Here’s Why We’re Where We Are

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It is said a picture is worth a thousand words. Here is a paragraph that tells a story:

  • “Former United States President Donald J. Trump, currently facing 34 felony counts in criminal court, is campaigning for re-election this fall by taking shots at the increasingly popular electric car industry. Trump has already called for oil and gas industry executives to donate significant campaign funds in exchange for a reversal of Biden administration climate policies. If elected this November, Trump would roll back tailpipe emissions targets and dramatically slash EV tax credits. These policies may prove unpopular even among Republican voters as electric vehicle production has spurred job growth and investment in Southern states.”

Italics added.

Yes, Trump is “facing 34 felony counts” – that amount to the same thing as being accused of witchery by a court in Salem, Massachusetts, 400 years ago. Didst thou indeed see the man dance with the devill by the light of the moon? The “counts” are contrivances – irrespective of anyone’s feelings about the Orange Man – and every man (and woman) ought to be appalled – and very worried – that if such can be done to this man, it could and will be done to them, too.

But the point is that the writer begins his paragraph with this business about the “counts” to clumsily set the stage for the rest of what he writes about Trump “taking shots at the increasingly popular electric car industry,” which – naturally – only a criminal facing 34 counts would do.

See how that works?

“Increasingly popular”? How that did that one slide by the copy desk? Literally the opposite being the case. Sales of battery-powered devices (electric vehicles) are plummeting. VW recently announced that while overall sales of its cars that are not devices are up almost 30 percent, sales of devices are down more than 30 percent. Mercedes is walking back its prior “commitment” to sell only battery powered devices by the early 2030s – because it can’t sell the battery powered devices it already has in its lineup.

Ford says it loses $100,000 on every device it “sells.”

That is “increasingly popular” like “safe and effective.”

“Roll back tailpipe emissions targets.”

Where to begin? Well, in the first place, there is this persistent conflation of carbon dioxide with gasses that cause or worsen air pollution. Carbon dioxide does not cause or worsen air pollution, which is why it was never said to be an “emission” until it became necessary for political reasons to conflate it with the gasses that do. These having been all-but-eliminated from the tailpipes of new cars some 30 years ago. People can see – and smell air pollution and so – naturally – do not like it. One cannot see – much less smell – “climate change,” which is why it is necessary to frame the gas that supposedly causes it as an “emission,” so that people will accept government edicts that push devices, very much the same as drugs were pushed as necessary to “stop the spread” of a plague people were made to fear that was only scary because of the lies people were told about it.

If the writer does not know that carbon dioxide is not an “emission” in the sense commonly understood then he is an ignoramus and has no business writing about “emissions.” If he does know it – and fails to explain it in his writing – then he is a malicious writer, like the ones who wrote about “safe and effective.”

There is also no mention of the conflation of “emissions” with federal gas mileage edicts; i.e., CAFE – standing for Corporate Average Fuel Economy Requirements.

The way that works is to portray a vehicle that does not average more than 50 MPG as per the latest federal mandatory MPG minimums as  a vehicle that “emits” more carbon dioxide than a vehicle that averages 35 MPG. And that’s true – as far as the quantity of carbon dioxide “emitted.”

Whether it’s relevant is another thing, of course.

If it is accepted that carbon dioxide “emissions” are causing the “climate” to “change,” then of course it is. But then you have to believe that the “climate” is “changing” because a fractional increase in the 0.04 percent of the Earth’s atmosphere that is carbon dioxide is causing the “climate” to change.” This is a belief on par with believing that “masks” are effective at impeding the reception and transmission of viral particles so small they pass through the fibers of a “mask” like water passes through a chain link fence.

What Trump has proposed to do is “roll back” – note the loaded language – the federal MPG mandatory minimums so as to dial-back the de facto banning of vehicles that are not devices because it is technically impossible to meet these mandatory minimums without turning vehicles into devices, at least partially (i.e., turning them into hybrids). And because devices even out the averages.

The writer does not explain this. Nor does he examine the incongruity that exists in his writing. If devices are “increasingly popular,” then why would it matter if Trump “rolls back” the various edicts pushing them onto the market? It is not usually necessary to push things that people want.

