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2012 Toyota Prius

Last week, I reviewed the Prius C - and for the first time, found myself praising a hybrid car's design and economics. Or at least, not condemning them. The C is reasonably...

2015 Audi A3

Mercedes started it with the sub-$30k (just barely) CLA sedan - putting the three-pointed star within reach of an entirely new demographic. Now Audi's joined the fray with the 2015 A3. Like the...

2015 Toyota Camry

Don't worry - they didn't mess it up. The "bold" and "sporty" 2015 Camry is - wisely - more or less the same as it was before. Yes, it has a new...

The $70 Million “Investment”

Electric cars continue to cost lots of money - contrary to the now-forgotten original point of the exercise, which was once upon a time to find a lower-cost alternative to gas-powered...

2015 Dodge Ram ProMaster “City”

Minivans started off as inexpensive, economical, hugely versatile alternatives to both cars and things a lot bigger. But today's minivans are not-so-mini and rarely economical - either to buy or to...

2017 Nissan Armada

Well, they all do it. Sell lesser - and nicer - versions of their big SUVs. For less - and more - money. GM has the Chevy Tahoe… and the GMC Yukon. There's the Cadillac...

2010 Suzuki Grand Vitara

There are a dozen or more compact-sized SUVs on the market, but only a few have real (truck-type) four-wheel-drive - 4WD with Low range gearing. Suzuki's Grand Vitara is one of these...

2012 Toyota Yaris

As a gauge of how much has changed in the car market in just the space of two or three years, consider the following: Toyota - Toyota! - is playing catch-up. To...

2021 Lincoln Aviator

Lincoln won’t be making the Continental sedan after the end of this model year - or any cars  at all, after this year. Henceforth, all Lincolns will be SUVs - like the...

2011 GMC Canyon

Compact trucks are all but gone - the last of the Mohicans is Ford's Ranger. Everyone else has upsized to at least nearly mid-sized, including GM. The smallest truck you...
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