Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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Classic Cars

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The Old Car Experience

If you’ve never driven an old car - as opposed to a used car - you have probably never experienced certain things that were once part of the experience of driving...

What We’ve Gained . . and Lost Along the Way

When every new car comes standard with air conditioning - and an LCD touchscreen - such things become given things. It becomes harder to make a case for more expensive things. Why buy...

The TRX vs. The TA

The '21 Ram TRX I am test-driving this week has more than three times as much horsepower (702) as the 455 V8 in my '76 Trans-Am made when it was new...

The Americano Cubano

America may soon look a lot like Cuba - with lots of ancient cars on the road, kept on the road by determined owners who want nothing to do with the...

A Tale of Two Idles

Before there were computers in cars, all it took to adjust the engine idle speed was a screwdriver and five minutes or so. You turned in - or out - a screw...

Doomed: 1989 Ford Fiesta Shogun

You have probably heard about the Ford Taurus SHO - which was a Taurus equipped with a Yamaha-built 3 liter DOHC V6 engine that went a lot faster than a Taurus...

Parts Store Archeology

Once upon a time, oil came in cans. They stacked nicely but made a mess when you tried to extract the oil, which you did by using a punch/funnel. In addition to...

The Forgotten Last Muscle Car

It’s a strange but true thing that one of the last real muscle cars was - here it comes - a Buick. The 1973-1974 Century GS Stage 1 455. You have probably never...

Old School Fast

Fast is not just about the numbers. Does it feel fast to be traveling 500 miles per hour in an Airbus? It feels much faster in the open cockpit of a...

Plug n’ Play

One of the great things about old cars is you can selectively update them with modern technology without them turning into modern cars. An overdrive transmission - but not air bags. Better...
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