It is, on the other hand, essential to push unwanted things.

This does not prevent the writer from writing another paragraph:

The automotive landscape is a far different place than it was in 2016 when Trump gained the presidency. Despite his best efforts, the EV market has grown significantly in the last eight years. Just 159,139 electric vehicles were sold in the U.S. in 2016, and that number is expected to exceed 1.5 million (or 10 percent of U.S. new car sales) in 2024. Even if Donald Trump were to be elected and hit the brakes on EV tax credits, the market may already be at a tipping point of growth. The electric car market has jumped the chasm between early adopters and mainstream consumers. Analysts predict widespread EV adoption will continue to develop regardless of Donald Trump’s actions, though perhaps at a reduced pace.”

Bradley Brownell

Of course it is a “far different place.” For the same basic reason that Russia became a “far different place” after the October Revolution. It does not mean it became a better place. And – yes – the “EV market has grown significantly,” if you excise that part about the “market.” What has happened is devices have been forced onto the market – a very different thing.

“Growth” – in the manner of cancer.

Trump may treat this cancer – maybe, if he’s elected and if he actually follows through on what he says. But the fact remains it is cancer. Not “growth.” And if it continues to metastasize, it will not because of the market.

And it will have been abetted by writers such as the one that emitted what you’ve just read.

. . .

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  1. Will all due respect, witches in Salem didn’t face legalized double jeopardy by way of a bogus “hung jury.”
    Last I checked, it still takes a unanimous guilty verdict from a criminal jury to prevent an acquittal.

  2. The purpose of the climate hoax is to deprive ordinary people of cheap, plentiful energy, the key to not living like medieval peasants. We know how to produce cheap, plentiful energy, but the globalists don’t want us to have it. They want to control our movements, and the vast majority of most individuals’ energy use is for transportation. Vehicles use a lot more energy than houses.

  3. If we shut down every car, truck, plane, ship, factory, lawn mower, and any other human-built machines that create CO2, it would not affect the climate one iota, but it would result in the deaths of a significant percentage of humans within a couple of weeks.

    • What kept the absence of car, truck, plane, ship, factory, lawn mower, and any other human-built machines that create CO2 from causing the deaths of humans that preceded their inventions?

  4. Trump’s wording is interesting. He said he would merely “roll back” regulations, not eliminate them altogether. And why not? Does he want the option to screw us over sometime in the future? As much as I would like to think that Trump is a kind of hero, I cannot. After all, he is the one who gave us the warp speed vaccines, stubbornly refuses to see the dangers of said jabs, and instead, doubles down on how great they are. He is also the one (a big red flag for me) who (no pun intended) is on record stating, “take the guns, due process later”. Uh, no, go to hell, and I will give you map and directions if you do not know where hell is, I grew up there. And yet, there is a cult-like personality that surrounds DJT. Whether he would “roll back” anything remains to be seen.

    • I would contend that Trump is a hero, albeit a very flawed one. He could have continued to live comfortably as an ultra rich playboy, with the best of everything at his fingertips. Instead he stepped in front of the communist onslaught, putting his life and fortune and honor on the line, even standing angrily against the putsch of 2020 and the communist state’s lawfare to this day. For that he’s most assuredly a hero and an inspiration.

      He’s also flawed in that he obviously believes that the evil done to our society and people can be fixed by smart management. It cannot be. The genius of America is that it honors every man to make his own decisions in his own liberty. Every other system, especially “Our Democracy” postulates that some have a full right to rule over the rest.

    • Agree with that Shadow,
      Remember how Trump was going to “repeal and replace” Obamacare? Too bad that never happened. Trump talks a good game but when it comes time to put up he shuts up. The only thing he accomplished in his four years in office was a tax break for the billionaire class. I will not vote for either of the two senile geriatrics we are given to choose from; will either write in RFK,Jr or sit it out.

