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To Harass And Impose

It was a beautiful August Saturday night; high 70s, low humidity and mostly sunny. A local restaurant on the main strip of our town (honestly it's not that much of a...

Roadrunner with Richmond 6 Speed Transmission

A good friend of my father's has a modified Roadrunner with a 440.  For performance and improved gas mileage he has a Richmond six speed (ROD).  He has had it for...

Muscle Cars Were Slow . . . Part II

I wrote a column a couple years ago (see here) that mentioned an unspeakable truth: Relative to now - classic muscle cars were slow. Back in the day, when the typical passenger car...

Lawyer Problem

My first word was car and much of my spare money growing up went into my MR2 to make it look nicer and go faster.  I was never much of a...

Retro Review: 1980-’81 Z28 Camaro

Arguably, the best second-generation Z28s were the first - and the last. While the Z's sister car - Pontiac's Trans-Am - rose to the occasion several times during the lowest points of...

Not Exactly Jay Leno’s Garage

I've got posters of Lamborghini Murias; I once got to drive a Pantera GTS - the 351 Cleveland howling inches behind my right ear. I've spent the past 20-plus years driving...

Neglected Maintenance 101: Brake Work

There is a reason why Jay Leno has a crew of guys to take care of his fleet of classic cars - and yeah, it's because he can afford to pay...

Classic Muscle Car Performance Tire Options

It's easy enough to find new tires for an old muscle car. Just not performance tires. Not for the stock wheels, that is. I own a '76 Trans-Am. Like most cars of its era...

Neglected Maintenance 101

Had it really been ten years? No, longer than that. I leafed through the maintenance log I keep for my '76 Trans-Am (I have one for all my vehicles; it's the only way...

Retro Review: Ford Maverick Grabber,1970-’75

There is an interesting species of near muscle car that came into being and briefly existed for a handful of years, beginning in the early 1970s  - just as the high...
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