Friday, July 1, 2022
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Two-Wheeled Post-Corona

Old motorcycles, like old cars, are probably going to experience a resurgence in interest as people become interested in low-cost transportation again. There may be even more interest in old bikes because they’re...

Some Motorcycle Pros… and Cons

If you're thinking about buying a bike, there's a lot to think about. One thing to think about is that bikes - like cars - vary in type and function. But bikes differ...

Easy Fixes First

The other day, I decided to go for a ride on one of my motorcycles - my old, reliable, never-let-me-down '83 Honda GL650 Silverwing. It let me down. Keyed the ignition to "run."...

Motorcycles in the Saaaaaafety Crosshairs

Motorcycles are the last vehicles still largely free from Uncle’s asphyxiating grasp. That is about to change. The unelected regulatory apparat known as the National Highway Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), which is...

You Meet The Nicest People on Hondas!

My friend Graves owns several antique bikes, including a very nice – and road ready – ’67 Honda Dream. Many of you know about this bike – it’s the one Honda...

Little Stinker Emerges!

Yesterday was one of the first warm/dry days we've had up here in The Woods of southwest Virginia, so I decided to step away from the keyboard and unshroud Little Stinker...

Hardley Able

Well, the pig runs again. Briefly. Now that the starter issue has been fixed, the regulator is billowing smoke - god knows why. It didn't before. But mechanical issues are secondary only to...

A Labor of Love – My AW11 MR2

AW11 is the chassis code Toyota assigned to the mark 1 (first generation) MR2 when it was introduced in 1984. It has affectionately become the nickname of all first generation MR2s...

A Ride on the Old Zed

Here's a quick "from the saddle" viewpoint ride on my old Zed - a '76 Kawasaki Kz900 (subject of several articles, here, here and here). This bike is one of my all-time...

Old Bike Asterisk *

Ever try finding a firing pin for an Iowa Class battleship's 16 inch guns? They probably didn't make very many - and the ones they did make were last made probably...
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