    • Right on, Shadow.
      And here are too realities:
      a)If Mr. Wonderful Drugs does actually do anything, it will have to be via executive order, because the Demorats and half (or more) of the RepublCONs would never pass any actual legislation that is contrary to “the agenda”. So, his “rollbacks” could just be easily undone with the stroke of a pen.

      b)The car manufacturers who well-know (and do not seem to oppose) “the agenda” are not going to go through the expense of switching gears for what they know would just be a temporary reprieve.

      c)The Orange POS is a conniving liar, and a lackey of the powers-that-be(stein), so any seeming reprieve would just be theater to appease the MAGAites and give them one little token to distinguish him from “the other side”, and to distract them from his appointment of pond scum, CFR members, Goldman-Sachs execs and Jews whom he loves to surround himself with in his service to his masters, who are one-and-the-same with “the other side’s” masters.

  5. Read more about the atmosphere pie chart, which gases are how much:

    “Just how much of the “Greenhouse Effect” is caused by human activity?

    It is about 0.28%, if water vapor is taken into account”

    Based on concentrations (ppb) adjusted for heat retention characteristics

    % of Greenhouse Effect (Total)

    Water vapor 95.000%

    Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 3.618%

    Man made CO2 is 0.117%

    That is the number to memorize, they are shutting down the petro economy because of the 0.117% – so small that rounded to the nearest integer it is zero AND NOT EVEN MEASURABLE!

    • You have no idea what you are talking about

      Water vapor is responsible for about half of the greenhouse effect, but its global concentrations are not directly affected by human activity.

      Rising temperatures from CO2 emissions raise the average water vapor percentage (aka absolute humidity) in the warmer atmosphere by an unknown amount, and that amplifies the warming by CO2 alone. The potntial amount is +7% water vapor per each +1 degree C. rise of the average temperature of the troposphere, according to the Clausius–Clapeyron relation

      The increases of atmospheric CO2 — +50% since 1850 — are entirely manmade.

      Nature has been a net CO2 absorber for 4.5 billion years.

      Manmade CO2 emissions account for one third of all atmospheric CO2 of 420 ppm.

      The increase of the greenhouse effect is entirely caused by manmade CO2 and any water vapor positive feedback that amplifies that CO2 warming.

      You must have pulled your numbers out of a hat.

      • Ricardo Cabeza,
        “The increases of atmospheric CO2 — +50% since 1850 — are entirely manmade.” Prove it, and show your work.

        “Nature has been a net CO2 absorber for 4.5 billion years.” Prove it and show your work.

        “Manmade CO2 emissions account for one third of all atmospheric CO2 of 420 ppm.” Prove it, and show your work.

        “The increase of the greenhouse effect is entirely caused by manmade CO2 and any water vapor positive feedback that amplifies that CO2 warming.”
        Prove it, and show your work.

        You can’t prove it, the measurements don’t exist and the historical, geological, and planetary data all say that temperatures have been much higher, and much lower, that CO2 has been much higher but never much lower.

        CO2 is a boon for life, but if man wanted to release more of it he couldn’t do it to a measurable extent. God gave us a pretty balanced equilibrium system, if you release more CO2, it gets absorbed in photosynthesis. If you manage to somehow trap heat, the near absolute zero of the universe will wick it away.

    • Of course Ford is doing that, it was all too predictable, and soon they’ll be joined by other automakers doing the same.

      The next logical step is for Ford and others to demand an outright ban of the internal combustion engine itself. Many automakers that have invested in EVs desperately need government to create an artificial market for their battery-powered abominations ASAP, or they’ll go bust. The internal combustion engine being banned would make the EV the only game in town, problem solved.

      • Never going to happen, it’s impossible. BEV’s don’t work, transportation is a need and they don’t meet it. But they can create chaos and misery in their attempts to deny reality.

        • Ernie: “Never going to happen, it’s impossible. BEV’s don’t work”.

          But THAT is the ultimate goal, Ernie; to replace what does work with crap that doesn’t work, in order to destroy our access to affordable durable simple vehicles, and destroy our ability to freely travel and live apart from the system. It’s already being accomplished by destroying our ability to drive non-connected and or cheap older vehicles. Have you seen the prices of functional old cars and trucks? Try getting parts to keep old (and even fairly new) cars running. They’re already becoming unobtanium, and for newer vehicles require dealer-level equipment to program the car’s computer(s) to work with them.

