Friday, June 2, 2023
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When Clovers Kill (Or Try To)

You may have seen the video. A guy on motorcycle, girlfriend riding along, blitzes by some cars. Well, he tried to. An aging psychopath in the lead car by the name of...

Retro Review: Plymouth GTX, 1967-1974

People who argue that it wasn't GM - well, Pontiac - that created the first muscle car (the 1964 GTO) arguably have history on their side. Because there were muscular cars...

The DeadWire

People aren’t getting much of a charge out of Harley’s first electric motorcycle, the LiveWire . . . literally. Owners - and there aren’t many - have been advised by Harley Davidson not to...

Muscle Cars Were Slow . . . Part II

I wrote a column a couple years ago (see here) that mentioned an unspeakable truth: Relative to now - classic muscle cars were slow. Back in the day, when the typical passenger car...

Does Biker Deserve Death Sentence?

You may have seen the video below that documents a road rage incident which occurred the other day in California. A motorcyclist is riding adjacent to a car. We don't know why,...

1978–1990 Dodge Omni (Oh Lawsee!)

It became a depressing tendency in the late 1970s to bestow optimistic-sounding names on increasingly scrunched-down and browbeaten economy cars that were at best proletarian-geared “transportation modules” as enjoyable as day-old...

Chevy Kingswood Estate wagon, 1969-1972

One of the greatest things about the Great Whales of the past was their names. Today, everything's alpha-numeric. "X" This and 123 that. All the good names have either been taken,...

This Pig of a Bike

I'm tapping out. This POS AMF-era Hardley Ableson (1980 Sportster) has beaten me. I publicly concede defeat. The bitch will not start. Well, the shitty electric start system will not turn the engine...

Making Your Car (and Bike) Ethanol-Safe

I wrote recently about the damage done to older (carburetor-fed) vehicles by the alcohol-dosed "gas" that's pretty much replaced the real deal. See here.  Alcohol, in addition to impairing your judgment and dulling...

Now Harley

Now Harley’s being nailed to the cross. For “cheating” Uncle’s emissions rigmarole, like VW was accused of doing (and admited to doing). This being like “cheating” speed traps by using a radar detector. In...
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