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Rambler American Cross Country Wagons, 1954–1969

It's not well-known, but AMC's Rambler line actually surpassed Plymouth as the number-three brand of car in America (in terms of total sales) by the early 1960s, under the inspired leadership...

Remember These?

If you can't get the tune out of your head, does that mean you'll end up buying the car? Rich, corinthian leather will only take you so far. It usually comes...

2017 BMW C650 GT

It’s hilarious that they get away with calling something like the ’17 BMW C650 GT a “scooter.” Please. Ok, it looks like one. It is a step-through and it doesn’t have a manual transmission....

1974–1978 Mustang II, Cobra II, and King Cobra

By 1974, the muscle car frenzy of the 1960s had petered-out like an all-night kegger at sunrise. After a ten-year bender with 100-octane leaded premium and 300-horsepower V-8 engines, Ford Motor...

The Great Pumpkin

Today I took the Great Pumpkin out for a long-neglected drive. My 1976 Trans-Am. Carousel Red (orange, really; same paint code used in 1969 on the GTO Judge). Polycast "Honeycomb" wheels (they...

I’ll Never Own An Old Harley

What they say may be true. Or at least, it's why so many went Jap back in the day. Me among them. I have been working on an '80 Harley Sportster for about a...

In the Rearview Mirror: 1987 Renault Alliance GTA

The death rattle of American Motors Corp. came in the early 1980s, with the “alliance” between the tubercular American automaker and French automaker Renault. Renault, a big player in Europe, hoped...

Why Are New Motorcycle Sales in Freefall?

Harley sales are in free-fall - down 9.3 percent in the U.S. for the first fiscal quarter that ended this summer - amounting to losses of $258.9 million. The company has...

The last real Trans Am – and the end for Pontiac

Let's dial back the clock a quarter century and return to the early days of the Reagan Era - when Pontiac made a last-ditch effort to keep the Trans-Am from becoming...

Night Riding

Some things are better done in the dark. Riding a motorcycle, for instance.  At night, you do not have the sun in your face. You have the stars, above - backlit, perhaps,...
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