          Those who will still be able to afford to drive will be stuck with a perpetual and expensive car payment forever, as the current cars will be obsolete as soon as the manufacturer stops “supporting” them (Which seems to be happening at about the 7 year mark), and there will be no cheap older used cars because these technological “marvels” are encumbered with too much delicate crap that is very expensive to repair/replace even if the parts and support are still available.

          It’ll never happen? It’s happening before our eyes. You can’t even buy a farm tractor made in the last 15 years that doesn’t require DEF, and which has ridiculous levels of delicate emission controls that render the machine inoperable when the least little thing goes wrong and costs thousands to repair when it breaks, because the tractor’s computer render it inoperable when there is a hiccup in the emissions. And as a result, the remaining old tractors that are still in good shape cost almost as much than a new one because they are the only ones which work reliably and won’t bankrupt the farmer.

          Ditto tractor-trailers/commercial trucks.

          In Commiefornia it is NOW illegal to sell new gas powered residential or commercial gas lawn mowers and string trimmers(etc.), and as goes Commiefornia, so goes the rst of the country.

          In Canada they’ve already banned the use of gas-powered chainsaws, leaf blowers and trimmers…….. (And if this isn’t proof that there is a world-wide shadow government calling the shots, (Not to even mention how most of the countries of the world implemented the flu hysteria measures) I don’t know what is.

  6. Never fear bros, 10 minute chargeable batteries are basically here! Thing is… even if true they will never see the light of day in the US. They will be made prohibitively expensive to import just like the cheap Chinese EVs that you cannot buy right now.

    Is 10 minutes fast enough to be considered “fast” Stufo? Asking for a friend…

    • I don’t know how meaningful it is to pay attention to the “major battery breakthrough” stories popping up all the time, but if one does do that, one should read the fine print.

      As usual, the whole story is not told in the headlines. In this case, 10 minutes is only for a partial charge (a well-known trick by now), and in reality it actually takes 25 minutes to charge the battery. So, this is just more hype.

      • Actually a battery is just an energy storage device. Seen correctly, we already have very efficient and effective and fast charging batteries, they are called fuel tanks. They are superior in weight per unit of energy, longevity, safety, and recharge ability. The only alleged down side is that their use results in the liberation of trace amounts of a gas that life on earth depends on. Sane, well informed, and intelligent people call that a serendipitous blessing.

      • Even if there was a magic battery that could be charged in ten minutes there’s no way the power grid could sustain that many kw in a short period of time.

  7. Meanwhile, Cheapskate Carlos at French Leyland (also known as Stellantis) is looking for a government handout (emphases mine):

    [Carlos] Tavares, the head of a company whose brands include Fiat and Peugeot, said the EV transition was being held back by affordability, with customers reluctant to buy expensive EVs unless supported by governments through incentives.

    “The Western world consumer is telling the Western world government, okay, there is the global warming issue, fine, but if you don’t help me, I will not help you,” he said.

    Gee, Carlos, if only you had bothered to invest in R&D that would have fixed the range and charging time problems of your EV and given them performance parity with real cars, then maybe you wouldn’t have had to come running to the government to help you sell your pathetic battery-powered penalty boxes in the first place. And if for some reason you would think that investing in R&D wouldn’t have helped make that modest expectation a reality, because of the laws of physics or something, why not just admit that you’re pursuing a technological dead end and stop wasting resources on this EV nonsense already?

  8. This culture of lying, overpromising, and underdelivering has completely undermined the credibility of the EV movement. Does anybody really believe that a majority of people are going to voluntarily replace their gas-powered vehicle with an EV that has much shorter range, takes upwards of 45 minutes to “fast charge” at a nationwide public network that does not exist, carries a battery pack weighing over 1,000 pounds, can’t haul or tow anything over a couple of thousand pounds more than 100 miles without a recharge, costs around 40 percent more to purchase than a gas-powered equivalent, is over twice as expensive to insure, has terrible resale value, is hideously expensive to repair…and so on.

