Friday, May 24, 2019
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News/Other Stuff

News/Other Stuff

News, general interest stuff

Heroes Hassle Legal Open Carry Citizens

Check this video out: I wonder what Clover thinks? After all, these victims were obeying "the law" - yet that did not prevent them from being arrested.  

Charlotte police kill unarmed man who may have been running to them for help

(CNN) -- Police in North Carolina shot and killed a man running toward them Saturday morning -- but he may have just been looking for help after a car wreck. Officers responded...

Low IQ Hero Exposition

Get a load of this one: Guy (a Baptist preacher) is pulled over for no reason - "just to check" - by a Hero of epically low cerebral wattage. The back and forth...

Maggot vs. Maggot

Bergen County PD Were Disciplined Following Confrontation With State Trooper

Hero Porker vs. Biker

If you aren't already mad, this one should do the trick: Guy in video is riding along - at the speed limit - being passed by dozens of bikes going faster. Cop...

Another Hero in Action

Listen to this tough guy berate a woman:

Florida Heroes Bash Woman’s Face to Mush

Watch these two fat porker thugs bash in the face of a woman half their size: The Tallahassee Democrat obtained footage of 44-year-old Christina West's arrest, some of which can be seen...

Not Even Bubble Guppies Are Safe From The Propaganda Machine, Damnit!

So I am sitting here reading articles and comments on and monitoring my daughter as she is watching Bubble Guppies on Nickelodeon this morning when they show a segment with...

Hero Cops Pull Gun on Man for Eating M&Ms

San Diego Heroes in action:

Hit And Run Heroes

This video shows a boat full o' heroes crashing their speedboat into some docked/parked boats along the waterfront near Georgetown, DC: They, of course, simply leave after striking the docked boats -...
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