Friday, December 3, 2021
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Classic Cars

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Doomed: Honda S2000 (1999-2009 RIP)

Race cars make terrible street cars - but every now and then, one will be offered for sale to the general public. Usually, briefly. L-88 Corvettes with lumpy solid lifter cams and three...

The Old Trans-Am vs. The New Camaro

I've owned my '76 Trans-Am for more than 20 years. It used to be an incandescent gas hog relative to the new cars. It's not anymore. I have driven several during the...

Old School Fahrvergnugen!

Well, the '72 Beetle is almost road-ready. The mechanicals mostly are. The Yeti-abused intake manifold has been repaired; new, non-leaking boots - the correct Solex carburetor installed and adjusted. Some shady electrical connections remedied....

How Come No New Icons?

Car companies have been resurrecting iconic car names one after the other - the latest being Ford’s Bronco. Previous efforts include the Thunderbird reboot - and from General Motors, the GTO,...

Trans Am Shaker Scoop Functional Conversion

I have just made my '76 Trans-Am's shaker scoop functional! First, some background: While all second generation (1970-81) Trans-Ams (well, except the '80-'81 turbo models, which had an off-center hood blister) came with...

Neglected Maintenance 101: Brake Work

There is a reason why Jay Leno has a crew of guys to take care of his fleet of classic cars - and yeah, it's because he can afford to pay...

Retro-review: 1967-’69 Chevy Camaro

Though nearly three years late to the field and playing catch-up from the start, the first Camaro more than made up for lost time with its good looks and power-happy triumvirate...

The Last Thunderbird

All of us know - or have heard about - the apparently healthy, successful person who one day just drops dead unexpectedly. In a way, this is the story of the Thunderbird....

Doomed: Lincoln Blackwood (2002)

When something works once, it's reasonable to assume it might work again. Then again, maybe not. Back in the late '90s, Ford's Lincoln division managed to outsell crosstown rival Cadillac almost entirely on...

Muscle Car Classics of the ’80s… Get ‘Em While You Still Can (Afford ‘Em)

Back around 1980, the now-legendary, much-coveted and Big Bucks muscle cars of the 1960s and early 1970s were just tired old cars; common sights at seedy used car lots - and...
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