    The public was correct 100 years ago when they first rejected EVs, and they’re correct again today. Doesn’t matter how much B.S. is spread by Mr. Beard-o and his colleagues in the automotive media. The market is speaking very loudly right now on the true demand for EVs.

    • Some types of EVs could be durable, practical, and inexpensive. They wouldn’t totally replace a car, but they could be used for commuting, running errands, and various in-town duties.

      However, these are not the kind that Govcorp is pushing.

  9. “If elected this November, Trump would roll back tailpipe emissions targets and dramatically slash EV tax credits.”

    Dang it, Lugenpresse! Stop tempting me to vote for Trump!

    • Not to worry. After Trump’s “wonderful drugs” have their full effect, there will be fewpeople left to drive anyway. And after hs ramping-up of the police state and taking of our guns, we’ll have far more to worry about. (THOSE promises will be the only ones he actually keeps!)

  10. “How about Corpgovs 7.5 billion stolen tax dollars for one online charging station in Ohio?”… I read today that a total of 7 charging stations nationwide have been built with that money. Seven total. More than $1 billion per station. WHERE DID THE MONEY GO?

  11. From … Headline
    “Donald Trump Says He’ll Stop All Electric Car Sales” Trump never said that, never insinuated that.

    Trump said he would roll back tailpipe emission targets and dramatically slash EV tax credits (Free money!). So the writer of this lied? The writer in this case a Bradley Brownell of Jalopnik. Sure looks like it.
    Ever notice that writers on the Left that side with Corpgov dictates never have to ‘prove’ anything but writers that tell truth almost always have to prove their write.

    Look at the headline,,, ever seen such tripe? But most Americans believe the liars because they’re always saying the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is real. Do I have a piece of the action,,, No,,, I am sitting this election fraud out. Not one candidate is for America or Americans. And Americans Love it!

    If a product needs our stolen tax dollars from Corpgov to sell then its apparent the product is not viable.

    If you have to lie about tailpipe emissions of a gas necessary for all life then that product is not viable and the person lying is a fraud by any means testing. If you cannot determine fraud/lies then possibly a reading and comprehension course is for you. The tail pipe of all electric vehicles is the smoke stacks of the power plants. Even the precious hybrid uses hydrocarbons (Fossil or Dino fuel for the average DS American) to keep the batteries charged. This extra fuel used is not calculated into the MPG of said vehicle…. another lie or is it like Elwood said in the Blues Brothers ” I didn’t lie,,, I bullshitted “to his brother. It takes X amount of work to move X amount of weight a certain distance no matter what fuel or force being used.

    The majority of Americans took the bullshit covid vaxxine because of the lies and bullshit put out by Corpgov and its handmaiden the Medical industrial Complex. Even those that state the vaxxine is fake still believe the virus is real and planted by the CCP. One way or another this bs is always put out by Corpgov as factual truth. All Corpgov has to do is say there was a hearing of experts and Rand Paul was on the lineup.

    The word Virus is a catchall for anything the medical folk cannot figure out. A theory,,, not a fact and is usually made up by a gaggle of bs that makes them look like geniuses.

    Want truth? How about Corpgovs 7.5 billion stolen tax dollars for one online charging station in Ohio. Might be another one or two I am unaware of. How much stolen tax dollars was used for gas stations? none that I am aware of. And who cares…. lol

    So, Riddle me this: Why are so many Americans fooled so easily by Corpgov? They’re stolen tax dollars have so far eliminated half the population of Gaza,,, 700,000 Ukrainian troops (who knows how many civilians) and probably 100,000 or so Russian troops. Americans are treating both in the same manner as they would by betting on their favorite NFL team. This is despicable no matter how you look at it.

    It all comes from Americans accepting the lies and bs of Corpgov. We should be ashamed and embarrassed as how easily we are scammed by Corpgov. Why? Because we fear Corpgov. It should be the other way around. Corpgov is going to keep the J6 crowd locked up probably forever just to instill more fear into those that can see Corpgov’s fraud.

