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‘Lil Stinker Won… But Government is Winning

'Lil Stinker - my restored '75 Kawasaki S1 "triple" - won an award at the big Ruritan car (and bike and tractor) show held yesterday. That's the good news - for...

The Lesser Known Kaw

I used to own an odd little dual sport called the Sherpa Sherpa and - as often happens with odd little things one gets to like - I stupidly sold it...

The Stinker: 1978–1985 Cadillac Seville Diesel

As the second energy crisis in a decade kidney-punched an inflation-addled nation, several automakers began to eye the diesel engine as a way to attract customers interested in high-mileage vehicles. The...

Return of the Beetle – Mark I

I've begun to notice a fair number of old (Mark I) Beetles on the road. The original ones.  Last sold here (new) in the late '70s. Not at car shows (or...

Classic Cars and The Smog Police

It's been more than 40 years since the federal Clean Air Act went into effect, which among other things means there are quite a few "antique" and "classic" vehicles (usually...

In the Rearview Mirror: 1977-81 Z28 Camaro

The smart athlete retires gracefully, at his peak - before he starts to slip and give off that “has-been” stink. To their credit, that’s what Chevrolet managers did when they discontinued...

The last real Trans Am – and the end for Pontiac

Let's dial back the clock a quarter century and return to the early days of the Reagan Era - when Pontiac made a last-ditch effort to keep the Trans-Am from becoming...

Retro Review: 1980-’81 Z28 Camaro

Arguably, the best second-generation Z28s were the first - and the last. While the Z's sister car - Pontiac's Trans-Am - rose to the occasion several times during the lowest points of...

Almost Fast: 1983-1988 Monte Carlo SS

If you were a kid in high school (or college) during the '80s - and into fast cars - you probably remember the last full-frame, rear-drive/live axle, carbureted, cast-iron pushrod V-8...

Buick Electra 225, 1959–1984

The "deuce and a quarter" was Buick's ultimate ship of the line—measuring nearly 19 feet long (225 inches) from snout to tail. This road titan's wheelbase would eventually stretch to a...
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