Eric’s Bio

Eric started out writing about cars for mainstream media outlets such as The Washington Times, Detroit News and Free Press, Investors Business Daily, The American Spectator, National Review, The Chicago Tribune and Wall Street Journal.

At some point, it occurred to him that cars – and of course, motorcycles – represent freedom, but that the freedom to drive (and freedom to drive what you wanted to drive) was being systematically undermined by authoritarian control freaks dressed in red and blue. His former conservatism evolved into Libertarianism, this oddball idea that live – and let live – ought to be the basis for human interactions.

His books include “Road Hogs” (2011) and  “Automotive Atrocities” (2004). He’d do another, but publishing is deader than Elvis.

Eric lives in the boonies of rural Southwest Virginia with his wife and various animals, won’t have a cell phone or get near an airport until the TSA’s Submission Training goes away.

If you’re interested in contacting him about a radio or TV interview, speaking engagement or freelance project, drop him an e-mail at