millions of Biden voters know so.

    Biden is a laser, 330 million Ame ricans have no doubts, it is what it is.

    Niki could be the darkhorse nobody wants.

    Write in ‘Jews’, then your vote will count.

  5. I will not vote for any candidate who supports israel.
    I am conflicted about Trump, not knowing his true stance on israel.
    My theory is that Trump gave israel everything they wanted during his first term. He was going to demand that israeli jews fulfill “their part of the deal” during his second term, when he was politically invulnerable. The jews, being criminally dishonest, crafty and cunning, foiled Trump’s (expected) second term, thereby negating their obligation to fulfill “their part of the deal”. Keep in mind that just about every legal action directed against Trump has a jewish “flavor” about it. That being said, Trump has been dealing with jews all of his life and knows their tactics and what they are like.
    It is my opinion that Trump was finally going to resolve the Palestinian situation, not by genocide but by forcibly removing the illegal jewish settlements in the West Bank. THAT is something the jews definitely opposed.
    I intend to write in my choice of candidates for all public offices. In the case of every pro-israel candidate, I will write in my vote for HAMAS.

  6. ‘the judge [Merchan] said to this key witness, “I’m going to strike your testimony and not allow you to testify if you ever again look at me that way.” — Alan Dershowitz

    Straight outta Alice in Wonderland. The damage done to the rule of law in one-party New York’s kangaroo courts is irreversible.

    I continue to favor the pre-emptive expulsion of New York and California from the United States. Else these lawless, leftist badlands will drag us down into the abyss with them.

    • No, they’re a part of this great confederacy. They are, however in open rebellion against the constitution and are actively making war on it with their active defiance of the entire bill of prohibitions, especially against the militia. Accordingly there needs to be an occupation government and lots of trials for thigh treason.

      Attack the parasite, try to save the host.

  7. “[The Orange Man] is all but formally the Republican nominee. But there is still the possibility he might not be the nominee. It’s still almost two months until the Republican convention in July and a lot could happen between then and now.”

    Former Senator Robert F. Kennedy was not available for comment.

  8. “Nimarata is exactly what the Republican Party – the party of George Bush, John McCain, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan – want for the Republican Party”

    You’re exactly right Eric. Soon if this keeps up we’ll be where England is currently, ruled by foreigners. I hope the people of Europe and USA wake up.

  9. We now live in a banana republic…. I don’t think we can stop what is coming. Voting sure as hell isn’t gonna do it.

  10. Re: Voting Rs or Ds

    Insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over again
    and expecting different results.”
    Albert Einstein –

  11. These bad penny politicians won’t go away! Once they’re in, they stay in. Heck, the Bush crime family built a dynasty on being insiders.

  12. Which Israel-First shill will be selected to be YOUR Leader, goyim??

    Tune in this November for a totally contrived, fake-and-gay election!

    (Nimrata would suck off bloggers in her Escalade so they’d write nice things about her on their shitty politics blogs when she was gov of South Carolina lololol)

  13. Consign her to the dustbin of history, rather than let her purpetuate her lies. Apparently that thing about Tucker being on russian TV was FAKE.

    She just said she would vote for trump, presumably so she can be in the news cycle again disavowing him by retracting that endorsement.

    If a politician lies and nobody pays any attention do they get power?

  14. Wait, you mean to tell me the dude named Dick who insists on being called Rachel is not a real General? Thats exactly what I’d expect from clown world.

    I really hope Trump isn’t that stupid, If he’s in it for real, he needs someone to the right of Genghis Kahn as VP. Someone who is as unpredictable or more so than him. He needs the deplorable portion of the country more than we need him.

    In some ways, 4 more years of Biden wouldn’t be the worst thing. I’ll take it over one of the fake pubics any day. Yes, things would suck, incompetence runs in this groups DNA. But the longer its on full display, the better. Every eye will see just who and what these communists are, and the eventual pushback should result in purges of anyone (D or R) who espoused the failed leftist ideology.

    For people under 40, by the end of 4 more years, 90% of them who survive will be hard core conservative. Seeing the destruction of the republic will change many who had no desire to be changed. Watching everything they’ve known be torn asunder, in real time, will unleash a power beyond the narrative engineers to control. Its already beginning now, the media will never admit it, but younger people are getting hipped to the consequences of failing upward and all the War Party BS that runs the world. Very few will be willing to fall on a sword so some Bolshevik boomers can steal a few more breaths.

    And the whole ‘gurl boss’ narrative, thats dying by the day. The only reason it still has any purchase is far to many males still seek the approval of women. That era is coming to a close. Remember when we would hear that if ‘women were elected to leadership positions we’d end all wars?’ Yeah, I remember that and almost every women in a leadership role today got there (much like Nimrata) through DEI affirmative action type BS. So if there must be more war let the nasty whores like Nimrata pick up a gun and lead the charge. Someone should tell them its time for them to put in their own work.

    • 4 more years of Obastard will cement the fundamental change to totalitarian authoritarianism we’re fighting. It won’t matter what the people under 40 want any more than it did in the USSR, it will have to grind out misery and poverty for another century until it finally collapses and is replaced by a good old fashioned leader like bad Vlad Putin. Who at least seems to have learned some lessons from history and acts with some humility.

  15. Everybody’s optimism here amuses me. You really think honest elections will be held in November. Yeah, just as they had been in 2020, right.

