Friday, January 28, 2022
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Getting into the Old Car Hobby

On warm summer weekends, in neighborhoods all over the country, the sounds of the past burble to life: hemi-head 1950s-era V-8 Chrysler letter cars, Pontiac GTOs and Chevy Camaros - maybe...

Riding Old

Old bikes have style - and character. Any machine that's still operable after say 40 years will have become something special, a piece of living history that conjures sensations and sounds from...

Fat Buzz Cut Hero Assaults Motorcyclist

Here's another example of someone who hadn't harmed anyone being harmed because he "might." A motorcyclist riding faster than the law allows was pursued by a stereotypically bloated, buzzcut Oregon state cop (driving...

Pontiac Safari, 1957-1989

GM's Pontiac division was sent off on its own version of the Trail of Tears in 2009 - after years of broken treaties and forked tongue-talking with the corporation's upper management. Part...

Hardley Ableson Electric Starter Odyssey

If you've never dealt with an AMF-era Ironhead Sportster electric start problem, perhaps this will help you deal with it - learning from my fumbling around. Here's the scenario: I agreed to...

Two Wheeled Red Barchettas . . .

Motorcycles will probably prove to be the real-life Red Barchettas. You may remember the great Libertarian anthem by the classic rock band, Rush. It depicts a future world in which private cars...

Girlie Cars of the Recent Past

There are manly cars and there are not-so-manly cars. And then there are cars that Liberace would have loved. Back in the '80s, such cars included the VW Rabbit cabriolet -...

I’ll Never Own An Old Harley

What they say may be true. Or at least, it's why so many went Jap back in the day. Me among them. I have been working on an '80 Harley Sportster for about a...
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