  12. How we got where we are? By paying any attention to such male bovine fecal matter. That entire paragraph is based on his assumption that he’s right and you’re wrong. Regardless the lack of truth in it.

  13. ‘it will have been abetted by writers such as the one that emitted what you’ve just read.’ — eric

    Apparently, the ink-stained wretch who emitted this excrescence blogs under the handle @pluginhybrad on Instagram. Ha ha, isn’t that clever? Probably @buttplughybrad was already taken by some other simpering soyboy. 🙁

    According to his LinkedIn bio, he’s the co-founder of ‘Autopia 2099, a festival for all things electrified. Whether you daily drive a Tesla, race an electric streamliner at Bonneville, built a solar car for your university, or swapped some lead acid batteries and a forklift motor into a Ford Pinto as a weekend project, you’re welcome at Autopia 2099. Enjoy the future of optimism, folks. We’re all friends here.’

    Well, not exactly, Bradley. Fact is, jerkoff journos like yourself whose emissions add a sickly yellow glow to the Kultursmog make me reach for my revolver, as I emit a guttural growl of menace and loathing.

    As a candidate for ‘auto czar’ in the next presidential administration, I will set up a trebuchet on the rocky coast of northern Commiefornia, and launch EeeVeeeeees in a graceful arc over the coastal highway, to smash splendidly on the rocky beach below and light up the night with their burning batteries. Lügenpresse journos are welcome to ride in the vehicle.

  14. It’s not just gas vehicles that are deemed to be “harmful to the planet”. Other things that have been deemed as “CAUSING CLIMATE CHANGE” include cows, drinking coffee, eating meat, raising a small farm, growing your own garden, and even taking a shower. It’s only a matter of time before BREATHING is also deemed as “Causing climate change”. People pushing this crap really are F***ing insane if not evil.

      • Hi Swamprat,

        I think you’re right, especially when the psychopaths making such decrees will exempt themselves from that which they wish to FORCE on the masses. If they get their way, we won’t be allowed to drive gas vehicles, eat meat, drunk coffee, etc., but THEY will be “allowed to” do all that, plus fly in private jets to their fancy schmancy yearly meetings in Davos. If one wants a face of this evil being pushed on us, just look at John Kerry.

        • Can you imagine if he had been elected in 2004. Bush in his second term did almost as much damage as he would have, but we dodged a bullet.

            • This is a far out thought, but I think it at least has some merit, something to think about.
              When the SHTF, (and it will), the “powers that be” don’t want any way for the “proles” (us) to fight back.
              Gasoline and other petroleum-based products are not only sources of massive amounts of energy in a small package, but can be used for other purposes, such as political and social revolution.
              One can easily cause much havoc with even a gallon of gasoline. Potassium nitrate, fuel oil and many other products derived from hydrocarbons are other ways in which to cause havoc and to “get the point across”.
              The “powers that be” are bent on eliminating any products that could successfully be used against them, hence the rush to eliminate hydrocarbon products as fuels for transportation by the masses.
              I have no propensity for violence, but am throwing this out there for others to think about.
              Get my point?

    • The slaves have been labeled an evil invasive species, destroying the planet…so the slave owners will cull them….

  15. Impeachment 1.0 ended the manufacturers’ trust in Trump being able to push back.

    By Impeachment 2.0 rolled around, everyone knew the fix was in for CAFE of 50 MPG+.

    If elected, the manufacturers are going to hedge on Impeachment 3.0.

    • The sale of any automobile that complies with any FMVSS and EPA emission regulation should be banned. Give the auto industry the great reset it needs

  16. If there are 400 parts per million of carbon dioxide in the air, then a billion parts of air will have 400,000 parts of the wicked molecule.

    That spells disaster, unacceptable levels, the real world is fraught with danger. The elements are out to get you.

    Pigs fly in EV Land.