    The FBI has been bleating about terror threats to the elections. That will be the excuse to “postpone” (suspend) them as had been seriously discussed in 2004 before the media caught wind of it. This time the media will be on board with “postponing” if it keeps Orange Man out. We had a taste of their collusion when they called all the evidence of rigged elections in 2020 “baseless”.

    The alternative is that Trump wins, but is not inaugurated in January 2025 after something happens to him (prison, death, whatever). The resulting “constitutional crisis” will lead to, you guessed it, martial law and no more elections.

    Don’t put anything past the people who really run DC, folks. And no, Brandon isn’t one of them.

    • I agree with you totally ek. Just what I think is going to happen, then again assassination is a useful tool for getting rid of your opponents.

  16. Shoot, Biden’s DoJ and FBI were prepared and authorized to use DEADLY FORCE against Trump and his security detail during their Mar-a-Lago raid! You can read about it here:

    As for the Republicucks, I left them over three years ago now. I, a former fourth generation Republican (my blood cells were shaped like elephants-just kidding!), I got totally disgusted with the likes of John McCain, Mittens Romney, Paul Ryan, etc al that I left the party. I became an independent. I had enough, so I did what I should’ve done long ago; I left the party.

  17. No doubt the GOP has a scheme to run Haley.

    People might want to remember that Kamala Harris lost all of the primaries and withdrew early in 2020… yet she’s one shit-of-the-bed away from the presidency.

    After they steal the election from Trump, it’s basically guaranteed that she will be president sometime within the next four years.

    • This is the reality of it. It is all fake & gay now and they know 100% they can do whatever they want, no one is going to do anything. The –slight– resistance that was shown on January 6th was crushed with a comically asymmetric show of force. Sending SWAT teams after grandmas and stoner hippies.

      Trump will be removed between now and November by -any- means necessary up to, and including, a “freak helicopter crash” like the Iranian president recently experienced. There is NO way they will let him near the levers of power even if they are fake levers.

      Then all “conservative” media will align behind Nikki who will gracefully step in and with all the show of dignity and respect accept the nomination. The amount of conservatards, MAGAs, and boomers I know who think Trump will be on the ballot is very high, but nothing shocks me anymore. As we just discussed in the other thread, Idiocracy is upon us, so retards and sheep believe pretty much anything at this point.

      I’m certain all the backroom deals are already made with the Military Industrial Complex getting their pound of flesh already carved out. Full scale war with Iran is a GREAT way to get those defense budgets way up into the trillions, innit? And our ‘greatest ally’ will also get their primary antagonist busy fighting their golem. It’s a win-win, innit?

      • For the Blob, this race is existential. They absolutely will do ANYTHING to keep the Orange guy out of the White House up to an including touching off a warvwith Russia.
        Millions dead? Who cares as long as the Gravy Train is not derailed.

      • I have to disagree, Username99. [“Trump will be removed”]
        Trump has not only proven himself to be the perfect obedient lackey, but his re-selection will guarantee that once he is re-selected his hordes of followers will be pacified and unconsciously applaud and obey whatever he tells them in all of their patriotic fervor. That is exactly what “they” want. Give the democrats a turn to pacify keep them obedient; then give the repubs a turn so their followers will do the same. As the phony struggle between the two sides is kept alive, the majority are too busy fighting each other to ever realize what is going on, especially when their champion is on the throne. With Trump’s humongous and fervent support, I doubt that they will install Nimrod, because then the majority of Repubs will be disenfranchised, and not muster the patriotic spirit and obedience “they” desire, and may even start to wake up and smell the stench and go rogue.

        Just my $.02

    • Actually, Kamala was doing well; at one point, she was polling 12%-15%. Then Tulsi Gabbard flamed her ass LIVE ON CNN, and she was done! Her poll results plummeted after that; Kamala never recovered from TG’s epic takedown. Even so, she became VP anyway.

      • I like Tulsi. I think that she would make a good VP based on some of her words. However, I still question if she has made a genuine bold from her past. I keep hearing her say the words “our democracy.” A real conservative American does not utter the word “democracy” in conversation.

        Since the age of 12, I have been uncomfortable with that term since we sometimes recited the “pledge” which stated “to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God….” It said nothing about “democracy.”

      • Tulsi would be a better president than either of the two geriatrics we get to choose from in November. Doesn’t really matter though since all the “security” agencies have taken over the government to the point that all three branches are just for show.

  18. “Americans – the conservative half, at any rate”

    I propose that the 50/50 split is a fabrication of the minority left, a lie enacted and bolstered by technology that the left controls.

    I propose that we, the right, are in reality a significant majority.

    • Depends on where you are. In 95% of the country that’s true. But I was shocked by a trip to a trade show in Philly in 2012, not only was there support for Obastard, but it was rabid and proud. But yes, is all the rural and suburban areas conservatives and libertarians are a substantial majority.

  19. Nimrata v. Big Mike – wouldn’t that be fun?

    If Nimrata replaces dufus, then the kid sniffer will be re-elected, shortly after which he will step down, leaving Harris as la presidente.

  20. The most amazing thing is that so many think we have a legitimate electoral process. It’s nothing but kabuki theater that allows you the delusion of a choice. As George Carlin said, “you have no choice. You have owners.” The owners are Blackrock, State Street and the highly opaque Vanguard. In a word, George, the Jews.

    Rest assured, whomever is selected will be Israel FIRST. Ukraine was to be Greater Israel…how’s that workin’ out?

    George at his finest:

    • Don’t forget what Mark Twain said over 100 years ago: if voting mattered they (TPTB), wouldn’t let us do it.


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