Thursday, July 19, 2018
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Radio Interviews

Radio Interviews

Audio clips of Eric's radio interviews

Missouri Democrat Felonizes Gun Possession By Citizens

  Dana Loesch Radio reported on the new legislation being pushed by Missouri Democrats: Any person who, prior to the effective date of this law, was legally in possession of an assault weapon...

Dumberer and Dumberest

By Glenn Horowitz Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I am not yet completely sure about the universe. -Albert Einstein Not long ago I came across something that leaped out...

Gibs Me Dat!

If you have low blood pressure, watch this - and feel it rise:

Mandatory “Anger Management” For Gun/Ammo Buyers

A bill filed Saturday by state Sen. Audrey Gibson, D-Jacksonville, would require a three-day waiting period for the sale of any firearm and the sale of ammunition to anyone who has...

Heartbleed: Moving Toward Government Control of the Internet

Company that found bug has connections to Google, Obama, DHS, and FBI Kurt Nimmo April 9, 2013 Dire warnings about Heartbleed, a serious internet security risk affecting millions of websites, is echoing across the...


Listen to Eleanor Holmes Norton shake down a lobbyist:


Eric, Have you written any books?

“Domestic terrorists”

Is this business in Boston going to play out the way I expect it to? God, I hope not. But, here's what I am sweating: That the suspect(s) will be "Tea...

A Case of Officer Safety

One-Child Policy Enforcer Crushes Baby To Death After Parents Refuse To Pay “Fine” Jurriaan Maessen Prison Feb 6, 2013 A Chinese official from Wenzhou, China, crushed a 13-month old baby-boy to death by driving...

Clover’s Time Is Important (But Yours Isn’t)

This clover’s time is so important that he could not wait for others to pass by him. In fact this clover is so self absorbed in his own world that he almost...
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