Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser, 1964-1977

Here is a fact that some will find hard to swallow: GM's Oldsmobile division was once the number-three best-selling brand of car in the United States. Believe it or not. Given Oldsmobile's consumptive...

The last real Trans Am – and the end for Pontiac

Let's dial back the clock a quarter century and return to the early days of the Reagan Era - when Pontiac made a last-ditch effort to keep the Trans-Am from becoming...

When to Say When?

How many vehicles is too many vehicles? I've got a working answer, based on experience: When you start having trouble keeping up with them. The other day I was out in the shed...

MOCs and Conceptual Thinking

When someone does something wrong, punish everyone who hasn’t done it yet. This is the new American legal doctrine - which seems to be based on the very old doctrine expressed by...

Features That Were Fun… But …

The other day, someone reminded me about T-tops. If you're younger than 30 or so, you probably don't remember T-tops. But if you're older, no doubt you do. For about 10 years...

An Old VW For Everyday Use?

My friend (and web ninja master of EPautos) Dom asked me the other night what I thought about getting an old VW to replace his modern car as his everyday driver....
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