Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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Classic Cars

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Classic Muscle Car Performance Tire Options

It's easy enough to find new tires for an old muscle car. Just not performance tires. Not for the stock wheels, that is. I own a '76 Trans-Am. Like most cars of its era...

Doomed: Chevy SSR, 2003-2006

When muscle cars were legislated off the roads, muscle trucks became a kind of end-run alternative. A way to offer the same basic gear in a form that did not have...

1983-1988 Monte Carlo SS

If you were a kid in high school (or college) during the mid-late 1980s - and into fast cars - you probably have a place in your heart for the last...

The Cost of a Time Machine

The good news first. You can legally buy a brand-new car without a single air bag or any of the saaaaaaaaafety equipment mandated by the government since the late 1960s. No back-up camera,...

How Uncle Killed Pontiac

The French philosopher-economist Frederic Bastiat wrote about the unseen repercussions of government interfering with the market's natural progressions. In other words, what might have been. Perhaps the saddest four words in...

A Muscular Battery For Your Muscle Car

There are two battery-related challenges to owning an old muscle car. First, the old beasts can be hard to start - especially if the engine is a big V-8 with high...

Stuff That’s Gone Away

I guess everyone gets to that point in life where they start to say,  "I remember when... . " Here's some from me: * Economy cars were rear-wheel-drive - Today, only a handful...

In the rearview mirror: 1980-’81 Turbo Trans Am

Let's dial back the clock a quarter century and return to the wee hours of the Reagan Era, when Pontiac made a desperate, last-ditch effort to keep the Trans-Am from becoming...

Ode to the Carburetor

Once upon a time, there was a simple mechanical device that fed fuel to your car's engine. It had no electrical hook-ups, was not dependent on sensors nor controlled by a...

The Syclone That Came… And Went

How many appealing vehicles can you name that were only sold for one year? Even the Edsel lasted three. Here's one that came - and went - as fast as it went: the...
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