Sunday, November 27, 2022
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Creative Resistance

About two years ago, I stopped renewing the registration for several of my bikes (I have five). Basically, all the ones that aren't antiques (which have one-time-fee "permanent" tags in my...

Unnatural Disaster Strike Again

A mile-high tidal wave could not do more damage to human beings than the unnatural force called government. In terms of outright mass murder - line 'em up at the edge...

Different Bikes – Different Pros (and Cons)

This article is for the person who hasn't got a motorcycle - yet - but who is beginning to think about getting one. You may be leaning toward a type of...

The Not-Disposable Bike

Just as there was a sweet spot for cars - a moment in time when they were just modern enough to start perfectly every time, never stall, last almost forever and...

Doctoring the Sherpa

You may have the same problem I've got. One of my bikes - a 2000 Kawasaki KL250 Super Sherpa dual sport - is a hard-starting son of a gun. Reason? It's jetted...

The DeadWire

People aren’t getting much of a charge out of Harley’s first electric motorcycle, the LiveWire . . . literally. Owners - and there aren’t many - have been advised by Harley Davidson not to...

I’m Tired of Wearing a Helmet

The tyranny that rules over us could at least be consistent. I'd object less to being told I must wear a helmet when I ride my motorcycle because it's "risky" if it weren't...

Does Biker Deserve Death Sentence?

You may have seen the video below that documents a road rage incident which occurred the other day in California. A motorcyclist is riding adjacent to a car. We don't know why,...

Motorcycle Maintenance Should Do’s

If you're new to bikes, you may not be hip to some of the routine checks - and adjustments - that are important to do (and keep track of). These include: * Chain...

Doctoring the Sherpa, Part 2

Last week, I posted an article about my 2000 Kawasaki KL250 Super Sherpa. It's a fun little dual-sport that was jetted lean from the factory to keep Uncle off of Kawasaki's back....
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