Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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News/Other Stuff

News/Other Stuff

News, general interest stuff

Kid Strip Searched at School

From Prisonplanet: In another unbelievable example of how our public schools are in reality just prisoner training facilities, parents of a Chicago High School teen have filed multiple lawsuits claiming their son...


Here is a video made for the California Federation of Teachers explaining how things went bad.  This might be one of the most amazing videos I have ever seen.   I will...

Hero Cops Almost Kill Motorist With Tazer

This woman merely refused to let the thug scrum rifle her purse - and see what happens next:

VT Rep to the Governor Threatens Violence Against People that Don’t Wear Seat Belts

"Please, if you know anyone who doesn't wear their seat belt, just beat them up to wear their seat belt." Ted Minall has instructed Vermonters to do violence against anyone not wearing...

Lone Man Stands up to TSA Scumbags

TSA scumbags in a prequel of what's to come:

Maniac Cop Knees Kid In Head, Screams “Move So I Can Kick Your Ass...

A disturbing video of an arrest that took place in Hurst, Texas shows a deranged police officer sprinting into a park and thrusting a knee into the back of a teenager’s...

He’s Trying to Help!

Watch the fat bastard from "airport operations" bout five minutes in:

Hero Cop Arrests Guy For Asking Questions

Oink, oink:

Hero Cops Help Themselves

To Serve & Protect.... themselves!,0,6753592.story

Another of “Our Freedoms” The Troops Have Been Fighting For

Media Relations Personnel Harass Journalists at Albany Airport Over TSA Flyers
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