Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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armed government workers

Triple Digit Road-Raging AGW

Here's video just released of a Texas armed government worker driving 100 MPH in his personal car and driving in a manner that would get anyone else thrown in jail. A...

Lesson 5,371 Regarding Why it is Always a Bad Idea to Dial 911

Government is very good at breaking things - including people - and leaving other people to clean up its mess. Armed government workers are especially good at this. Witness the ruin visited...


Video - her own bodycam video - has surfaced of a female armed government worker angrily ranting about the people she "serves and protects" in general and "niggers" in particular. Cincinnati AGW...

Hero Hassled by “Heroes”

You may recall the mass shooting at a government school in Uvalde, Texas - where armed government workers, concerned for their "safety," did nothing to prevent the shooter from killing a...

A Post Mortem Harass & Collect

An elderly California man was found dead in his home by armed government workers who performed a "wellness check" after the 70-year-old hadn't been heard from in awhile and concerned family...

The Gangs of San Mateo

In the old Batman TV series, Commissioner Gordon would light up the Bat-Signal to summon Batman. In San Mateo County, CA, a rich guy summoned Armed Government Workers to signal the...

Another Horned Up “Hero”

A Stockton, CA armed government worker (AGW) is n trouble over revelations that he was engaged in serial sexual harassment of sex workers, often while "on duty." "Sergeant" Nicholas Bloed - the...

LAPD Hut! Hut! Huts! Kid for Failure to Defer

Here's a charming video of LAPD armed government workers Hut! Hut! Hutting! a kid for the "crime" of Failure to Defer (to AGWs). Of course, there is no such crime . ....

PA AGW Follows Man Home for Failure to Diaper

A Pennsylvania man was followed home by an armed government worker - a PA state AGW - for the "crime" of not wearing a Holy Rag. The AGW exclaims that the...

Why Tickets Cost What They Do

If you've been forced to pay the state money for not having caused any harm lately - i.e., been issued what is styled a "ticket" because you drove faster than an...
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