Thursday, December 8, 2022
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On Two Wheels

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The Lesser Known Kaw

I used to own an odd little dual sport called the Sherpa Sherpa and - as often happens with odd little things one gets to like - I stupidly sold it...

Seasonal Coverage? Nah… That’d Be Reasonable!

Seasonal riding is a fact of life for many motorcyclists. Come fall - and cold weather - many riders hang up their leathers and park their bikes for the duration. It...

Be like Ponch – Ride an ex-cop Kz1000!

Interested in acquiring a motorcycle that's also a veteran? An option you might consider - one that's not well-known outside of the collector bike hobby - is to shop for an ex-police/former...

Thug Cop Shoots, Paralyzes Biker

You never who you are dealing with during a traffic stop. That goes for the person being pulled as much as it does for the cop doing the pulling-over. Motorcyclist Michael McCloskey, Jr....

Smog Police Gunning For Bikes….

The smog police have finally caught up with motorcycles -  last bastion (excepting weed whackers) of relatively unregulated internal combustion. The Environmental Protection Agency has come down hard on bikes during the...

How Often Have You Been Shiny Side Down?

A recent poll in Superbike magazine asked the question, "How many times have you crashed/been knocked off in the past three years?" The results of the poll, at the time I saw...

Avoiding the Two-Wheeled Turducken….

A crappy car is called a "lemon" - and lots of other unprintable things besides. But what do you call a used-up/thrashed/wrecked/you-don't-want-it bike? I like "Two Wheeled Turducken." So, what precautions can...

Harley Facing Hard Times….

Harley-Davidson Inc.'s main ad agency for more than three decades has dropped the struggling motorcycle maker in favor of new business. This is not a good sign. Ad agency Carmichael Lynch, a unit...

Getting Ready for Track Day

Motorcycling pleasures come in many guises. Some like to putter gently around the countryside, at very moderate speeds, enjoying the views. Some prefer long distance riding, touring, visiting far...
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