  17. Just on the basis of the 1st and second amendments and our love for cars we have no choice but to vote for Trump. Yes everyone knows Trump is a failed moral and ethical person but Biden is so much worse. Do you remember that Biden said that White supremacy is the most dangerous terrorist threat in a speech at Howard University. Is there anyone that can seriously consider voting for Biden and his communists!

  18. If the regulations are not totally eliminated (not just rolled back) concerning the life giving gas to vegetation aka CO2, the auto industry will still play along with the radical nutjobs in DC. A free market economy cannot exist in a uncertain environment.

    • ALL regulatory agencies should be abolished. That is the only way to eliminate regulations. If ALL regulatory agencies were abolished, NONE would be missed.

    • The deliberate misinterpretation of the Commerce Clause brought to you by the fedgov.

      One of the most profound paragraphs ever written:

      States’ rights as a check on the tyrannical proclivities of the central government ended in 1865, of course. As Forrest McDonald noted in States’ Rights and the Union (p. 224), after Lincoln’s war the Supreme Court “became the sole and final arbiter of constitutional controversies. No longer could a Jefferson arise to insist that the other branches of the federal government had coequal authority to determine constitutionality. No more could a Calhoun arise to defend a doctrine of interposition or nullification.”

      (States Rights vs Tyranny by Thomas DiLorezo,

    • The auto industry has been a bunch of spinless pussies for at least 50 years if not more. They stepped all over themselves to comply with the safety regulations beginning in the late 60s. In 1973, Cadillac introduced a revised instrument panel with speedometers that only went to 100 mph on the 1974 models. (They were already out before the arab oil embargo). In 75-76 they were on all but a few new domestic models. For the 1977 model year, they cut back to 85 mph despite the fact that Carter wasn’t elected yet and it took Joan Claybrook 2 more years to implement FMVSS 127 for the 1980 model year.

      GM was a forceful advocate for the 55 mph speed limit. Ford and Chrysler followed.

      Chrysler marketed airbags to the public and succeeded where GM failed. It showed where society was headed.

      The automakers are a big part in their own tale of woe.

      Today’s automakers sprung from the past and deserve the ass kicking they are getting in the market

      • Yeah, there was definitely a noticeable “cheapening” going on starting in the early 1970s: I also recall that the 1974 Cadillacs had shiny plastic grilles instead of metal ones, not to mention the rubber rear fender ends that always broke. But I suspect that by the time they did, you’d be trading in your Caddy anyway.

      • My 1974 Pinto’s speedometer only went up to 85, but that was more than the car could do, seeing as how the engine was detuned to meet emission standards.

  19. If executive branch departments can be created with the stroke of a pen on an Executive Order, why can’t they be eliminated in a like manner?

    If Trump truly is some kind of “savior” and not just our version of Elmer Gantry, why didn’t he just eliminate the Department of “Transportation”? NHTSA? And the whole stinkin’ lot of GovCo troublemakers?

    Because he’s just a different flavor of crap. Bull crap, horse crap, monkey poo, it’s all the same.

    As for Bradley, am I the only one that wants to slap that smirk off his soyboy face?

    • If someone ever decides to publish a pictographic dictionary, they should use Bradley’s photo for the definition of “Millennial Neckbeard.”

    • I love to see someone echo my sentiments about NHTSA and the DOT.

      I know for sure the current crop of automakers would continue to build shit, because that’s what they do best.

      On the other hand, eliminating those department would give rise to a new type of manufacturer. Perhaps we could see Chevy Corvairs back on the highways. That would be a good thing.

    • Reverend Dr. Donald John ‘Elmer’ Gantry, the protagonist, is attracted by drinking (but eventually renounces tobacco and alcohol), making easy money and chasing women. After various forays into smaller, fringe casinos, he becomes a major moral and political force in the US fedgov despite his hypocrisy and serial sexual indiscretions.

      Okay, I messed with the Wikipedia article a little. Trump came across Sinclair Lewis’s book at Penn, during his one brief foray into the library. He saw it was old, and stinky, and didn’t have no pictures in it. So he picked up Robert G Allen’s Nothing Down instead, and realized that with zero equity, your internal rate of return is … INFINITE!


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