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The Nicest People Ride Hondas

Instead of watching  “the game,” I went for  a ride this past Sunday. My friend Graves owns several antique bikes, including a very nice – and road ready – ’67 Honda Dream....

The best $1,500 I ever spent

If gas prices hold at their current $3 or so per gallon, most of us will be paying an extra $240 or so per year for fuel vs. what we were...

Shipping a Motorcycle: The Nightmare Begins

There are two bear traps waiting to snap shut on your leg when buying a bike online. The first, of course, is buying the bike itself. If you're going by an...

A Two-Wheeled Hedge Against Inflation

Ho ho ho. Your Christmas present from Ben Bernanke - $3 per gallon gas - is coming a couple of weeks early. "Qualitative Easing" - printing money, lots and lots...

The Lesser Known Kaw

I used to own an odd little dual sport called the Sherpa Sherpa and - as often happens with odd little things one gets to like - I stupidly sold it...

Seasonal Coverage? Nah… That’d Be Reasonable!

Seasonal riding is a fact of life for many motorcyclists. Come fall - and cold weather - many riders hang up their leathers and park their bikes for the duration. It...

Be like Ponch – Ride an ex-cop Kz1000!

Interested in acquiring a motorcycle that's also a veteran? An option you might consider - one that's not well-known outside of the collector bike hobby - is to shop for an ex-police/former...

Thug Cop Shoots, Paralyzes Biker

You never who you are dealing with during a traffic stop. That goes for the person being pulled as much as it does for the cop doing the pulling-over. Motorcyclist Michael McCloskey, Jr....

Smog Police Gunning For Bikes….

The smog police have finally caught up with motorcycles -  last bastion (excepting weed whackers) of relatively unregulated internal combustion. The Environmental Protection Agency has come down hard on bikes during the...

How Often Have You Been Shiny Side Down?

A recent poll in Superbike magazine asked the question, "How many times have you crashed/been knocked off in the past three years?" The results of the poll, at the time I saw...
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