Thursday, June 1, 2023
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2011 Ford Flex Ecoboost

Hey fool! Custom vans were popular once - a long time ago. They combined coolness, power and utility in the same package. But they disappeared because of the Rise of the Minivan...

2011 Honda Insight

Last year, Honda brought out the Insight hybrid to compete against the well-established, best-selling Toyota Prius hybrid. The 40-43 MPG Insight didn't quite match the 50-plus MPG fuel efficiency of the...

2011 Lincoln MKZ hybrid

There are lots of hybrids of all types on the market. But only one isn't priced higher than the non-hybrid version of the car it's based on - Lincoln's MKZ hybrid. That's...

2011 Chevy Impala

Now that Ford has retired the Crown Victoria, pretty much the last large (5-6 passenger) sedan you can buy for less than $25k is the 2011 Chevy Impala. If you're looking for...

2011 Toyota Avalon

The Toyota Avalon is still the best Buick a Japanese car company ever made: It's a plus-sized, hugely likable lug of a car. Limo-roomy back seats, relaxed feel up front. Quiet/powerful engine...

2011 Audi A4

Here is something unusual: The 2011 Audi A4 is one of just a small handful of $30k luxury sedans that comes standard with a four-cylinder engine. It's also the only one that doesn't...

2011 Lincoln MKS

Lincoln used to be right there with Cadillac as one of the top luxury car brands on the market. In the mid-late 1990s, Lincoln actually outsold Cadillac. Fast forward to 2011 and Lincoln's...

2011 Toyota Tacoma

Maybe you're like me and like trucks but don't need a super sized truck. But you don't want one that's too small, either (that would be Ford's Ranger, the only true...

2011 Volvo XC60

Buying a car was a lot easier when there were just three or four models in any given segment. It was feasible to test drive each one, compare the equipment offered...

2011 Nissan Rogue

In the '90s, it was SUVs. As the wave crested, everyone - even Porsche - sold one. Sometimes several. Then SUVs began to sour as people got wise to the not-so-sporty driving...
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