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Fun Sometimes Costs!

There is a saying about horses for courses. It means: Don’t take a Cyldesdale to the Kentucky Derby. Nonetheless, it’s sometimes fun to do just that.  My ’83 Honda GL650 Silverwing isn’t...

In the rearview mirror: 1960-1969 Chevy Corvair

Here's an irony of automotive history: Ralph Nader never actually drove a Corvair - the car he claimed was as "unsafe at any speed." Too bad for him - and, of course,...

Crappy TV & Movie Cars…

Steve McQueen's Highland Green "Bullitt" Mustang is a pop culture icon. But how about the automotive Omarossas? Which movie and TV cars were the worst ever? Here's a list of possible nominees: *...

Bridging the Supply Gap

Getting around may become harder in the months - and years - ahead. What good is a car without gas? Or a motorcycle without tires? I've written previously about the many merits...

Ford LTD 1965–1982

No one knows for sure just exactly what "LTD" stands for. Some say "Limited"—others "Luxury Trim Decor." Perhaps there is an ancient temple somewhere with weathered letters chiseled in stone, signifying...

Fat Buzz Cut Hero Assaults Motorcyclist

Here's another example of someone who hadn't harmed anyone being harmed because he "might." A motorcyclist riding faster than the law allows was pursued by a stereotypically bloated, buzzcut Oregon state cop (driving...

Buick Invicta, 1959–1963

One of Buick's greatest early Dreadnoughts was the short-lived but extremely memorable Invicta series, which made its debut in 1959 as the replacement for the Century. The unusual name derives from the...
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